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Found 3 results

  1. My assessment of any game starts with player made videos. I don't watch Developer teasers because they are almost always misleading. Player made videos provide a decent idea of the gameplay, and the creator sometimes offers a few valuable opinions. If the videos look good I seek opinions from friends who own the game. This is really helpful because discussions can reveal details that are missing from videos. I find that reviews can be misleading and are very limited. Someone else may rate features differently that I would, so a low rating may have little influence on me because don't care much about the content that the reviewer perceived as important. Steam reviews are a indication of the general appeal. A recent and overall Rating of "Overwhelmingly Positive" tends to influence me to spend money. When the sum of these reviews are 96%-97% positive it increases my confidence that the game is well made. I seldom read individual steam reviews because the negative ones are usually rants, entertaining, when I'm bored, but not very informative. Price is important and proportional to the amount of time I will spend researching. If the price is low I am more likely to buy it and decide for myself. Games that are very expensive need a demo, so I can try it first.
  2. If a moderator can reply to me either by primate message or email, I would like to know if there are keys left. The last time I had money to buy the game, I could not as I was ONE DAY off from buying it before they closed the sales. Problem solved, bought the game and am awaiting an email for confirmation of my key Friday.
  3. voila une petite nouvelle qui risque de faire plaisir a certains, le jeu qui devrai sortir en early acces en janvier propose pendant un laps de temps temporaire d'acheter le jeu et de pouvoir tester l'alpha a savoir qu'a la sortie de l'early il y auras une remise a zéro des comptes. source: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7894-purchases-open-again-temporarily/
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