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Found 12 results

  1. I'm not trying to tell Devs what to do with this poll, but rather i want to see what the community thinks. What do you think about adding Multiplayer? For me personally, i would like multiplayer to be implemented because the option to play against someone else on the same terms is just too great compared to AI, especially with game like this, where you can apply your own naval doctrine and design your own ships.
  2. Present rulebook states, in relation to Empty Bottles: - to find Empty Bottles, captain must enable Fishing, by use of the Fish button - Use of a Empty Bottle will reveal the exact location of a ship wreck - only one Empty Bottle Wreck can be active at any given time per player - wreck contains a unknown weight in cargo, to be retrieved of: gold coins, materials for refits, a book/refit, resource/trade good - retrieving the wreck cargo requires the entire weight to be transported - all or nothing gameplay - only that player sees the wreck, no one else ---- My suggestions to change Empty Bottle Wrecks mechanic: - as soon as Empty Bottle is used the~wreck spawns - player-user knows the exact location of the wreck - marker in his own map - Wreck model ( not location ) is visible and accessible by anyone in the OW - the same way as the Treasure Fleet wrecks - if they happen to pass by in the area. - any player can Explore the wreck and take just part of items or all items, at player discretion - empty wrecks ( all the cargo taken ) disappear from the world immediately - Mark disappears from map if it gets emptied - wrecks with some items left stay on the world until the next maintenance. they are de-spawn on maintenance. Pros: - chance encounter with shipwrecks Keeping eyes open during a sail can get rewarded. Discourage AFK sailing - urgency of retrieval of the (unknown) goods - bottle user knows location, but others may pass by it if player waits too long... Cons: - it is no longer a individual player mechanic - might provide more reasons for players to quit - any type of ship can access - no more "All or nothing"
  3. I know its far off in the development cycle, and I'm not asking for it anytime soon, as I realize the singleplayer campaign is eating most of the dev time currently. That being said, have the devs said anything about their intent for a multiplayer system? Co-op campaigns or PvP or something along those lines? If this has been answered before, just let me know where please.
  4. When i click random match the very first comes on with player kolbytraveller and the game wont start, it just freezes or gets stuck. I also closed and reopened the window several times with same results every time. whats up with that?
  5. why is it getting stuck when connecting? just says connecting
  6. Hello Darth & co, Congratulations for the new game. I will definitely buy it. Lots of lads among the NTW2 - NTW 3 mod community (www.thelordz.org or www.grognards.org ) would certainly buy it too, if there was a way to play battle in large multiplayer combats. We are used to play 4v4 games, so 1v1 MP games would not do. They did not attract much of us in the previous game. I really look forward for Civil War to be 4v4 battle big with possibility of custom battle and custom unit picking. What's more, the campaign mode of Civil War could be awesome in MP too : 4v4 could also do, provided there'd be a team leader in each faction. So far I read nothing about the MP aspect, but I think it is maybe the most important. Could you maybe give us a hint ? Thanx in advance, JC
  7. Hi - have you thought about having a multiplayer lobby where players can go to find a human opponent for the Campaign battles? I would be willing to wait a bit (10 mins?) for an alert to go out to a pool of human players inviting them to fight one of the engagements in a campaign. If no humans reply within your set time limit, the battle is contested by a random AI general.
  8. So I've been trying to get into multiplayer, but the problem is 30 seconds into every match the game ends and a victory screen appears. So in other words I cant play the game because I automatically win every time. Anybody have any idea about this bizzare glitch and what to do about it? Is the problem even on my end? Thanks.
  9. EdJaws

    Linux Problems

    Let me say right from the start that I and all the other Linux enthusiast really, really appreciate that Game-Labs ported UG:G to Linux. I hope y'all continue Linux support and I'll most definitely be coming back for all your games. There is definitely value in your products. I've run across 2 problems: *** No window mode except 2 options. Trying to run the game in window mode only gives 2 options no matter what setting you choose. I've outlined in another topic about defaulting to 1920x1145 on each game start up instead of 1920x1200 even though window mode is off. Further testing shows trying to run the game at any other resolution, whether 1024x768, 1152x768, 1280x768, etc... all the way to 1600x1200, nothing sets but 1920x1145 or 1920x1200. *** Multiplayer doesn't work. Choosing multiplayer in the main menu causes an immediate crash to desktop. The game is updated to Version: 1.5 rev.9268. Neither of these are a problem in Windows 7 and both work as expected. I'm running Linux Mint 17.1 fully updated. If you need any other info or want me to do testing in Linux, let me know. BTW, this is all for future reference. I don't expect y'all to drop everything to work on these problems especially now since you're moving on to a new game. If I can help in the future, don't hesitate to ask. Ed
  10. My friend and I are trying to play multiplayer, but he has a steam copy and I have a gog copy. Is there any way that we can deliberately match up against each other?
  11. First off I wanna say this game is Awesome! I have so much I wish to Ask and Talk about. This game has the makings for greatness! The real deal will be if you go Multi-player and how. For the really large battles I did not find that speed was too fast but that I had too much to do. Be nice if there was a Multi-player so you can have 2v2 or 3v3 games. That is what made Sid Meier's Gettysburg great. Not just playing against others but having a team to work together. Also I discovered with the way artillary is set up they work best spread out not bunched together. For some reason the guns don't seem to fire as frequently when bunched in one spot. Has anyone else noticed this? Perhaps a way to solve the changing of the Brigade formation problem would be to able to Detach Regiments from the brigade. When fully attached they are in double. But detach and you can make them into single. Realism is key I do believe. Create a max or 6 regs for each brigade. Instead of just one big Brigade. Like Davis most his troops did not arrive the first day. But in this game he is at full strength. Also I had one bug where on the Third day I started with only Iverson Brigade. But I could see the smoke from my cannons just could not see the cannons or move them or any more of the Army of Northern Virgina. I quit and restarted and they were there, but just wanted to say that happened to me. Also I have noticed If i kick the AI arse and push them back below Gettysburg too early in the Battle they lack the will to launch a counter attack and by the end of second and beggining of third day I just end up sitting there for next days watching them do nothing. Again this game has a nice breath of fresh air. Been Following you Darth since Medieval Totalwar. Keep up the great work Ill keep giving you my money. .
  12. Are there any plans to implement multiplayer? If so I will proceed to squeal in excitement P.S. I was once a civil war nut so the fact that a game like this is being made freaking awesome. I will spread the word as much as I can about this game and I will for sure be purchasing this as soon as it is made available. P.S.S Plz make it available soon
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