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Found 21 results

  1. I would like to ask openly, for a very severe tribunal judgment against the French Alt "Virginia". We are all blood and bloody ashed by this French Captain since the first day he joined the ranks. Hired to give information to our enemy's, joining battles to make our battle rating more important and never listening to our naval commands. Despite does accusations, I, captain of many crew men never had a real position to drag this Addle-brained lummox to tribunal. Today, he fired at mutiple occasion in the direction of my crew and sails ! (3 times if not more) First act of treason: He shot my front sails to try and slow me down when escaping fire from enemy's ships. No proof Second act: He shot my sails and hull to again... slow me down to make my re-entering of the partol zone difficult. Last act: Shot at me, after our last enemy was sunk. (or while he was beeing sunk) Post-scriptum: This is not related to our current tribunal but shows how he opens the battle rating. Current, Vice-Admiral Rapte
  2. some pireates join my battel on my site and they kill me xd ofc my nick in game is RX7 Type R FD3S
  3. I found this HRE guy down in deriana just sitting broadside to broadside with a Russian guy neither of them moving just shooting at each other. Then all the sudden once I got close Both opened sails and started shooting at me so I am pretty damn sure that it is a guy and his alt trying not to die if I am wrong I am wrong but this kind of shit pisses me off.
  4. After criticizing hes way to lead the dutch he shot with chains on my sail. Hes excuse was "sry missed"
  5. Союзники меня утопили и забрали мои апгрейды и 5000 дублонов. Видео прилагается. Просьба принять меры.
  6. 2 players entered my battle sat there and towards end of battle started to shoot me and block me from getting the ships cargo then took it. Dene and Julien Blackbird CAPT clan. Informed them green on green not allowed but they just ignored that and continued. Also sent in report f11
  7. Consider recent Tribunals, apparently the Pirate Rules of Engagement have finally been defined. Pirates can join both sides of a battle. - obvious mechanic Pirate's own clan mates can choose both sides of a battle. - again obvious mechanic This mechanic does allow for the raising of BR to allow for more Pirates to join the opposing side of the battle. - seen in multiple Tribunals as a legal mechanic Pirates joining the side of the battle they wanted to raise BR on can leave the battle without firing on opposing Pirate side. - seen in multiple Tribunals as not punishable However, No one on any side is allowed to fire on anyone from their same side: No Green on Green firing. - as seen by Ink's Response Here If anyone is seen firing on teammates from their side then they are considered a target by that side and can be destroyed by the side they joined. TLDR: The Pirate RoE is defined as being allowed to join the enemy's side of the battle to raise BR, but cannot fire on the side they join, AND can escape as soon as possible without any Tribunal worthy punishment. Devs and mods can correct this if it is incorrect, but recent Tribunals over the last few months seem to correspond to my statements. How I believe Pirate RoE should work: Open World Battles Only Pirates can join both sides of a battle. Pirate clanmates MUST join same side. Pirates can be targeted by the enemy side AND by any nation joining on the Pirate side. - All verse Pirates on any side Pirate vs Pirate Battles Pirates should be able to tag and attack other Pirates not in their clan. Pirate clanmates MUST join same side. All nations can join the Pirate vs Pirate Battle Anyone from one Nation must join the same side as others from that Nation Pirate Port Battles Pirate Clans should be able to attack other Pirate Clan Ports.
  8. im reporting Nvidia from [HAN] for green on green combat during a boarding sequence. i was in the middle of a battle with a Spanish AI LGV when Nvidia joined my battle on the Prussian side, friendly side, i presumed he was there to either help or get some amount of XP as he was in a basic cutter so i took little note of him other than to say hi, towards the end of the battle i managed to get the LGV into the wind and i boarded him, my bow facing the LGV side, everything was going fine until i noticed that Nvidia was shooting at my stern, i believed he was missing his shots so i told him to stop and that he was hitting me, no response and no movement, by the second shot he had nearly wiped my crew out with grape shot, i again told him to stop and preceded to try and get away but to no avail, by the time i was able to disengage he had lowered my crew from over 150 to around 30 and my crew surrendered to the LGV. i was informed later that he was a Russian player but i was not aware of it at the time as his ship had the Prussian flag up, so i presumed he was friendly
  9. While in AI battle off Belize, I was traitorously and persistently attacked by Players (BF)BESHENNY and (BF)Ort Chauvet. In spite of being politely requested to desist, they continued this attack. I was unwilling to return fire as it is my understanding that (intentional) GREEN ON GREEN attacks are expressly prohibited in NA, consequently my vessel received severe damage. Accordingly I request that the miscreants face the full force of the law. See attached screenshots.
  10. Attention British Nation in PVP Caribbean. The following 2 players have committed treason against a friendly player (me: HMS Avenger) in a recent battle to save one of our noobs from being ganked by a Swedish enemy player. (AWOX)daddybigwangsugardic (AWOX)TheRedBaron Avoid these players (and by extension their clan as well) like the plaque. Turned on me in battle, shot at me, talked mad crap and still couldn't get me sunk as i alone fought an endy in my renomee and held my own; even surviving the battle. They talked to the enemy player and asked if he could take me alone. When he didn't respond "daddybigwangsugardic" told him that he and "TheRedBaron" will "demast the faggot HMS Avenger" for him. They attempted to do this and shot at me until I was able to move far enough away from them. "daddybigwangsugardic" continued to trash talk the entire time and even continued to bark orders at me despite me being the only real power in the fight. I desailed the swedish player Loorkon 4 times down to 60% sails and decrewed him twice by myself while I was being trash talked and shot at by my fellow brits. I strongly urge something to be done about this. In my 2,000 plus hours of game experience I have never experienced anything like this. Even when they were fighting the swedish with me, neither of these guys (both in 3rd rate Bellonas) could land a single shot on him, desail or anything else. Despite their lack of skill, this didnt stop them from calling me every name in the book and saying that I was the one that sucked and deserved, and would, lose my ship (although i didnt); he even told me to shut up....lol despite them being the aggressor. The name of the first player says enough and in my opinion falls under the "Inappropriate clan names/clan tags" category. I have never sent in an f11 report, I have not been banned from the forums or ingame chat. I dont go out of my way to start drama, but in this case I felt it absolutely necessary as these guys will CERTAINLY do this again to others. BAN THESE PLAYERS! and until; this happens I advise all British captains to avoid these guys and their clan like the plaque.
  11. Player Notz, clan ARMED said he doesn't like me farming ai in the patrol zone so he opens fire on me with his bow chasers and a broadside. This was roughly 05:40 ish server time today in the Hispaniola patrol zone (10 minutes ago). There was just me and an ai frigate until Notz joined. It didn't affect the battle but it is offensive. Is it also against the rules? Just to be clear. I tagged a dutch AI ship in the patrol zone. I do not farm alts. I do not have an alt (yet). Notz, I will not forgive this as a mistake without compensation.
  12. If you're not already doing so, and since rule violations such as green on green can be so detrimental to keeping up a good player base, I like to suggest that it is worthwhile to spend and prioritize considerable resources and time to develop ways to automatically collect evidence whenever green on green damage occurs. Relying on players who may not be expecting to be assaulted by their own nation's players to collect sufficient evidence cannot be, in my opinion, effective. As a recent victim I can tell you I was definitely not expecting a green player to show up ranting and raving about his dislike of farmers and then proceeding to fire on me. So in proceeding to open a case in the tribunal i may have unintentionally broken the rules myself by not providing sufficient evidence. I don't know if this is true or not as I haven't heard official word on the matter. But if it is true, in my opinion, it would represent a significant discouragement to report these cases at all, for myself and others. Now I am prepared to collect evidence, but how likely is it that it will happen again to me? What about the next unprepared victim? If I understand correctly the battles are all server side. If that's true, combined with chat logs, enough evidence to easily judge most green on green cases should exist there, but it needs to be collected and saved for examination should a case be filed.
  13. Today was a strange day on the Global server as we had an influx of "new" French players. These new French had been fighting at La Tortue for a few hours and so I decided to go check out what was happening. I teleported up, got in a basic cutter since I didnt really have another ship there worth taking out, and exited port. After sitting around for awhile in between a group of pirates and these new French I began to get tagged so I would hop into port for a bit then hop back out. This tagging stopped and I started to watch a video on YouTube, but before long I heard cannons firing and checked back seeing a battle. The other new French with me took all the hp off the lynx and we were waiting for it to sink when a few enemies entered the battle. Which ended with these results: This is where the tribunal begins. After trying to race to the Santi and then being sunk by the enemy I exited battle and relayed that information in nation chat. This is when I was accused of having green on green tagged in Simon Cadete seconds before he could get out safely. I do not believe I had even shot before he surrendered and the only way I would have hit him was if I had shot and it had passed through someone else first. I was told the enemy did not have range but in global they all thought the snow had hit him to keep him in. I welcome anyone else with further evidence for either side to join in on this. I would just like to know if at all possible who shot @Simon Cadete in this battle. So that I can either be punished or have my name cleared.
  14. On the 24th of October, some captains from the EdR clan were trying to set-up hostility in Fort-Dauphin. Some Danish captains entered in the fight, to try to prevent Frenchs to do it. This is fully fair and normal in a combat game. But some pirates, from the [RUBLI] clan came in too, most of them in Danish side, and one of them in the French side. And in fact, this player “Gameover”, fought for Danes, being under the French flag. He was very few shot by Danes, and ended the fight almost intact, all other French players being captured or sunk. He helped another player (Moscalb) to capture a Wasa. Gameover pushed a French player (Chateaugiron) in the Wind to reduce his speed, then Moscalb boarded Chateaugiron. I think that the other Danish players ("real" Danes and not pirates) were not organizers of this cheating trap, they just kept some advantage on it. But the green to green by pirates was fully intentional and prepared (one on French side, the others on Danish side). This is clearly cheating, and strictly prohibited by the rules of the game. I was not in this fight, but I tried and organized the collection of "proofs", to be sure that elements would be sufficient and clear for this tribunal. Screenshots were not clear enough to show this kind of green on green but fortunately, one of our Young captains, sunk during early stage of the battle, came back from afk and registered what he saw when coming back. It took me some evenings to translate and place subtitles in the right place. Here below the "dossier".
  15. https://snag.gy/uzEPGi.jpg This fellow pirate sank me when I entered a battle to help him because he was in a fight with an enemy ship. I was in a lynx and he was in a reno then shot me when I approached to stern rake the enemy ship. As I got closer he then rammed my lynx so he could capsize the ship. This player did not say anything in chat even after he did what he did. This is a green on green as far as the rules go and I hope that this player shall be reprimanded for his actions.
  16. today ,TheAgend47 from KINGS Clan ( british) joined a battle Pirate against US on Pirate side. He active helped the US player against the pirate players sabotaged, a boarding action and help sinking on of the pirate ships, more then one screenshot are available as a proove and two pirate players Richart Sievers and Black Sails are wittness. Agend47 has been told in battle chat that wat he is doing is against the rules and that that is a behavior worthy of demoting the player
  17. My ingame name : Kair Alzahir (Privateer) Offender ingame name : Capitaine Mormoila (indéfatigable) Green to green damage : 2-3 complete broadsides, intentional (no ship near me, was almost point blank). I tagged the LGV. Once I got the logs up, couldnt close it anymore (had to crash the game and log back in) so I dont have the full logs. A witness was there the entire time : "blancherive" Conversation went as folow : I tagged a LGV with my Privateer, he joined in and started saying I was "avid" ("rapace" in french), and that I was going the other way and when I spoted him folow the LGV I folowed him to piss him off. I replyed I was sorry, and that was never my intention. I then sailed away (was verry close to the LGV). He continued on the chat telling me I couldnt take an LGV with a privateer so I was obviously there to piss him off. I answered I could easily take it, and that my intentions were never to be disobliging, and that he should calme down. Then he said he would be happy to see me try (mokking me about it). I said ok, and sailed back to the LGV. By that time he had catched up. He went board to board with him and started shooting his broadside. I fired a few shots in the LGV sails while stern camping it, also did a few crew kills (~50) and eventually passed on "Capitaine Mormoila"s starboard. He asked me what was the purpous of me staying in combat, I did not answer. He then fired a first broadside at me (100% of my armor was destroyed in one volley). I got the logs out and could not close it neither maneuver my ship anymore. By the time I logged out, he fired a second, and maybe a third broad side at me. Did not lost my ship it seems, but I stayed cool ALL along and proposed several times to let him the LGV though I was the one that tagged it... People with a bad spirit like that tend to kill nations/games, it seems to me important to report actions like that.
  18. Is it allowed to shoot a player on the same team with the intention of setting him on fire, if he gives his consent?
  19. I followed this usa captian being by sweedes. once in the battle with the sweed the us captian chained my sails then tried to ram be so that the sweedish indefactable could run away. after the ram the US captian sailed away. its pretty clear that the US captian is a sweedish alt. all of this happened in pvp event area. here is the shot log of the 18lbers from the frigate http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/100600599559314734/B0AB62DA078B6EB0A35A5E660F8C0D6E2163CB13/ I was still able to win the battle. but I would like this to be reviewed by the devs and the accnt banned. I understand the the targarian won the pvp event yesterday. this is not good. seems to be caught red handed for alt farming. and certainly for green on green action http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/100600599559234020/E22FBADC9CAFC8F92C652A320649997AB8289CB7/
  20. As per http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14676-pvp1-june-the-british-honduras-campaign-pirate-perspective/?p=273848 and http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14676-pvp1-june-the-british-honduras-campaign-pirate-perspective/?p=273873 , Jeheil and myself respectfully request a ruling on Pakinsanious's statement that a green-on-green kill on a fireship is justified to blow up enemy assets. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/267217313737309704/652A87BC4644DDCEDDE1D5F98FA64178450B6447/ According to the tribunal rule http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/6419-warning-friendly-kills-for-all-nations-are-not-allowed/ : We would like a ruling on this, not to give Pakinsanious a penalty or warning, but rather to get clarification. Personally I think it is a valid tactic and the green-on-green rule needs to be amended. Anybody wishing to comment on the tactic itself, please use http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14700-fireshipsshould-they-live-on-after-explosion/
  21. Last evening at the eighteenth bell, Kommandørkaptajn Alf Pedersen engaged with the a pirate frigate captained by the foul pirate Mary west from Vieques, just moments later two danish third rates from the clan of LG engaged in the battle,- the captains Gorynych and Mari soon showed their colours, firing upon Kommandørkaptajn Pedersen, rather than the pirate- The battled dragged on for some time, but it soon became clear that the two "danish" captains from LG were traitors to the crown, indeed siding with a pirate, rather than a countryman. http://steamcommunit...s/?id=639514746 http://steamcommunit...s/?id=639514668 http://steamcommunit...s/?id=639512324 http://steamcommunit...s/?id=639512519
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