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Found 11 results

  1. My suggestion is to add some depth/specialization to the shipbuilders/shipyards in the game. Currently any T3 shipyard can build any ship. What I'm proposing is to have these specialized. As the builders/yards are set up require the player to specialize in a particular style of ships. French ships, British, Spanish, American and Baltic (Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Prussian, Russian). This makes it so that while this puts more effort into getting these ships, 1 person cant just pump out L'Oceans and Aggys for everyone, since one is French and the other British. The rigging and perks I don't have an opinion on, that's after market if you think about it.
  2. I don't know how I missed this video till recently ....
  3. What is the "Extra" title for in ship crafting, Is it redundant? will it come into play in the future?
  4. I noticed that there are several basic ships not craftable on the testbed server and was wondering if they were simply missed or if this is intentional. Basic ships that currently aren't craftable on testserver are Rattlesnake and Niagara as well as LGV and Indiaman. I guess the LGV and Indiaman might become available for "Trading Manifest" tokens but for the missing shallow water ships i have no explanation whatsoever. Can anybody enlighten me, please? Thanks in advance.
  5. Part of a balanced MMO is more than just PvP. Other forms of Player-to-player interaction are also required, including cooperation. One of the professed purposes of the upcoming wipe is to bring about a new economy, putting behind us - hopefully - the utterly broken one that we’ve been living with for a year, which allowed us to test every other aspect of the game. Creating this new and working MMO-economy is surely no small task. I am not a trader in this game. I trade and craft mainly to support other activities, and to sustain my clan. Yet I see that for PvP and the open world to have a sustainable environment as well as a proper balance, trading gameplay needs to be developed, and those players who choose to focus on it need to be encouraged. The old economy we have on the live server drove traders away a long time ago. There was no challenge, no unique gameplay, and no supply and demand - only endless supply. The new economy that we are testing on the testbed forces a "division of labour» so to say. Everyone cannot do everything anymore. With new production levels, travel times, and the partial removal of teleports, you can no longer collect every resource, and craft every ship yourself. PvP-players in each nation will depend on the traders and crafters of their respective nation or clan. If well balanced, this looks very promising, yet there are a few issues presumably yet to be solved about this part of the game. Like how do we prevent people from each sitting on a heap of their particular valuable, looking enviously on the heap of somebody else, yet not willing to trade away any of their own production? How do we unite the players who are lacking a resource, with a supplier? And how do we prevent clans from organising an economy internally, while leaving the rest of the nation, and solo-players to their own meagre devices? On the latter issue, you could dismiss it entirely, and say that if the clans are not contributing to the national economy, then that is a national problem of having selfish clans. However on the former issue, I believe we need more trade tools, and some mechanisms that encourage player-to-player interaction, even out of OW in port. -We should be able to put up buy contracts for ships. You request wood type, trim and refit, and the crafter fulfills the order. -If not already implemented, we need to be able to put buy contracts for the refit items. -There should be ways to acquire Marks outside of PvP and RvR. Crafters, haulers and traders should be able to gain marks from these activities. Interactions with players from your own nation, besides PvP or PvE, should have the potential to generate marks. Being a dedicated crafter/trader, who does PvP only secondarily, will be unsustainable once all ships in high demand will require copious amounts of marks for crafters to make them. They need to be able to take payment that includes coverage of the Marks used in crafting. To make this simpler, Marks could be an item that you can buy from NPCs for gold. The Marks are an infinite resource anyway - its production limited only by how many NPCs we can find and kill. And if the economy is properly balanced so as not to flood the market with gold, then having Marks be an item that you can purchase from NPCs for a steep price would not be a problem. In fact it could help the economy, by taking gold out (giving it to NPC) and putting only a quantity of an infinitely regenerating resource into the economy. Secondly it would be worth exploring to encourage trade between players and nudging players to put their surpluses on the market for others to get access to, by rewarding trading with Marks. As an example, when you put a quantity of an item on the market with a contract, once that contract is emptied, you are rewarded with a relative number of Marks. And when you sell someone a ship that you crafted, or fulfull someone elses’ contracts, you likewise get marks. Without some mechanics to ensure its integrity, this system would be very exploitable of course, by players trading back and forth between each other. However, you could put limits on it or other measures to prevent abuse, as well as increase the tax on contracts - to then accept that some marks may be generated by players, but in exchange for a money sink. Thirdly, crafters could get derivative marks, in addition to XP, for kills done with ships that they crafted. So if the player who purchased your ship kills a connie and get 3 marks, then you, as the crafter, are rewarded with maybe 1 Mark.
  6. Been thinking lately about how much I dislike the current system, regional trims and their importance on the map. I didn't really like the fine wood system either, but it seems now we're as much of a slave to the fine woods as we are to compass wood. Seems like not much has changed. I'd like to propose a new system that I've been brewing on for a while. Apologize in advance if I pulled a Melania Trump and borrow some ideas from people, not sure if these are honestly my own or stuff I've seen proposed over the months. Total Removal of Regional Crafting Areas - Remove region bonuses and turn them into region-specific materials. - Crafting can now be done in any port, as long as materials are there. - An example of region specific mats. Strong Hull Bonus - requires "Southern Live Oak". "Southern Live Oak" can be found in various ports from Savannah to the Texas areas, making it more historically accurate. Strong Rigging Bonus - requires "Habana Hemp". Found in of course multiple regions near the Habana area. You guys get the right idea. - Capital ports in that region will start selling limited quantities of resources connected throughout the empire. If you have one of the 7 or 8 southern live oak regions will start appearing in your capital via AI traders. Of course setting up farms or plantations will yield the best results. Crafting Contracts - Player Contracts for various ships can now be placed in capitals or free ports. Example - Place a contract for an Exceptional Stong Hull Live Oak Build Strength Connie. This contact is visible in all "allied" ports and to fulfill a Connie need to be sailed teleported in. Contract fulfilled, crafter earns money and maybe some XP. Contracts can be placed for various ships and Mods. Contracts are visible on some sort of bulletin system seen in every port within the alliance or free port. - AI Ship Contracts. The AI will place various contracts for the green ships that you typically purchase at random in various ports. Players fulfill contracts and replenish the stock of ships getting money and additional XP. Not all ships will be player constructed, but to replenish supplies quicker than say once a week ships will need to be made. Player accepts the contract, has x amount of days to deliver and sails or tows in ship. Cannons & Sails - Introduce some sort of cannon specialties. IE flintlocks, touchhole fire, sighted cannons...you get the idea. Introduce some sort of cannon specialization to the officer perks and cannons made this way are more powerful or more accurate, but maybe very expensive. - Similar idea with the sails. Introduce player crafted sails that have more downforce or whatever. More durability. Use an officer perk to give specialties. Permanent Crafting Officer - Get rid of the officer for crafting related duties. Some something similar but call it a foreman or shipwright. Crafter must choose whether or not to make frigates, line ships, traders AND/OR specialize in cannons, sails, mods. You get the idea. Officer is then permanent and can only be replaced via crafting XP or something similar. You have to craft x amount of frigates to reach frigate specialization and once that is reached you can build region build trims. Something like that. Just some rough stuff I was working on. Thoughts?
  7. Hi, i am doing research on shipbuilding in Europe in the Age of Sail. I found some pictures, which i will show below. The first one is the Woolwich Dockyard, the second one is Holmen in Denmark, the third is Rotterdam in the Netherlands and the last one is Stockholm Shipyard You can see the difference in how the ships are build. The difference in how the shipyard looks especially came too my attention. It looks as if the English and Danish made use of some sort of drydock to build their ships, in contrast to the Dutch and Swedes. Can someone explain why some ships are build in some sort of drydock and others are just build on a flat plane near the water? I also noted that the Dutch and Swedes build their ships with the bow towards the water and the English and Danes build their ships with the stern towards the water, why is that? I hope some of you can help me with this and maybe explain the difference in shipbuilding throughout Europe.
  8. [OJ] Oranje Flotilla is recruiting! What we offer: PVP, Leveling/missions/crafting, Trading, PVP, PVP Focus: Small Gang PVP, Port Battles Our Goals: Have a blast - We aim to create a cohesive group of dumpster babies that are able to come out of any fight on top. Losing ships will happen as we learn, if you are scared to lose some ships - this won't be the place for you. Our Numbers: 25+ Active Members TeamSpeak Required Our Experience: 15+ Port Captures Established Fleet Commander High level crafters Open Sea PVP Contacts: TwoVanBeardz in game or via my forum account. Die Antwoord (in game) Our Last Group photo: Thank you Orange is the New Black for your kind google images...
  9. I was suddenly struck by an idea that, to make things perhaps more really reflect these times, crafting notes could be renamed "bribes" or "dockyard bribes". It seems that corruption ran wild and bribery could influence the construction or outfitting of a ship. If more crafting notes means a better ship, why not change crafting notes to bribes since they are doing the same thing? Another change I have been thinking about is the ship crafting, even with the recent change to low-mid-high-grade crafting notes. The more hours and resources are required to build a ship, the less crafting notes influence the cost of building a ship. Right now crafting notes directly affect the number of upgrade slots and the quality of the built-in upgrades, with some random chance. I propose a change where crafting notes (or bribes) give you a certain number of points to spend on upgrading your ship. These points could then be used to alter the ship's upgrade slots, built-in upgrades, speed, and whatever else may currently be influenced by random chance or the number of crafting notes. Perhaps you could even use the points to add additional built-in upgrades instead of just choosing one. The more crafting notes you use, the more points you have to improve the attributes of your ship. Each individual ship would require a different number of points to improve its characteristics, with smaller ships requiring less for each improvement added to it. For example, the number of points you get from a single crafting note can do much to improve a Lynx but will do less to improve a Snow, and they will barely let you improve a Frigate. Perhaps to keep things from getting extremely steep, four high-grade crafting notes should still be balanced to let you fully or almost-fully upgrade a 3rd rate of 74 guns.
  10. Just a very quick question about crafting, I am curious as to what actually happens when you 'Craft' a ship? do you get a ship 'Deed' like PotBS? Or do you get an actual ship in your dock? I only wonder as this creates the following problem, I have chosen to base myself at a non, high traffic spot on the map. This means that if I craft a ship there I can only sell it at the harbour it was made in, or does it work like one of the following... 1) I can sail the ship I just crafted to a national capitol to perhaps increase the chances of it being sold 2) My Recommendation if not already the case, you get a ship 'Deed'. That way I can transport the deed in my own ship and list it on a market at a port of my choosing. (In PotBS I played as the Brits, I built ships in St. Johns and sold them in Port Royale) With no. 2 I like the idea that you could be boarded, the 'Deed' could be stolen and used/sold by someone, you could sink and loose it altogether ect, so there is risk there but at the same time the reward is the potential to sell a ship at a larger, higher traffic, market. What are your thoughs? Anyone else out there who enjoys crafting and building maybe able to shed some light on the way this works and what they think would be a good way to work it? Or maybe you like/love the current system. As I have stated I have barely scratched the surface when crafting and dont know how or what happens when you click craft on a ship BP!
  11. I've noticed that with the introduction of the carriages into the recipes it has escalated the cost of production quite dramatically. This wouldn't be a problem normally as it would just mean ship prices would in turn be increased in the shop, but I've noticed that pricing from NPCs is undercutting Player builders profits to the point there isn't any profit in it. Buying resources at some of the lowest prices and then factoring in labour hours it just matching the abnormally low sale prices. It isn't worth crafting ships to sell so shipbuilding is being relegated to purely level up crafting skill rather than as a career option to earn coin. Either remove ship sales from NPCs completely, increase the sale prices more, or reduce the material requirements in shipbuilding. When prices increase on resources even just a minor amount it can make ship production costs actually more expensive than what you can sell them for and therefore shipbuilders are operating at a loss.
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