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Found 12 results

  1. Suggestion: RvR needs a reward boost imo and I believe that redeemable woods chest would be very good reward for RvR players. So after defending/attacking successfully players get a wood chest as a redeemable. The wood chest are not that hard to come by anyway if your willing to grind PvE, so it is not to good/much. Current reward and why it's not enough: The victory marks (VM) we get today is not that useful for players in a immediate and individual way. In the beginning VM where extremely valuable for clan/nation to upgrade/invest in ports. Now on the other hand most nations are done investing in all their ports, and the VM are just stacking up and are useless. Even selling them is a difficult, because the current status is the same for most nations so the marked value for VM is decreasing rapidly. Alternative reward buff: Make a section in the Admiralty for stuff to buy with victory marks, then players can buy special upgrades, ship permaits, BP etc.
  2. I do not have an idea of how this might be code wise, difficult to put in or not at this stage, but; - Mission Rewards to be broke down, by player choice upon completion and action of Claim Reward, in: Doubloons -or- Reals - listed in the mission details as: Reward 1000 Doubloons -or- 32000 Reals ------------------------------------- Player would have a Claim Reward screen with the type of currency choice.
  3. (PVE, Peace) Today before maintenance I tried to claim my reward for 1st rate weekly event, being 9th in the leaderboard. I tried several times since this morning (10:00 on GMT +2) until the warning of 15 min. left for server maintenance, when the "0 hours" was clearly displayed in the event window, but the "claim" button was always grey and clicking did not produce any effect. I assumed that the reward could indeed be claimed only after the maintenance, once the event leaderboard was finalized, but when I relogged after 12-13:00 daily maintenance there was just the possibility to accept the new weekly challenge and no trace of past event. At around 11:30 I also wrote in the help chat asking if some mates already succeeded in claiming their reward the previous week, with no answer due to lack of players online. Could you please help me in pointing out my eventual mistakes in the claiming procedure (whose conditions and terms are not very detailed in the game) in order no to repeat such failure or tell me if there was a bug that prevented me to claim the reward. Thank you.
  4. Rewards: 1 Officer representing your character as 1st Corps Commander (his Rank depends upon difficulty). The Officers Rank at the Barracks varies (you can reload your last battle savegame, before camp, to reset Barracks until you get 2 Bde. Generals). + The Potomac Fort * CSA * Slots: 0(0) Fixed Troops · The Civil War Campaign Medal · Career Points +1 $33000 Men 2100 Reputation: +15 Government: - 2000 Springfield M1842 (4) - 2000 M1841 Mississippi (4) - Brig. Gen. James Archer (4) #1861 1st Manassas Campaign + Newport News * CSA * Slots: 3(1) · Career Points +1 $41300 Men 2900 Reputation: +4 + 1st Bull Run * CSA * Slots: 4(1) . The War Service Medal · Brig. Gen. Thomas Jackson · Army Organization Corps +1 · Career Points +2 $154700 Men 10400 Reputation: +10 Government: - 2000 Men (18) - 2000 Lorenz (9) - 8 12Pdr Napoleon (9) - 2000 MJ&G Type II (7) - Brig. Gen. Richard Ewell (4) - Brig. Gen. Jubal Early (4) - Brig. Gen. Jeb Stuart (4) #1862 1st Western Campaign + Ambush Convoy * CSA * Slots: 10(1) · Career Points +1 $61900 Men 3700 Reputation: +10 + Stay Alert * CSA * Slots: 10(1) · Career Points +1 $77400 Men 4700 Reputation: +4 + Siloh * CSA * Slots: 20(1) · Brig. Gen. Albert Johnston · Forrest Cavalry (300) (NEW UNIT) · Army Organization Corps +1 · Career Points +2 Government: - $75000 (18) - 3500 Men (18) - 2500 Pattern 1853 Enfield (11) - 750 Fayetteville (8) - 250 Whitworth(TS) (6) - 8 10Pdr Parrot (6) - Maj. Gen. Daniel Hill (6) - Maj. Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard (6) - Brig. Gen. Joseph Kershaw (4) $154700 Men 13500 Reputation: +10 #1862 Peninsula Campaign + 1st Winchester * CSA * Slots: 8(1) · The Homeland Defense Cross · Career Points +1 $61900 Men 4200 Reputation: +4 + Cross Keys * CSA * Slots: 10(1) · Career Points +1 $61900 Men 5200 Reputation: +4 + Port Republic * CSA * Slots: 9(1) · Career Points +1 $82500 Men 4700 Reputation: +4 + Gaines' Mill * CSA * Slots: 30(2) + 25(2) · Brig. Gen. A.P. Hill · Career Points +2 $154700 Men 12400 Reputation: +15 Government: - $75000 (18) - 3500 Men (18) - 1750 Pattern 1853 Enfield (7) - 1750 Pattern 1853 Enfield (7) - 8 10Pdr Parrot (5) - 8 10Pdr Ordnance (5) - Brig. Gen. Lafayette McLaws (4) - Brig. Gen. Paul Semmes (4) #1862 Battle of Malvern Hill + Malvern Hill * CSA * Slots: 20(1) + 20(1) + 20(2) · Brig. Gen. James Longstreet · Career Points +2 $154700 Men 12400 Reputation: +15 Government: - $100000 (22) - 4000 Men (22) - 500 Le Mat (7) - 750 Fayetteville (7) - 2000 Pattern 1853 Enfield (7) - 6 10Pdr Tredegar (6) - 6 6Pdr Wiard (6) - Brig. Gen. John Hood (4) - Brig. Gen. George Pickett (4) #1862 2nd Manassas Campaign + Cedar Mountain * CSA * Slots: 14(1) · Career Points +1 $61900 Men 4700 Reputation: +4 + Manassas Depot * CSA * Slots: 0(0) Fixed Troops · The Confederate Officer Star · Career Points 1 $82500 Men 2900 Reputation: +4 + 2nd Bull Run * CSA * Slots: 25(1)+ 60(3) · Career Points +2 $154700 Men 10400 Reputation: +15 Government: - $75000 (18) - 3750 men (18) - 2000 Pattern 1853 Enfield (15) - 1500 CS Richmond (11) - 8 12 pdr Whitworth (7) - 8 14 pdr James (7) - Brig. Gen. Lewis Armistead (4) - Brig. Gen. William Barksdale (4) - Brig. Gen. Richard Garnett (4) #1862 Maryland Campaign + Chantilly * CSA * Slots: 13(1) · Career Points +1 $82500 Men 4700 Reputation: +4 + Weapons Factory * CSA * Slots: 12(1) · Career Points +1 $82500 Men 4700 Reputation: +4 + Antietam * CSA * Slots: 20(1) + 20(1) + 20(1) + 20(2) · Lt. Gen. Robert Lee · Career Points +2 $309400 Men 10400 Reputation: +20 Government: - $70000 (30) - 3500 Men (30) - 2000 Pattern 1853 Enfield (15) - 1500 CS Richmond (15) - 8 24Pdr Howitzer (10) - 8 10Pdr Tredegar (7) - Brig. Gen. A.P. Hill (5) #1862 Winter 1862 Campaign + Corinth * CSA * Slots: 15(1) · Career Points +1 $61900 Men 3100 Reputation: +5 + Prairie Grove * CSA * Slots: 12(1) . The Meritorious Service Medal · Career Points +1 $61900 Men 3100 Reputation: +5 + Fredericksburg * CSA * Slots: 25(1) + 25(1) + 25(1) + 50(2) · Career Points +2 $206300 Men 7800 Reputation: +20 Government: - $70000 (30) - 3500 Men (30) - 2000 Pattern 1853 Enfield (15) - 1500 CS Richmond (15) - 8 24Pdr Howitzer (15) - 2000 MJ&G Type II (7) - Maj. Gen. William Hardee (15) - Maj. Gen. Leonidas Polk (15) #1862 2nd Western Campaign + Everettsville * CSA * Slots: 15(1) · Career Points +1 $51600 Men 4200 + Stones River * CSA * Slots: 20(1) + 20(1) + 20(1) · Career Points +2 $180500 Men 7300 Reputation: +20 Government: - $60000 (25) - 3000 Men (25) - 2000 Pattern 1853 Enfield (20) - 1500 CS Richmond (20) - 500 LeMat (20) #1863 Chancellorsville Campaign + Blackwater Heights * CSA * 20(1) · Career Points +1 $82500 Men 4200 Reputation: +5 + 1st Franklin * CSA * 12(1) · Career Points +1 $51600 Men 3100 Reputation: +5 + Rio Hill * CSA * 10(1) . The Distinguished Service Medal · Career Points +1 $103200 Men 2100 Reputation: +5 + Chancellorsville & Salem Church * CSA * Slots: 25(1) + 25(1) & 10(1) · Career Points +3 $232100 Men 8900 Reputation: +33 Government: - $80000 (40) - 5000 men (40) - 3000 1853 Enfield (25) - 2000 CS Richmond (25) - Brig. Gen. James Pettigrew (5) #1863 Gettysburg Campaign + Brandy Station * CSA * Slots: 0(0) Fixed Troops · Career Points +1 $103200 Men 2100 Reputation: +8 + Gettysburg * CSA * Slots: 20(1) + 15(1) + 25(1) · Career Points +2 $154700 Men 9800 Reputation: +25 Government: - $75000 (35) - 4000 men (35) - 3000 1853 Enfield (25) - 2000 CS Richmond (25) - 1000 Fayetteville (25) - Major Gen. Patrick Cleburn (8) #1863 3rd Western Campaign + Siege of Jackson * CSA * Slots: 20(1) · Career Points +1 $77400 Men 3100 Reputation: +8 + Chickamauga * CSA * Slots: 25(1) + 25(1) · The Roll of Honor Medal · Career Points +2 $154700 Men 9300 Reputation: +20 - 70000 $ (25) - 4000 Men (25) #1864 Overland Campaign + Mansfield * CSA * Slots: 25(1) · Career Points +1 $103200 Men 7300 Reputation: +8 + Saunders Farm * CSA * Slots: 25(1) + 10(1) · Career Points +1 $103200 Men 10400 Reputation: +8 + Laurel Hill * CSA * Slots: 25(1) · Career Points +1 $103200 Men 10400 Reputation: +8 + Cold Harbor * CSA * Slots: 20(1) + 25(1) + 15(1) · The Southern Cross of Honor · Career Points +2 $123800 Men 12400 Reputation: +25 Government: - $140000 (35) - 8000 Men (35) - 4000 CS Richmond (20) - 12 24Pdr Howitzer (10) - 12 20Pdr Parrott (10) - 600 1862 C.S. Richmond (8) - 600 LeMat (8) #1865 Final Campaign + Hall's Ferry Road * CSA * Slots: 25(1) + 25(1) · Career Points +1 $165000 Men 17600 Reputation: +5 + Hardin Pike * CSA * Slots: 25(1) + 25(1) · Career Points +1 $165000 Men 17600 Reputation: +5 + Washington * CSA * Slots: 50(2) + 25(1) + 25(1) + 25(1) · Career Points 0 $0 Men 0 Reputation: +35 Campaign End (Will Update with Union Rewards...)
  5. hello, I try to use the fire ship to kill the enemy. very successful blow up 2 Mercury and Constitution. and here is the video how I did but after battle. battle log show the reward and not of them is about the explosion kill is this normal? is very sad that fire ship do the most job but earn nothing
  6. I think there is a big problem into the reward system right now in pvp. When you are doing pvp in large group, the battle can be an 1.5hour battle and sometime things are going bad and you are nt sunking anyone or few ennemy althought you have fight like pig and then you get the famous: "Captain xxxx you make a battle and win nothing" What the hell? I make 500 shot in hull, dismate 3 ships use 200 repair and i got nothing? What is wrong with you? i could just have sunk 2 lynx in front of my capital and won more than making pvp 1.5 hour? And what is true in port battle is true in open sea pvp too. You make a 1v1, finnaly your enenmy flee because badly hurt and he succes to flee and you win nothing. Neither xp neither doublon. Nothing to reimburse back your reparation and your time. I really think reward in pvp has to be reworked because the systme we got now don't give you the wish to go in pvp.
  7. I think the idea of rewarding each player of a nation depending on the nations success is genius, cause it could promote PvP, RvR, and acting for the nation in general. But just handing x Victory Marks to each player is way to simple... Its not fair, cause some players did more, some did less, some did nothing, and some are alts. Its not rewarding individual actions. Players are promoted to join successful nations, not to do more PvP and RvR. Especially for new players free tradable marks equal lots of free money. How it could work: 1: Measure individual effort. Keep it simple. Take the kill counter, and extend it to "amount of BR sank/captured in PvP". Participation in a port battle provides extra boni. Maybe call it "National reputation points". Optional reputation gain for specific PvP could be increased, for example within your nations area (coast guard gets rewarded), or while a PB is active to reward screeners more. 2: Multiply Victory Mark costs and rewards. You cant hand out 0.25 marks, multiply all numbers by 100. 3: Bind marks, Permits and BPs to the character. The goal is to reward individual effort, not the rich guys and their alts sitting in port. Also people shouldnt be able to sell their marks or items only using marks, cause thats destroying the income-cost-balancing. It would make sense that ships including a permit cant be traded aswell. 4: Remove permits from shipbuilding. The current system only works with tradable marks. In general it would make most sense that each player cares for his own permits, not the shipbuilder selling the ships. Add an additional slot to place the permit in, without permit the ship cant leave port. To trade the ship, players need to delete the permit. 5: Fair distribution of marks. The winning nation gains a pool of 100 marks per active player (14 days). Each individual player gains Victory Marks = [player reputation / average reputation] * 100. I think other nations should be rewarded aswell with less marks per player, but thats another topic. 6: Balancing. 7: Think it further. Maybe reward economic actions aswell, to promote more people to craft for the nation. Each ship you crafted e.g. could grant a tiny amount of reputation when someone else (from your nation) sinks someone with it. I think we had this with XP already, did we? Should be easy to implement then. Tell me if i missed something, if you see problems, or if you got other/further ideas. Thanks for reading!
  8. United States Captain Missions, iv only gotten mission rewards for about 1 or 2 missions out of 5 we have completed. i sent an f11 report in aswell.
  9. I find it really injust that if you manage to run away from your enemy (trader example) succesfully, or have to flee after causing major damage to enemy but also take fatal damage to your self that there is 0 reward for this. After you have given your very best and fought till the end you should get reward! It is frustrating that after 30mins of fight you might need to run and get no rewards at all, its not often this happens but when it does its like wet rag to your face. Also there is no xp for traders that are bullied / chain pulled to battle that they escape succesfully. There should be rewards for those. Just my thought, didn't find thread of this yet. If there is one please move my comment there.
  10. Originating off my post in the patch notes thread: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15638-development-plans-for-conquest-mechanics-rvr/?p=293895 Note: These are just rough ideas. The rewards, map design, ship types, fleet designs, etc.. Minor details can be worked out or discussed. Myself and a few of the players in the community have begun to feel that the current mission system is getting a bit stale. Things became a bit more fun and exciting when fleet missions were introduced but the base mechanics remained the same in that your objective scenario is always the same. "Go here, shoot this." Well to a certain regard that is what the game is but there are other ways... more creative ways of going about combat rather than the current sail to point X spawn in head to head and sink what's in front of you mission types that we have now. To break up the menatoney Here are perhaps a variety of new mission ideas: Exploration - Discover 5 new ports (player has to dock in 5 new ports that they have previously never been to before.) - Limited once per rank Exotic Trade - Mission will spawn an exotic good in the port where you start the mission and task you to deliver that item to another port of the same or ally nation Escort - Battle instance will load with a landmass with a harbor on each side. Your goal is to escort a trader to a circle near the opposite end of the map as 1 or more npc's want to kill you and your trader. Intercept - You and 1 NPC spawn in vs a trader and 1 NPC and your job is to kill or capture both ships. (Opposite of Escort) Fleet Intercept - A well guarded group of trader ships are being escorted and you and your group must kill and capture them all. Fire Watch - (Group Mission) You spawn in next to a large NPC fleet of line-ships of your nation. Your nation's NPC.s sail in a straight line and in 3 waves npc's equipped with the fireship module will spawn that will be trying to target your ships of the line. You and your group must sink all 3 waves of fireships. Coastal Assault - You spawn in next to an abandoned mortar brig and you have to sail over to it and take command of it and start killing structures/towers. As you do this you have a npc fleet of ships "carrying troops" that will be sailing into the port. Your mission is to destroy all land targets before they can kill your assault fleet of NPC's. To Arms! - Daily mission - Win one small battle or one large battle (Through joining in the port user interface) Mission is active until a win is achieved. On Guard! - Daily mission - Player assumes coastal patrol duties and is flagged as "Coast Watch" or "Coast Guard" for one hour. Player receives x3 experience for travel and x2 experience and gold for combat fought in friendly territory sphere of influence. In Plain Sight - This will be covert ops mission. The mission spawns you at a mouth of an enemy harbor at night (very dark and foggy). In this harbor there will be multiple ships of the line at anchor (and remain at anchor). You leave your current ship outside and nearby you take control of a cutter (or a gunboat maybe?) and your mission is to sneak around to the center rear of the enemy harbor and interact with their flagship and plant a powder charge then sneak back out again. As you sail away a slowmatch fuse will burn and then the powderkeg will ignite setting off a large explosion on that ship. On the shore in say 2 or 3 places there are combat towers but with very poor range (due to it being night and foggy). Also in the harbor are enemy patrol boats (cutters, gunboats, pickles, or something..) just sailing around but they will have a radius drawn around them (just like we see the radius if we tag someone in open world.) If you come within that radius then we essentially are "detected" and that ship will start shooting at you. If you sink you fail.
  11. I believe it's bad that currently players are concentrated in the capital waters, leaving a huge % of the map almost empty. What devs could do to encourage a player spread around national ports, just an idea : - Port would record the admiralty orders they deliver and their completion. - Depending on the amount of completed admiralty orders in the port per day, the reward for admiralty orders is increased or reduced. - Players should have a visibility of completion % in national ports so they can decide "hey let's do missions in this area, it will be more rewarding". Lets call it "Port national activity" - The activity pool would be balanced between regional capitals, deep and shallow harbors. Completing a mission in a shallow water harbor would give more %. PvP kills and deaths in a circle around the port could also impact the Port national activity, maybe trade too. Extra (not sure if viable) : If a port sits at 0% activity for a week, it turns neutral. Lore wise, it would reflect the urge of isolated ports in seeing navy activity against the pirates.
  12. This is a suggestion against ganking and to increase low risk/gain ratio in uneven PvP situations to create more incentive to fight instead of running away in different ad-hoc OS fight scenarios. If a battle rating system to enter instances, like the group strength in PotBS, might be added or not, is irrelevant for this concept. Here the battle ratings are being used to dynamicly adjust the XP and gold gain in various OS PvP fights. Dynamic PvP Reward System: After the battle is closed, the battle ratings for both sides are being used to calculate an extra PvP loot factor according to the BR ratio (Battle Rating) both for XP and gold. Lets say you are in a 3v1 battle and battle ratings are 200 for the attacker and 100 for the defender (one ship). The lonely ship might have a slight chance to sink enemy ship(s), but usualy this risk won't be taken by the majority of players. However, according to the extra loot factor introduced here, whatever damage he does, he could get double XP and gold for his efforts due to the fighting in an outnumbered and outgunned situation. On the otherside of the coin, each player of the ganking side would recieve half of the XP and gold compared to if they would sink the same ship in an even fight. To sum up, in a 200/100 ratio battle, this concept means double XP and gold for the defender and 0,5x less XP and for both attackers. PvP Loot Factor = BR of your team / BR of opposing team Final XP/Gold = Current Loot Gain / PvP Loot Factor Different scenarios can be seen from the table/graph. This could be enough incentive to demote the ganking, however, if the ganking still occurs, this would also give the ganked side a reason to fight back despite the fact being outnumbered and outgunned. An example for the realization of similar concept, the Microsoft Gaming Zone used to have similar rating system for many years, for instance in the legendary Age of Empires series matchmaking. The proposed loot balancing/stabilizing concept according to battle ratings would be a nice feature for the good of the game. Poll removed by mod team for being non-essential to the discussion.
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