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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Naval Action, I has Belona before on PvP EU. Loged in yesterday and I only had 67 XP redeemable while my friend had 8k. I played a looooong time ago but I just want to check if something went wrong some where? Could you please check. Thank you p.s best game ever!
  2. During furst wipe I never got my exp redeemable, did get the papers, but also did not get the ships. I asked a bazillion times but I never get an answer, so once again (and this time in its own topic). Can I please get my exp? I dont care about the other stuff, I just do not want to grind all over again. Also reported it with F11. Comon you do have tech support or someone handling these cases right? ive been waiting for an answer for months.
  3. So, the new patch is live! I did all the prerequistes prior to the wipe. Just to find out my exp didn't transfer. Its still there in the EU server, but didn't transfer to the Global server like promised. Any Devs able to help me out on this issue??? I have 850+ hours logged on the game...would hate to start over, and I probably wont sadly...love this game and I have talked several friends into playing as well... just want my exp back...
  4. If any of you used to play pirates of the burning Sea you might remember that game was rather boring for most until you got to max lvl. What i liked about it was you could lvl to max in like 16 hours of playtime at the most. And 6v6 fights in that game were amazing. They required more skill and teamwork then any port battle. My suggestion is a alternative server, so anyone who likes the current system can just stay where they are. This server would give everyone full exp and access to all ships but no modifications. The only way to get modifications for your ships is Pvp So like each kill/ assist would give you points toward buying mods in a store to spend them points. Next Important thing is this server would not be a map of different nations like the current system. Instead it would be like a dock area view at first only showing available ships and then you would have your different battle ques. Most would allow you to group with your guild members also. Or friends you could group with. My suggestion would be have a 2v2 mode groups allowed. 3v3 groups allowed. 6v6 groups allowed. 25 vs 25 with groups allowed up to 6 players per group. And my best idea is a massive bracket tournament that happens maybe 2 or 3 times per day on weekends 1v1 and maybe 2v2 sometimes you advace to the next player if you win and are out of the tournament with a loss. you could also put ship max requirements on some of this kind of stuff btw.
  5. Im fan of pvp. I have done many small battles and I haven't lost one yet. In this thread I will explain how and some of the problems. -Less and less people are queueing up. It's easy to see why. - There are no rewards for risking ship === exp and gold is horrible. My best score was 4 kills and few assists, which rewarded me with horrible 320exp. This was after the patch that increased pvp exp. http://imgur.com/a/2kIF9 ^ Best battle so far. Everyone sunk and I almost lost dura as well. However In most of battles people just flee to not lose dura which makes rewards even waaay worse. In same amount of time I could have gotten 1000-2000exp from grinding AI fleets, which present waaay smaller risk -Most of ships are cutters, because risking a good ship isn't worth it! Also shooting cutters is frustrating. However, I have always taken my biggest ship, because > -Biggers ships are overpowered. I know decrewing is very effective against bigger ships. For example a single cutter can completely disable renomee, just by hogging her back. However this can be easily countered if teammates protect each others rear ends. This leaves smaller ships in very bad position. Side armors of bigger ships can't be taken out without substantial risks and back armor isn't enough to sink. Today I had 3 ships facing my Trincomalee. Brig, Suprise and cutter. My teammate was a Pickle. By the time they got 30% off my side armor (on 1 side), I had got all 3 sinking. Suprise and Brig managed to escape. I got 100 exp xD My suggestion is Further increase pvp rewards Fix br balancing. Exp rewards should be lifted from 0.5 to at least 2.0 There should be reward from ships that fleed the battle. (For example assist for everyone) There should be reward for winning team. For example 2x rewards + greater chance of obtaining mats and upgrades. Queuable battles not bound to 1 server. (Not sure if possible at this time) This way queueable battles could be as profittable as AI Fleet, with risk of losing durability. The only problem I see is that all the all the grind could be done from the port, which could make other areas desolated, same as what happened in wow. Few entrances to queuable battles could be set on high seas, which would encourage more sociable experience within and outside a nation...
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