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Found 6 results

  1. I would like to have some kind of wind indicator on the map. I know the map always has the same rotation as compass but something like this would make it easier maybe Maybe not as fat and not red but I think you get the point Edit: This would be enough to. No need to show headings or maybe have the options so commanders can tell headings. Toggle on/off/or arrow only etc
  2. The in-game compass rose currently has tick marks every 15 degrees, which means that the full circle is divided into 24 pieces. With the current in-game compass, there are two tick marks between North and Northeast, dividing this space up into thirds. A traditional compass rose is divided into 32 points. Each point has a specific name. Halfway between North and East is Northeast. Halfway between North and Northeast is North by East. The traditional 32-point compass is a cornerstone of age-of-sail lore. It appears everywhere, including books, paintings, carvings, tattoos, and everywhere else imaginable. To connect this back to the in-game compass, there needs to be either one or three tick marks between North and Northeast. The current in-game compass has two tick marks between North and Northeast. The current in-game compass makes it very difficult to use traditional terminology when interacting with other players. This seemingly minor thing has a massive impact on immersion. Changing the in-game compass seems like it should be an incredibly easy thing to change. It's just a single image file. Making this change would be a small investment, and would be quite a substantial positive impact on immersion.
  3. Hello everyone, After playing this game for ~2 weeks, I'd like to add some suggestions for gameplay: 1: Open world navigation: Add lighthouses and/or star navigation mechanic for night navigation Add a moveable compass, protractor, distance gauges, and "degrees" onto the compasses for improved navigation Add alert system for land masses, enemy players, etc so that I can be alerted during long voyages (because I sometimes watch youtube or study while doing these long voyages) add a spy glass to the open world Add a fast travel mechanic for outposts (this can be very abused, maybe a long cool down... 1 day, 10 minute initiation timer, etc?) 2: Battles make the battle map mimic the area you started the battle.3: Social/team make it easier to find teams, work together, etc for missions/PVP/assaults. (this seems difficult at the moment to organize)I'm sure I'll come up with more later. I've enjoyed this game thus far, can't wait to see it further develop. Regards, Dunn
  4. I love that there is no icon on the map to show your position and I love the gameplay spirit that this creates: one of having to navigate for yourself just like the captains of the day.I think though, that the current system of OW navigation is too simplistic and could be improved without making something so complex as to be a turn-off. I propose that a ships’s log mechanic be introduced into the game, along with the ability to mark the in-game map. I would also love to see leeway added to ships but I suspect that this idea has already been rejected by the devs or we would have it in game. SO: how would the ship’s log work? At appropriate intervals your log would record your average course and distance travelled for that period. This would build up into a table of records with which you could plot your course and (if done well) derive your near exact position on the map. (Let’s not forget that, far from being lost in the open ocean a good Captain of this age had the tools to accurately fix their position on the globe within a very few metres). Plotting your position Give players the ability to freely add simple symbols to the map: I suggest an ‘x’ and a line. I would love to see this skinned as a pair of dividers and a pencil Taking distance and bearing information from their log, players would mark their point of departure and then plot the information from the log on to their map resulting in a series of marks giving them a good idea of their current position even when out of sight of land. For example: I've marked an x on my map at my last know location e.g. Kingston. As I move my cursor away from this x the UI tells me the length and bearing of the line that I am drawing. I match this to my ship's log, placing another x and repeating the process for each log entry to build up my course. Not sure if you've sailed past that mission in the fog? Are you just being impatient or might you need to turn around? Now you know: reassure yourself by plotting your course on the map! Advanced players could even fix their point of departure EXACTLY by taking bearings from headlands in the OW view and plotting intersecting lines on the map! Other minor tweaks needed The ability to take a bearing when sailing in OW would be nice. This might either mean a change to the compass UI to give you a bearing as you pan the camera, or an additional tool like a hand-bearing compass view (similar to the spyglass view from battles) which would allow you to take your bearings. I hope you’ll agree with me that this would be a great addition to OW navigation and add meaningfully to the gameplay.
  5. I'd like to see all of the controls that normally use the numberpad be bindable to something else. The reason being that I intend to build myself a nice little controller for Naval action (with some three way spring-loaded switches for the yards, a pot for the wheel, and a number of buttons for things like deck locking/ammo type/repairs/crew mode), the ability to simply have joystick buttons for those number pad functions would greatly simply things for me. Selfish, but I can't be the ONLY ONE-well, maybe I am. Some more minor things. An option to flip the windpath arrow around 180, most weather-vanes in the US point into the wind, not with it, I STILL get myself flipped around now and again. Bearing numbers might be nice. A little Tilt indicator might be nice, but is not nearly necessary. The ability to name ships is probably impractical, but would have it's uses. Also, I'd note that I'd be tempted if alternate skins where sold for the game..... These are just a few things that I've been considering.
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