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  1. Bytt nation? Precis börjat spela? Söker du gemenskap? Vi ser helst att alla medlemmar hjälps åt med resursproduktion där målsättningen är fri tillgång på skepp. Vi pratar givetvis 100% svenska och spelar såklart i Sverige. Skriv till någon av oss officerare in game: Rigge, TraxxxoN, Tjomb eller Demsity Åldersgräns 20 år - Då våran medelålder ligger på cirka 35. Vi har heller inget aktivitetskrav. Men vi ser gärna att du tittar in då och då! Vi finns på PVP servern. Välkomna!
  2. We're a clan which has existed since early Alpha. At the moment we're just a few swedish players, whom have been exploring all the fun in this game. But with the Early Access coming we're hoping to expand. We're all very comfortable with the english language and don't mind players from other nationalities joining our ranks.Ofcourse english will be the primary language when that occurs. Our primary objective is to have fun together. Being able to participate in everything this game has to offer is hard when you're alone. Portbattles, Group PVP and shipcrafting is alot easier in a clan. We're fully aware that people have other stuff to do and won't participate in everything the clan does. Portbattles might not be the thing you love most about the game, but a clan need traders aswell. A crafter won't craft many ships without resources. We have been working together with HRE (another clan playing for Sweden) when it comes to Port Battles, shipcrafting and other things related to this game. To achieve great things, people must work together. We feel we've been successful in that area, since Sweden has been competative throughout the whole alpha, allthough having a smaller playerbase than other nationalities close by. But why would you play for Sweden? A small nation with few players and starting with even fewer ports. Because going the easy way is not for everyone. Reality shows that we will not compete with Brittain for world dominance. But history is filled with stories like David and Goliath. We all know that the hard won fight feels much better than the easy fight. We all know that those who face the hardest resistance, who fight for a just cause, are the ones who will be remembered. For a direct contact send a message here on the forum or ingame to Tomms123 or ingame to Gustavus Adolphus Magnus. You can also just leave a comment direct here in the thread for questions. Our only requirement is that you play for Sweden and want to have fun. It doesn't matter how good you are. But being nice to other players is expected.
  3. ************************************************************************* We currently are inactive and not actively recruiting. BORK stays in NA as a clan but it's time to official retire from a game that is both frustrating and too hardcore for the majority of our members. ************************************************************************ [BORK] is a dedicated small group of players from the original Swedish band who still love playing the game but we also want new blood! We are casual players and we don't expect you to be able to play everyday. BORK is a clan focusing on casual gameplay in the hardcore game of Naval Action. We do not wish to take the game too seriously and want to encompass both a PvP and PvE environment. While Sweden is certainly not the first choice of many players, there are a few possible perks to being part of a “smaller” nation that are usually not clearly visible. 1. Sweden has a dedicated EU and US playerbase that are friendly and respectful. They actively support group activity in any timezone and enjoy any help that is offered whenever our time zones cross paths. Their willingness to fight and defend any port and attack any group has created a group that constantly works together for the greater benefit of the nation. 2. Sweden’s ports and position on the map at first glance can seem like a negative, but the nation’s position in some ways deters incursions. This largely creates an environment around the capital of more diplomacy with the neighbors which creates good lasting relationships. 3. A smaller playerbase in Sweden has had the side effect of promoting a more cohesive unit between all timezones and clans. Players are more willing to help and also create a lasting and effective trade market that supports fair pricing through competition. BORK members also like to play an array of different games and we are not an "only NA" clan. we don't worry about gaining or losing ports and if someone loses a ship or assets we support each other by replacing the loses. BORK Offers: as a Member of BORK you are granted the clan economy as your insurance for ship losses and other needs for possible interruptions that may hinder your gameplay. BORK is a group who enjoys helping each other whenever possible to make the NA experience a positive. We prefer our members to be doing activities they wish to do instead of being bogged down having to take time to replace assets. What BORK asks in return is voluntary donations to the clan warehouse, whether you donate all your resources or just a small portion it is always greatly appreciated. BORK Diplomacy: We following the rules, regulations, and diplomacy of the Swedish Council. If any direct issue arises we defer to the council's voting system and follow the majorities decision. BORK Internals: BORK has a democratic view on decision making. Sometimes that means we don’t always agree, but it always means anyone has a voice and discussion is always encouraged. We have a Discord Server, we wish you to look in the chat channels for updates and upcoming events. If you want to actively take part in group PvP, Port Battles, or other nonsense then you need to check on Discord if anything is coming up, otherwise you won't be informed. Sweden has a National Teamspeak - all clans and players in Sweden have access to being part of this Teamspeak and so do we! When you join BORK you will be given the teamspeak address. We mainly use it for group events and any larger PvP or RvR activities that encompass everyone in Sweden. For all group PvP and RvR activities - Teamspeak is needed, and like Discord. If you don't have it you will not be informed.
  4. The Swedish Royal Navy is recruiting captains of all ranks and skill levels. We are an English speaking clan. Participating in RVR, PVP, PVE. We do a little bit of everything. TeamSpeak and Discord. Contact Lord Rebel or MightyDevil in game for more information
  5. (actually the Pretzels are out) C A P T A I N S ! ! ! Globals, Nightflippers, War Heroes! Sweden is calling for reinforcements. If there is one thing for sure, its that numbers always win! This is why we need YOU*, to continue our Swerging across the Carribean. But why would you join our nation, except for that shameless clickbait title? We offer the following: a unified and totally toxic free community between all clans (guaranteed!) if you have an idea to attack something, just ask around! when you need help, the nation will be at your side! one giant TS-Server for all swedish players, with open channels for new players, verified swedish channels for joint operations, and clan channels for even the smallest 1 man clans ports everywhere! we have footholdings everywhere around the map, so theres many opportunities to go hunt and search for OW PvP exceptional RvR organization! every player can list himself as an participant in a PB spreadsheet. Inexperienced players are always welcome to join! many veteran players able to teach you every tiny trick there is to know, from the choice of woods and upgrades to the actual in battle maneuvres Political/tactical situation: targets: ALL allies: NONE reintroduction of timers will probably lead to the abandoning of strategically meaningless ports we are expecting a lot of PvP and RvR with other nations in the near future; especially Russia and France as they will gain a lot of new players Im hoping to see you soon(TM)! *Globals, Nightflippers, War Heroes
  6. (actually the Pretzels are out) C A P T A I N S ! ! ! Globals, Nightflippers, War Heroes! Sweden is calling for reinforcements. If there is one thing for sure, its that numbers always win! This is why we need YOU*, to continue our Swerging across the Carribean. But why would you join our nation, except for that shameless clickbait title? We offer the following: a unified and totally toxic free community between all clans (guaranteed!) if you have an idea to attack something, just ask around! when you need help, the nation will be at your side! one giant TS-Server for all swedish players, with open channels for new players, verified swedish channels for joint operations, and clan channels for even the smallest 1 man clans ports everywhere! we have footholdings everywhere around the map, so theres many opportunities to go hunt and search for OW PvP exceptional RvR organization! every player can list himself as an participant in a PB spreadsheet. Inexperienced players are always welcome to join! many veteran players able to teach you every tiny trick there is to know, from the choice of woods and upgrades to the actual in battle maneuvres Political/tactical situation: targets: ALL allies: NONE reintroduction of timers will probably lead to the abandoning of strategically meaningless ports we are expecting a lot of PvP and RvR with other nations in the near future; especially Russia and France as they will gain a lot of new players Im hoping to see you soon(TM)! *Globals, Nightflippers, War Heroes
  7. Vita Örn/Hvide Ørn (White Eagle) First of all, I posted a bit about this very frigate a while ago in a thread asking for frigates. Figured I'd like to dedicate an entire thread to it now. Vita Örn was a frigate ahead of her time with features to be the norm in frigates from about 1740 and onwards for the next hundred years. She was built by the british shipsbuilder William Smith by commision of the Swedish state at Karlskrona, Sweden in 1711. She was armed with 30 12 pounder cannons and had a crew of 170. She was already amongst the most legendary ships in the Swedish navy (being the fastest frigate in Scandinavia and having taken several prizes and defeated 2 Danish-Norwegian frigates while commanded by Swedish Captain Printz) at the battle of Colberger Heide between Sweden and Denmark-Norway in 1715 where she was captured as a prize by the rising star of the Danish-Norwegian army, Peter Jansen Wessel, later to be enobled and given the name Tordenskiold (Thunder Shield). While in tow, she was renamed to Hvide Ørn and Wessel was rewarded with the command of her. Shortly thereafter, Hvide Ørn was involved in the battle of Rügen. After the engagement had ended with the coming of the dark, Wessel managed to sneak up on the stern of two damaged Swedish SOL's Gotland(56) and Ösel(56). There, he stern rakes the Ösel, cuts the company flag hanging from the stern off before leaving with a full broadside along the ship. The Captain of the ship, Siøstierna, flees the ship and takes shelter in the Gotland. He is later condemmed to death by a swedish court martial but pardoned. By the time the Ösel has made her way back to Karlskrona she's on the absolute verge of sinking. Hvide Ørn participated in lots of key naval engagements between Denmark-Norway and Sweden the years after and she along with her commander became famous at the top of his game, as a frigate commander. I hope to be able to sail the seas in Naval Action in this fine vessel someday. Technical data: Displacement: 600 tons Length: 33 meters Width: 9,42 meters Guns: 30 12 pounders Crew: 170 men
  8. Hello Chair of the port by the suede meme not fair play I could have slipped traders at home I never did the JO JO chair has more than 4h and as by chance when I go out it reappears after 4h of time, Players really not fair play in addition his friend in aggemenon it feels obliged to have entered the battle it is really impossible to have fair play fights with these people.
  9. Some Swedish Selfies for you all to enjoy, especially Cordova http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/92725562078725701/A5205653F9FCB5500EB5001BF8DA7F133427C8BB/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/92725562078724318/D3F80642DF6F937F80ECBD7D16BBC2562D6D5CF1/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/88221962452413980/9D26D221643FC429AC25D309E16A15C59F948255/
  10. Yes all, you heard me correctly. Fredrik af Chapman (famous Swedish shipsbuilder) have made complete specifications of a "Pirate-ship" (kapare-fartyg) even though the translation of it is not 100% accurate (more "Letter of Marquis holders-ship) I wish I could translate all this from Swedish into English, but it takes a whole while. SO I will provide some Pictures of the text from the actual book (written 1775) But I will tell you breifly what it says: It talks about the size and how it might not be as big as to take on a ship of the line. It should however be fast enough to outrun such. The ship would rather be equipt with a few big Heavy guns, with space enough between these, for the crew to use oars to move the ship during combat. It should be easy to turn and it should be big enough to hold Canons, ammunitons and food for the crew during 3,4 months. It should be fast sailor in any weather. Full specifications for 16 diffrent size, however no drawings. from 1x12 and 16x2 pounders (188 cubic foot) to 28x18 and 12x6 pounders (4451 cubic foot) Name of the book: "Tractat om skepps-byggeriet, tillika med förklaring och bevis öfvfr. Architectura navalis mercatoria"
  11. Dear sailors, I can imagine that a lot people seeing the Swedish alliance votes unfolding thinking - WTF are they doing? First of, in my role as the Swedish council chair man, I need to take responsibility for the lack of information prior doing the step we did. The patch was two weeks earlier than expected and we had to rush with our decision finding and did not have time to clarify our decision to our partners prior its execution. That timing was my responsibility and for that please do accept my sincere apologies. Before I start to explain why we decided like we did, let me reassure our current alliance partners and friends that we really enjoyed working with you. You earned a lot of friendship and respect, with all the help we got - we will never forget that. ----------------- The Swedish nation always seen themselves to be an underdog nation, or being in an underdog alliance. When we started our alliance with the Dutch, we felt like going that way. Now, everything is evolving, we made new friends, the Dutch made new alliance partners with the Brits. First, this was no issue, as we ought to repay the Brits for their grand help we got in the Antilles war. After a few weeks however, with Britain getting back to their former strength and by the addition of the US nation to the block, the situation tended into a hegemony in RvR regards. The Pirates and Spain were crippled, the French lost their footing on Hispaniola and the Danes pushed back behind Barahona. Swedish forces did start to have a real issue of finding targets worth warring for, our expectations that the situation would change by itself were low. At this point, the Swedish council started to think how we could improve both our situation and what would be a more healthy situation for the RvR on PVP 1. We discussed it up and down from the council down to the individual members and back up to the council. That was started a week ago, and took a week to be executed. The Danes, while being most of the NA history a sworn enemy of the Swedes, crystallized to be a well respected and geographical logical partner. Their alliance was in despair fighting the strong power-block of the Dutch, English and US nation. So also in the sense of joining the underdogs it made sense for us Swedes. On top of this, it is our believe, with that move that Sweden is doing, we can equalize and therefor improve the RvR playing field on this server for everyone. To execute our decision, by game mechanic, we have to choose a primary enemy before we can select our ally. We could not select the Spanish, as their alliance situation was unclear to us. We just refused to select the Dutch, that would have felt like - oh well, just outright bad. So to be able to vote Danes as alliance partners, we had to select the Brits as enemy. Please don't be mad with us about that dear Brits. Due to above mentioned timing hick-up, the Swedish nation was not sufficiently informed on what to vote, the voting was developing rather chaotic. Rest assured, this I am also addressing to my fellow Swedes, that we are trying to steer Sweden to a place we feel it should be. Our game is fight, not the win - because of the absence of fights after the win. To the former ally, the Dutch and our friends, the Brits and the Americans, we hope that we can have good and fun fights with you in the future. Our respect and friendship will stay for you. We will do everything to be as a respectable enemy to you as we hope we were as an ally to you. May the winds be with you at all times. The Swedes will continue to help their current ally and friends up to Monday, 22nd of August. After that we will start to act upon our decisions we made on the playing field. We are looking forward to banding together with the formidable forces of the Danish and the French nation. Yours respectfully, sveno In the name of the Swedish council.
  12. Yesterday upon the stair(Port Morant - Carlisle) I met a man(French, Danes) who wasn't there(hiding in battle results/logging off) He wasn't there again today(randomly people from yesterday log in and pop out around the port) I wish, I wish he'd go away(or start playing an actual PvP game instead of using this exploit) The British nation would appreciate if the ganker fleets in the area of Carlisle would not use the battle result hiding exploits to end the night of PvP after a single attack. If you're short on time Jamaica is the wrong place for an attack and if you're afraid to lose your ship the same applies. Especially a fleet of 22 should not be afraid to actually go for a genuine fight which could've provided everyone with a lot of fun. Personally I see no fun/challenge in ganking but if you do it please be ready to face all repercussions that may come upon you instead of wasting everybody's time and fun after jumping a little clanless cerberus with 22 ships. As far as I and those I can vouch for are concerned we will not be backing away from a fight that we brought on our own and will now be attacking your homeports with fair fights. Please consider doing the same in the interest of a fun game for all. A little further warning: It has come to our attention that some smaller ganking fleets now actively search for an ai ship close to KPR to create such battle result screen situation. WIth the intention of this being the last action of the night they apparently log off so they can have an invisible fleet ready to attack in the early afternoon near our homeports. This goes beyond merely trying to save one's hide and is in my/our eyes an unacceptable misuse of the mechanic. We've started to collect evidence on this and should this behaviour not rapidly disappear I will launch a tribunal about this! To the devs: Please consider reworking the battle result screen asap as it currently proofs to be an exploited hassle for all fair playing folk around the isle and surely in other places as well. P.S.: I used the words 'the British nation' as a lot of people are seriously unhappy about this. Should you however take offense to me representing you here just substitue this for my own persona. Also this is a somewhat serious topic - have fun discussing it but serious forum pvp as some practice it is not desired here! Keep it civil everybody! For those who liked the poem: Antigonish - William Hughes Mearns Yesterday upon the stair I met a man who wasn't there He wasn't there again today I wish, I wish he'd go away When I came home last night at three The man was waiting there for me But when I looked around the hall I couldn't see him there at all! Go away, go away, don't you come back anymore! Go away, go away, and please don't slam the door Last night I saw upon the stair A little man who wasn't there He wasn't there again today Oh, how I wish he'd go away
  13. Konung Karl built in 1694 built by Charles Sheldon at the Karlskrona shipyard. named after King Carl, She was 54m (177ft) in length at the waterline and weighed in at 2,730 tons. she was armed with 108 cannons and complemented a crew of 850. She remained in service for a suprising 77 years before being broken up do to decay. She served as the flagship for Hans Wachtmeister who served under Charles XI and Charles XII. She would be later up-gunned to 120 in 1714 and then rebuilt to 100 in 1723-4 although its suggested sometime later on she was again reduced to either 96 or 90. Armarment: 10 36-pounders 22 24-pounders 30 18-pounders 28 8-pounders 14 4-pounders +4 unlisted chasers Broadside Weight: 854 Pounds \ A painting giving the Port, Stern and Bow view of the ship Fixed the Model Picture I couldent find any blueprints, but I havent done a Huge ammount of digging for them yet. the Swedish Maratime Museum has thousands of documents that arnt listed online, so its alteast worth investigating. Refrence: http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=10844 http://www.sjohistoriska.se/en/Collections/Archives/ http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konung_Karl_%281694%29
  14. To whom this may concern, Since discussions on port timers windows in other "war threads" have been prohibited by moderators - this thread shall serve to inform the interested parties of the port attack windows for the Swedish ports during the current ongoing war. I shall only post the information - anybody is free to form their own educated opinion on the Swedish port timer strategy based on the facts. Anybody is free to engage in the usual "light forum PvP" flaming, if you so desire. I shall refrain from commenting in this thread. Hugo
  15. Seriously though. We won't tolerate this! The Swedes will fight with everything they've got to claim what is rightfully ours. the Swedes are united against a common foe, are you?
  16. Well we had a discussion about old stuff in the Swedish national chat earlier and one of the captains then wrote a song about a encounter that captain had back in the days. I'm not allowed to credit this player which wrote the song as the player didnt want that so I wont I think the song is called "Somewhere in the past" Enjoy the reading
  17. Ok, I am not one to complain a lot, but this is getting silly. Currently on EU PvP1, Sweden has nothing, we have no players, we have no ports and we simply can not do anything. We are getting stomped by massive Russian fleets (Why don't they get their own server?) The problem isn't just the fact that it's suppose to be hard, I get that, I have no issues with being the underdog, but there's a difference between being the underdog and getting wrecked and being unable to undock, we already lost players because we can't do anything, and now we are going to lose even more to the point where we simply can get enough men for a defence fleet. On the topic of a Russian server, why isn't there one? At the moment all the Russians are stacking the Danish side on Pvp1 and that just means an entire IRL nation joining one side... So this needs a fix somehow otherwise you are going to end up sweden being unplayable, we can't trade, we can't do missions, trading was hard enough before we lost all the ports.
  18. [sWE] Swedish Royal Navy PVP3 - EU - Sverige Ohoy! Recruiting brave captains to defend the Swedish crown in the Caribbean, we seek everyone from casual PVE/Traders to hardcore PVP/Grinders. Goal is to get to know eachother and take ports / events / pvp / pve / trade / craft + rank up while having fun. We started as a pure swedish speaking clan on the server made by some Naval Action swedish fans. But we made the decision quite quick to go international. 18 captains in our fleet sofar! //To be updated If interested to know more, contact us here on the forum with PM or ingame or head over to our new clan forum. http://naval.cip.nu/ We also got our own Discord channel and have both swe/eng speaking international fleet rooms. (Discord is a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming. ) Kronan, Kommendörkapten of the Swedish Royal Navy Carribean operations!
  19. Hi all, since on PvE-Server there seem to be no clans (or none advertising) and most people seem to mind their own business in leveling, i wondered if there is anyone interested in playing together loosely from time to time. I dont think Sweden has a lot of ppl playing on PvE, so if you are interested in ganging up on NPC fleets instead of playing solo (not really much more to do), you can write me here, send me an PM or add me ingame (Shir Skarsgard). I am rank6 at the moment, so i honestly would prefer captains in about the same range of rank. Regards, Shir Since i cant find any topic alike for other factions on PvE-server, you can also use this thread for the other factions if you like.
  20. Today evening, as the indefatigable officers of the United Provinces Royal Navy were trying to assemble a worthy fleet to take another deep water port for our great cause, a courier ship arrived from the recently captured Cumana, carrying the terrible news: the fierce and rapidly expanding Sverige has assembled an assault fleet against Macanao, a spanish, but unpleasantly close port. The officers made a quick decision: the gathering fleet has to intercept the swedish group, and force them into battle, preferably before they reach their destination. The preparations did not go well, the fleet was still assembling when the rally point was changed to La Tortuga, a nearby shallow water port, west of Macanao. Our fleet was scattered by a storm on the way, and the rally took just a little bit too long. We reached Macanao with our own capture order just as the victorious swedish fleet was exiting the port after its fall. They immediately engaged us in a fierce battle, where the dutch fleet had a slight advantage in both ships and firepower, as, against the swedish frigate fleet, we deployed a 3rd rate ship of the line, as well as several Constitution class heavy frigates. The swedes did not waste their time, they immediately tried to break through our line and separate our biggest ships. However, our line held the attack, as the battleship managed to evade the attacking enemy column, while our frigates' superior firepower showed itself. Here, I would like to thank our two brave captains, NLguinessNL and Skinner, who showed great bravery in the thick of battle, and led their ships right into the middle of the attacking viking fleet, causing great confusion and preventing their front units from retreating. Several swedish vessels were majorly damaged and had to withdraw from the battle, while their comerades were suffering under our more and more unbearable fire. As the swedish group turned against the wind, our line followed them, causing minor collisions in the process. The fleet managed to single out a few more of the routing swedish ships, but by the time the battle ended, our attack order expired, the new orders from the Admiralty commanded us to regroup and brace for another possible battle. There can be no doubt, we will be ready. Losses: Dutch: 3x 5th rate ships 2x 7th rate ships Sverige: 8x 5th rate ships EDIT: battle aftermath, we killed one of the survivors at the very end of the battle.
  21. So why would you join Sweden in Naval Action? After All it is the weakest Faction at the moment, hardly able to hold any Ports besides their Capital. Well because for one, the Swedish Community is great. Many Players of different Nationalities, who seek the challenge Sweden provides, keep sure that the Chat stays mostly in English. As Swedish Player you are not only a small wheel in a war machine, where no one knows anybody. As Swedish Player your contribution actually count! And you can be sure that your actions for our small but fine nation, will be noticed by other players. And while our Position on the first look isn't that great, don't be so fast with your judgement. We are on very good relations with both France and the British. The only real thread at the moment are the Russian dominated Danes, who seek to suppress our poor Swedish Nation. But with your help we will ensure that our Position after the Wipe, will be for the better. And if you like PvP, i can assure you, there is plenty around Gustavia! So join Sverige at the 19.01.2016, and Sail together with us and People from all over the World forward to Victory. And Victory smells that much better if you have to actually work for it!
  22. Narva

    Swedish Navy

    I found this list here http://z14.invisionfree.com/Heroes_of_Valhalla/ar/t29.htm Im not sure if this will help anything but I just thought it was interesting and belonged here but I can remove the post if you want me to. Galärflottan (Galley Fleet) - Göteborg Galärflottan (10x Flotillas) - (£25 (100 Galleys) HMS Ingeborg- 12 Guns (£10 (Baltic Galley) HMS Brynhilda - 12 Guns (£10 (Baltic Galley) HMS Norden - 12 Guns (£10 (Baltic Galley) HMS Lodbrok - 12 Guns (£10 (Baltic Galley) HMS Fröja - 12 Guns (£10 (Baltic Galley) HMS Disa - 12 Guns (£10 (Baltic Galley) HMS Torborg - 12 Guns (£10 (Baltic Galley) Skärgårdsflottan (Coastal Fleet) - Göteborg HMS Jarramas - 34 Guns (£20 (Skärgårdsfregatt) HMS Oden - 26 Guns (£20 (Skärgårdsfregatt) HMS Styrbjörn - 26 Guns (£20 (Skärgårdsfregatt) HMS Starkoster - 26 Guns (£20 (Skärgårdsfregatt) HMS Hjalmar - 26 Guns (£20 (Skärgårdsfregatt) HMS Enigheten-Sprengtporten - 26 Guns (£20 (Skärgårdsfregatt) HMS Hector - 26 Guns (£20 (Skärgårdsfregatt) Stockholmseskadern (Malmo (Sweden) Squadron) HMS Konung Gustaf IV Adolf - 84 Guns (£75 (Third Rate) HMS Vladislaff - 76 Guns - (£75 (Third Rate) HMS Adolphus - 74 Guns (£75 (Third Rate) HMS Enigheten - 74 Guns (£75 (Third Rate) HMS Konung Adolf Fredrik - 74 Guns (£75 (Third Rate) HMS Konung Gustav III - 74 Guns (£75 (Third Rate) HMS Göta Lejon - 74 Guns (£75 (Third Rate) HMS Hertig Ferdinand - 64 Guns (£75 (Third Rate) HMS Prins Fredrik Adolf - 64 Guns (£75 (Third Rate) HMS Fäderneslandet - 64 Guns (£75 (Third Rate) HMS Äran - 64 Guns (£75 (Third Rate) HMS Försiktigheten - 64 Guns (£75 (Third Rate) HMS Södermanland - 54 Guns (£30 (Large Frigate) HMS Bellona - 40 Guns (£30 (Large Frigate) HMS Fröja - 40 Guns (£30 (Large Frigate) HMS Camilla - 40 Guns (£30 (Large Frigate) HMS Thetis - 40 Guns (£30 (Large Frigate) Sveaborgeskadern (Sveaborg (Finland) Squadron) HMS Tapperheten - 64 Guns (£75 (Third Rate) HMS Manligheten - 64 Guns (£75 (Third Rate) HMS Dristigheten - 64 Guns (£75 (Third Rate) HMS Af Chapman - 40 Guns (£30 (Large Frigate) HMS Galatea - 40 Guns (£30 (Large Frigate) HMS Eurydice - 40 Guns (£30 (Large Frigate) HMS Ulla Fersen - 12 (£10 (Kanonslupar) (Kanonslupar - Gun Sloop/Sloop) (Mörsarbarkass - Bomb Ketch)
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