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Found 1 result

  1. The key to being a decent multi-player general is knowing about your enemy and the tactics you use to face them down. Each brigade is different than the other. Some brigades have larger numbers this comes in handy when you fire your volleys against weaker Brigades sending shock into their lines, Some have stronger morale this means they will stand under fire longer and fight better in hand to hand combat, still others can load and reload faster the benefits of that is obvious. Knowing which units do what is key to the tactics you use to fight against and utilize when facing other units. Units like the Iron Brigade have both Strong morale and can load and reload faster than normal units. You never want to throw away the lives of the Iron Brigade needlessly. If one of your crack units begin to suffer large losses pull them back reorder your battle lines and bring them up in a spot they wont lose so many men. Cutler Brigade has medium morale but can load and reload faster than normal brigades. On the confederate side Avery and Louisiana Tigers are very strong with above average load and reload times. These are just a few and knowing which units do what is key to victory. So here is a list of tried and tested strategy and tactics for single player and multiplayer. Leap Frog This is a tactic I discovered early on it is very simple and very effective. In this tactic you will set your brigades up in two or three rows. With gaps between your brigades so they DO NOT TOUCH. Place the next row behind your front line but place them in the gap. Then for the third row you place those brigades behind the second row and in the gap. Keeping gaps in your line is key to avoiding friendly fire. When you advance your battle line keep your front line in contact with the enemy hold them in place. Then bring up the Rear line and place them in the front. Leap frog your brigades over the two rows in front form a new front line then bring up the next row that was in the rear. In this way you will maintain your morale at its strongest level when advancing and you will be able to keep up maximum fire on the enemy. The draw backs of this is you cannot have a very long battle line. This leaves you open to being flanked but is a very good tactic when you know the enemy must defend and you must attack. This tactic also works wonders when you need to orderly fall back. Fallback behind one row, then the next, then the next, this way you keep up the fire on the enemy and as you fall back you will gain morale. Fall back to Counter This tactic works wonders when you are out numbered and/or need to preserve your strength and morale. When the enemy attacks you and you cannot hold against them the only logical way to preserve your army is a tactical withdraw from the fighting. By doing this you will allow your units to fight later on. You should never let your brigades morale get lower then 15. Any lower is very dangerous. At 20 morale your brigades will no longer waiver. As you fall back the enemy will pursue you, your morale will begin to rise and the enemy will begin to lose morale. This can be used as a ploy to sucker the enemy into a false sense of satisfaction in which he thinks he is winning the battle and you are on the ropes. As you fall back he will chase after, You then can form up a new line. When you halt your line. Click each brigade and focus your entire battle line on one or two enemy brigades. As the enemy advances they will meet volley fire from three or more brigades and will not realize it till it is too late. If they get close to your line fall back again. As you fire they will rout VERY quickly and you must be ready. As the enemy begins to rout you need to advance. Then focus your fire onto any remaining brigades that have not routed. This is the counter attack and it must be decisive for it to work. Do not advance to far to fast or you will begin to lose morale very fast. Advance slowly but steadily. Flank to Enfilade Fire Flank to Enfilade fire is and extremely important tactic you will need to practice before you can master it. It consists of extending your battle line to the edge of the enemy battle line. When you have reached the edge of their line you will need to extend your line and wrap your brigades around the edge before they can counter. This is a extremely devastating tactic and can rout an entire army if done properly. To do this you need to mass your troops before giving away your plans. What you should do is mass two or three brigades on your flank preferably behind a hill or wooded area that the enemy cannot see you. Then when you make contact you need to run those three brigades and string them out one by one by one and form up a battle line as fast as humanly possible on the enemy flank before he can counter. By taking those brigades from the center of your line your main line will be weaker and you need to be aware of how many enemy brigades are attacking your center while you are trying to flank. Fall back your center if you have too. Make him think that is the main point of battle but in fact your main attack will be on his flank where he is weakest. To counter a enemy flank you need to fall back and press the attack where he is weaker. let him exhaust his men by running around your flank. Simply fall back and re-order your brigades to attack his weaker area's. Proper Cannon Placement Placing your cannons is key to keeping the strain of the fight off of your brigades. To first find the select areas to place your cannons press the "M" key this will give you a map topography view from which you can see peaks of mountains. Placing units on top of mountains is not the only thing you must do. You need to be aware of obstacles, Houses and Trees will impede the view of your cannons. So make sure your line of sight from your cannon to your target is not impeded. Next do not bunch your Cannons on top of one another. Cannons spread out and hitting the same target from many directions will devastate the enemy morale. Bring up one or two of your cannons to use as Canister shot. This is devastating for up close and even more if you can rake the enemy brigade down the side and enfilade fire down their lines. High Ground and Trees Using terrain is very important when it comes to keeping your armies morale and strength intact. Position your brigades on a hill. Use the "M" key to discover the ridge of the hills. Place your Brigades on the edge of the ridge. Enemy Brigades that assault up the hill will face very high odds. The only downside with standing on the top of hills is that your guns will overshoot the enemy and will not be as effective. Units firing up the hill usually have an advantage more rounds will find the target but they lose morale faster when walking up the hill. Keeping your Brigades in wooded areas will also give your men a great boost in not taking so many casualties when being fired upon. Charge The charge in Ultimate General Gettysburg plays a major role. Knowing when and how to use charge is key to not watching your charge turn into an utter rout. pressing the charge should only be used when the gap between armies is not very long. Pressing charge wears your armies out just as much as it wears the enemy. Only charge when the enemy is flashing white that means they are waivering. When this happens press "charge" close the gaps as fast as possible hit the enemy fast. When the solid white color appears above the enemy this means they are routing. Press HALT. You do not want to tire your army out. If your brigades are less than 15 morale press fall back. Preserve your strength. Also dragging your Brigade to march into or past the enemy brigade line is very effective. Pressing charge your men will go into melee combat. But if you click and drag your unit they will melee into the enemy but will walk through and come out behind. If you have stronger morale than the enemy you will rout the enemy. But be very careful if you do not you can end up sustaining huge losses and could potentially lose your entire army. Anchor Brigades Anchor Brigades are the three star Brigades that if you are lucky will accompany your armies. These are your crack fighting units. You should not waste their lives needlessly. You should support them at all costs. Never leave them alone. If these brigades rout your army will follow. Never allow them to rout.
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