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Found 8 results

  1. Let the transgressors be judged by a jury of their peers... (Those two guys came at us the first night; we cited the ceasefire, and we parted ways peacefully. The second night they came at my LGV again, truly intent on hacking Dutch shipping....) Quoi qu'il en soit, ce ne sera pas ces deux insignifiants qui me feront haïr la France. Je ne le puis simplement pas. Seulement, ça aide pas à convaincre mes compatriotes...
  2. Pretty simple one. Last night we had a mighty screening fleet between Danes and Pirates to defend North Inlet. With current mechanics we were unable to effectively team up and pull the Russian fleet as by default we were split into two battle groups meaning we didn't have enough BR to pull. Felt pretty gamey and lame as we had more than enough across the two factions. Possible implementation: -Friendly clans cross faction would allow cross faction battle groups. This would require a UI update to friendly clans as its terrible in current form and needs a search function. This could also stop the ability to pull the other factions clans members while they are friendly. (would be handy) -Just straight up make it so we can invite other factions members to groups. I see no reason why different nations couldn't team up like this in certain situations. FYI Pirates and Danes are not allied Enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that.
  3. We have a wipe coming up with about a week to go. I figured this is a great time for a slew of suggestions since the devs are so open to suggestions lately First, I really think if there's going to be new pirate mechanics then they should slip it in this patch. It will probably involve a conquest/port wipe later and I'd hate to go through another wipe. A lot of people treat pirates as though they're not a real nation even though they are currently. Even admin has said pirates are evil hinting that they should be treated differently. Pirate lives matter. I'm a pirate and agree we should be different. But not half-arsed like it is currently. Pirates shouldn't be able to conquer ports Pirates shouldn't be able to craft ships Pirates shouldn't have AI on the OW Pirates should be able to freely attack each other Pirates should get half xp on AI Pirates should get double xp for pvp(double what nats get) Pirates should have a small number of unconquerable ports Pirates should be able to sneak into low authority ports and buy produced resources at about double the price(will explain later) Pirates should be able to fly false national flags Pirates should be the only faction that can reliably cap ships(including AI) Pirates should be able to raid national ports All in all pirates are losing their rights to conquest and ship building. They're not going to have to worry about their ports being taken though and they can grab resources from a good number of ports. They can cap other ships 100% of the time and the raiding will be harsh. Raids would basically be like buying a flag with pvp marks at a pirate port and heading to the intended port with a large group. Except no actual flag is bought and at least 10 pirates need to buy in piece meal at 5 pvp marks each. The raiders have 1 hour to make it to the raid and can't leave the port until at least 10 have bought in. After that raid doesn't start until at least 5 pirates have made it in. There's one circle 2000m across right at the mouth of the port. If the defender has at least double the BR in the circle after the first 30 minutes of the battle then a 15 minute timer starts. The timer gets halted if BR is not met and continues when it is. This is to make the attacker move in after taking down forts/towers. Attacker can get near town within circle and start bombarding town. Other attackers protect them. A health bar at 50k is above the town. When it gets down to zero ships can send out long boats with marines to take over the town. A successful raid means attackers get to plunder 10% of all player's goods in warehouses and all the stuff in the shop. All items are placed on a giant loot screen. Player who had the most kills/damage gets first dibs and so on so forth. If the defenders successfully defend they don't lose their stuff. Besides pirate mechanics I'd love to see a few other cool changes too. A more creative crafting system. Fully customizable ships from the ground up. No more Connies and Surprises. We create our own off of a base. Hull shape/size, sail size, cargo space, crew space, cannon count/size(within length limits), bow style, aesthetic trimming, paint, figurehead, etc. Choice of wood types for all different types of subcomponents to lighten the load or make it stronger. Choose a sweet national/pirate refit for some extra diversity. And then make a blue print. The blue print will require all subcomponents including the refit schematic to be crafted. In order to get subcomponents you don't want to craft wouldn't it be nice to have work orders you could put up to get them made. Maybe even being able to include the resources to craft them with the work order. This would give newer players or players not interested in crafting an easy way to make some cash. Could even put xp on subcomponents so the more someone makes the better quality it comes out. That could give players a way to set themselves apart from people making inferior grind quality parts and it would take the risk out of using someone's craft hours. Also having these and other work orders show globally would bring us a step closer to a player based economy. With no more named ships you would basically work from a base ship of the style you want to make. Maybe sloop, brig, small frigate, big frigate, 4th rate, 3rd rate, 2nd rate, and 1st rate. Xp would be gained per each base style of ship for combat purposes as well as crafting. The more type of ship you make the better you get at it. Although no more named ships they could start giving us the ability to name our own ships. Of course someone who caps your ship could change the name. Even a step further would be having a cool ship history attached to the ship. Maybe see how many kills scored with that ship. Even specific names or full battle list. Preferably even on owner transfer. Maybe more levels of buildings so instead of having multiple buildings for one resource in a port you just upgrade. One building per resource type instead of a specific resource. Add some other buildings to actually do the crafting like the workshop. Most permanent style mods could be added into the ship before the blueprint is made. Maybe some other equipment mods that are easily swapped like studding sails or a reinforced rudder. Or the book system is fine, but it would be nice to cap a ship that has everything on it except the original crew. That good feeling of loss. Get back to that academy idea so everything is craftable. Get a ton more officer perks and separate econ from fighting perks so crafters can still fight effectively. If your not cool with the way a ship is setup you should be able to retrofit it for some labor hours and materials. More if you changing something big like the frame parts. Less if you're changing to more smaller cannons. Replacing the regular leveling system I'd like to see a fame/infamy system. At certain milestones players get more crew like leveling, but there is many rewards up the chain. For example you can get 10 crew per 25 fame at first, but that goes up after 100 or so to 50 and so on. This will be cooler than huge chunks of crew gained. In between there is other things that get opened up in the admiralty shop or small items given to you. When a player kills another player their points are dependent on BR difference and fame difference. When you die you lose points the same. If a player that's at 500 in a surprise kills someone at 850 in a bellona he'll get a huge amount of fame and the loser would lose a decent amount. If 2 guys at 200 each in endymions kill someone at 200 in an lgv the killers would get only a bit of fame and the loser would barely lose any. It will become very hard for players to reach line ship fame. Oh yeah and no cap. Same system could be done with crafting. Small rewards in short intervals. Maybe a variety of milestones that unlock most of the non ship blue prints, figureheads, and bow styles. Nats can cap AI and player's ships. Upon returning to port though any non player AI gets sent to admiralty. Even player ships have a chance of going to admiralty based on fame level. Historically many nat captains did not keep ships they capped. Marines should do something more than playing cards on the deck while they wait for boarding to come up. They should be shooting up crew on the enemy ship if it's close(like 50m). Same with swivel guns. We need those. Entry point when joining a battle that already started should be further away from battle relative to the time it took to enter... and open forever. Exit point from a battle should put you in the same spot on the OW. To avoid griefing just have a tag timer that goes up after an unsuccessful tag. Maybe an extra 30 seconds on the first, a minute on the next one then 5 minutes after that. Let's see fire burn up sails, storms in battle, and damaged masts that snap when going full sails or in high wind. Bring back alliances with no use of friendly ports. For pirate clans let them build alliances with other pirate clans. The option to say screw the alliance and attack an ally with consequences. Some way to reverse those alliances before they expire. Turn pirate if you kill a fellow nat again. Turn to another nationality even. Without deleting your character. If your rep with that nation is cool. A rep system with other nations. For pirates if they are cool enough with another nation they can get into port battles as a privateer if invited. Nations can invite pirates to pb's for cash. Trading with other nations that your nation isn't allied with to give you negative faction. Between that and minimal fame and faction loss from killing another player over and over it will be much more difficult to grind on alts. Go back to the flag system with like 50 pvp mark cost. Then no more dozen fake flag days. Pb's should be similar to the raids above. No more 3 circles. Successful taking of the port means flag carrier becomes governor. Governor can upgrade town. Higher authority level on a port will give you some AI to fight. Only enough to stop small groups from taking a port super fast. Set tax rates. Actually make money if the port is busy enough. Buy forts/towers. Oh and back to one port taken at a time. Give port logs available at the ports that show who left and when. Not showing pirates or nats with smuggler tag on. Maybe a bounty system where you can accept someones request to hunt them. Being able to make it a specific named ship that killed you or a certain level of ship. If we're crafting cannons might as well do cannon balls too. Maybe some basic balls that are free but less damage. Stone shot or something. More noob friendly stuff to keep them. As mentioned before being able to swap nations as long as your faction is not negative. A little tutorial. Some higher tier starter ships just in case they get killed a lot. Nothing above a frigate though. Some level up rewards. Nothing big. Like a little bit of cash or pve marks. Maybe some fireworks when they level. This is what happens when I'm bored out of my mind. Sorry about the long post. Please discuss.
  4. Hey all Atm I think the alliancegameplay is pretty limited. Partly due to the static nature of the alliances which is reinforced by the voting system and partly due to the amount of allies you can have. I'd like to propose a change - limit all nations to 1 ally and 1 non-aggression pact. (or just 1 ally). It'll be a while before any effect is shown in the actual playerbehavior but I do believe it'll become a more active OW server.
  5. Why haven't the alliance bug been fixed yet? - This has been a problem from the start and is getting rather annoying - why switch from 1 week alliances to 3 weeks when you know the issue haven't been fixed?
  6. 800+ hours played over last 6 months and I do not understand the Politics function and effects of voting for War/Enemy/Alliance. Could someone walk me through how it works or provide a link to an explanation, please. For example: Couple days ago, US allied with GB and Netherlands. Saw hundreds of votes for continued Alliance with GB. Heard unofficial chatter that US/GB Alliance about to go down. This morning, woke up, Discovered GB and US now Enemies. Questions: Is this overnight flip triggered by anti-Alliance Player votes, or lack of Player votes to overcome some time limit on existing Alliances? Would some one explain how an Alliance can flip so quickly? What is the weight of each Player's 7 votes up or down? What percentage of total Players actually votes each round? You do know that many Players are completely unaware of the Politics button, and report never having looked at the Forums? And why there is no transition period of "Declining Relations" or "Repairing Relations" before the flip? Please help me understand this puzzle. ~ HK ~
  7. F11 report submitted 15:13 UTC Today's server reset marked the end of a round of voting. From what I can see according to the Politics tab, none of the voting from last round went through. The History dropdown only shows from this round that two Votes failed to go through. It does not show the votes that went through. Danmark-Norge had an alliance with France that expired this round, so both factions voted to renew that alliance. Our alliance is now expired according to the politics tab, but not renewed. It does not either say in History that it did not go through. However, Danmark-Norge players still have access to French Nation chat. When I check the Conquest tab I also still cannot see timers for French ports or buy flags against France. Afaik (though I haven't had time to sail out and check) we still cannot attack French vessels at sea. From this I conclude that the alliance vote did go through, but the Politics screen is bugged so it is invisible there. The system works correctly, but the Alliance screen is bugged. This has one graver consequence however. All random players of Danmark-Norge look at the politics tab and see that we have no alliance with France. In fact according to it we are enemies. They want to be allied with France, hence they vote for a new alliance with France. If the system worked properly they should not be able to vote to renew an alliance that was renewed just last round of voting (at least that is how it worked last time). The problem is that Danmark-Norge has an expiring alliance with Sweden running out next turn. Our vote for alliance with France will be nullified by the system anyway, and it would be in Danmark-Norge's interest and within the majority's intention to renew the alliance with Sweden this turn (assuming - based on earlier votes - that if France wasn't possible to vote for, as it shouldn't be, most players' next choice would be Sweden). ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bug report for devs: Action: Danmark-Norge (mutually) voted for France as Ally last round. Voted for GB as War last round. What happened: France is showing as enemy in Politics screen, and voting for France as ally again is possible. Also, war with Great Britain is listed as expiring in 0 days. What should have happened: France should be listed as Ally (expiring in 9 days). France should not be possible to vote as Ally again this round. France should not be listed as Enemy. Great Britain should not be possible to vote as War target this round. Great Britain - War should not be listed as expiring in 0 days. History dropdown should be updated. ------------------------------------------------------------ Apart from fixing the bug, what is needed?: Reset all votes submitted so far this round, so that players can deliver their votes again with the right information and the proper limitations.
  8. So we've been asked which Nations do we want to see in the game. That question alone opens up so many gaps to be filled either with current plans or new suggestions, so here goes. 1) If, assuming we do actually have Nations, there are going to be a fair few of them because I'm sure NA members will be of many different Nations. Thus, will we get the Globe as it is known today, or to save time and resources will each nation be given a fictional stretch of land? If we DID have a fictional map, it would be slightly better in the sense that devs could perhaps make travel time's shorter, it would also allow for capture of Islands which may not actually exist which leads me onto point 3) 2) Islands. If we DID have a fictional map, we could have groups of islands, some big, some small which offer different economic bonuses on capturing, and depending on their location, varying strategic value. Usually a well dug in island I believe would have up to 3 coastal batteries, a island just landed on would only have 1 battery, each battery hosting about 7-9 very heavy cannons. This leads me also onto my next point. 3)Wars. As far as I can understand the game revolves around PvP. Great. And there are Nations. Right...So are we going to have 20+ Nations constantly at war with eachother? Will that be good for trade with other nations etc etc? Again as you're reading i'm hoping you are thinking of some answers to this too, but here is my suggestion: Each Nation will have a ton of fleets [guilds/groups/clans], why not make a system that allows for members of the more prominent/illustrious fleets to be voted in as Admiralty. Everyone in a nation has a vote, they can pick who they want to fufill which role. Roles: - Lord High Admiral [1] = Overall commander, has the final say. - First lords of the Admiralty [5] = Almost like the High Admiral's war council. - Admirals of the Fleet [10] = Significant leaders of Fleets. What sort of duties would these leaders have? - Providing the safest and most economically stable country for generations to come. - Securing Islands of importance, economically or strategically achieved with constant communication and management of the most powerful fleets. If the above duties require a Nation to declare war on another, so be it, let the PvP commence. Obviously it is difficult to get every fleet to action, especially the smaller ones, which is why it may be worth creating some sort of Squadron linking bigger fleets to smaller ones, each giving each other support when required. Let me know your thoughts & suggestions on all of the above.
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