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  1. We are a newly formed clan. We are currently looking for active players in Naval Action whom would want to join our crew, everyone is welcome to join. Requirement: That you use discord you don't need to talk just listen Nation: Great Britain Goals: Putting together a reasonable sized fleet to fill proper Port Battles. Timezone: At this time we're only EU-based, however we're always up for company from all around the world. Crafting: We currently have 2 high-level crafters. If we got your interest, contact one of the following officers (ingame, on discord or via
  2. Guten Tag liebe NA Community Wir die neu gegründete Gilde "West Indian Trading Company (WICO)" möchte sich hier kurz vorstellen. Über WICO: Wir sind eine neu gegründete Gilde auf der seite der Briten, unsere Orientierung gilt allen Aspekten des Spiels ( PvP, PvE, Crafting, Trading). Momentan bestehen wir noch aus wenigen Mitgliedern, jedoch haben wir später auch vor bei den PortBattles mitzumischen. Beheimatet sind wir auf dem PvP EU Server. Deshalb suchen wir Mitglieder Wir suchen: Briten 18+ Headset mit Ts3 Ehrgeiz Rank und S
  3. Über uns Die Dragons sind eine Gemeinschaft in der sich alle Mitglieder wohl fühlen sollen. Ein Zuhause oder eine Heimat für Mitspieler und Gäste mit denen man gerne zusammen spielt. Nur aus Spaß am Spiel oder doch erfolgsorientiert? Wir bieten eine Plattform für Beides. Entscheidungen werden nach demokratischem Vorbild mit allen Mitgliedern zusammen getroffen, eine Diktatur gibt es hier nicht. Wir achten in erster Linie auf die Persönlichkeit der Mitglieder und diese ist für die Bewerbung ausschlaggebend. Schiffe kann man erspielen, eine Persönlichkeit nicht. Wichtig ist uns a
  4. VIE is looking for able sailors and brave captains to defend our waters and expand into new territories, in order to claim our god given rights as a major naval power. Should you be interested in signing up, please visit our website http://navalvie.freeforums.org/public-announcements-f9.html Or feel free to contact our recruitment Officers ingame. Daniboy3000 Bartas11 Teamspeak is required since we work hard to keep everything organized in both Port Battles and major engagements.
  5. Global Server US Nation meeting (PvP1 & PvP2) All players in the PvP 1 and PvP 2 US Nation that will be playing on the Global Server are cordially invited to a “US Nation meeting” to be held on Saturday, April 29th at 00:00 server time/8pm EST/7PM CST/5pm PST. The meeting will be held on the Tattered Flags TS. Such a meeting will be a good opportunity to “meet and greet” those from the US Nation that have played on the different servers Potential topics of discussion may include (but are not limited to): · To gauge the potential player
  6. Given the recent announcements over the past week by @admin I think it'd be a good idea to try and get as many of the clans/nation representatives who plan on either staying on the PVP Global server or merging into it together to try and hash out some alliance and balancing issues. It appears that there is going to be an asset wipe and with the PVE zone changes there has to be a map wipe. If the devs are going to go through with the Alliance changes, it's even more imperative we make sure the nations are about as equal as we can make it. No one likes a zerg. With the announcement that ther
  7. Well, the impending ship total resource wipe and server changes is going to cause players to consider what nation they plan on playing for on the PvP2/Global server. I am already hearing rumblings and rumors of players switching - and that is good. Providing we can balance the nations a little. Currently on PvP2 we have the following approximate split of players. Mega alliance (55%) USA 30% GB 20% Dutch 5% Independent (20%) Pirate 20% Small Nations who typically ally (25%) Dane 10% Spain 5% France 5% Swede 5% Many of t
  8. Buenos días, seguramente nadie me recordará pero yo era un jugador de la facción, perteneciente a la RAE. Dejé el juego hace unos 6-7 meses aproximadamente porque me quemé de tanto exploit, favoritismos y todos contra España. Mi pregunta es si el juego ha mejorado lo suficiente como para regresar a el. (Y también si sigo teniendo sitio en mi antiguo clan o tengo que buscarme otro) Un saludo capitanes.
  9. Server issues? What is going on? I got booted!
  10. Herewith the the united clans of the Dutch Nation are announcing that De Republiek der Vereenigde Provinciën is represented by the honourable Dutch Nation High Council of the Dutch clans AIE, ARSE, ASEET, CMD, DAS, DKF, Gh0st, LIONS, PFK, PPP, PVP, RL, 7UP, WIC, WOLF, XIX Chairman of the Dutch Nation High Council Oliviervdp [XIX] Spokesman of the Dutch Nation High Council Dick Brave [WOLF] and the Ambassadors of the honourable Dutch Nation Diplomatic Corps Amplify [PPP], Dick Brave [WOLF]), Niels Visser [7UP] (interim)
  11. Today the honourable Dutch Nation High Council consisting of the representatives of the Clans XIX, ARSE, LIONS, PVP, WOLF, 7UP, PPP, AIE, PFK has decided to declare the Dutch FDM Clan rogue. --- This clan has stated by a representative that it does not follow the decisions made by the Dutch Nation High Council. As a result of this the Dutch Nation High Council wanted to warn the Dutch allies that this clan might attack ships of our allies in open waters. Furthermore the Dutch Nation High Council declares that any member of this clan may be considere
  12. Goedendag Captain! De Duitse Wolfsrudel [WOLF] stellt sich vor. Wir fahren für die Verenigde Provinciȅn in den Gewässern der Inseln unter dem Winde und halten diese von Piraten frei. Wir verteidigen unsere Häfen und fahren Geleitschutz für unsere Handelsschiffe. Wir treiben regen Handel und betreiben eigene Schiffswerften und Werkstätten um Schiffe und andere Güter herzustellen. Bei uns ist für jeden was dabei: Wir segeln und kämpfen, wir bauen und handeln. Wir sind eine überschaubare und lockere Gruppe von Freizeitkapitänen und segeln gem
  13. THE THREE ADMIRALS TREATY By Cpt Pellasgos Prepared for: The nationS of Spain, Verenigde Provinciën and Britain 1) CUBA A ) Creation of a Dutch buffer zone B ) The Dutch buffer zone will include the towns of Little Cayman, Santa Cruz, Manzanilla, Portillo, Guama Sevilla. C ) The Dutch nation automatically becomes the guarantor and the protector of the buffer zone between theSpanish and the British nations. D ) In case an outside nation tries to change the makeup of the buffer zone, then the Spanish, Dutch and the British fleets must join forces and de
  14. Today the honourable Dutch Nation High Council consisting of the representatives of the Clans XIX, ARSE, ASEET, PVP, WOLF, 7UP, PPP, VAVI, DAS, Gh0st, PFK has decided to ratify the Three Admirals Treaty in order to establish a PvP Zone around the island of Hispaniola and to assure some good PvP action within the next weeks until the pending Diplomacy Patch will be rolled out. We, the Dutch Nation High Council, hope that this decision will be the basis for good PvP and Port-Battle action for everyone and therefore will be appreciated by the whole community.
  15. The Danish Norwegian nation has for the longest of time been affiliated with the pirate faction, and we have had a very constructive relationships with our dealings in warfare. Thanks to many of the pirate clans, we've been able to carry the game against much more larger foes and threats. The signatory of this post still remembers with fondness the help and mutual assistance we gave each other in common campaigns, before I took a hiatus of leave in the summer months for vacation. But both times and sentiments change and we've found it impossible to deal with their latest «diplomatic approa
  16. Yesterday upon the stair(Port Morant - Carlisle) I met a man(French, Danes) who wasn't there(hiding in battle results/logging off) He wasn't there again today(randomly people from yesterday log in and pop out around the port) I wish, I wish he'd go away(or start playing an actual PvP game instead of using this exploit) The British nation would appreciate if the ganker fleets in the area of Carlisle would not use the battle result hiding exploits to end the night of PvP after a single attack. If you're short on time Jamaica is the wrong place for an attack and if you're afraid to lose yo
  17. Sverige Eine Nation zeigt Flagge Informationen: Nation: Sverige / Schweden Location: PVP 1 - Nordostecke der Karibik Teamspeak³: Sverige.Ninja Schwierigkeitsgrad: Hoch Einleitung: Zuerst möchte ich erläutern was ich mit diesem Post erreichen will: Ich möchte ein paar Fakten klarstellen und, so hoffe ich, mehr Spieler dazu bewegen zu uns Schweden zu kommen. Denn auch obwohl Schweden klein ist, ist es eine tolle und schöne Nation mit vielen netten Gesichtern. Um Euch Schweden genauer vorzustellen, werde ich dazu auf verschiedene Themen eingehen die, meiner Meinung nach, Schweden spe
  18. Goedendag Kapitein! We are De Duitse Wolfsrudel [WOLF] (The German Wolfpak) We are sailing the seas of the Leeward Antilles for the Verenigde Provinciȅn, sweeping away pirates. We are defending our ports and doing convoy escort for our traders. We are sailing and fighting, trading and crafting. We are a small group of free time captains who are saling on PvP One EU. De Duitse Wolfsrudel is a German speaking clan. We are looking forward to cooperate with other Dutch nation clans for participating in large Missions, Portbattles, Screening, Hunting groups etc.
  19. Gungnir-Exodus-Raiders [GER] ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Sie sind die Speerspitze, der Blitz vor dem Sturm, Gesandt aus den Hallen des Götterturm. Die Geißel des Windes, die niemals Ihr Ziele verfehlt. Die Krieger, der Krieger, von Göttern erwählt. Es sind die Schwankenden, die Bringer des Glauben. Der gefallenen Feinde, Ihre Gebeine verstauben. Der Angriff, wo Ungläubige sich wandeln zu Erde. So Midgard niemals den Namen Asgards vergessen werde. Fürchtet Euch, Ih
  20. To avoid filling this forum up with multiple posts, all other posts of our battles will be placed within this one.
  21. SERVER PVP EU 1. COMRADES! 'To me my brothers in arms !! Those who fought against the enemies at the gates of CORRIENTES, those who sank the despondency on the shores of San Lazaro. Those who resisted the pull are the real heroes, and nobody can say otherwise. You fought against the most formidable enemy of these vast lands. BOREDOM! The fierce and intense battle that lasted for 2 hours outside of CORRIENTES. More than 30 Spanish ships were stationed at the entrance of the port after receiving news of an American fleet (Five 3rt). The deployment of forces showing the Spanish coordina
  22. A squadron of The Decatur Armada was operating off the northerm coast of Cuba when it intercepted a Pirate 3rd Rate ship that was likely on its way to participate in the Pirate assault against the British port of Corrientes. Things didn't end well for this pirate:
  23. The French player Comte Leonhart kept tagging me in his snow today vs my Connie. He kept tagging me to make sure I was in combat, sometimes for up to 30mins before clicking out. The first time I didn't mind, I thought he might have some super tactic and surprise me but now it is apparent he is no more than a time waster.
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