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Found 7 results

  1. And we are suggestion dropping the 11 nations thing and go to 4 core nations and 1-2 pirate/privateer nations. We have way to many nations, some of them weren't in this time zone even involved. RUSSIA never had any involvement, Poland had some troops sent there, Prussia 200 years before had a port, but by this time had little to no Navy. So why not make all these special nations a Privateer nation for folks that want to play them? Why just Poland? Why not the other nations that aren't suppose to be here? I don't get...oh cause the few players that wanted Poland aren't active any more and it's a dead nation that maybe 10-20 players are keeping alive? I don't see why we can't combine more than one suggestion on the same basic view of things? PS don't forget to put tags in the post or Admin/Devs won't look at it.
  2. As of Monday 16th of January 2017, Any nation no matter the size or alliance, religion or their OW mechanics believes may hire Pirates to help screening their PB no matter if they are attacking or defending. Privateers/Corsairs will stay out of politics as our only concern is the reward for participation. The only exception to this is that we will not accept contracts to fight other pirates or Danish nation with whom we are in alliance. The current rates are shown in millions of game gold: 1st rate - 5 per ship 2nd rate - 4.5 p.s. 3rd rate - 4 p.s. 4th rate- 3.5 p.s. 5th rate - 3 p.s. 6th rate - 2.5 p.s. + 15 mil for successful screen of Lineship PB; + 10 mil for successful screen of 4th rate PB; + 5 mil for successful screen of Shallow PB Successful screening considered if: - the attackers end up being outnumbered in the PB by the defender or; - the attackers joined PB too late allowing defenders to outcap them and seal the victory or; - the defending screeners were counter-screened allowing the attackers an open entry to the PB; Privateers participation will be documented by a necessary number of screenshots. Maximum pay can also be discussed for a specific PB if the inquirer has a set budget to spend. Half of the payments is required as a deposit. The rest of the money owned upon the end of the PB battle to be sorted within 24 hours. If the deposit has overpaid the number of privateers showed up for screening the difference less extra fee for the successful screening will be refunded in the same timely manner. In case when no privateers has showed up the deposit will be refunded in full. Consequences for not paying the money owned within 24 hours after the PB will not be described here, but be aware that they will be substantial. This post can be updated anytime without prior notification. Please ensure that you have read it prior making a deal. Please note: All inquiries about hiring are to be in private and not discussed openly to ensure that any deals are not exposed before hand. All deals needs to be documented on BLACK's website. Thank you for your attention! Fare thee well, [BLACK] Koltes, pvp2
  3. Hello all! So i wanted to suggest an idea for Naval Action in which a player (Merchant/Trader Intended) could hire some muscle to help protect them when transporting their ships or goods. Now that the game mechanics have changed and that we cannot teleport with items in our cargohold it is now required that players physically transport these items to where they wish to craft or sell them. Goal: To provide a Job/Contract type system in which players can be hired at a cost to escort the player issuing the contract. The Idea: 1.) The Player wishing to start the contract (Merchant/Trader) gathers their assets at a port and decides whether they wish to risk transporting it solo or to hire some player escorts. 2.) The Player plots their route Port A (Where they want to start) to Port B (Where they want to finish) 3.) If the player chose to open an Escort Contract the player creates a contract and sets the starting port, ending port, number of players they're hiring, and reward price. 4.) In the port menu on the user interface a new button will be created called "Escort Missions" or "Escort Contracts" where players can click open/current mission contracts and ask to join. The current/open mission contracts will ONLY show the starting location and not the destination for safety reasons. 5.) The player who started the group (who owns the contract mission) will see the players asking to join their escort fleet and they can accept/decline the invitation. This will be a "handshaking" system where the player asking to join sends the request and the other player has to approve the request.When a player sends a request to join the escort fleet it will tell relay the player's name, rank, and current ship. Example Rear Admiral Woody051 would like to join your Escort Fleet. Current Ship: Constitution. ACCEPT / DECLINE 6.) Once the escort group is assembled they gather up and begin sailing towards the designated destination. Once they arrive the group leader can click fulfill contract and the members or the group will each receive their payout. Pros: Adds content to the game Encourages group gameplay Creates a new job for players as a way to earn income Assists in the dispersion of the in-game resources More assets can be transported if larger merchant fleets are organized Players are rewarded for positive gameplay Cons: Some merchants/traders are too paranoid about letting others knowing where they're going Restrictions must be in place so the escorts don't just sail ahead or not stay with the group Some players might just tell enemies where they're heading. Difficulty in determining fair reward prices for hired help Escorts might "tag" or attack ships along the way against the fleet's wishes. If any of you have ever played or are familiar with the game Silkroad Online you may already be familiar with a similar system. In Silkroad there is a 3 profession system. Traders/Merchants, Hunters, and Thieves. Traders trade goods between cities for profits. Thieves prey on traders and steal anything they can to sell on the black market and they kill hunters. Hunters are like a form of "police" per say as they go around hunting down thieves and they can be hired to follow and escort Traders.
  4. Hello all, We are the Northern Privateers. We are a starting clan on the PVE server. We are the Pirates of the PVE. Our clan is open to every Pirate that wants to join. New players are most welcome to join. We will help you level up and get better ships. We have a clan member that started to craft as well. so in later faces he can build us better ships. Let's rule this world together as united Pirates!! Greatz, Captain Jon Snow
  5. Indies Privateer Consortium We are recruiting any British privateers looking to hunt pirates, do port battles, co-op missions, provide escort for traders, crafting, and trade. We have a Teamspeak, and a Steam Group. We always looking for more clans to ally with and provide protection too. Contact me on here, or contact Connor Claymore, Remo, or Anchor in game. FOR ENGLAND FOR KING AND COUNTRY. AND FOR THE SHILLINGS!
  6. Hey guys Straight into it - heres what i think should happen; Aside from a very few home locations (ie. Matthew town etc.) pirates should lose all other ports. Dependant on 2 factors pirates can enter any nationality port - A, their notoriety and B, that particular ports transparency. It could be that the further you get from a nation's capital, the less stringent their entry criteria is. So as long as you haven't harmed anything from that port you could enter as a pirate. This also finally will open up the possibility of smuggling goods between nations as potentially you could be at war with them but still enter their far away 'shady' ports and sell high value or contraband items - for a reasonable fee of course. Neutrals will have no 'home' ports. why? because they are not represented in this area. As a neutral you use OTHER nation's ports and can be the trading bridge between enemies. All neutral ports will get added to the in game nations but will be the least patriotic, the easiest to capture, and the best for players who ride the line between legal and not. As a possible future tool nation navies can patrol around their shadier ports possibly over time changing its status towards greater loyalty - but as soon as patrols cease the status quo will emerge. Smaller nations can be added to appease various players but the same rules would apply. In fact in this ruleset why have a neutral faction at all? just pick a starting nation and you could potentially trade with any nation - as long as you knew where to go. pick apart and revise at will. Dazed
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