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  1. Title pretty much sums it up, I think it's probably an easy addition that has been overlooked.
  2. Ok I know there are a lot of discussions about this topic. However from what I read (notice: i probably read only small part of players ideas on this forum) most people are focused on timers set by defender or server. However my idea is the one when you get rid of timers completely... let's sum it up: What is the current situation: Defender sets timer Attacker have two hour window to craft the flag This leads following problems to: Defender can set timer to unreasonable time for both sides in hope that no one will show up for battle anyway Attacker can set up fake flags when couple of po
  3. As I'm sure people know, PVP2 has been losing players like crazy to PVP1. I believe this stems from an unbalanced player population, where US players greatly outnumbered the other factions who felt it was a slippery slope into oblivion. I believe a solution (albeit somewhat draconic) is to enforce online player caps based on each faction. I see two ways to do this.. One is a hard cap, where people could not join the server of a capped faction until someone else left. Second is a "increasing wait" penalty.. where players will have to wait extended times in order to join the ov
  4. Hi all, just wanted to post a ship suggestion here for the next 2016 poll not sure if this is the correct way to do it or if there is already a thread for it. Either way I am basically quoting an earlier post by Ink on the shipyard forums for the ship Delft, a 56-gun fourth rate of the Dutch Navy commissioned on the 16th of May 1783. I think it looks gorgeous and would help fill the void in the 4th rate ship line-up at the moment Let me know what you think?
  5. Hi Developers, i realy like to thank you for the content already there.And i want suggest an endurance value for the crew while battle. I've done some sailing and i know how much force is nessesary to pull a full set sail through the wind. Same with set or shorten sails. To move the guns in wide angles and pull them out again isnt a walk either. I imaging a permanent regenerating endurance bar while combat. The more force a action needs the more endurance should be used. If endurence is consumed all actions should be slown down to the regenerationlevel of this particular crew. A bit like
  6. I would like to see editable ship figureheads. Those can be made by players as well as sail pattern designs. You can also sell some cool looking sail patterns/figureheads for $. Post figurehead images that you like:
  7. While we are waiting for a final decision on how best to implement diplomacy may I propose a suggestion for the Devs that may work in the simplest form: *(Numbers are placeholder only, these are to be adjust to suite based on Devs opinion) The levels of diplomatic relations are set at specific 'diplomacy point' levels: Allied (+2000) Friendly (+1000) Neutral (0) Hostile (-1000) At war (-2000) The entire concept is run on increasing and decreasing 'Tension' through naval conflict and time that has past. Pirates would be exempt from this system and be permanently at war with every other nat
  8. Hi, First i want to tell to the devs i really love this game and i'm really looking forward to the future. Here are some ideas that will make this game a better and more fun game to play: - Delete ship durability: You can sink 5 times with a ships, i really dislike this feature, but what i'd like to see in place is a insurance system. You can pay for a insurance and if your ship sinks, you can get it back. But if you don't have one, your won't get your ship back. Currently this game is to easy and everyone can battle someone else without to many risks. This feature will make the open world ex
  9. 1. Hire officers to improve gunnery, sailing, repair. The more success I have, the easier (cheaper) it should be to hire officers that will improve performance. Gunners and gunners mates should improve the reload speed and accuracy. Sailing master should improve navigation (more later) and during battle handle the sails so you can focus on the battle instead of the sails. Bosun should improve crew performance and morale. Carpenter and sail maker should improve repairs. 2. Map and navigation should be more informative. I should be able to see a rough (dead reckoning) position on the ma
  10. A suggestion for the "Pirates" Faction: A feature where, after capturing an enemy ship, you can hoist that ship's faction's colors to disguise your ship and sneak up on enemies before attacking like in history. For example, pirate ship attacks and captures a British ship, pirate ship is now able to hoist the union jack to sneak up close to enemies and either attack or slip by. There could also be a feature for detecting whether or not a ship is disguising itself or not but I'm not really sure how. Any feedback, suggestions, or something to add on?
  11. Any addition to in-character politics and organisational stuff would be a welcome addition in my view. Something that just came to mind would be the option to offer Pardons to pirates. Or indeed for that matter to renege your colours (of any faction) and join another. Surely such things must have happened in real life. Not that this pirate would take up the offer but it might be of some nice addition for some folks. Some ideas of how it could be implemented Anyone can craft a Letters of Pardon - or - Highest tier players could create (for free) them (maybe 1 per week/month) and giv
  12. Hello all, My first post.. I've found that the UI transparency is too light, would it be a good idea for there to be a setting to vary the transparency? Also I've managed to accidentally drag a few windows around whilst in combat, could there be a setting made to allow the pinning of the UI?
  13. An "Away Key" would be real nice to have and marking your ship as AWAY. Here you are sailing along in Open World and the phone rings, a child screams, or your spouse demands some such thing or another..... Well....And you just have to step away for the computer. You never know if it will be just a second or twenty minutes. I understand that using this to escape a battle would not be fair or should be available. But in Open World, an "Away Key" that doesn't let the PvE attack you if you need to step away would be nice. Even in a battle, a shortcut key to quite the computer would b
  14. 1.Add forts to attack and take over. 2. Add icebergs, that can damage you ship. 3.Add more ships and custumiations. 4.Add trading. 5.Add Towns (if not already added). 6.Add shipwrecks, and survivors. 7.Add Damage sails will decrease you speed by a small amount. 8.Add Missions to earn money (ingame). Please leave your idears. Thanks
  15. I would like to propose that when you enter a port the port screen displays a list of captains that are also in port. This would be for both your national ports and neutral ports.
  16. I can make a good 3D model of a ship for this game. I don't even particularly care if I get paid a lot or not. However, I won't actually start making a 3D model of a ship unless there is an agreement and plan for the 3D model of my ship to actually be used. It is a lot of work to make one of these ships. So far I have heard nothing but rumors that making a 3D model is possible, and that sooner or later there will be an announcement about how 3rd party 3D art guys like me can go about making a ship for the game. Yet, nothing has been said. I'm still not making any 3D models.
  17. Probably for many of us, some of the best books about ships are Rafael Sabatini's Captain Blood's adventures. It would be nice to have in this game his Cinco Llagas/Arabella galleon. I always imagined it somewhat as Frigate Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde, but with only 40 canons.
  18. I don't know if this has been suggested before I'd like to see a possibility for scandalising sails. This is a means of reducing them very fast in a quick and dirty way. Having scandalised a sail is should take much longer to correct to the rig and get moving again. This could be used as a sudden stopping measure with a cost : it takes longer to get going as well. Two types of scandalizing I've seen in real life, both on a fore and aft rigged vessel: 1) you can release the kicker and sharply tighten the topping lift so that the boom lifts up fast, say up to 45 degree so the
  19. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_Washington So the Above was a Real sailing brig back in the day and the replica has stood in for loads of TV and Film ships, primarily the Colour scheme as a variation for the brig in terms of customisation, (So we don't all look exactly the same) http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/images/5/51/Enterprise,_sailing_brig,_Generations.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110427203511&path-prefix=en https://d38ls2kcjnhfdj.cloudfront.net/5063c67b-7cd6-45b1-a9a6-f3443d04ef50_d.jpg
  20. Hello, I just registered to post this suggestion: I think it is a good idea to place the hotkey for a command next to its button (at the right side of the screen). This would be a great way to familiarize players with the shortcut key which is the best way to play this game. Furthermore, there could be an option to hide the command list interface, to free up more "real estate", so as to speak. I am a table wargamer who resorted to the PC for the lack of an opponent. So far, your game is the only one I like since 1997 (Sid Meier's Gettysburg). I sincerely hope that you will have a most succes
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