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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, i wanted to see if we can start a discussion on the current state of the combat mechanic in game. Since coming back to the game I feel that although the ship sailing model has gotten more realistic with bigger ships being slower and less maneuverable, this combined with the repairs model and the game controls has actually resulted in what I regard as a very negative consequence. In "the old days" before I left, you had one repair and had to use battle sail (if you were smart) to preserve sails and try to preserve your sails while hurting the enemy (if you chose to target the sails). Now, the slower ships have resulted in captains deploying full sail ALL THE TIME in order to override the new ship model and enhance maneuverability, whilst using 2 things: 1. The multi repair model to allow for sail damage with no worries as constant repairs can make good) 2. The "arcadey" mechanic of using swinging yard arms and depowers to "dodge chainshot". Now as we ALL know, age of sail combat used Battle sails (so named for a good reason) IN BATTLE, and age of sail combat was slow and unmaneuverable, hence the need to think tactically when positioning ships, and the fear of tacking and the importance of wind. I really feel the current system has really gone away from the realism the devs were aiming at to a more "arcade system" where sails are never used except at 100% and that SOLs are being used almost like very big frigates, maneuvering all over the place, rather than grinding along in straight lines pounding things. "Dodging" chain shot with yard arms swings seems to me the very opposite of the kind of game play we (I?) want. I love the realism and "slowness" of age of sail combat where the game WAS heading and the time for thought and to outthink the enemy, and think the move to arcadey fighting with twitch manouveres like sail dodging is not good. Any system which means all ships sail about at 100% sail in combat cannot be seen as a system functioning properly. It defeats the whole idea of different sail rates, and also defeats the idea of "crew allocation" as its raising and lowering sails that really takes a lot of crew, and not so much maneuvering the yards. If your sail allocation is pointless, it means you can just crew the guns / boarding and ignore sails. Thoughts? Suggestions? MY opinion is that sails reps should only allow a "diminishing return" of repairs, to encourage sail preservation, eg 1st rep - to 100% (if possible), 2nd rep Max 85%, 3rd rep max 70% Also perhaps 100% sail will magnify MAST damage? Via more strain and tension on masts (or whatever, but just as a way to prevent constant 100% sailing with no downside)? Or perhaps each level of sail up, means yards take longer to turn (as more weight and pressure in the sails?) eg 100% sails = 50% slower yard turning, and proportionate penalties down till 1/2 sail?
  2. There has been some discussion about what people would like to see from a game like this. The discussion clearly shows that some people lean more towards the fast-paced action while others are looking more for a imersive age of sail. What is your preference, cast your votes now.
  3. Here's an idea to resolve all the debate about open world. Have two "game modes," but on two separate servers. -Server one will be "arcade" open world. -Server two will be "hardcore" open world. Server one- The "arcade mode" will feature durabilities, fast-paced gameplay, and tons of PvP. Economy will be greatly downplayed to allow players to have many fun battles in one gaming session. More casual players won't have to worry about longer sailing times and less battles. Fleet Battles can be arranged and announced ahead of time for maximum attendance. Server two- The "hardcore mode" will place great emphasis on economy/PVE. Explorers will be crucial and resources in high demand. Battles Will still occur, simply less frequently. Ships will not have durabilities, and once a ship is sunk, it is lost. Captured ships will function in the full capacity of normal ones. Resources will be very important for ship crafting, and crafting will play a very important part in the game. This can solve the issue of casual gamers who have a more limited time, and allow them to have just as much fun without having to worry about crafting ships or collecting resources, they can focus on having exciting battles in an open world environment. Likewise, hardcore gamers will have a more realistic environment, which will require crafting and resource gathering, which the casual gamer won't have as much time for. Both types of gamers will be able to experience the beautiful open world, but without having to deal with concessions made for other playing styles. And, when the hardcore gamers have a smaller time window, they can jump right into the "arcade mode," while when casual gamers get some more free time from their busy schedule, they can hop into the "hardcore mode" server and do some exploring of their own. This can accommodate both playing styles, and allow for people with different time frames to make the most of their playing time, rather than have everyone in one game mode where we all lose out a little bit. Feel free to point out any flaws in my ideas, and share any suggestions you think could make this better.
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