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Found 1 result

  1. First of all, thank you Sons of Britain and company for a fun night. We enjoyed the Aves defense and ensuing battles, likely one of the largest & heaviest ship fights on the server yet. Full 25 vs. 25. February 19th the pirates were on defense in the lesser Antilles. Roughly 8:45 -9 EST a conquest flag was purchased by the Dutch for Terre-de-bas (pirate port). The nearest dutch port lies within about a 45 min sail with decent wind (the wind at the time was the worst possible for their trip northeast). We considered this to be merely a flag distraction, however the dutch did end up making an appearance after the conquest flag timer was up. Within an hour of the dutch flag being purchased, a flag was purchased by the British for Aves. Our main force was setup for the defense of Aves - with a rotating force near Terre De Bas - needless to say, the British numbers were matched if not outnumbered as the Brits had used the same tactic we employ with the outside blockading fleet. With Frederiksted being captured, it seemed obvious that an attack on Aves was inevitable. With that being said - we look forward to what ensues as this type of action makes for some fun game play. To note: The french also tried taking a pirate port in the same timeframe - likely to capitalize on these attacks. However, the southern pirates [bSO], [FC], and [sIN] - along with TSP/AUS defending the port of Guayaguayare. Aves Port Battle Report: Pirate losses: (Rough Estimate - please correct me if I am off): 9 ships lost (1 third rate lost, 1-2 constitutions lost - remaining losses frigates and below) British losses: Entire Fleet (25) - 4 third rates sunk, fleet consisted of mainly frigate level ships and below with a few constitutions. Should be a recording up at some point I would imagine [I] Invictus reports the outside defense fleet also claimed victories - feel free to report the outside numbers. Pirates Clans in attendance: [CF] Crimson Flotilla, [OMG] OMG, [I] Invictus. British Clan in attendance: [SOB] Sons of Britain Feel free to correct any portion of this post by replying and I will edit accordingly. - [CF] Twobeardz
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