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Found 13 results

  1. I have found myself buying and looking ship stats at port to be way different as when i set the ship as my main ship. I find this very frustraiting when i try to figure wich ships to add to my fleet, as i want toamtch the speeds example. I quess it has something to do whit that i dont have al lthe books maybe? And im seeing the MAX stats the ship can get at? But i think like in every other game i should see the actual stats the ship will actually sail under my command. The max info is only extra info im interested but the main information i want fast from the ships and specially from the shop is the actual stats the ship will have under my command. You can check it out yourself, set your main ship docked and back and compare the stats while its docked. For me at least certain areas differ ALOT.
  2. Prolog: Because joining a clan will be part of the Operations: Welcome to the Caribbean, I think that the current Clan Leaderboard is misleading. Looking at the picture above someone could think ROVER is a clan of mixed PvP and PvE and sometimes RvR. Thats not reflecting the truth. Most PvE kills are Player fleetships. On top the PvP KD ratio is misleading as well. Suggestion: Hovering over the stats reveals more detailed infos. It could look like this Ontop: Hovering over ROVER would reveal a short clan discription made by the clan creator
  3. Hello, I have a question - maybe someone could help me. Are unit stats capped at 100 or they can be higher ? If they can reach above 100 is there a method to see what they actually are ? How it influence unit performance ? Is the unit with firearms 200, efficiency 80 and command 80 shooting better than unit with firearms 100, efficiency 80 and command 80 ? Is it twice as good ? I would be really thankful for help. Cobramys
  4. Hello guys, I recently discovered how to mod weapon stats in UGCW in a limited fashion. I’ve been able to change the range, damage, fire rate, and accuracy of weapons. The process is very complex, and I have yet to discover what most of the data means, but here are my tentative instructions. You need a hex editor like HxD. Using HxD, open the resources.assets file in Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ultimate General Civil War\Ultimate General Civil War_Data. (Make a backup of the resources.assets in case you irreversibly damage the original. It’ll save you the time of a reinstall.) It’ll be intimidating gibberish. change the width to 32 for better readability. Scroll about halfway down, control-F, and type in a keyword of the weapon you are looking. i.e. if you want to modify the 6-pounder Wiard gun, you would look for “Wiard” If you are successful, this format will pop up: Range is 7 characters, ROF and damage are 2, and accuracy is usually 10 but may vary. If not (you probably will not be successful in finding the correct format on the first try) scroll up and try again. If still not successful, scroll down. HxD has a wonky Control-F feature with “search direction.” Keep trying different points of the page till you find the correct format. Once you find the format, you can modify the values. I don’t know how to convert the data values in the file into the numerical stats of the games so usually I will just copy other weapon’s desired stats over. i.e. I copied the 7 character value of the CS_Richmond’s range onto the Enfield’s range to make the Enfield’s range 375. You can also try changing the data values manually and hope for a lucky break (like I got with my 872 range scoped Whitworth) but you’re likely to get crazy values like 2534654 in-game when you type random values for the data. Control-S your changes and restart the game. Enjoy! I have also used HxD to modify save files and change unit sizes past their limit - aka 1500 man cavalry brigades and 1000 man skirmisher brigades. I know these instructions are rather difficult to follow so I'll try to make videos explaining all of this when I get a block of free time and a working mic. Good luck modders!
  5. I made this Perk Calculator/Emulator, just to make an idea how your units will end. It could be helpful when deciding which Perks you want for a given Brigade. Ultimate_General_Civil_War_Perk_Emulator_v0.4.xlsm Usage: click the cells and chose options from a list. Feedback would be appreciated. I hope it helps.
  6. Luc

    Wrong Speed Data?

    Hey, maybe its a mistake by myself but i cannot understand the stats. when im not in my surprise she is 12.39 kn fast and when she is mounted the speed is 11.49kn. with the cerb its the same.
  7. Been playing since the early access release, but I still dont know the answer to this question I keep asking myself : Unit stats - Light and dark grey line - what do they mean ?
  8. The rating of units in this game is a bit confusing, brigades with the same number of stars often seem to have dispirit levels of usefulness (this seems particularly prevalent in the Army of the Patomic). For example, Cutler's brigade seems to be almost on par with the iron brigade despite having only 2 stars, but Baxter's brigade and the bucktails seem much less effective even though they also have 2 stars, is there more going on under the hood than just the star rating? Do the 200-300 extra men that cutler has make that huge a difference? Or am I just imagining things? Disclaimer, I have only really played as the Confederates for the most part. Am I just using baxter and the bucktails wrong? I try to keeps the enemy at arms length in a firefight and avoid melee, should I be more aggressive?
  9. I am one of the few that has received the USS Essex, and I have taken on the duty of testing her and seeing how she fits into the game. Most of her reviews, I hate to say, have been mixed. And it is not just due to her lack of bow chasers either, but that her stats do not feel appropriate for her size and role. From my inspections, the current stats of the Essex seems to be designed as a contender against the Trincomalee. Both have similar speeds (with the Trinc a bit faster), and the exact same turn rate. If the Trinc is crafted with armor with mind should be able to have more hitpoints than the Essex. The Trinc however has a lot more firepower, being able to mount more guns and 18 pounders instead of just 12 pounders. The only true advantage the Essex has over the Trinc is that she have 360 crew in comparison to the 315. Other than the crew size, and decent hull armor however, she does seem to be an odd ship to be compared to the Trincomalee Below is an image of stats of miscellaneous frigates that the Essex would most likely fight against: If by looking at the stats, (which are not truthfully accurate in representing each ship type stats, as they are different woods and qualities of ship building) the Essex seems to be a bit odd. The hitpoints of the Essex is extraordinarily high for a 12-pounder frigate, nearly twice the armor of the Surprise, and 1.2 times the armor of a Live Oak Belle Poule. The Turn rate of the Essex is as full degree slower than the Frigate and the Surprise, which would make sense because they have less armor and hit points, yet that full degree makes a massive difference in battle, which would make the Frigate be able to be able to completely out maneuver the Essex. In turn, the Essex completely out classes all of her competition in crew size. While this may be fine, as the Essex appears to be designed to fight the Trincomalee, looking at the ship in comparison to the others, the Essex’s size and hull does not appear like to be an armored beast to fight 4th-5th rate Frigates: Here, it is easily seen that the Essex is significantly smaller than the Trincomalee and Constitution, yet is the same size as a Frigate. With her hull lines being shaped like this, it does not make sense that she has so many hit points. It also does not make as much sense why her turn rate is as slow when she is shorter than Trinc. Also, after a brief search, I did not find a time where the Essex was crewed with 360 crew, instead I found mentions of her crew only being in the range of 250-300. Also, most records call her a light frigate, of course, for the United States. Her hull construction was mentioned to be made from white oak, therefore her high armor value should not be as great, if not equal to most other frigates in other navies. She was known for her speed however, which should be her key advantage. Therefore, with this, here are the stats that I suggest for a basic Essex with no improvements or penalties: Max Speed: 13.00 Turn Rate: 2.60 Side structure (L/R): 3000/3000 Bow: 800 Stern: 350 Sails: 3400 Crew: 300 Battle Rating: 190 These are up to debate, but basically, this is a nerf to most of the stats, but a boost to the turn rate. The Speed can be higher, but that can influenced by modules. The turn rate is what needs to be tuned the most, as it is just too low. It’s still the lowest of the rest of the lighter frigates but that is the tradeoff for her speed. Wood types will also greatly influence her performance, where she can be more armored or built more for more speed. My changes also are not to make her a badass frigate, but to balance her out in a role she can better play in rather than being ignored as a sub-par Trinc. Please discuss below.
  10. So, I captured one of the shiny new things; The Mercury. First of all I think it's fairly good looking, like a chubby pocketsize frigate. It's a class 6 ship with 10 class 7-9 guns per side. You could go with 6 pounders or carronade 18. There is the long range drawback of carronade derps, but they weigh about half that of the 6 pounders so the Mercury will get a slight speed and handling buff running with the snub-guns. It is an interesting ship since the devs want to make our frigate+ habits more expensive to maintain. The Brigs are ugly and large targets and the Snoooooow is slooooow. Here are the GUI stats with the Brig as reference, note that there are modules installed but the values should be within 5-10% accurate. The Mercury places itself just above the Brigs in overall combat potency, both protection and armament. Compared to the Brig and Nbrig it gets 4 and 2 more guns respectively. Speed and handling is just about the same, though I'm shooting from the hip on that one since I skipped the OW brigs. Considering the PVP player went the way of the unicorn, a player-controlled merc outmaneuvers the mouthbreathing brig-bots at least. Mercury speeds: Gun handling: The target that my medium 6 pounders are looking at is just under 400m away. As far as GUI feedback goes it doesn't seem like a good sniper. But I suspect this isn't tied to the boat or the guns, it might be a tweaked feature or even bug, no idea yet. I can't even say if the ship models have base accuracy and dispersion values built in or if all that follows the guns and upgrades. Anyway, the shots seemed to converge better that the cone lets on. You guys may have more thoughts on this... Please let everyone know if you're sitting on stuff I missed.
  11. Hello all, Been away for a while as I started at uni in September so have been rather occupied recently, and secondly I have kind of been waiting for the game to hit the soft release on steam. As im hoping that's when there wont be anymore server wipes?!?! I love the game and have 60+ hours on steam but have yet to get the Beautiful Bellona sadly in open world or before! (Apologies if I have spelt that wrong) and cant spare the time to keep grinding to it... Anyway enough moaning about a wonderful game and back on point, So I was thinking, is the game going to have some form of in game encyclopedia? It would be wonderful to have access to something along these lines in game, with some details of the ships along with their background and history, stats, crew and armament ect and an interactive model you could move around and simply enjoy looking at(That would be awesome!). You could also have information on nations, ranks, ports, commodities, resources used in game ect ect. Not everyone is going to want to get the biggest 1st rates (not I for one) but I would love to have a closer look at them and enjoy the work you guys have put into modelling and texturing these beautiful creations, im actually studying Game Tech so have started some modelling myself (3ds Max), so now I have 'some' understanding of what's involved im really starting to appreciate the beauty in games a lot more! keep up the excellent work guys, the game is superb as is and im sure its only going to continue to get better and better! Samuel
  12. Some new ships have been introduced and we need to have a peek: I decided to start with the Pickle since the SOL fever is running high these days. I think it looks ok, but that's it. Simple hull design with fairly fluffy rig. When I first started seeing these in the OW I thought the squarish looking sails were ugly, but inside the instances I thought they looked good. After having a long and hard look at the details, I think the ship, and the rig in particular, is very good looking. It's a tiny little one trying to look like it's square rigged elders. The guns are standard little boat: Six (6 lbs) guns or (12 lbs) carronades each side. That gives you the choice of a broadside weight of 36 lbs up to 72 lbs with nades (Maybe 108 lbs with nade doubles?) I think it makes sense to compare the Pickle to the Cutter and the Privateer, but where does it place itself in specialty and overall abilities? You'll have to forgive my yellow speed trim, but I tried for hours to get my hands on a vanilla Privateer for comparison but found only silly blue planking and blue copper fitted Privs. I gave up and just ran my Pickle much like I would've for gameplay. Maybe the planking and copper on the priv cancels eachother out? I dunno... Note that I used the yellow speed mod on the Privateer also. Anyway... The Pickle shares armor HP values with the Cutter and they're both better than the Privateer in that regard. The Privateer has around a knot higher top speed than the Pickle, but look: Pickle: Privateer: The Pickle can claw it's way up against the wind better than the Privateer, and in my book that's the most important speed to have in those little ships. I thought a bit about how this could be and I've come up with a theory. Look at how the square sail bends around the mast going upwind: The Privateer's sails doesn't have that feature. If the game visuals clues us in on the physics modeling; this may be clearer: The "mast bending" of the sail rotates the force vector Mr. Bernoulli is sucking on towards the bow and speed vector of the ship giving superior upwind performance. The listed turning rate is almost equal among these three. We know the Cutter, with it's single mast and some sail fiddling can flip and turn faster than the two mast ships. However both the Privateer and the Pickle can be made to turn almost as fast. (Note: I could've been more aggressive with turning the sails to eek out even faster turn rate in the following demonstration:) Did you notice the heel values from the speed images. The Pickle heels way less than any of the smaller ships. It is most likely modeled that way because it sits lower in the water: I guess the increased and effective sail area makes up for the displacement and keeps the Pickle from being a dog. Shallow heel makes taking shots very comfortable compared to the others. Armor HP is one thing, but planking/hull thickness is also modeled in Naval Action, at least it seems so to me. This is an area where the Pickle excels among it's peers. Judging from the visual representation the sides looks quite thick, relatively: The Privateer does appear to have thinner sides: Armor thickness helps to deflect balls thrown at you from sub-optimal angles so it is an indirect increase in side armor, it is further boosted if the captain knows what he is doing. The Cutter's sides could be as thick, I can't say for sure, but here another factor comes into to equation. The Pickle is higher than it's rivals and has more protection along the entire railing. Both relative height and armor work together to protect the Pickle's crew. It is very hard to get decent grape shots at the crew from one of the lower rivals. The developers have stated that boarding action sustains a penalty when initiated from a low to a higher ship. I have no idea how significant those modifiers are when comparing between these three ships, I won't speculate more than I already have. In summary: Sheep gud, purdy and stronk! I think this is the best of the small ships. It has that fantastic closehauled specialty, and shouldn't need to lose fights to any Cutter or Privateer. It is an extremely comfy gunplatform. Ok, so a Priv can manage to get away every now and then, apart from that everything is in the Pickle's favor. My Pickle says: "I can bully everyone I can't outrun!" waow, rood! ... but true.
  13. This game in my honest opinion has the potential to be something great, something extraordinary. I find that whenever I start a conversation about any game, especially one I have played, I start analysing it and evaluating it in every which way possible. This is THE game I most want to succeed and be something wonderful. I would very much like to share some of my own thoughts and opinions on what direction the game could be heading and what features could be included, I hope that someone at Game-Labs reads this and sees something beautiful, something special that could really be a stand out feature. I have so many Ideas flowing in my head I almost cant keep up with myself, so I am just going to share some of these ideas with you. So heres ther first main idea I have for NA... Be the Captain you were born to be! I think every player should be just ONE person, one captain in the open world that Naval Action should be. What do I mean by that? Well simply put I don't want to 'Own' a fleet on my own, I don't want a god dam drydock full of Ships I can just click 'Sail' or 'Captain' any time I feel like 'Changing things up', NO! For the open world part of the game this is an absolute no no. You are one Captain, one man. With one ship! One ship and her crew, You should have to manage you crew, your finances, your supplies. Keep your ship in good repair and order. I want to be the Captain of my ship and be responsible for it and her crew. Managing these aspects and making them key gameplay mechanics can also help answer questions in other areas of the game. For instance, the 'How many First Rates is to many' question, Well simply put unless you decide to go down the career path of a Naval Officer they are basically off limits to you, these things are huge, you need a Nation to build one and find the funds to run one! Which you as a simple sailor are not going to find or be able to obtain! Managing your Ship and Crew you Say? please, go on... This could be a really fun and enjoyable part of the game for me and is, in my opinion, vital to the feel and immersion of the game. think 'Football Manager'... By that I mean, look at what they do well. Yes its a game about managing a football team, but look deeper! How you can interact with you players (Your Crew) and how the game allows you to create a relationship with you players (Your Crew). Football Manager allows to to develop your own kind of leadership and strategy. The exact same principles WOULD work in this game if done correctly. I know a football team is 11 Players + Subs and Reserves, So 25ish players say, fairly easy to manage on a one to one basis. whereas a large Frigate would have several hundred crewmen! So on a one to one scale perhaps this is a little ambitious but you could still speak to 'Key' Personnel aboard you ship. I apologise as I have limited knowledge of the correct terminology of crew roles/titles, but we can use the Cook and his 'Team' as an example. So you have your Head Cook, he has a team of 8. You can communicate with him and he will then relay your message to his team for you, thus allowing you to manage 9 crew through one Key Crewmember. Why would you want to talk to the cook? Maybe you want to ask him how many days supply we have left at full rations before the crew are on sea biscuits. Or if your Ship takes a prize and you find some fine foods onboard, you can ask your cook if he has the ability to prepare and cook it. so for example lets say you find some foods aboard a prize you have just claimed and its of a high quality. Is your cook skilled enough to cook it correctly? If he was could your entire crew receive a small morale boost, boosting productivity and performance in some way. Another example might be to compliment the guncrews on their fine work in the last engagement, in turn leading to a happier guncrew and potentially offering a small morale boost! Again think of Football manager and how you team reacts to your teamtalk, maybe you say the wrong thing and they loose morale, possibly pushing you closer to the plank! Argh! Bottom line, I want to be able to communicate with my crew in some way and help shape they way they operate, I want to tell my GunChief to hurry reloads for a quick broadside, not without risk, as there would be more risk of loose cannon balls and powder caches as they hurry about the deck, leading to more potential for injury and fires ect. I want to be given 'Tactics' and set my own strategy as to how I want my ship to be run. Odds are we arnt going to have fully crewed ships, especially early on and with larger ships, so managing where they are and what they are doing would add great depth and possibly tactical advantage/disadvantage in an engagement. Key crewmen should have a Crewcard in game, again think football manager, in that you can 'Click on you assistant manager or staff's overview' to see what languages they speak, how determined they are, are they hard working, a good motivator, their leadership ect ect. I also think you should be able to release these key crewmen and hire new ones, perhaps you think you have found a better surgeon? What happens to your old surgeon? Well he goes to the tavern in the port you have just docked at to drown his sorrows! Then another (Human) captain could potentialy hire him, being able to see his 'History' and who he has sailed under, maybe he has information on a pirate or a ship you are hunting ect ect. If they become living breathing entities in the game they could be a very very cool feature. Summary * Key Crew - have their own 'Crew' Card displaying their details, age, nationality, relationships towards you and other captains-nations-guilds/factions ect. * have ability scores giving the ship they sail under unique attributes, (2% bonus reload or -5% less foor supplies used each day for example or 5% heal rate for injured crew) * manage their 'Term', how long they shall join for, their wage or 'Take' of any potential spoils * They will manage their 'Team' so you only have to manage them, delagate instructions to them, and have them automate tasks for you, such as food rationing, deck cleaning, hull repair, ect and what/how much of your supplies to use. or Just do it all yourself! Well I hope theres something in here that you think, hang on hes got something here! If not back to the drawing board! But please feel free to share some ideas, just be constructive about it! if you dont like something explain why and how you would perhaps do it diffent ect! See you on the open seas... Sometime soon I hope! Yargh! RTB
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