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Found 7 results

  1. Coming to a shipyard near you soon! The Wasa, by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman. Look no further. Here is the leaked crafting receipt for the new Wasa. A ship that is coming to the game with Unity 5 and which can already be taken for a spin on the testbed server: (click and expand to fullscreen to see full size image) This announcement is sponsored by: To learn about how you can already test out this beautiful new ship devs are giving us - if you haven't already -, follow this link:
  2. After the parch, It seems that some player have got the santa cecilia blueprint automaticcally and some don't (I am one of the ones that do not have it) What's happening?
  3. I submit to the Devs my suggestion for new BP system that is rather realistic (and better - at least in my opinion - than both the actual system and the future one possibly based on the fact that one has sailed a ship or fought against it). 1) in the crafting screen there will be new option "study blueprints"; 2) in the screen "study blueprints" one can study all the BP that are avaliable for him 3) a blueprint becomes available for study on the basis of a tree (i.e.: if you have not studied with success a brig, you cannot study a navy brig and so on, one can also imagine study topics - like "fast speed hulls" o "heavy hulls" - that shall be unlocked in addition before being able to search some kind of ship BP) 4) "study sessions" are needed to study BP and need labor hours: each of them requires a huge amount of hours (i.e. 500 labor hours) 5) the success in searching a blueprint is defined by an algorithm (an example is described in point 6 below) that makes is proportional to: - the number of "study sessions" (so of 500 labor hours batch) and - the crafting level of the player - the presence of the gifted perk so that, a success in studying a certain BP is more likely if i) more labor hours are used in studying ii) if the player has a higher crafting level and iii) in presence of the gifted perk 6) the success in studying a certain BP - also taking in account the crafting level and the gifted perk - is not 100% guaranteed for each study sessions but is determined with a casual factor (i.e. for the first study session a "X%" factor is determined by the crafting level + 15% of basic chance of success + 15% in case of gifted perk), BUT when you have unsucessfully used a study session on a specific BP, when you study it once more you will have a higher basic chance of success (i.e. second time you study the same BP have 30% basic success chance, third time you have 45%, fourth you have 60% and so on). 7) Moreover the BP tree could be structured in a way that choosing one path closes another one: - i.e. if I choose the path of "frigate construction" I will be able to learn only the BPs up to 4th rate, while if i choose the path "ships of the line" I will be able to learn SOL but not frigate. - in alternative one could be allowed to choose to study the "flavour" of the ships he will build: speed expert, hull expert, rudder and trim expert, cannon expert, traders refit, boarding refit. Also here one can choose just two "flavours" in order to allow specialization. In this situation - however - all the tree options should be fully disclosed in advance (like in normal MMOs ability trees) in order to let the player choose wisely what specialization he perefers. This system is like real life engineering studies and projects: needs time, effort, resources, adds a casual factor but - at the end (after a certain time) - grants the result and also stimulates specialization.
  4. Current system tweak maybe ? In relation to the drop rate, Why not make this a visible % the crafter can see on his screen, and increase the % chance a little every time he crafts a triggering vessel without it dropping. Future system maybe ? Target BP research points for specific BP is known and public knowledge. Every ship crafted adds a value to a research pool held for the player and visible on his crafting screen. The pool is held for each rate. (Advanced versions crafted may add extra points especially if maxed out on upgrade slots.) Player can utilize other rate research points at reduced effect when researching a new BP. (Greater the rate difference - smaller the value) Minimum research points from a particular rate for each BP is known and public knowledge. (avoids crafting 6th rates all your career then eventually qualifying to craft a 1st rate) Practice So the player has a list of research points he's acquired for each rate of ship. The player knows how many research points he needs for a particular BP The player knows the minimum research points he needs from a specific research pool. The player selects his new target BP Minimal research points from a specific rate are allocated and the player chooses which research points he will use to complete the total either same rate or a combination of same and other rate pools. (Slider system from differing rate tally's) Player unlocks the new BP permanently Trade-able BP ? Once researched the player can produce additional Trade-able/sell-able BP that will construct 1 vessel. Seller must craft these using research points (x amount) and coins. Receiving crafter must expend suitable rate research points to use the BP for a 1 off build, but does not gain the BP unlock.(Smaller research tally required) Minimal research points from a specific rate are allocated and the player chooses which research points he will use to complete the total. (Slider system from differing rate tally's) Player crafts a 1 off ship.
  5. Hi, i have a suggestion, i spent a lot of time, like a lot of other players, crafting trying to unlock every single blueprint and would be a pain to start all over again when the server wipe will come, i would like to know if there is a chance to connect the unlocked blueprints to the player's account like Rank level and crafting level.
  6. I think most of us can agree that the luck based Blueprint drops aren't really benefiting the game. Up until recently it went fairly unnoticed as the ships most people wanted were the default ones crafter's unlocked through pure levelling. As we get more and more players wanting ships above the Frigate now, the problem is becoming more and more evident. The sheer number of Tríncomalee requests now are clear evidence that a bottleneck is forming. And it will only get worse as the average player gets higher and higher in their rank. This beautiful game has 24 craftable ships, a mere 8 of which are available to everyone. That's one third. The devs should be encouraging the use of a variety of ships by the player base, not making it as difficult as possible for people to acquire them(the XP barriers do that well enough). It also does horrid things to the costs of the rare ships, as the few who have got the blueprints can effectively charge a lot more than they are worth due to lack of competition. There are probably a lot of different ways this current blueprint system could be changed. My personal suggestions would either be the ability to craft the rare ship blueprints with Crafting Notes. Maybe 10-15 for the lower level blueprints, all the way up to 100+ for the 1st Rates. Yes this would cause Gold to increase in value, but at least there would be an obtainable goal crafter's could work towards. Or perhaps use the breaking down of said ship to award a "scrap" of a blueprint. 10 Scraps unlocks it to craft, maybe more scraps for higher rate ships. Again, it might not be the most elegant system, but at least you give players an obtainable goal, not this luck based rubbish we have now. The current system favourers very few people, and over all hurts the diversity of ships in the game.
  7. I'm interested in crafting and have reached level 16. I realize that is nothing compared to other players and have to admit that I was being put off because I had never received a blueprint drop. So, after the last patch, I decided to start again from the bottom and crafted a Yellow Trader's Lynx and then a Yellow Lynx. Wowsers! On completion of the Lynx, I was told that I was getting a Pickle Blueprint. I was a bit confused, as if anything, I was expecting a Privateer. But hey, a blueprint is a blueprint, right? Except that it isn't because promised blueprint never materialized. I filed a bug report but would like to know - has anybody else had this sort of experience?
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