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  1. Nau "Rainha de Portugal" Was built in 1791 in Navy's shipyard in Lisbon by Torcato José Clavina. Saw militar service until ~1834, after that was served as hospital ship until ~1848. She helped the royal british navy (Admiral Jonh Jervis and Admiral Horatio Nelson) against france in the napoleonic war aswell as transporting the royal Portuguese family to Brazil in 1808. Armament: Lower Gun Deck, 30 cannons (36lbs) Upper Gun Deck, 32 cannons (24lbs) Quarted Deck, 18 cannons (12lbs) a Dimensions: Lenght 55.27 m Beam 14.48 m Depth of hold 10.36 m
  2. Sofia Magdalena Please help find more info on this ship. Ship Plan
  3. 'Hollandia' Launched 1665 Dimensions: length 165 (Dutch) feet, with 41¾ feet, depth 15¼ feet en 82 guns. History: ordered by the admiralty of Amsterdam and build at Amsterdam’s admiralty dockyard as part of a 24-ship program since a new war with England was looming on the horizon. The ‘Hollandia’ was the Republics largest warship in 1665 and acted as flagship for the admirals de Ruyter, Tromp, van der Zaan, de Haan, Sweers en van Stirum. The ship took part in the following sea battles: - Four Days Battle - St. James's Day Battle - Raid on the Medway -
  4. Here is a large collection of early 50 gun frigates and 4th Rate ships. I will be adding more plans soon! Enjoy.
  5. 'Prins Friso' History The ship of the line 'Prins Friso' carried 50 guns. Length 144 foot, breadth 42 foot, depth in hold 14,5 foot (all amsterdamse voet). The ship was build from 1728 to 1730 on the Admirality shipyard in Harlingen. The construction was pre-aproved by the Admirality of Amsterdam, due to the wish to consult the English shipwright Thomas Davis regarding construction. The wood needed was bought and fabricated in Amsterdam and then transported to Friesland. Characteristics Dutch Republic Operator Admiralty of Friesland Launched 1730 How acquired Pur
  6. 'L'Ambitieux' A French 80 guns battleship from 1680, the flagship of the Chevalier de Turville and one of the finest and most beautiful ships of the French Crown of the XVII century. Plans: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jf7sjppd638y4w8/AABXyEt0SgNIyxxfR9vI4sY_a?dl=0
  7. La Couronne Ships History : La Couronne was an emblematic flagship of the French Navy built in 1636 by Cardinal de Richelieu. She was built in accordance to Richelieu's plans to renew the French Navy, after a series of ships built by the Dutch. The contraction was overseen by the famous carpenter Charles Morieur, from Dieppe. She was one of the most advanced vessels of her time. She was equipped with 68 heavy guns, 8 firing to the bow and 8 to the aft, an unusual feature until Dupuy de Lôme redesigned naval artillery. The Couronne took part in the siege of Hondarribia in 1638, and ano
  8. just found a book about the Danish ship of the line Holsten. she was build between 1769 and 1772 by F.M Krabbe at Nyholm, Copenhagen she was armed with 60 guns ( 24 24pd on lower gundeck, 24 12pd on main gundeck, and 12 8pd on wether deck) and had a crew of 470 + a marine compliment of 100 as soon as I can get a good scan of the plans I will add the to the post
  9. HMS Leopard was a 50-gun fourth rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, built at Rotherhithe and launched on 15 March 1703.[1] Leopard underwent a rebuild according to the 1719 Establishment at Woolwich, and was relaunched on 18 April 1721. Leopard served until 1739, when she was broken up. Building HMS Leaopard http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/3097-hms-leopard-by-bluto-50-gun-ship-1790-180-pob-1790/
  10. I've been digging a bit and i have found some blueprints of the HMS Prince 98-gun second rate ship of the line that was launched on 4th of July 1788. It is a very pretty ship and it is a 2nd rate which we only have 1 of so far. Here are some plans: Orlop plan: Lower gundeck plan: Middle gundeck plan: Upper gundeck plan: Quarterdeck and forecastle plan: Inboard profile plan: Sheer plan and lines: Model: Now, I am not a historian or anything, but this seems like a cool ship and I haven't seen it with its plans in this forum.(might be that I mis
  11. Zakharii i Elisavet/Захарий и Елисавет Russian First Rate 1745 100 guns Article: Info: http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=10522 Zakharii i Elisavet Russian 3rd Rate 1795 74 guns Info:http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=10663 Source(in Russian): http://alternathistory.com/g-satskii-delo-o-gladkopalubnykh-lineinykh-korablyakh-katasanova Every piece of info is welcome
  12. Came across these two beauties that have plans with their stern and bow details! It would be a shame not to share them. I'm surprised that nobody has posted them till now. Le Terrible 78 guns 1739 Info: http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=2162 http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=7098 http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/81165.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Terrible_(1747) Le Monarque 74 guns 1747 Info: http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=2109 ht
  13. Le Francois 1683 (French 5th rate) Build thread: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/6541-le-francois-1683-5th-class-vessels/ Model: Plans:
  14. Le Fleuron 1729 3rd rate Le Fleuron, a 64-gun ship of the line 3rd rate (vaisseau de 64 canons), was built according to plans by naval architect Blaise Ollivier who also together with his father, Joseph, a naval architect as well, conducted and surveyed the construction of the ship in Brest 1729-32. Le Fleuron is an excellent example of the French naval architecture school at the beginning of the 18th century which was not yet influenced by the English and Dutch naval schools. Le Fleuron was one of the finest ships in Louis XV's navy and received the following testimonial (among
  15. HMS Portland HMS Portland was a 50-gun fourth rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, launched at Woolwich Dockyard on 28 March 1693. She was rebuilt according to the 1719 Establishment at Portsmouth, and was relaunched on 25 February 1723. On 17 March 1709, Portland recaptured Coventry, which the 54-gun Auguste and the 54-gun Jason (1704) had captured in September 1704. Portland was broken up in 1743
  16. Wasa (Vasa) 1628 Vasa (or Wasa) is a Swedish warship built between 1626 and 1628. The ship foundered and sank after sailing about 1,300 m (1,400 yd) into her maiden voyageon 10 August 1628. She fell into obscurity after most of her valuable bronze cannons were salvaged in the 17th century until she was located again in the late 1950s in a busy shipping lane just outside the Stockholm harbor. Salvaged with a largely intact hull in 1961, she was housed in a temporary museum called Wasavarvet ("The Wasa Shipyard") until 1988 and then moved to the Vasa Museum in Stockholm. The ship is one of S
  17. Konung Karl built in 1694 built by Charles Sheldon at the Karlskrona shipyard. named after King Carl, She was 54m (177ft) in length at the waterline and weighed in at 2,730 tons. she was armed with 108 cannons and complemented a crew of 850. She remained in service for a suprising 77 years before being broken up do to decay. She served as the flagship for Hans Wachtmeister who served under Charles XI and Charles XII. She would be later up-gunned to 120 in 1714 and then rebuilt to 100 in 1723-4 although its suggested sometime later on she was again reduced to either 96 or 90. Armarment: 1
  18. 'Vanguard' I was finally able to find plans for my favorite ship. Enjoy! P.S will try to get her in game in the near future when Kickstarter opens up. HMS Vanguard was a 74-gun third-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, launched on 6 March 1787 at Deptford. She was the sixth vessel to bear the name. In December 1797, Captain Edward Berry was appointed flag captain, flying Rear Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson's flag. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Vanguard_(1787) Plans
  19. not sure is this has been posted yet sorry if it has. ----------------------------- The HMS St. Lawrence was a 112 gun first rate ship of the line launched on 10 September 1814 from the Kingston Royal Naval Dockyard. She was the only Royal Navy ship of the line ever to be launched and operated entirely in fresh water. how ever powerful she was as the largest warship on the great lakes, because of her sheer size and the danger she posed she never saw action as the U.S. fleet was too worried of losing their ships to her and was promptly decommissioned in 1832. She was the flagship of S
  20. I finally got around to posting the only ship of the line I will personally champion. Ladies, gentlemen, bastards, and wenches, I present to you: USS America Laid Down: May 1777 Launched: November 5, 1782 Builder: Colonel James Hackett Admiralty Model by: Robert Bruckner General Characteristics: Country of Origin: United States/13 Colonies Operators: United States, France Type: Ship of the Line Guns: 74 Crew: 626 Length: 182.5ft (55.63m) Beam: 50.5ft (15.39m) Draught: 23ft (7.01m) Displacement: 2,014 tons Speed: 12 knots Arma
  21. i would love to see HMS Temeraire,it was Lord Nelson's favourite ship.
  22. The ship was built in 1760 like a 58 guns ship of line,equipped with 24 x 24lbs, 26 x 18lbs and 8 x 8lbs. The ship was reduced to a merchant vessel, the lower gun deck was removed to get more space to cargo, in the end, the "new" vessel only kept the stern ports, and was equipped 34 gun ports, with 26 x ¿18lbs? in the upper gun deck ( I don´t know yet if the vessel kept the original weapons) and 8 x 8lbs in the quarterdeck/ forecastle link to the drawing: https://pinake.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/017b_-plano-sistema-a-la-inglesa.jpg Some photos of the wooden model in the
  23. A shame that there aren't many ships to mention in those centuries from the german states, but at least the Wapen von Hamburg was a nice ship. I'd dream to see her in the game - one will suffice there don't have to be all four variants The first three were convoi ships and the fourth a frigate. http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wapen_von_Hamburg_(1669) http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wapen_von_Hamburg_(1686) http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wapen_von_Hamburg_(1722) http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wapen_von_Hamburg_(1740)
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