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Found 66 results

  1. So, I captured one of the shiny new things; The Mercury. First of all I think it's fairly good looking, like a chubby pocketsize frigate. It's a class 6 ship with 10 class 7-9 guns per side. You could go with 6 pounders or carronade 18. There is the long range drawback of carronade derps, but they weigh about half that of the 6 pounders so the Mercury will get a slight speed and handling buff running with the snub-guns. It is an interesting ship since the devs want to make our frigate+ habits more expensive to maintain. The Brigs are ugly and large targets and the Snoooooow is slooooow. Here are the GUI stats with the Brig as reference, note that there are modules installed but the values should be within 5-10% accurate. The Mercury places itself just above the Brigs in overall combat potency, both protection and armament. Compared to the Brig and Nbrig it gets 4 and 2 more guns respectively. Speed and handling is just about the same, though I'm shooting from the hip on that one since I skipped the OW brigs. Considering the PVP player went the way of the unicorn, a player-controlled merc outmaneuvers the mouthbreathing brig-bots at least. Mercury speeds: Gun handling: The target that my medium 6 pounders are looking at is just under 400m away. As far as GUI feedback goes it doesn't seem like a good sniper. But I suspect this isn't tied to the boat or the guns, it might be a tweaked feature or even bug, no idea yet. I can't even say if the ship models have base accuracy and dispersion values built in or if all that follows the guns and upgrades. Anyway, the shots seemed to converge better that the cone lets on. You guys may have more thoughts on this... Please let everyone know if you're sitting on stuff I missed.
  2. Hi all Where to find a privateer? Only with crafting? I like the model and want to try it! ho i'm in the danish faction. Near Christiansted. Thanks
  3. Just spotted an error in the classification of ships in game and wondered if there might be a few more. (Navy Brig should be un-rated not a 6th rate) See wiki for specific confirmation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rating_system_of_the_Royal_Navy Basically a ship carrying 20 to 28 guns was a 6th rate. (Navy Brig 18 guns should be un-rated not a 6th rate) A ship of 30 to 44 guns sometimes 2 decker was considered a 5th rate. A ship carrying less than 20 guns was un-rated I saw Navy Brig in the 6th rate shopping list. A Captain (Not Master 8 Commander) would never ordinarily be given command of an un-rated.
  4. In Sea trails and Open World every time you start a new battle you get a full crew, even if you lost all your men in the previous battle. Im sure that is gonna change till you having to hire crew or something, so it would be cool to have a abandoned ship option. Also if you have some of the more valuable modules for you crew like rifels and stuff to save that insted of buying new if you ship goes down then you could controll the front little boat and having 1 or 2 AI following you out of the battle, if they make it you keep them and the stuff they saved. And if the enermy gets too close to your little line of boat an option to make them flee in multiple directions so atleast a few could survive
  5. I was just wondering if the ship Vasa will be added to the game or if it is planning to be added. Sorry if this was already discussed or was a thread. mvh
  6. Hello. I'm right now playing as a Navy Brig and after having a very hard time with the standard brig, I thought this one was going to be better but I was mistaken. This I am going to say it's true: I got more damage per battle with a Privateer than what I get with Brigs or Navy Brigs. My problem is not the firepower or the manueverability right now. My big problem that for this ship is that it pretty much is like a piece of paper. I can't stand seeing how in a single shot it's entire nose armor gets almst fully destroyed and almost the same for port or starboard, and rear. Two shots and it's done even when being shot by not that big ships, but if it gets shot by a constitution its done almost in the first set of shots. So, I cannot even approach ships without gettign destroyed before I can do a decent ammount of damage, and somehow in pve ships will manage to hit you without ranging shots in the first try. So yes, i'm despeprate with this ship, cause I thought It was going to be better and more resistant but no it is not and I have a long way to the snow.
  7. Pigafetta


    From the album: Flags

    The Amerigo Vespucci ship.
  8. Hello I have ben playing naval action for about a week now and i love it, I have notice that you have, the battle of trafalgar in as a battle option. It is great fun. So i was hoping to see mor historical battles in the game. And since i am a dane the first battle that comes to mind, is the battle of copenhagen, The british was attack copgenhagen, the the danish fleet was defending, so it could be some some attack defend game play. Mayeb something like if the brist get to much damage to copenhagen they win or something like that. As you can see on the old battle map how the fleet is line up in a good way to start the battle with the british coming in and the danes waiting in line, and the just some scenery that look like old cophagen in the distance More Painting form the battle And a little video abourt the battle - Nelsons hardest battle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6AU6gIW0q8 Sorry for bad spelling, my enlish nor danish in not so good. Hope you will consider this suggention Great work so far!
  9. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-30926084 Ladies and Gentlemen, here is a rather heart wrenching look into one of our favorite ships. But so it for a great and rather old titan. It is however an interesting look into the guts and under-skin of her. Here's hoping that they can get things taken care of.
  10. Dear Developers, One of the great mistakes of many games as they grow from alpha to beta to full release is the simple of beauty, of well, simplicity. Yes, the game may be stark and rustic with a gigantic hour glass on the loading screen and the stark lobby, but please, I beseech you all, do not lose the things that make this game great at the beta stage. So many games try to prolong the life by making progression longer, they try to change the way we play mid game release, realize it was horrible, but are too arrogant to see they made a mistake and change it, *cough* War Thunder. The wonderful way people feel accomplishment from finally getting 30.000 damage and getting that Snow without having to pay for it with in-game money or some other form of research. In some ways the stark and bleak manner of the lobby without all the lackluster makes it easier to access and figure out. Yes, maybe a tutorial would be nice, but just simply jumping into a game via one click, notifying people via the Global Chat that a game is starting is just amazing no matter how primitive the stage of the game. I can't give too many specific examples, but if any of you guys out there have played games from their beginning to the later release stages, you will know what I speak of. It just simply isn't the same when the devs try to add content or pizzaz or lackluster, instead of fluidity of gameplay, balancing, model fixes, and bug fixing. So, inconclusion, what I really want to leave you developers with, is that never be too arrogant to admit your mistakes and revert to the old ways, never stop fixing technical issues and start thinking that shoving content down our mouths will satisfy us, and finally just remember the old ways, the ways that made us, the beginning followers fall in love with you game. -Vizeadmiral Isaak der große des Shiffes "Frederick II"
  11. I have two suggestions on the different trade types there could be. -The "free-lance" merchant, this is the guy or girl who decides to trade on his own. Players could choose to simply do this at any time of the game by discontinuing their agreement with a nation or at the beginning of the game not signing up with one. This merchant has a good chance of becoming richer by himself, but the income isn't as steady, for instance, let us say that this merchant has just bought grains at a British port, maybe Trinidad or something, (if this is set to be in the Caribbean) and wishes to take them to Santiago, which is an agriculturally based economy. He knows that there will probably be a good profit, but what he didn't know was that there was an official delivery straight from the British government of grain the previous day. This will put no demand on the grain he just took so long to deliver. Again, it could have gone both ways, but the first possibility I mentioned would be likely. Well then you ask, how could I not have this happen if I wanted stabler trade income? That brings us to the next type of trade. -The "subject" merchant this guy or girl is one who decides to be under the rule of a given nation, at the beginning of the game he decides to sign on with a nation to trade for (remember this is all a suggestion that I hope to see in game, thumbs up and reply and comment to show support). He goes from assigned port with assigned cargo to assigned port. This is much stabler, as you might already be noticing, because it is assigned. One will not have that problem with an overstock shipment. It was assigned and scheduled by both governments and will take precedence over any free merchant. However, this merchant does not have the chance to make as many riches as the other because he will only get a stipend or dividend of what the income was for that given government. He cannot make big breakthrough amazing deals because he is bound to trade assigned cargo to an assigned port. But you must remember it is always money guaranteed, if you don't get blown out of the water by pirates or the enemy country of course. Just some suggestions I thought would be cool to have in the game. They open up more possibilities for the player and expand the way the game is played. Comment and discuss if you think this would be nice in the game or vice versa, if you think it should just be all free-lance merchants. -Vizeadmiral Graf Isaak der Große
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