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Found 2 results

  1. Something I have been thinking about is in similar games, namely Rule the Waves 1&2, wars only exist between the player, AI allies and one or more AI nations. Tensions between nations are only tracked with the player, with an illusion of tensions with nations being from events, being: "You ally {NATION NAME} has reach a boiling point with their enemy {NATION NAME}, what is your course of action?" This only really leaves the world to revolve around your nation of choice with no other wars happening and the AI to build up navies that can only be used on the player. Now, I can understand that simulating a battle between multiple AIs with no player participation can be more than necessary. However RTW1&2 have events to represent a battle between an AI ally and an AI opponent without the player. Just an event reading: "In battle, your ally {NATION NAME} lost {SHIP CLASS AND NAME} and your enemy {NATION} lost {SHIP}" or some variation where the ally lost a ship but not the other or vise versa. Also when a ship intercepts a raider or blockade runner in a one on one, you can choose to auto resolve, ended with one ship sinking the other or the raider/runner out running the interceptor. This seems based one the ships involved, as a battlecruiser will reliably sink an armored or light cruiser, and a faster ship is more capable to escape the battle. Now, the idea for AI wars was demanded enough that a user made mod that tracks tensions between AIs in a separate window and somehow tracks battles with losses, I never got it to work so I can't say how it works, but it leaves me to ask for this game, is it possible that we could see conflicts between the AIs, even in a simplistic fashion? Something that makes the world a bit more 'alive' and 'real' by not being centered on the player?
  2. Hello everyone this is my first post on the forum but I felt I would share some of my ideas to help improve the game. Some of these things might have already been suggested. I feel that the open world AI should be involved in more interactions. Right now the AI does not seem to do anything other then roam from point A to point B and back again. The AI should actively try to get into battles with one another and with players. It seems rediculous that Ai fleets from different factions will just sail on by each other without a care. The changes to the AI I would suggest are: -AI pirates should be added which will try to attack AI and player trade ships. -AI patrols should spawn which will actively try to stop these pirates and will join in on battles to help defend trade ships (including players who were attacked). -AI patrols will also try to stop players who enter enemy controlled seas. -Large AI fleets should engage other enemy AI fleets in large battles. Same would go for any patrols that happen to run into each other. -For all of these scenarios the AI would take some thought about the fight as well rather than getting into stupid fights all the time they will definitely loose. -Of course all of these battles would be freely join able by players who wish to get in on the action. This next suggestion might be disliked at first but hear me out. AI fleets should be able to try and capture ports within limitations. A certain radius around the faction capital would be ports the AI would go after with priority being based off of proximity to the capital and resources produced. When factions take port in this close proximity to capitals the AI will prepare assaults to take them back, this would help keep under populated factions from being basically removed from the game (as has occurred on PVP 2 US). Beyond the certain range the AI fleets would not try to take port meaning that player PVP is still how the majority of progress occurs, this is just a safe guard to help the smaller or almost eliminated factions. Player can of course try to stop these AI fleets but they should be pretty intimidating to help compensate for player skill. A suggestion that wouldn't really change the game but would make it more impressive would be to change the fleet system on the world map. It would be interesting to make it to where ships in a fleet are actually represented on the map rather than a whole fleet being shown as one ship. The other ships would follow the lead ship at all times and would not act on their own, like the system in Sid Meier's Pirates. The fleet would still be one entity Perhaps with some interesting fleet names. This same system would also apply to player fleets as well. OVerall I think this would help the world seem more lively with more ships all around the map. It would also make it easier to see just how many ships there are in an area unlike the current system. Another smaller suggestion would be to make battles on the open world map show a few ships shooting at each other as a basic animation (rather than white crossed swords). Lastly as a dream suggestion I think it would be cool to have the battle instances and open world be the same thing but that will probably not happen. I am curious what other people think and if some of these things have been suggest before (or are partially implemented already without my knowing), I would like to know what the devs response was.
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