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Found 1 result

  1. I've been playing the game,hmmm about 3 months. I just reached rear Admiral yesterday. I'm a level 47 crafter. 1st- I really like the game for concept, graphics, immersion, and battle mechanics. I really would like to see the game be a success. I've only played a few PvP style games. By this point, in those other games I would have had hundreds of battles, possibly a thousand plus, with other players. In this game, si far, maybe 3, and didn't find them to be much to talk about. 1, pirate attacked my trader, but didn't notice the freindly to me ships coming up on him. I'm an ex US Navy sailor, can't say I've ever been called si many names by someone before. I still can't make up my mind if he was a kid with an exceptional vocabulary, or a very childish adult. My other 2 PvP battles consisted of pirate v me, then 6 or 7 pirates joined in after the battle started. 0 times for a 1v1 battle. This isn't a PVP game, it's a team v team game, and the pirates have it down to a science on the USA server. Port battles, I've taken part in about a dozen, never been sunk in a port battle so far, but I've sank a few enemy ships. I miss out on most port battles. I can't see when my ports are vulnerable to attack. Most battles happen when I'm already doing something else. Or, I sit around waiting for an hour for a battle that doesn't happen. Also, the 2 day wait period means no one can retake a port after its lost, while the enemy gets to attack deeper and deeper into freindly territory. I stopped playing servers where I couldn't fight back. This 2 day wait period is definitely trying my patience. I find I have to trade to have supplies so I can have money. I need money ta have resources for crafting in addition to what I capture, and I end up missing opportunities to do combat as a result. Blueprints, either I've been very lucky, or bps drop a LOT more frequently than the forums suggest, only need 4 more bps and I'll have all of them. Bottles- terrible idea. By random chance someone can have an advantage over someone that's worked to develop crafting skills and money etc. Should be a reward for special missions that a person can choose to do...my opinion... Wreck locations,im writing this while sailing to a wreck, still outbound...but I need labor contracts, so watching my ship sail, writing this, and missing out on another port battle or two Alternate accounts, too many people have them. Even worse, alternate accounts created for more than one nation. It's cheating, period. People spying, finding out where strengths and weaknesses are, making it impossible to plan or develop strategies. Neutral/ free ports- No WARSHIPS should be allowed in freeports, these were ports the nations declared off limits to fighting. Instead of being that, they've become shipyards and bases of operation, again, you can't do proper strategy do to the disruptions on what should be safe areas to the rear, there is no "rear" area as a result. It takes about a day to craft the parts, and another day for hours to make the notes and another day to to have the hours to craft the ship. So I have 3 days investment/wait to build a medium to large ship, but I can lose it in minutes in battle, especially if I run up on someone with exceptional upgrades which makes engaging in PvP too risky too really enjoy, especially since I sent to always be swarmed by enemy ships when I'm gettingvout of battle. Also frustrating to see a freindly player swarmed shortly after leaving port, but, the timer keeps me from going to assist, and the battle timer rubs out before I'm able to join in.Still sailing, port battle still hasn't started. Suggestions, no battle timer, only ships that are drawn in can engage in the fight. Bring back the invisibility post battle, make it last a minute. Port battles shouldn't flip the port, it should take a random number of battles until the host nation decides it's not worth the cost of keeping the port. 2 day cool down should go against the capturing nation, no launching invasion fleets until the port can be organized, but it can be retaken immediately. Si, I'm out of thoughts....still entire to the shipwreck, guess I'll watch some TV.... I do like this game, but...this is boring, but I need the labor contracts and upgrades....but, I only have so many hours I can spend, is this worth the hours and hours, to not be able to retake ports? Can't see when my ports are vulnerable? When any PvP battle will leaf to a massive counter attac? I'm beginning to think the answer is...no. STILL. Not Even Close to my shipwreck!!!!!! Ok, PvE, might be worth going to, maybe if AI ships would actually initiate attacks..maybe if I could attack ai ports ( they could be defended, could be like an epic event maybe?)? By the time I get to this shipwreck. It's going to be time for me to logout for the night. Looks like I guessed right though, the attack on the next port never occurred. Ok, I don't think this game is going to work out...I'll play on, maybe things will change, but even though the game is developing still. Seems like it's getting less fun with time... Too bad,could be an excellent game, just doesn't seem to be going quite right yet. Still 3.5 degrees away from the shipwreck, totally waisted my night on this, probably get a upgrade I have multiples of too Boring. No
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