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Found 5 results

  1. Grupa Rozpoznawcza Orła Morskiego Chciałbym serdecznie poinformować o powstaniu nowego klanu a konkretnie grupy osób grających w nacji brytyjskiej [Great Britain]. Klan zrzesza doświadczonych graczy, którzy nie płaczą bo stracili okręt, nie uderzają w innych jak wielu ślepców dowodzących swymi okrętami. Ogólnie rzecz biorąc klan nie dla każdego. Oczywiście nowi gracze mogą z Nami pływać, przesiadywać na Team Speak. Pomożemy, wprowadzimy w grę, ale do klanu przyjmiemy dopiero wtedy, kiedy dana osoba udowodni iż się nadaje. Nie szukamy napaleńców, nie zamierzamy zagarnąć całej gry dla siebie. Jedyne czego chcemy to dobrej zabawy w grupie aktywnych i wyrozumiałych osób. Jeżeli jesteś "internetowym kaleką", która nie potrafi sama sobie znaleźć zajęcia w grze czy potrzebuje pomocy ze wszystkim zdecydowanie nie masz tu czego szukać. Poszukujemy osób potrafiących samemu zadbać o siebie. Niemniej jednak pomagamy sobie nawzajem w przypadku utraty okrętu podczas wspólnej bitwy. Nie zamierzamy unikać walki w obawie o utratę czegokolwiek. Gra wydaje się rozwijać w dobrym kierunku, zostały wprowadzone pewne usprawnienia i kolejne mają pojawić się w grze w związku z czym wydaje mi się nie być przesadzonym o ile powiem iż z czystym sumieniem mogę zaprosić do powrotu czy zaczęcia przygody z grą Naval Action. Zainteresowanych proszę o kontakt na forum lub na Team Speak ip: deadecho.pl - dział DEAD ECHO MIX (cały ts jest nasz)
  2. After another battle yesterday that we lost due to some tactical, i had thought that the french were getting a bit braver again. However this morning i see that another french port has been put on a timer of 03:00 to 06:00. It seems that not only in battle but also in the whole RvR, the only thing they can do is run away froom a fight. We all know their kiting tactics but now we can even be kited in a port battle because of the absurd timers. Our friends the french declared very formally a war with GB but honestly if you only put your timers at times our better players arent on it can only be that you are scared to fight. Meet you on the battlefield, I hope ....
  3. We are a newly formed clan. We are currently looking for active players in Naval Action whom would want to join our crew, everyone is welcome to join. Requirement: That you use discord you don't need to talk just listen Nation: Great Britain Goals: Putting together a reasonable sized fleet to fill proper Port Battles. Timezone: At this time we're only EU-based, however we're always up for company from all around the world. Crafting: We currently have 2 high-level crafters. If we got your interest, contact one of the following officers (ingame, on discord or via the forums) A1vin, Mitsuko Susuki, Nick Gonchin or Cpt will Turner Discord link: https://discord.gg/9BaKMqT Or send me a message on the forums @Nick Gonchin
  4. I am new to the game 47 hrs only but require extensive training in battle. I am now causing more damage to enemies but have yet to win a battle. Would like to sail with similar standard sailors and learn together. Have not tried any crafting yet (no money for materials). I will try this at some stage in the future. Yo Ho Ho Captain Fishfinger
  5. WolfPack was a clan I created back in my days of playing on a custom naval themed minecraft server, and now it will return in a more appropriate setting in Naval action, I'm an experienced gamer having played games since I could hold the attention span to do so, I've lead hundreds of people into intense battles in about 3 different clans I founded. I hope to make Naval Action my next great adventure and WolfPack will be the start of that adventure.. Our Mission. My intention is to recruit a strong and skilled group of players primarily consisting of players in a North American Timezone, this group will consist of traders, shipwrights and captains not afraid of intense organized battles with very high stakes, even though I'm a highly experienced leader mistakes can and will happen, we can't win every single battle, but I'm looking for players who can brush themselves off and not get mad, but get even..Don't let the above fool you, you don't need to be Jack aubery to join, you just need to give your best effort and follow orders. Once enough members are recruited we will operate heavily in the Bahamas fighting pirates, going where other clans refuse to go. Joining requirements To join you must have a working TS3 client and use it for any organized clan activities, and also for briefings when requested. Other than that to join you simply shoot me a PM or leave a reply to this post, your performance in real combat will be judged and any room for improvement cam be worked with, so don't feel like you can't join since you're first lieutenant and have only done PvE, all are welcome. So if you would like to know more or join please send me a PM on forums, in game or any other way you want. TS3: sky.noise.host:9989
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