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Found 4 results

  1. Okay, so I've seen quite a couple of posts regarding this issue in other threads that was a bit of topic and thought it would be good to open a discussion about this. The issue at hand is AI: Quality of AI ships. Should they be capturable or not? How do they influence the economy? How do they influence prices of player built ships? How can AI be used to promote PVP and PVE? 1: I would like to mention a couple of my own suggestions regarding this: First of, I would love it if they would remove the whole durability system! The durability system is currently "sinking" (pun intended) the game. I know the game is called "Naval ACTION" but there is soooo much more that could be done in order to attract other players as well. Coming back to the durability system: The durability system promotes throw-away ships, If people get onto their last durability, they are not scared of losing the ship completely. A single dura ship is useless. No mods are being used on a single dura ship either. Now by removing the the system completely, a real loss will be felt by losing a ship. By losing a ship, that nation will be weakened considerably, even more so with a 3rd, 2nd or 1st rate. This will simulate true attrition, and it will give the game much more depth than port battles only. I do agree that removing the dura system will cause some problems. For one, modules will become a hardly ever used item because at the moment modules are more valuable than ships even, which indicates a BIG problem already. To counter this, maybe all modules could be craftable, or modules should be more readily available in the shop, whether player or AI produced. 2: What is the current goal or mission of the AI except for wandering aimlessly around the open world following their brainless zombie captains? I think AI should play a MUCH bigger role in the game! If AI are implemented correctly, it can promote both PVP and PVE, it can also add much more depth in the game, and give all the players the sense of playing a major role in the overall war effort whether they prefer PVE ot PVP. How can that be achieved? Give each nation a starting fleet of x number of warships, x number of traders, and x number of smugglers. The balance can be seen and followed by any player (by interacting with the admiralty) and STOP this random spawns of AI all over the map which floods the market with all kinds of BS ships. Let the players manage the AI fleet, AI ships should be an asset to the Nation's fleet, let players protect them, Let traders do REAL trader missions and being escorted by available warships, let the AI commanders be dynamic and gain rank and the ability to crew bigger ships just as players does. Let players build ships, put them on the market at a certain price and if the ship does not get sold to another player after the expiration time, the admiralty buys the ship at a price determined by the admiralty, this price could be a fixed price, or it could be dynamic depending on the current fleet size, ship quality etc. Then this admiralty bought ship would be put into that Nation's service, running real trade routes, protecting harbors, escorting traders, whatever. And all of these ships should be capturable by any enemy trader or AI fleet, which will put that ship into service or kept by a player should he wish to. Ofcourse crew should also play a massive role in order to prevent players spawning AI ships to flood the OW. 3: AI behavior should get a serious look at in order for this to work. AI traders should always attempt to run when engaged except when a cutter engages a Gross Ventre for example. Trade routes could be setup (historical or not) which AI traders would prefer, and AI warships will engage enemy trading and enemy warships, burning capturing and sinking each other, which could be strongly influenced by any present players. AI warships could patrol coastal waters around friendly ports engaging any enemy on sight, player or AI.(This will prevent ganking) To conclude, I think the AI could and should be utilized to add allot of depth to the game, to help the war effort, to influence the economy (maybe not completely, but to an extensive degree) to add much more to the game for players who are not solely interested in port battles alone, and even to influence PVP encounters. Please feel free to discuss and criticize.
  2. A quick video covering the basics to boarding and capturing ships. Enjoy
  3. Earlier today, I was sailing in my Mercury. I entered a battle against an AI Lynx and Trader Brig. I captured the brig early on in the game and proceeded to exchange broadsides with the Lynx, when a new player joins the enemy team. He proceeds to sail to my captured Brig, and steal it When I see he somehow captured the brig it was to late. As I was downwind, I had no option but to watch it be taken away. Is this fair? Allowing players to just take your prizes? While I did laugh, I can only imagine this being incredibly frustrating at times. Here's a video to provide proof. (From the thief Death Stimulator himself) The stuff you should take account to happens starts at around 28:42 At 32:22 he takes the ship, and sails away. (I did not open the ship for capture) At 39:05 He has and owns the Trader Brig. Even the queen accepted this act of thievery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AChrP7cRBoA EDIT: People have brought up that I should have sunk the lynx before capturing the Brig seen as it dosen't have any guns. In a large battle though, this woudn't hold true. You'd capture a Suprise and continue fighting with your ship then being taken. So it seems that people deem this as legitimate. Understandable.
  4. Hi there guys just wanted to start a discussion on this as its been poking at the back of my mind for a few days now. Ok - scenario - you have either successfully boarded an enemy or they have voluntarily surrendered their ship. (1v1 for simplicity) What happens now? you now have two ships that need to go back to port. do you give up a portion of your crew to the surrendered/ captured ship and an AI takes over? maybe it has a simple order set - like 'follow me' or ' go to home port' 'engage' or 'withdraw' etc. or do you have a function where you can take the ship under tow? (this would come in real handy for a number of things - dismasted friendly's etc.) perhaps if you could overpopulate ships for a short period you could have 2 team mates (and their crew) in 1 ship come and send one to the capped ship. Im curious how others think it should be Cheers Dazed
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