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Found 2 results

  1. "A frown was plastered along Kommandørkaptajn Pedersen’s face as he looked out across the damaged bow of trincomalee; the bowsprit had been snapped off during the fight the night before, leaving Pedersen’s usually proud “Lady” in illrepair, though he was certainly displeased with the situation, he couldn’t help but feel a touch of pride for his crew’s handling of the ship; there they had been, heading valiantly straight towards a British constitution, guns had called out as thunder, hammering into Pedersen’s Trincomalee, smashing into the bow- some even hit the the fore-mast, nearly bringing the mast down; the crew had braced themselves, crouching low on the deck, leaving but the officers on board standing upon the quarter deck, all hands clutching tightly to whatever they could find, soon the bowsprit smashed into the centre hull of the hostile constitution, splinters flying about as the wood shattered, and the bow soon followed to smash into the wood with a hollow creak as planks bent and broke. The ramming had been efficient, leaving such a gap between the planking of the constitution that it was noticeably taking in water already; muskets fired over the bow, out at the crew of the enemy while others did whatever they could to disengage- finally the ships slipped from each other and “Lady” managed to alter her course towards the west while the men on board cheered with joy and victory, the constitution’s gun deck was visibly flooding with water, the whole process indeed quite rapid as the waterline finally reached the gunports, within moments the ship disappeared into,- Claimed for the ocean by “Draugen”. The previous day had indeed been quite a strain upon the ship, but the men were swift at work, suitable piece of timber had already been located, and iron was melted- They were to reinforce the bow further, to make certain the integrity of the ship could be secured even further should they once again have to ram an enemy. Kommandørkaptajn Pedersen knew very well that such might alter the trim of the ship somewhat, but based on his calculations it’d all boil down to a few centimeters of fore-trimming. All aboard knew today would be a busy day." Well, that’s the little story for today, I hope it was a relatively enjoyable read, oh- And for those of you whom are curious about “draugen” it’s a Scandinavian folklore, especially in the northern parts of Norway; if you’re interested in knowing more about it I suggest reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draugr And then in particular underneath the “recent” section.
  2. Though Kommandørkaptajn Pedersen usually were a calm, collected man, he found himself clenching his fast with pure rage and fury upon hearing the news of a drunken Swedish offensive within Dano-Norwegian sovereignty. How he longed for the days where the nations engaged with honest warfare, rather than the repeated skirmishes by foolish privateers; the shortage of direct conflict, had resulted in him being removed from the island of Christiansted, the standing orders of the admiralty had indeed placed him and his crew within the vicinity of Vieques,- To patrol and protect the trade shipping in the region. He could but read with regret and horror, of how at least three Danish vessels had reached the bottom of the sea, while another actually fell into the hands of the swedes themselves; damn that foolish captain, he could at the very least have honoured his duty to go down, rather than to empower the swedes further with his ship! The survival of some of the crew were of no concern,- The northern regions of Europe never had a shortage of able bodied men longing for a life at sea; much like he, himself had when he was a younger lad. Within long Kommandørkaptajn Pedersen found himself with other concerns, a large British vessel had been sighted just west of Vieques- A third rate the merchants claimed, and so Pedersen found himself hoisting all sails, even bringing his own handkherchief up the mast to acquire as much speed as he possibly could- And sure enough the third-rate came within sight, the masts towering up in the distant horizon, but fortunately enough Pedersen soon found himself joined for the approaching battle by two other captains- Another Trincomalee and a Surprise. The three Danish ships engaged the lonely third-rate, the battle swift and decisive, Pedersen himself aiming at the sails of the enemy with his first volley, in order to cut down some of the rigging and slow down that beast of a ship,- while the other Danish Trincomalee engaged with the enemy’s port side, swapping broadside for broadside, the brit certainly appeared occupied with the engagement, allowing Pedersen an opportunity to sail up at the deadzone of the ship and tackle hard to port; guns roared out as his starboard batteries pummelled into the stern of the ship, swiftly accompanied by the sound of splintering wood and the cries of horror from the wounded and dying. The broadside was most certainly efficient, smashing the English captain’s quarters into a pile of splinters and broken glass. Not a sound was heard on Pedersen ship as they then swapped position with the other Trincomalee, allowing the ally to fall back and alternate sides while Pedersen took the beating the brits could deliver; the first broadside had little effect, but soon enough the heavy shells began to explode and punch holes straight through Pedersen’s vessel, cutting down at sixty-nine of his crew in the end; and if such was not bad enough, the direction of the wind and the third-rate forced Pedersen to come up close, his starboard side soon smashing into the brit’s port side, and before anyone knew what was happening, the by now desperate brit threw lines and hooks over Pedersen’s Trincomalee, hauling him closer and closer; had it not been for the bosun’s bravery, the boarding would have been a success, the bosun rushed out, cleaving line after line while encouraging the crew to persist with it. Thankfully the wind soon shifted enough for Pedersen’s ship to turn to port and disengage, acquiring the distance he longed for between himself and the third rate. Soon however the Danish captain, Dansehesten which manned a Surprise came sailing up along the starboard side of the third-rate, hammering him with the guns and receiving quite a beating in return,- Dansehesten’s aim was true however, igniting the enemy’s ship, setting it ablaze and shortly thereafter the brit sank to the bottom of the sea. For a few moments the three surviving captains fished up the surviving British crew, toasted to each other’s health, and departed for their respective duties.
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