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Found 9 results

  1. Instead of keeping things easy for ganker squads, please make both join circles very close to the battle swords, very close to each other. Sure, ppl might call it skill to land a tag where the enemy join circle is on land, but this is way too easy just sitting at someones port and way too easy to do against slower ships, thus negating it being any skill at all. This is like the 20th time in 2 weeks that I've seen join circles on land. Either get rid of 2 circles and have just one like PvP Zones, or Make the join circles touching each other and the battle swords. F11 made. heh
  2. We don't see any activity from the land in this game. Presumably there would be military men stationed at each port, at every tower. Every time an unknown man o' war passed within sight it was likely marked down and sent as a letter to warn the admiralty. This is my suggestion. Ships within sight of a enemy port, forts, or towers, there's a % that they will be spotted within X time, percentage increasing with how many ships are spotted within that time. So say if 1 ship passes within sight of the people at the tower, there's something like an 11% chance that that nation will be warned of a ship within 10 minutes or so (a delay to simulate the time it takes for a message to travel by horse or small boat) If 20 ships pass within sight of a port, there's a 90% chance that the message will be broadcasted. Basically unless you have players themselves posted at these ports dedicated to typing away on nation chat then people easily go unnoticed, no one finds them and no PVP takes place. The forts, towers and port towers are there for exactly this reason. Take the annoying step of players having to do these entities jobs and make it a feature. Then more PVP can take place and less searching. Just imagine as a player sitting in port getting a message that 25+ enemy ships are about to converge on x port. Yeah I would shite myself in excitement. Pic related, the view from a tower where men are posted for this exact reason
  3. The AI seems to have learned a new trick where it reverse onto the land then falls over so you can no longer shot its sides makes it really hard to kill
  4. While the Ayes Port Battle was being fought in Costa del Feugo some of us where outside the port fighting in front of the port itself. During our battle in "open world" the port battle of US vs Spain completed and when it did suddenly all of the buildings became 3-4x larger and seemed to be able to shoot further as well.. Then Suddenly after the port battle ended.... Superforts! In Battle Open World Full album:http://imgur.com/a/JzsoW
  5. When the new port battle system is made, it would be very cool, as a low priority feature, if the harbors in the port battles matched the actual historic harbors (for those harbors that had fortifications in real life). Player built upgrades could reflect progressively stronger fortifications as built over time. Since generally, capitals and regional capitals had much better fortifications in real life, modeling actual harbor fortifications will create natural difficulty levels according to the importance and usefulness of a port. Use this thread to post any maps, pictures, drawings, etc, of historical fortifications so that perhaps some day, they could be coded into the game. Attached are several historical maps of Charleston, SC, USA
  6. The new version of a Santi has been added to the game , this version is a multi role ship that can assault beaches aswell. In the following link you can see it in action:
  7. I'm playing on US PVP2 and was sailing into Bensalem when I spotted 2 trader AI ships sailing through the land mass, managed to take a screenshot. Its the island left of the town and they would have been heading South East. Thanks for the great game
  8. Howdy all This is just a general discussion regarding the new land in battles and how it has brought in more immersion to our playing world, when i actually learnt about this game back in 2013 i think it might have been and read all about it i got the impression that the open world was going to be like the new land battle instances. I envisioned jumping out of port and seeing all these ships docked up then setting sail on an adventure of exploration and discovery, using the spyglass to pick friend from foe sailing passed and seeing ships battling off in the distance with the sound of cannon fire rolling over the crashing waves against the hull of the ship, it might even be a plan for this game down the track some time further, i love the new land and dynamic it brings to the game, you feel like your right in this world and experiencing the excitement of the time period. What were other older players take on the game when first discovering it and waiting for the first initial pre purchase? How do players feel with a full world of just being in the battle instance dynamic? Interesting in discussing peoples views on it.
  9. I was just wondering if the devs have discussed further plans to make the towns/ports become more interactive. Past from the current 2d Menu state. Into something like an actual 3D Port that you can roam around with many differing locations: Warehouse, Tavern, Brothel, forts, houses, governors mansions etc. You could even bring some life into the land mass and make instanced areas as jungles with wildlife, hidden special locations, hideouts. One could go wild with ideas into making naval action's lands become more lifelike rather than just coming into port and transitioning into a 2d menu. And also if the devs have ever considered bringing in FPS into naval action. I guess for now having first person view in ports and the ability to run around checking out the locations would be an awesome addition to more content that is planned for this game. What do you guys think? P.S I just realized how much bigger in game file size this would be if implemented with more content into the huge open world map with all that land mass. Wow. I mean gosh that would be a big undertaking. I have faith in our Naval action devs
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