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Found 4 results

  1. Gentlemen o7 The last couple of weeks have been very rough for Prussia. Many ports have been lost. The remaining clans are trying their hardest to defend our home region. To make sure we succeed, RGK have started to produce propaganda videos a recruitment campaign. Take a look - fall in love - join us. Have a nice day everyone #joinPrussia
  2. While sailing my Basic Cutter on routine trade interdiction duties on behalf of His Royal Majesty, King George III, I encountered a large American assault fleet just north of Xpu Ha on the Yucatan peninsula. The fleet was sailing south towards British territory, and their bellicose motives were self-evident. As a loyal subject of the Crown, I immediately notified British national chat of my observations and proceeded to shadow the fleet, comprised of three Victory-class 1st rates, two Bellona-class 3rd rates, a Constitution, two Trincomalee-class 5th rates, and multiple Frigates and Surprises. The fleet, aware of my presence, made for Xpu Ha and entered the port, leaving a single Trincomalee outside with sails down to keep an eye on me. After standing off upwind for a few minutes, me watching him, and he watching me, I observed additional USA ships sailing down from the Tumbado area to join the rest of the assault fleet in port. Before long, I intuited that the Trincomalee was waiting for me to sail away so that he could give a signal to the rest of the fleet that it was clear to move out. In a maneuver that I can only describe as somewhat inspired, I spotted some NPC fleets just south of the port and quickly raised my own sails and maneuvered to intercept them. As I sailed in front of an NPC Constitution, blocking my Cutter's view from the Trincomalee back in Xpu Ha, I quickly dropped my sails, confident my small profile would be invisible from the port. Within seconds of this ruse, I was proved right, as the entire US assault fleet spilled out of Xpa Ha and veritably filled the channel with their sails. I immediately raised my own sails and gave chase. The wind had shifted to my favor, so despite the fact that I was south of them, I was able to sail on a comfortable beam reach while maintaining a position well upwind of them, completely preventing them from engaging me as their square rigged ships could not sail up to reach me. And they had no fore-and-aft rigged ships to deal with such a situation. I continued to give position and status updates to my British compatriots in national chat, where a plan of defense was quickly formulated. As the assault fleet approached Chinchorro, the wind was shifting to the east and I moved to the head of the column to obtain a more advantageous position. Due to the nearby presence of land, this allowed one of the Surprises to engage me in battle, though I was able to bear off and ensure that he'd be nowhere near me once the battle instance loaded. Once in the instance, I set off on a close reach and easily sailed away from the Surprise, but while doing so, the captain of one of the Victory-class ships purchased a conquest flag for Brewers - a ways south of Chinchorro. However, because of my shadowing of the fleet, and my reporting to British national chat, it was obvious to all that Brewers was almost certainly a ruse, so one of my compatriots immediately purchased a conquest flag for Asuncion - a USA port nearby Chinchorro - in the hopes of tricking the assault fleet into switching to defense. As I dropped out of the battle instance, none the worse for wear, I saw that a rainstorm had set in. Despite the reduced visibility, I spotted sails in the distance and quickly identified one of the fleet ships I'd seen previously. They had completely reversed direction and were headed towards Congrios / Asuncion for what they thought was a counterstrike. Our plan had worked. I continued to shadow the fleet and found them anchored off the estuary between Congrios and Asuncion, sails down, waiting for a British assault fleet that was, unbeknownst to them, never going to materialize. After sending a NavyBrig to engage me, which I again easily sailed away from, it became clear that they'd fallen for a trick and with the last few minutes of their conquest timer slipping through their fingers, they relented and dispersed. I shadowed the three Victory-class 1st rates to what appeared to be their home port in Tumbado, exchanging a bit of goodnatured ribaldry via PM with the conquest flag holder. Hats off to my British countrymen who, through subterfuge and misdirection, were able to completely stymie a US assault fleet, preventing a British port in the Yucatan from being lost, with no losses of their own and absolutely minimal cost. A lovely evening, indeed!
  3. Danish occupation zone, Terre de bas. A students letter home to his sister intercepted by Danish authorities. Mr dearest sister, I am determined to write to you regarding a most peculiar event that happened in the old market square yesterday evening. I was walking along the cliff path, you know the one we walked on your last visit to the island. I was thinking about how the Danish garrison grows daily and must soon outnumber the people in town. As I rounded the point to take the walk back into town, there hiding in the deep bay right up under the cliffs was a warship. I nearly stumbled over my own feet in surprise. On closer inspection I realised that she had no national flag flying, surely she was Danish but why was she so well concealed. I could see her stern (her rear end dear sister) and just make out the name, 'Thunder Child' I think it said. I have seen the corvette thunder child in port several times in the past but she couldn't really be here, the Danes had the island bolted up under their heel. I continued walking into town dreading my realisation that Thunder Child must surely be a prize of some rotten Viking privateer. As I turned the corner to the old market square I saw a large bustling crowd. My first thoughts were that food shipments had started to arrive again and the old stalls were reopening, then I noticed the men, dressed in cloaks walking amongst the crowd distributing the red armbands and leaflets and the crowd was growing more and more excited. A man in a long navy style foul weather coat with his sword visible stood up on an old cart and began shouting to the crowd whilst waving a handful of leaflets around in the air. He cried out against the occupation and easy capitulation of the our military. He told us to be patient, liberation would come, the revolution was happening. He said it would come from the warships of the French navy, with or without the orders from the men at the top. He then waved his arm and the leaflets were thrown amongst the crowd. He then started shouting 'VIVE LA FRANCE' and the chant was taking up by the crowd, I even found myself shouting it. The excitement came to a swift end as a cavalry trumpet blew and a squadron of Danish horsemen appeared at one end of the square, swords drawn. Surprisingly the crowd continued chanting whilst slowly drifting away. I turned and the man from the stage was gone, as were the men in cloaks. What excitement, I'm now sitting at my desk, still wearing my red armband. I enclose a copy of the leaflet, I had to write it out for you because the original got soaked. VIVE LA FRANCE, VIVE LA RÉVOLUTION! People of France, Brothers and Sisters The revolution has begun. We are not to be slaves or puppets to the marauding Vikings or their Dutch lackeys. We are not be dictated to by men who would bow to their wishes in exchange for land. Our once glorious leaders have a knife at their throat, Fight now before that knife can be plunged deep and twisted at any moment. Our enemies feel they can overwhelm and subdue our free fighting spirit by taking our territory and resources, they are mistaken. SUPPORT LES ABAISSÉ [ABC] AND FIGHT FOR FRANCE Every man will have his say on the policies that govern us. If you wish not to fight then trade with us. Sell us your wares we will provide you a profit. WILL YOU JOIN IN OUR CRUSADE? WHO WILL STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR FRANCE? WE FIGHT! I later ran back to the cliff point, and there out at sea was the thunder child under a beautiful spread of sail heading away towards the north, suddenly a double puff of smoke appeared at her stern followed a second later by a pair of gun reports, coming round the coast were a pair of Danish Brigs. Thunder child was too far ahead for the, to catch her and sailing before the wind. I noticed the large red flag sailing above the tricolour before they vanished in the gun smoke that followed the ship out towards the distant horizon. Your ever loving brother.
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