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Found 14 results

  1. Does anyone else find it jarring to see some of the names used in the 1890s? I know now we can rename ships ourselves, but really we just need some better name lists to start with. It's not a difficult fix and shouldn't be too laborious. The Germans have it worse than the British in my opinion, but I'm sure there are examples on both sides. Admiral Scheer made his name at Jutland in WWI, and yet we have 1890s and 1900s ships called that. The worst is transports having battleship names. I'm sure there any many people on here who would be happy to contribute historically accurate or at least ambiguously plausible ones. Why don't we work on some lists and hand them off to the devs for an update? Would anyone be interested? Are there any name list updates planned @Nick Thomadis?
  2. Hi smoll forumites! I have created this thread for the sole purpose for allowing peeps to showcase any designs for ships NOT related to UA:D directly (so as in no ships made in UA:D) but ship designs that you may have created from various eras (for example from 1650-2020). These can be in the form of 3d models, line drawings, shipbucket style ships, hand drawings etc. They don't have to be real designs, but based off various warships that did and didn't exist or never made it (yes you can use wows and warthunder as points of reference if you want to). Also this thread doubles as a little chat area, we have the forum bar on wurld of danks so makes sense to have something similar here! Ill post an example of a ship i made earlier. Loyal Class Battleship Full load: 22,500 Normal load: 19,500 Primary Armament: 345mm 2x2 13.5inch. Secondary Armament: 178mm 6x2 7inch. (Both sides). 152mm 24x1 6inch casemates. (Both sides) Tetritary Armament: 40mm Hotchkiss Naval Enhanced 14x1 1.5inch. (Both sides). 35mm Maxim-Vickers Autocannon Naval 8x1 1.35inch. Engine Power: 23,500 IHP, 22 Vertical Boilers, 2 Vertical Triple-Expansion Engines, 2 Screws. Armour: Belt: 335mm's. Upper Deck: 223mm's. Deck Extended: 50mm's. Barbettes Main guns: 335mm's. Main Gun armour front: 350mm's. Main gun top armour: 85mm's. Secondary gun turret armour: 203mm's. Belt extended: 105mm's. Upper Belt: 203mm's. Conning tower: 335mm's. Bulkheads: 229mm's. Range: 20-22,000 km or 12427-13670 (Depending on Speed, consumables, condition and route). Complement: 800 Peacetime or 925 Wartime. And images below. Remember the ships don't have to be exact to real life standards and you can mix it up a bit. Also please be noice to each other, makes it easier to apply constructive critism and helps with a happier atmosphere (Which is needed with how things are going in the world and all). Enjoy! 'w'/
  3. Arrr! Ahoy! Arr ye seeking a Pirate crew worthy of sailing amongst to pillage and plunder thee West Caribbean!? If so, yar in thee right haven! K33N’s pirate code is simple: Fly thee Jolly Roger and show no quarter to those whom stand in ye way. Thee Pirate life is for me. Is it for ye? Join our discord today!
  4. Bonjour à tous, certains l'attendaient le voici le voila, Navalaction-france ouvre ses portes. Pas mal de contenu pour le moment et encore qui arrive cette semaine. N'hésitez pas à vous inscrire sur le forum pour faire vivre la communauté francophone du jeu et à nous faire part de vos suggestions ou avis concernant l'architecture, le visuel ou le contenu du site ou du forum. Navalaction-france est un site de fan dédié à Naval Action ayant pour but de créer une communauté de joueurs autour du jeu. Le site comporte des articles concernant les navires, des histoires de batailles, des guides et bien d'autres choses. On attend vos retour! Visiter Navalaction-France
  5. Hello everybody. I wanted to tell you guys something. Once i started to play naval action [ a few years ago ] they told me that i am the first kid here. At first i was afraid.. what might people say? What might they think of me? As some of you may know , i have showed bad attitude a few years ago sometimes. I was angry... and did not have myself under controlle. I have improved though. Allthough , i am still a kid [14 years old]. Looking at my school , there are bullies. Most kids put a mask [ figurely ] on and they act like they are cunts. They are mean to people , they bully , they lie , they stab eacother in the back. I see it happening in school everyday. After a year.. i desided that i never wanted to see a kid in naval action. The reason is because they will put that mask on again [ figurely]. They are insecure and they are afraid of adults. I have seen that they are.. they barely dared to talk to parents from eachother. So they will do those things i have said before here too. Now lets get to the point here , i think this community is lovely , sweet people , nice people , if you are reading this , you are awesome , know that. But kids will destroy this community. Yesterday in the evening i was in a naval action legends battle. On 2 sides the battle was going on. I left from the right side to the left side to help my friend out , he asked if i could help him defeat a brig. After that.. wen the fight was almost over.. i almost won..then there was this one person.. who went for the cirkel and won because of taking the cirkel. He said: HAHAHAHAHHA! MORON! I asked him why he didnt fight.. and why he fled from battle. Then he lied by saying this: YOU WERE THE ONE RUNNING THE WHOLE TIME MORON! From this moment on i knew he was a kid. Normally... after i win or after i get beaten.. i say: good battle! Good job! Well played mate! But this kid attacked me right away..[with words]. After that i was annoyed and wanted to make sure that this awesome community will not fall because of kids who are triggered. After that me and Liq spoke about it in the chat or a short while. He said this: Dont worry Timo , these kids just go here and see its not a simple CoD were you get everything you want in one day , they will all leave soon. Allthough many will join right now because of legends.. but they will leave soon. [I have asked Liq if i was allowed to say his name]. I gotta say: I hope he is right. First of all i do think he is right , kids want simple games they can compleet in a few days. But i also hope he is right... otherwise kids are gonna destroy this community with their cruel behavior. They will take any chance to bring you down if that makes them better. I am not saying all kids are like this , because not all kids are like this. And i would be happy if those kids who are not like this would join our community.. but those who are like this.. i hope they will leave soon. I love this community and i love the people here. I dont want you guys to get your feelings hurt by some stupid kids. I just wanted to say this to you guys.. have a great day .
  6. Ich möchte nur für unsere Idee werben, möglichst viele deutschsprachige Spieler auf eine Nation zu lenken. Die Idee ist schon über ein Jahr alt und wir haben schon eine lange und erfolgreiche Zeit hinter uns. Wir haben uns für Schweden entschieden, weil sie sonst als Nation sehr schwach besetzt ist. Hier können wir eine wichtige Rolle spielen und die Nation vorranbringen. Das ist kaum bei einer anderen Nation so möglich. Auch gegen alle Schwierigkeiten haben wir uns erfolgreich durch gesetzt. Ob PVP, Handel oder Portbattles, alles ist bei uns möglich, aber auch nötig!! Andere Spieler haben es ähnlich gemacht, wie die Russen, die zu Dänemark gegangen sind. Andere Nationen sind von sich aus gut besetzt, ob es an Filmen, Büchern oder einen eigenen großen Spielerstamm liegt, wie Britanien, Piraten, oder Frankreich. Wir sind der Meinung das man dort nur einer von vielen ist und durch den ständigen Spielerwechsel, steht man schnell alleine da. Wer wirklich etwas bewegen will und immer vorne dabei sein will, bei Kämpfen und allen Entscheidungen, für den bieten gerade die kleineren Nationen viele Möglichkeiten. Wir zeichnen uns über einen kleinen, aber aktiven Spielerstamm aus, sind fast alle auf einen Teamspeak vereint (sverige.ninja), mit vielen Clans von 10 - 150 Membern, bieten also für jeden eine Heimat. Deutsch ist die wichtigste Sprache, neben Englisch, was natürlich bei gemischten Kämpfen gesprochen wird. Aber nirgentwo anders wird deutsch so akzeptiert. Wir benötigen immer wieder neue Spieler und unterstützen diese auch sehr aktiv. Bitte sprecht uns im Chat aktiv an, auch auf deutsch!!, und wir helfen gerne. Es gibt ja keine Anleitung vom Spiel, daher können ein paar Tips einen viele Fragen beantworten. Schweden wird als schwer angegeben. Das ist es auch, weil wir wenig Häfen am Anfang haben und dicht an konkurierende Nationen liegen. Aber bisher haben wir es immer geschafft uns zu vergrößern und Partner zu finden, mit denen wir gut zusammen arbeiten können. Das wird auch in Zukunft so sein, und deshalb brauchen wir immer wieder neue aktive Mitspieler, die uns helfen unsere Position zu halten und weiter auszubauen. Also hoffe ich, viele folgen uns und bringen Schweden genauso voran. Bitte macht hier weiter Werbung für unsere Nation und die Idee, deutschsprachigen Spieler bei Schweden zusammeln. Gruß Ralf/Fury
  7. After my encounter with the pirate B Morgan on the south coast of Jamaica I received unexpected gifts from strangers. Ships, gold and advice. The world of NA is full of helpful personalities (including Morgan). I leased a Cutter at Port Morant and sailed east to a mysterious island and the free port of La Navasse. There a wealthy Mr. White gave me a Trader Lynx. Before the permit and warehouse construction was complete on my new outpost I opened a letter from R. Admiral Tuck (Alias Tuck’s Slave) and sailed the Cutter back to Port Royal where Tuck built me another Trader Lynx and showed me how the craft Iron Fittings from ingots. He also gave me gold and explained to how me make money with labor in the port markets. Now I have two durable Trader Lynx. One in La Navasse and one here with me in Savanna la Mar. I intend to sail to Cayman Brac and set up an outpost to further trade between there and La Navasse. So I'm looking for advice on the best way to do that.
  8. Good day sailors, The Royal German Legion [RGL] is a German squadron loyally serving our King. We are currently recruiting players. Our main language is German. Applications under royal-german-legion.de and TS3: Please hail our clan members to request the TS3 Password. God save the King. *More information will follow
  9. Сообщество Корсары приветствует игроков Naval Action! Мы русскоязычное сообщество единомышленников, которое борется за первенство в online-играх c 2011 года. В первую очередь Корсары - это сплоченная команда игроков, которым доставляет удовольствие играть в компании друг друга. Мы самодостаточны и самостоятельны, учимся друг у друга, умеем слышать и понимать мысли согильдийцев и облегчать жизнь друг друга. Сообщество начало свою жизнь в AION, затем Archeage (сервер: Кипроза) и Black Desert Online (играли всего 2 месяца, не понравилась ни игра, ни локализатор). В наших рядах Вы найдете игроков в такие проекты как World of Tanks, Dota2, War Thunder, Prime world, APB: Reloaded, Diablo, League of Legend и многие другие. Несмотря на то, что мы PvP-ориентированная гильдия, без PvE всё равно не обойтись, поэтому, как и везде, мы будем пробовать весь контент, который нам предоставит разработчик. Вступая к нам Вы обеспечиваете себя поддержкой взрослого коллектива, прозрачной внутренней политикой гильдии, серьезным руководящим составом и возможностью стать частью одной команды. И это касается не только проекта Naval Action. Corsairs Community - это правильный выбор для времяпрепровождения в любимой игре! Сервер: PvP One (EU) Наш сайт: http://corsairs-community.ru Наша группа ВКонтакте: http://vk.com/corsairs_official Наш Skype: corsairs.community Наша голосовая связь: RaidCall id - 4615462. Руководящий состав для связи в игре: Nordeanum - Лидер сообщества Travatar - Офицер гильдии Lawrence - Офицер гильдии Благодарим за проявленный интерес и внимание к нам! До встречи на полях сражений!
  10. Crimson Flotilla: is a new Pirate Clan recruiting for the US PVP Two server. Background: We are a close group of players who are former POTBS and Eve players. Well experienced in group tactics etc... How many members do we already have? We have an active community of 50+ members and growing by the day. What we offer: Group PVP - Leveling Help/tips - Trade help - Nation vs Nation port capture (UPDATE: We have captured 10+ ports in the eastern region...countless pvp action) - Teamspeak community What are we looking for? We want players willing to learn and work with the group - we are always in teamspeak doing some type of group activity between missions, trading, small battles, etc... Where are we located? Well, we are on the east end of the map and we choose to be one of the main groups on this side of the map. Another clan or nation interested in an alliance or agreement? Message Twobeardz in game or on the forums and we can discuss. We are currently looking to expand our ranks in the area - as well as establish agreements that benefit PVP in the region. Looking to Join the clan? reply to this post or message one of the following individuals in game: Twobeardz Hull D0ken Yonaise
  11. Nutzt den Luv Vorteil! Wir haben neben den Italienern, Türken und anderen Nationen jetzt auch eine Facebook Gruppe gegründet, auch haben wir schon Kontakt mit Game Labs hergestellt und bei positiver Resonanz au die Gruppe werden wir da auch unterstützt. Die Gruppe dient dem Austausch, Posten von Screenshots, aktuelle Patchnotes, Guides, Handel und allem was sonst noch so anfällt. Es wäre schön wenn ihr uns mal einen Besuch abstatten würdet https://www.facebook.com/groups/517292851784406/
  12. Hey all, I feel like the community would really benefit by having a name by which to call their respective server rather than just PVP1, 2, and etc. I feel that by using these current names, it breaks what would otherwise be an exciting, traditional MMO feel - near all of the most past and present successful MMOs don't name their servers by just 1, 2, 3, etc, but by something related to the game (either by lore, in-game terms, or etc). For example, naming the EU PVP server "Windjammer" or something like that, while naming the NA PVP server "Spinnaker". Or any other of the endless, cool sounding nautical and sailing terms there are out there. What does everyone else think? And thank you for reading!
  13. Tenacity Gaming is an established gaming community on several games including; League of Legends 5+ Teams, Minecraft, Space Engineers, Rocket League and more. Tenacity Defence Fleet Tenacity has only recently joined the ranks of Naval Action with only a few members so far taking up arms, this is soon to increase and on that premise we are advertising here to recruit more sailors to join our ranks for the up coming adventure that lies with the Tenacity Defence Fleet. We are open to all captains, all nations, all languages; we ask that you can speak some English. Age requirement: 17+ We are a Community of players so all are welcome to use out TS3 server, and meet like minded friendly non toxic players! Tenacity Defence Fleet will be created for the British Faction initially as that is where most of us have raised our sails. other factions will have Fleets created as and when member numbers for that faction are adequate. Tenacity Gaming Website Registration is free, any issues contact Zorodek or Fester Adams on the TeamSpeak (linked on the website!) Tenacity Naval Action Forum When you arrive on the Tenacity website, please post an introduction on the forums, tell us what you play. if you wish to join the British Tenacity Defence Fleet, please post here: Captains Application The Fleet will Cover all areas of the game, Crafting to War, Trading to Exploration. Thankyou For Reading - Dan aka Zorodek
  14. Age of Sail Assessment The primary reason I look forward to this game is realism. I run a gaming clan, and we're also looking forward to the realism. One of the things we discussed was that it'd be great to see a player with a first rate and have to flee. Or to lose everything because you didn't check your instruments and sailed into a storm. If you look at the most popular open-world multiplayer realism games in the PC gaming market, they are all incredibly challenging and require significant amounts of time and effort to progress in. Case studies Case one: DayZ. I spent six hours with my clan looting and gathering equipment. Then we ran out of food. Two died from starvation, and one shot the three remaining of us and took our food. This was neither a rewarding nor an enjoyable experience, but the fact that I could lose everything because my friend wanted my beans was incredibly attractive. The adrenaline in a firefight is real, and the reward of passing through a town unscathed is what makes people become addicted to the game. The game is almost entirely PvP oriented, as the only AI threat are the zombies (which are trivial at best). DayZ is one of Steam's biggest sellers. Lesson learnt from DayZ: The player needs to be able to lose everything. All of it. Trading in the Caribbean was a risky venture, and that should be reflected in the game. The goals must also be player defined, and there should be no artificial restrictions on people. If that guy wants to turn his expensive first rate into a fireball and sail it into a port (destroying a load of people's hard work in the process by sinking their ships and cargos) they should be able to. The risks should be real and the limitations not imposed by leveling systems and artificial scripts, but by actual mechanics. It’s something I call dynamic progression – the player can go back as well as forwards. Implementation: I can attack anyone at any time. Things that require licences can be bought and trafficked, and laws are enforced by players. I will concede an artificial guild for something like the British Empire, or France, but a human must run it and people must be able to politic their way to the top. There must be no non-economic or non-physical limitations on goods (eg, you must be at least rank admiral/level x to move these goods, or complete quest xyz, or unlock this). Perhaps allowing in-game users to invest in technological advances (updates) through gold or other capital would be useful. The game must have a fully functioning and responsive economy based around supply and demand. If my trading consortium is big enough, I should legitimately be able to manipulate the price of wood. Case two: ArmA II and III. Some of the most popular PC shooting games. The first thing the community did with ArmA? Make it more realistic. For ArmA II, there was the ACE and ACRE modpack. This added things like backblast, bullet & wind dynamics, overheating guns, blackouts, deafening. It also removed the ability to be shot and survive. Observe now ArmA III. AGM (advanced gameplay modification) and CSE (combat space environment) added bleeding out, along with wind ballistics and realistic body armour that made most guns a one-hit kill. Lesson learnt from ArmA: Gamers are sticklers for detail. We love things like dry rot in the masts or damp sails interfering with gameplay. Implementation: Fevers, dry rot, a need for appropriate paint jobs, other advanced mechanics. Users should have the opportunity to make daft mistakes or plan ahead and run risks. If I want to skimp on the waterproof wax because I reckon we’ll have good weather on the voyage, I should be allowed to make that choice and run that risk. To make it easier for new players, you could spend some money hiring a skipper or dockhand to make the decisions for you (AI). Case three: Skyrim. One word: Immersion. Mods like FrostFall and "Realistic Needs and Diseases" make that game a struggle to survive in, and are still some of the most popular mods. Being overpowered is boring. Aside from boobs and butt physics (yeah, Chesko, I'm looking at you), realism mods are the most popular. There is a reason for this. If everyone is a special magical warrior destined for greatness, then the greatness is significant. If there's one thing people love more than winning, it's winning when there’s a challenge. Lesson Learnt from Skyrim (modding community especially): Achieving an arbitrary rank that gives you nothing more than a new decal or skill is terribly dull after a while. Surviving against the odds to rise to the top, however, is great fun. Implementation: If my ship gets lost and my crew die or mutiny, it should be clear that I did something wrong and must try better next time. This will add an actual value to in-game skills such as inventory management, cartography and navigation. People love using their skills and learning new ones. Case four: Elder Scrolls Online. Behold! Open world game with guilds and vast player interaction, bringing every previous map from gaming's most iconic continent together in the series' most iconic era. This may be the most important case study for this game. On paper, this game looked like a godsend to Bethesda. It bombed. More people play with Skyrim RN&D or Frostfall than actually bought TESO. There's a very good reason for this, and that is there was mechanical rank progression (meaning that skill was less important than simply grinding your way to the top), a lack of unique leveling, and artificial guilds. Sure, you could be a mystical warrior travelling the world with heroic armour and battling giants with your friends, but receiving XP and arbitrary rewards (such as a special cloak or "unique" dagger) killed that game. The thing was, there was no risk. If you died, what did you lose? Nothing, you'd just have to endure a long and boring walk back to your friends whilst contemplating failure in your long and boring challenge to reach an arbitrary level. This means that the goals the game set were meaningless. Lesson learnt: Arbitrary levels kill games. Goals must depend on actual physical mechanics, not linear progression. If my friend is an admiral in a large navy, it makes sense he might fast-track me onto a first-rate. I shouldn’t have to wait until level 20. Quests must be player-set and goals player-defined. Implementation: Allow players to make the decision about investment, ranks, and progression within clans. I’d like to be able to buy ten tonnes of iron and pay a player’s cargo ship to take it from port in New Guinea to my factory in Jamaica. I’d also like this player to be able to decide to disappear with the goods. This mechanic shouldn’t be guided by quest markers, and the player shouldn’t be forced to sell it to the factory in Jamaica. The element of risk and trust, as well as possible retribution from other clans, should be enough. Case five: Mount and blade. The community there is self-sustaining. They buy servers, and in order to pay for the servers recruit individuals. It is not unknown for people to spend large amounts of money buying copies of the game in order to bring new recruits in. This is a fantastic business model. The reason it works is because the game has no artificial leveling systems. If a player wants to have a line of infantry to command in an event, the task is simple. He must recruit, train and provide for every single real human. There are no artificial structures, because everything is based around in-game and interpersonal skill. If we replace Mount & Blade regiments with ships or fleets, we will see the same patterns reflected. Clans will die, go bankrupt, overthrow their managers, and the in-game politics and feuding will be real. Lesson Learnt: You can’t simulate real-world interactions through scripts and user interfaces. So don’t try. Implementation: Provide a visual mechanic for clans, such as a unique flag. Allow clans to form strong identities by giving them powerful tools to do so. The Economy Economy concept: The majority of goods required in the game are mineable by players. Resources should be limited or difficult to obtain. EG, a list of resources for a cannon: Iron (for the cannon itself, and cannonballs) Wood (maybe oak or teak) Black Powder (made from sulphates, saltpeter, and charcoal) All of the ingredients named should be part of the wider economy. These resources should be mineable, and sold on wider stock exchanges. See the Runescape stock exchange for a proof of concept of functioning in-game economies. Supply and demand should and must be at the core of any game set in the golden age of free market capitalism. Say my cannon foundry in Cuba is running low on iron, I could increase the buying price of iron. Players will naturally go and find more iron to sell to me. This will be reflected in the cost of cannons. Further economy ideas Shipbuilding yards must also exist. These will take resources and produce ships over a given time. At first, these could be run by a moderator, but over time players may start to use them. Concept resource list: · Stone (maybe different varieties later on) · Glass (windows etc) · Metals (and their ores) · Cloth (and the raw materials behind it) · Woods (eg, teak, mahogany, oak, pine) · Foods (of various types) A chemical industry could prove valuable, especially since this would allow players to control the production of waxes, paints, gunpowder, and various other things. Investment in companies and consortiums through a virtual stock exchange might be a great way to earn profit and encourage divestment of funds. For complicated industries such as gunpowder factories or shipyards, the barriers of entry and costs will be high, but profits significant. Therefore, players may invest in someone’s shipbuilding enterprise by buying shares for certain values. This era was the birth of the modern stock market for a reason. Economies are useful because they encourage players to regularly play the game. They add immersion, dynamic progression, risks, rewards, and a goal for many players that will allow communities and consortiums to stick together. Of course, many players may not wish to risk everything to deliver that expensive cargo though pirate-infested seas. This is perfectly acceptable and understandable, and actually benefits the game. As the owner of a consortium, I can simply pay ten people to carry a cargo with their ships. They do their job, I do mine. I’m working on a more detailed concept as I find out more about the game and read into planned features. I’m also working on a concept for a community hub, if people are interested.
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