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Found 2 results

  1. Problem : Battle initiations can be abused very easily and result in many ganging battles. You can keep half of the fleet in distance while baiting with single ship. Ships not visible in horizon appears (teleports) in your battle in no time. 2 minute timer is a long one comparing ow speed. Baiting was used since beginning to drag enemies into traps. That creates lost of frustration which diverts players out of the game. Sailing alone is becoming rarer and rarer. You never know when some enemy will drop from the sky right behind you. 20 minute timer based on BR adds some interesting options but yet it is far away of being immersive. If you are in a higher BR like constitution and attacking Agamemnon, you should always be ready for a Bellona dropping from the sky in next 20 minutes. The position you entered the battle keeps changing in another parallel realm called open world. when you were engaging the enemy, empty sea turns to a death trap after the battle, full with revenge seekers. Everything above, forces you to sail in a group. Adding you as another ganging squad. Solo playing style is important and should have place if you want the game to succeed. Best gang win mentality has no future. Solution : JOINING BATTLE: Keep the battles open till the end. Inside battle, mark the enemy and ally join directions on mini map. People should join the battle based on time they are entering. Place the ship away from center of the battle as following: Keep the center of battle as reference point. Coordinate (o,o), OW speed multiplier = 4 (whatever it is) If 1 minute passed in battle : Ship speed 13 kn (6,69 m/s), (60x4) x 6,69 = 1.605m.(OW distance when battle started). 1605 - (60x 6.69) = spawns 1.203m away from start point (we assume ship sailed for 1 min in battle instance). If 1 minute passed in battle: Ships sped is 10.5 kn (= 5,40 m/s), (60x4) x 5,40 = 1.269m (OW distance when battle started). 1269-(60x5,40) = spawns 945m away from start point (for ships outside, slower ships should be closer to able to join in same time with faster ships) If 10 minutes passed in battle : Ship speed 13kn (6,69m/s), (10x60x4) x 6,69 = 16.056m (OW distance when battle started). 16.056-(10x60x6,69) = spawns 12.042m away from start point if 10 minutes passed in battle: Sip speed 10.5kn (5,40m/s), (10x60x4) x 5,40 = 12.960m (OW distance when battle started). 12.960 - (10x60x5,40) = spawns 9.720m away from start point Briefly we are putting them in their respective places when battle started + assuming them sailed same time inside battle. Condition 1 - Battle is very close to land or distance calculation considering join directions are on land: Move the ship to closest sea tile, with closest direction for calculated distance. Condition 2 - Somebody sails out of the port and joins or the battle is right in front of port: Join him as above, keep the distance and move him to corresponding sea tile, far away from his actual position. We are simulating arrival time (which is important) not starting position. Put a timer on battle screen outside in OW, people should know if it is worth joining or not. As a captain in instance if you wish to run, hoping for help go to your ally join direction. That way you will get closer to friendly late joiners. EDIT: Possible exploit, people joining battles to escape enemy. OW threat has higher priority, hence we can introduce 10 sec stationary joining time to allow anyone outside to able to attack you. Your timer resets as soon as someone start targeting you (if BR check of attacker fail after 10 sec, you join). e.g : You clicked, enemy start attacking you at 9th sec. Your time reset but server keeps checking for BR difference, informing player with a message. If BR fail at your 19th sec, you join and battle start loading. your spawning distance will be calculated according to time you click to join (your arrival time). BR difference, battle group rules for tagging still apply to avoid exploits. EXITING BATTLE: Give two options on exit screen. Stay where you are in OW : You pop up outside ready to be attacked and attack. No invisibility timer. Sail away: Depending on the time spend in battle you gain invisibility and you can not see other players meanwhile.(to avoid exploit) (Formula : 10√x+x/2, you can find the better one) 5 min in battle: 10√5 +5/2 = 22,3 +2,5 = 24,8 sec invisibility (no speed boost) 10 min in battle: 10√10 =31,6 + 5 = 37, 1 sec invisibility (no speed boost) 45 min in battle: 10√45 +45/2= 67 + 22,5 = 89,5 sec invisibility (no speed boost) 90 min in battle: 10√90 + 90/2=94,8 + 45 = 139.8 sec invisibility (no speed boost) If player attacks AI: Only one option will be available to leave battle : Stay where you are in OW (to avoid exploits) IF any enemy joins during the battle, regardless if he stays, sinks, leave; the second option to "sail away" become available. BENEFITS: Total immersion and simulation. No magical beamed ships appearing on water. What you see is what you fight Sailing closer in OW become important = better immersion and predictibility No more Ganging traps More enjoyable fights! FINALLY SOLO OPTION FOR THE GAME, which is crucial.
  2. This might be the most modified game mechanic until now and I would like to share some more ideas here. I have seen in different threads similar ideas, and here is my total RoE package for a robust, fun and sustainable PvP environment on the open sea. The Concept: The main difference here for the initiation of OS engagements is, that the location is not only factor for determining the allocation of ships in the instance, but also the time itself. So, basically after the OS attacking, the instance is created. And any ship, outside this first initiation circle, would be joining to the instance as reinforcements. Until this point, it is similar to the current system. The reinforcements on the other hand, would be again positional according to their open sea location, but the reinforcements would be relative further away to the engaging ships in the instance. I would like to use here the term cutter minutes, similar to light years, the distance a cutter would cover in one minute. For example, the first joiner would start in that instance 6 cutter minutes away (outer rims of orange circle) from the engaging ships. The reinforcement who joins after one minute of the start of the instance would be 6+1 minutes away (outer rims of green circle); the one who joins after 2 minutes of initiation would start 6+2 minutes away and so on. As a result, the more late you join a battle, the further away you would spawn from the initial battle location in the instance. What would this allow for the game? The open sea battle instances could stay open for much longer times instead of just 2 minutes, which would increase the dynamism and activity of the open sea and rendering it more lively. This would not end ganks, but if a captain is ganked close to a friendly port, there might be a chance for reinforcements to arrive at the horizon On the other hand, it might also lay the groundwork for a good organized gank, using the positional reinforcement. However, the distance to reinforcement point depending on timer (6 + x minutes) would still give a chance for the ganked captain. No BR limits Smooth transition from open sea to the instance Need and thrill of searching the horizon not only in open sea but also in the instance Attack Circle and Timer: The attack circle on open sea could be adjusted. A relative smaller circle and shorter timer, would increase the importance of the open sea positioning and engaging. Keeping the Target in Battle: At the current state, if you land a cannonball from 800 yard distance on the sails or hull and inflict some damage, you would reset the battle timer for the target. In most cases, this would result in a very long and boring chasing situation. The current tagging mechanism also gives opportunity to the griefers. To prevent those, a damage threshold could be applied like the need of inflicting minimum 1% damage to sails (or hull) to be able to reset the battle timer for the target. Similar measures were also taken in PotBS to prevent griefing. Even in the worst gank scenario, this would give the gankers at least several chances to attack the target for resetting the timer, whereas, the target also keeps its fair chance to be able to run away and click out. Instance Join Timer for Reinforcements: The timer for reinforcements could be easily increased in this concept. I would say a time between 5 and 10 minutes might be the optimal point. Ship Polars: Minor changes to the directional speed limits should be made according to the gameplay instead of realism here, I think. This means appointing different best speed directions for different ships, so that every ship could overtake others at a specific direction or similar to that. If we look below graph, Trincomalee curve (orange) is a good example being at some directions more slow and at some directions relative faster. In conclusion, I think all those rules together would render the open world much more lively and active place for PvP and RvR compared to the current situation.
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