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Found 4 results

  1. I request we keep this drama free. Please state opinions do not respond to others opinions. If needed Open a separate discussion please While I understand the want by @admin team to implement new currency mechanic. I believe it would be beneficial to the game and community to quickly provide more Activities to get me to sail out of port, and believe the new currency to be a waste of time at this current stage of the game.
  2. Timez

    Minor bugs

    Soooo, hi! I just signed up here, new to this blog and relatively new to the game (30 hours of easy union campaign) so yeah. (btw is it worth it to start a new topic for this?) Anyway, here are just a couple of things I noticed that might be able to be changed or general observations: (This is all no destructive´ criticism, I love the game and like the added quotes) - possible bugs: - troops that one has from the beginning do not change their name when their commander changes - if one does not have a victory and has the option to end the battle one can play on until one has reached a victory - my cavalry troops with sabers + guns don't use their guns and don't have the black lines that mark the range (what am I doing wrong? :C) - cavalry troops can't dismount in some battles - observations: - the major battles differ in difficulty, sometimes by quite a bit - example: the 2nd battle of Bull Run I could only win as Union because I ran onto the point with my cavalry in the last possible moment - when battles start during the night, even with max screen brightness, I sometimes can't see very much - it's not always clear when a major battle will end (- supply wagons start out not straight at the beginning of battles and sometimes don't move straight :D) - some intermediate weapons are not used because one simply doesn't get enough of them ( I find D: ) - suggestions: - it would be handy to be able to switch troops to and fro in those boxes at the beginning of large battles (if you know what I mean D:) - it would also be handy to be able to delete corps' + divisions if one wants to restructure the army or needs the officer
  3. The poll question summarizes the point nicely; if someone (not necessarily I) were to host a forum version of the famous party game "Mafia", would you be interested in joining? Theme could be decided later -- it may become an age of sail themed game (base play would remain the same, only difference would be narrative) or it may remain "mafia" vs. "innocents". If you're not interested, why not? Could something be done to entice you to join, even for one game? A brief breakdown of how it would be played on a forum: Sign-up phase. The host posts a topic with the rules and information they intend to use for their game. Forum members post in the thread to indicate their intended participation. This phase lasts no less than one week (I've found about 10 days is best; more and people lose interest or go inactive, less and potential participants may miss the thread). Sign-ups close, roles are assigned and distributed. No further sign-ups are allowed/accepted*, and a random number generator (https://www.random.org/ is a wonderful site) is used to assign roles. Roles are distributed via private messaging; "mafia" roles all know each other, whereas "innocent" roles do not. Due to the rule requiring moderator approval for the first 5 posts, there should be some leniency regarding sign-ups closing, but that is up to the host. Night 0. Host "dies" in some horrific fashion, the town goes mad, and Day 1 begins. Day 1. All players discuss and vote in the thread to witch hunt logically and democratically kill off one player. Ties are decided by rules set before the game begins. Night 1. After the Day phase has been resolved, any player with an ability ("mafia", certain special "innocent" roles) private messages the host with their action and their target. Day/Night cycle repeats until either all "mafia" are dead or the "mafia" outnumber and/or logically overpower the town (depending on rules this may occur at a tied player count as well). If you want more information, the original party game was created and popularized in the USSR by Dmitry Davidoff in 1986. It consists of an informed minority trying to "kill" the ignorant uninformed majority. Many studies have been done on the base game, as well as its many variants. Two handy links would be the Wikipedia.org article, which has a wealth of information regarding everything from the original to mathematical breakdowns of role distributions, as well as the original rules, which has....well, the original rules posted by Davidoff himself, as well as his comments on various aspects and tips for beginners.
  4. Hello everyone, First of all I want to tell all of you that I am new here. I came across this game by searching Google. I am really interested in the game, and I would like to help the developers with it in every way I can. So I sent an E-mail to the developers, and they sent me a mail back, in it they told me that I have to make a forum topic giving my opinion on the game. So here it is! The thing that immediately cought my eyes when looking at this game is that there are A LOT of people that are extremely excited about this game, like me. They take the game very seriously, and play it they way its meant to be played. I've seen some videos now, and of course it's hard to see what a game is like on just videos, but from what I saw, it is really amazing and has a great player base. Also, and that's not specifically about the game, but I thought I'd mention it anyway, is that I think it's really good that the developers don't do any huge advertising. I mean, a lot of developers these days immediately promote their game in all kinds of ways (Steam, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) And the reason why I think this is good is because this really gets people's attention that actually care about the game, and really want to help, and take it seriously. Now I've also been requested to tell what I don't like about the game. But how weird it may sound, I don't see anything that I don't like. Also, this is really hard to tell, because I've never played the game myself. Of course there will come a few things that I won't like after playing it for a while, but that's with every game. At least, that's what I think. So maybe there will be some things I won't like, but as far as it is now, I don't see anything! I hope this is enough opinion from me, to you. Hehe. Thank you for reading. - PhantomNL
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