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Found 7 results

  1. Greetings to all. I'm a new player but have completed the Final Exam and I'm looking for a clan. Any open slots in the Spanish clans out there? Fair winds to ye.
  2. I seriously think it will be great to have a starter nation with a story mode, which may be in the PVE server or PVE only instance. Starter nation can also be any non-hardcore nation like Spanish / British etc. in a PVE only environment. Story mode will transition into PVP server / instance when the time comes. Heavy use of battle instance graphics as intros into game, into battles etc. Nice additions of cartoonish story modes, selections into game. Creating a structured introduction to make the experience more immersive. * Starter nation is also a tutorial, which has a nice small story. In this story there are quests to teach various aspects of the game. * Players come from Europe to this new land, they already have some experience in sailing. * A nice cinematic intro, where the adventure starts, arrival to new lands. Shot with beautiful battle instance graphics, a merchant ship arriving the port, sunset, nice sea, nice ship visuals, some nice text on screen. * Some basic background, some story and starting the job as basic cutter captain. * Few easy delivery missions, trade missions, few easy combat trials. Just to get familiar with UI, map etc. Current in game tutorials to be placed inside the initial story mode. * Promotion to 6th rates and a bit more challenging missions. Escorting merchant ships, getting attacked by pirates . During this missions there is no battle timer ticking, and ships waiting. Instead there are always cinematics first and battle starts afterwards. This game just has the beauty so cinematic part is just ui turned off (ctrl+h) and free roaming camera. But will be very immersive for new players. After some 6th rate action, transfer to a new base and PVP instance/server. * There may be simulated RVR mission, just to introduce RVR to the new players. Just npc fighting scripted, but commands coming from the admiral to the player, go capture C circle, sink the mortar brig etc. * Simulated ganking, just to show how to call ai Reinforcements, use chat windows and call help from nation. This is really important * Story advances and all the tutorial missions are blended into story mode. Story finishes with 6th rates, captain stays with current initial nation/faction. * As the player is already playing on PVP server, after final exam successful, Captain has a final option to choose to serve another nation or stay with the current one. This can be postponed for some small time, but decision has to be made. * The whole story mode can be skipable but strongly not advised for new players. ---------------------------------------------------------- This is one of the missing parts of the NA. I hope they implement something like this. The ideas are just sketches of how it can be, to be further developed. After this kind of story mode, many new players get much more immersed into the game. The OW part of the game will be more desired after finishing the story mode. Note: This is not entirely my idea. There have been many similiar ideas on the forum. The fact is, this is not an idea this is a reality of gaming. In many games this has been done for many years. I am just reminding "a missing core component" of a good game. In a technical game, in a difficult game to learn game (this is not a FPS that you can start playing instantly), this kind of introduction/story mode is surely needed.
  3. Idea: Offer a 30-day free Trial…? What if the Dev’s offered a 30-day free trial to give someone new player a try? @admin said the NA Legend trails may start at the end of the month so something around the same time… This was an idea by @Taurus454, clan [ISN] long standing player on PvP Global. Give him shout. If you think its rubbish idea let me know, if you have a better one likewise… Norfolk
  4. Hi, I've put together a few youtube videos of me learning to play Naval Action. I am pretty noob so don't be expecting to learn a great deal from these if you are an experienced player already. It's just a record of someone new to the game gradually trying to learn how to play properly (and I'm defo not there yet!) and how the game seems from the perspective of a newer player. If you are new to the game there might be a few bits of useful info you can pick up. Bear in mind that episodes 1-3 are pre-10.0 patch so some of the info will be redundant now. Episode 4 is a relatively comprehensive explanation of a lot of the 10.0 patch changes, so could hopefully be useful for anyone. I've made them for a bit of a laugh, only because I enjoy making them and learning to use the video editing software, so it's all just for fun (I honestly couldn't care less how many views I get) but someone commented and kindly said they enjoyed them and suggested I post them here, so I have linked Episode 1-4 below and will update whenever I upload a new episode. If anyone gets some useful information or a bit of entertainment from them, then that's an added bonus for me. Any comments on the videos and/or any of the game mechanics I might not have fully understood are welcome, as are links to relevant learning resources. Hope you enjoy them:
  5. Crimson Flotilla: is a new Pirate Clan recruiting for the US PVP Two server. Background: We are a close group of players who are former POTBS and Eve players. Well experienced in group tactics etc... How many members do we already have? We have an active community of 50+ members and growing by the day. What we offer: Group PVP - Leveling Help/tips - Trade help - Nation vs Nation port capture (UPDATE: We have captured 10+ ports in the eastern region...countless pvp action) - Teamspeak community What are we looking for? We want players willing to learn and work with the group - we are always in teamspeak doing some type of group activity between missions, trading, small battles, etc... Where are we located? Well, we are on the east end of the map and we choose to be one of the main groups on this side of the map. Another clan or nation interested in an alliance or agreement? Message Twobeardz in game or on the forums and we can discuss. We are currently looking to expand our ranks in the area - as well as establish agreements that benefit PVP in the region. Looking to Join the clan? reply to this post or message one of the following individuals in game: Twobeardz Hull D0ken Yonaise
  6. A Beginner's Guide to Conquest By Infinite Amount Welcome to Naval Action, a sandbox open-world MMO about sailing ships in the 18th and 19th Centuries. One of the key "endgame" activities are something called Port Battles. These are part of the Conquest System currently in place (and subject to change). Port Battles are fun and impactful PvP fights which decide the ownership of ports throughout the game world. If you are reading this, I'm going to assume a number of things: (1) That you have never taken part of a Port Battle, and (2) you are unfamiliar with the terms that are commonly used for Port Battles. If it seems like I'm talking about what would be considered commonly knowledge or that my tone sounds condescending, just remember that others might not know what you do. (Another thing: This is a wall of text, because there is a lot of information that needs to be addressed. I'm sorry about that, but you should have enough time to read it while you do all your AFK sailing this game practically requires.) Overview. How a Port gets captured. Fundamentally, all port battles follow the exact same process: While at a port controlled by their faction, a player may buy a conquest flag for any port that's not controlled by their faction. An attacking player must sail that conquest flag to the port that it was purchased for. Once there, the Conquest battle for the port will start, between the faction that bought the flag and the faction that owns the port. If the attackers are victorious, then the port becomes contested, which means that players of both factions can enter it, and it will become one of the attacker's ports after the daily server restart. This is the basic overview of how a Port is flipped (switched from one faction to another). If a faction can do all of these things, they they can control the port. However, it is never just this simple. There are rules and strategy that cover every single step of the process. I will go into detail of each part of the process, and how you, as a pug player (a non-clan aligned player, usually not in voice chat. from the term "pick up group") can help. The first three parts will cover port offense, followed by a part covering port defense, and ending with a general conquest tips for actions that may occur outside of port battles. Part 1 Buying the flag. Buying the flag is only the first public step of any port battle. It is announced server-wide with the notification "[Faction] has created an assault fleet against [Port],[Port's Faction]". When you see that notification, it means that someone has purchased a conquest flat against that port (usually shortened as "pulling the flag" or "buying the flag"). However, pulling a flag is never the very first step. Behind the scenes, in TS servers and private chat channels, prepareation for a port battle has begun hours or even days before. Organizing funds and planning routes have already been done well before the flag is pulled. So understand that any public criticism for pulling a flag that's made on Nation or Global chat is way, way too late to change anything. If the first you've heard of a port battle is that notification come across your screen that an assault fleet has been created, then the people are are leading the port battle have already spent a lot of time setting it up. Similarly, if you think that your faction would benefit from controlling a nearby port, asking people in Nation chat to attack it, or why they haven't attacked it is not productive. Usually, there is an important reason why a port would not be taken, such as it is unfeasible due to distance or enemy strength or the capture window is closed. Also, you can check your map (M) and check the conquest information tab to determine what ports have already been captured that day. How can you, as a pug player, help at this stage of the port conquest process? Well, the answer is not that much. Simply, if the Port Battle organizers needed material help at this point, they would not pull a flag at all. Although, if you are in the area, you could probably ask your Nation chat who's organizing the battle and get on their voice communication system in order to coordinate better with the larger plan. If not, you will usually have time to get to the area of the port battle, and be able to assist in the later stages. Part 2 Planting the Flag. After the assault fleet is created (read:the flag is pulled), the flag carrier has exactly sixty minutes to plant the flag to its port. After sixty minutes, the timer expires and the flag disappears with all the money spent for it wasted. Because of this it is imperative to get the flag to the port as fast as possible and without being intercepted by any enemies (of any faction). If the flag carrier is sunk, the flag will also disappear and end the port battle process. How can you, as a pug player, help at the planting stage of the Port Battle? There are many things that you can do if you are nearby. One of the most helpful is to head directly to the port that's being attacked and try to fight any defenders there. Getting them into battles will prevent them from being able to intercept or sink the flag carrier. This is the single most important thing, as a pug player, you can do throughout the entire port battle process. Another thing you can do is to scout the main routes between the port and the other ports nearby, especially Free Ports. These are the routes that defenders will likely come to defend the port. Even just reporting their number, names and location in Nation chat can be extremely helpful. Fighting those defenders is also helpful. This entire process of escorting the assault fleet and attacking defenders is called Screening (at least by the US). There are a couple of things about screening that you have to understand to do it effectively. If you attack an enemy, you best be absolutely sure that the flag carrier is not going to be pulled into that battle. There is a term for attacking an enemy interceptor and dragging your friendly flag carrier into the battle. It's called "fucking up massively." You will very, very quickly earn the undying hatred of those who organized that port battle, and you will deserve it. I cannot stress enough how important that it is not to do that. Another screening tip is that when you fight the enemy outside of a port battle, you are not fighting to sink him. You are fighting to keep him in the battle. As long as he is in the battle, he cannot assist with the port defense. Fight strategically, not necessarily tactically. Part 3 Fighting the Battle. This is the meat of the port capture process, two massive fleets of powerful ships duking it out in order to decide the fate of a port. That's what Naval Action is all about right? You can write volumes and volumes on port battle strategy itself, which would be tedious to you to read and for me to write, so I'll make it as simple and as easy to understand as possible. A Port Battle pits an attacking team against not just the player defenders, but also a number of AI Martello Towers (3 for shallow water ports, 5 for deep). To win a port battle, the attacker must destroy all the tower defenses, and sink enough of the defenders to have a two-to-one superiority in Battle Rating over them. Port Battles are also limited to twenty-five ships to a side. So, what does this mean for you, the pug player hoping to join in on your first Port Battle? One, as victory is determined by battle rating, the attackers will need to get as many heavy ships into the battle as possible. For deep water battles, this means Ships of the Line and Heavy Frigates. Niagaras and Cerberuses should be the very last to enter so that they do not take a slot better suited for a 3rd Rate. For shallow water port battles, Navy Brigs and Mercuries over Cutters and Lynxes. If you show up to a Deep Water port in a Niagara and by entering you prevent a 3rd Rate from getting in, don't complain when you get bitched out over chat. You dun goofed. Two, do not bring AI fleets into port battles. Sure, that pair of cutters might be nice for missions and to keep from getting ganked, but in port battles it prevents more players from entering and at best all they'll do is sink, but more often they'll interfere with other players, including ramming your teammates. As port battles wind up being much slower (like, actually sailing at slower speeds) and much more claustrophobic than mission battles or open world battles, proper maneuvering is key in these fights. I don't know if you've ever actually watched how the AI reacts when close to multiple allied ships, but "ramming the shit out of them" is an understatement. Part 4 Port Defense. There can't be a port fight without some defense (well... there can but it's boring as shit). I don't really have anything more to add for the defense side, really it's just about preventing the same things the attackers are trying to do. Intercept the enemy fleet. If you can nail the flag carrier, do it. But the most important this is to get to the port! You have forty minutes after the "Conquest for [Port] Started" to get in, which is more than enough time to get to the port, unless you're very far from your nation's territory. Getting as many people in as possible takes priority over ship weight, although if there are five Mercuries and a Cutter heading towards the PB and there are only four slots left, the Cutter probably shouldn't enter. Just get to the port, while the port battle might be full, there usually are a ton of fights around it that you could help in. Part 5 Other Information Port Battles are usually fought a extreme range, at least initially. Long guns are the most versatile type of gun and are a necessity for Port Battles (although there is another school of thought that emphasizes the carronade's superior damage for the brawls that often occur near the end of the battle, but this means that you're combat ineffective until after the towers fall). Port Battles are fought at extreme short public notice (intentionally), so if you're a member of a larger nation and you want to take part, station yourself on the front lines for your nation. You'll not get a lot of sympathy for yourself if you complain about not making a port battle when you are based out of your nation's capital (unless you're Spanish on PvP1, which has it's own entirely different set of problems than most). Yes, you can board the towers. Don't as it won't stop them from firing and they have a disproportionate amount of Marines, making any boarding attempt costly at best.
  7. This is a suggestion from the perspective of a completely new player. Keep that in mind please. If you have been hanging around the faction or help chat any, you may see this post "CRAP...I have a leak and repair isn't fixing it." or may be "%#$@ $%#$@%^ #$@% I just sank to a leak I could not fix $@#!$##!!" Why, why is this so prevalent in new players? Simply put when your new in the game and you get a leak you think "repair". You have a leak, you want to repair it. The term "survival" means something different in many minds, it means to stay alive and is not directly related to repair. Sure repairing something could mean your surviving...but that is not the first thought that enters into the mind. I mean, when you replace a tire on your car do you think "I am going to survival my car!!" No...probably not. So to combat this ambiguity, I suggest a simple change to the wording of button eight. From Survival to Damage Control. Fire, leaks, and what may come all fall under the umbrella of Damage Control. And while Survival does work and may work in the context of the time period. This is a game and new players should understand that if you press eight, bad things will be fixed. Remember a new players first impressions will, for now, be made in combat. To feel helpless and to sink causing anger and frustration in your first fight because you do not know what button to press because it is not obvious leaves a bad impression. It is part of learning, but that curve can be lessened by a degree with just a small text change.
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