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Found 136 results

  1. Captains log, 28th of January 1765 port of Coquibacoa aboard the 118 gun "Skrien" The war with the russians are heating up. Word has come in that the russians are preparing a full scale invasion of the port of Coquibacoa and the surrounding areas. The Danish-Norwegian Privateers has been ordered to the port in order to disrupt and possibly prevent a landing of troops in the city and the Baltische-Flote has taken the responsibility of defending the port itself. The naval ressources in the area has for a long time been stretched thin, busy as the danish-norwegian navy has been to protect trade in and around the port of Christiansted after the russians captured Guyama only a few hours away from the danish-norwegian governors residence. The Danish-norwegian navy did however manage to field a larger squadron of first rates that took up positions a few nautical miles outside of Coquibacoa in a westernly direction. The lookout soon spotted sails in the horizon, a smaller dutch endymion class frigate, hardly anything to be concerned about. Not long after the lookout yelled "More sails, 1,2,3,7 - 23 sails! East - one point North!". This was a dutch battlefleet come presumably to support their russian allies. We convened on the "Skrien" for a quick warcouncil, should we engage the dutch fleet or wait for the promised swedish reinforcements that had left Santa Marta? We decided that the enemy was too strong to allow near the port of Coquibacoa, our battlefleet of seven 1st rates and a single 3rd rate was a lot smaller than the dutch contingent, the dutch however had fewer large vessels and by the looks of their handling was probably of sturdy but outdated designs. The decision to engage the enemy fleet was taken at combat ensued as the 2nd bell was sounded throughout the fleet. The dutch captains fought with all their bravery but immediately after the engagement started the dutch losses were climbing. Were it not for a fireship that we hadn't noticed we would've left the battle mostly unscathed such is the might of our first rates! Alas! the fireship demasted my "Skrien" and Captain McKnights "Jomfruen". The dutch wasn't long in taking advantage of the crippled "Jomfruen" and pounded her stern relentlessly, screams could be heard from her as her crew was being raked to pieces and not long after a dutch captain engaged her in bloody hand to hand fighting. The boarding was soon over, as the crew of the crippled first rate were demoralised, decimated and the entire ship was in a bloody state of chaos. I acted with all speed, managed to get the boarding ship sinking and after some quick manouvering, with limited sails, boarded the lost "Jomfruen". The boarding was quickly done as the dutch captain had little time to prepare a defence and my crew was veterans at taking over enemy prizes. We managed to free Captain McKnight and the rest of his crew from the holds in the ship, but after a brief discussion it was decided to sink the "Jomfruen" as she was probably unsalvable in her current state. Elsewhere the battle was raging strong, the smaller dutch ships were shooting remorselessly but in general with very little effect. Captains Mikkel "0TimeLefT", Staunberg, Denisik, Wiesewolfe, Sir.Sigurd and DarkJoker hammered the dutch fleet into submission and as I was clearing the sinking "Jomfruen" I heard the heavy thumps of the danish forty-two pounders and the splintering woods of masts, ships and bones all around me. The dutch fleet were trying to disengage and we were already mopping up the remaining ships. A relatively large contingent of smaller dutch ships managed to escape the battering but all in all we were extremely satisfied with the engagement. The dutch lost 15 ships ranging from the recently captured "Jomfruen" to several 2nd rates of the Bucentaure class to fourth and fifth rated vessels of varying sizes. The danish-norwegian losses amounted to a single first rate for which I will be put on court martial the day after the next to explain my actions. I do believe however that it will be a swift procedure since the demands of the battle dictated she be floundered rather than letting her fall as a prize to the dutch navy. The battle was portrayed by a painter in the port: https://imgur.com/a/FqZDC The Baltische-Flote managed to hold the port and now we're celebrating the battle. The crews are drinking their hearths out and the brave swedish squadron, sorely missed outside of Coquibacoa, arrived with a tale of fortune in battle. Apparently they had intercepted a russian fleet of one first rate, seven second rates and a smaller vessel, all either prizes or sunk in the ensuing battle. We are gratefull that these russian ships didn't make it to the port as they could've turned the tides against us. And. We're even more gratefull for the dominican prostitutes and cuban tobacco the swedes brought with them. All we need to be real cosy right now is basically some haitian rum! Captain Lars Kjaer, commander of the high sea fleet Port of Coquibacoa, aboard his majestys ship "Skrien", 118 guns, 1100 crew compliment 28th of January 1765
  2. Captains log, 22nd of January 1765 Captain Lars Kjaer, Aboard the 118 gun "Skrien", 1100 crew compliment. As I write this the court martial for loosing the fleet at Carlisle a few days ago has been postponed indefinately. The king of Denmark-Norway has been contacted by the swedish ambassador with a proposal. Apparently my squadron, the danish-norwegian privateers, are being hired for a screening in the battle at Cartagena de Indias. The Kungliga Marine had made preparations for an invasion and wanted the assistance of the danish navy in order to get the invasion fleet into the bay. I myself had some reservations about this, but with the ruling of the court martial hanging over my head I saw no real way to object against the orders. We headed out with a squadron of 10 first rates from the DNP squadron as well as some first rates from the DS squadron. Set sails from San Andres and immediately concerns were mounting over the low amount of supplies in stores. The fleet as a whole had to make do with what was at hand and what we could share between us. My flagship, the "Skrien" were taking the lead as we headed out of San Andres, the navigator assured me that we would arrive on time and not a minut early. As it happened we arrived at the rendez-vous ahead of schedule and I had to discipline my navigator hard. After flogging the culprit personally and thus instilling discipline in the rest of the crew, we took stock of the ships and the stores. The news were less than ideal, repairs were low on half the ships and rum was in short supply as well. The ships on the other hand were, as the rest of the danish lineship fleet, in superb condition and morale was high as we gathered aboard the "Skrien" for a warcouncil. Joined by the swedish admiral, who were extremely blunt and argued for the danish-norwegian contingent going in the front and take the brunt of the russo-spanish fleet. We agreed grudgingly, mainly due to the heavy incentives offered by the swedish admiral. As we set out from the port of Santa Marta, a little past the 2nd bell. Spirits were high, partly in anticipation of a battle and partly due to the swedish tobacco and prostitutes we received as gifts. We sailed past the deadly shallows at Barranquilla and soon after the lookout on the flagship hailed "Sails"! It was a smaller contingent of spanish 3rd rates. We weren't too concerned untill the second ship in the line shouted "More sails!, 1, 2, 3, 5, 20 sails! WSW". The spanish had a large contingent of ships, 21 SoL, mostly 2nd rates and a single frigate. Our fleet was complimentet by a smaller contingent of swedish ships, taking our tally to 18, mostly 1st rates and two frigates. https://imgur.com/a/uf3Rc The danish fleet were dragged in a bit disadvantageous and we had a hard fight in the starting phase of the battle. We worked tirelessly on the crews in order to get the sails and ships in line for the battle and soon it became a bloody brawl. We got lucky though, the starting disadvantaged isolated two of our first rates but with patience and some clever sailing we managed to get the 1st rates out of trouble and isolate 3 spanish 2nd rates instead. We pounded them relentlessly and it wasn't long before they were in a bad way. From there the battle raged hard for more than 6 hours, the spanish gave a hell of a fight and at several occasions the situation were looking grim. In the end the spanish navy was slowly but surely whittled down by the larger broadsides and the fact that several of their 2nd rate captains seemed inexperienced in these large scale engagements. A huge win for the combined danish-norwegian and swedish navy as we took down 14 enemy ships, 5 first rates and a large portion of their 2nd rate contingent. https://imgur.com/a/hsMbX As I'm writing this I'm feeling somewhat confident that the court martial will not rule against me, we got the entire danish-norwegian contingent out of the battle - disregarding the old weathered 1st rate we used as a fireship in the initial onslought of the battle. The fleet is heading NNE at the moment, having left Santa Marta and the spanish main behind us. Morale is high even if we took heavy losses in men and several of the ships have been taking in water for the past few hours. We're confident we can salvage them home though. Captain Lars Kjae Admiral in charge of the battlefleet NNE of Cartagena De Indias on the 23rd of January 1765
  3. @admin I just poste a senario based on what happens in the game right now. Not to accuse anyone of abuse, because I cant know. Just tell how what is happend right now, just not can be what you intentet for the game and how it might be abuced. Spain is right now second and getting PB against Russia. There allies. They get there port For free. No fights, wich means they can use alts to win the pb’s.( yes alts do exits. Some players have statet, that they have up to 10 accounts). So what does that do for Vm. Lets just say they for each pb have 15 players in and by using alt account, they by 4 pb therefore get 60 different account get the right to VM. So even if they get in 3 place they get 60 VM. I dont even dare to think of second place ore dear Lord the first place. How do anybody fight a nation with unlimited VM? Ore are you tellng me you want a game where ppl abusening the game is getting rewarded?
  4. I'm pretty sure we have all come across this by now. You want to add a new clan to your friend list, but you can't find them in the list. Scrolling through the list a pain for two reasons: Scrolling itself through the list is laggy af Clans are sorted by creation date (I think?) from oldest at the top to newest at the bottom You should be able to sort clans in alphabetical order (ascending or descending) or add a new window that allows to search for specific clantag in your nation.
  5. Captains log, Jan 14 1765. The danish-norwegian admiralty has decided to attack the spanish port of Corrientes as a retaliation for their assistance to the Russian imperial fleet. A spanish squadron gave assistance to the russian port defenses of Cayman Brac, we managed to capture the port regardless, but it has been decided that the transgression would not be overlooked. I'm apprehensive to the idea of attacking a port so far from homewaters, danish-norwegian fleets are already stretched thin and manpower and ressources are dwindling. Reinforcements are sorely needed but the wars in Europe as well as convoying ties up the bulk of our fleet. We gathered in the ragtag port of Tumbado a few hours sail east of Corrientes. The fleet wasn't very large, a few 2nd rates, a few 4th rates - mostly 'Agamemnon' class ships and a few frigates. We set out after the second bell heading west in bad winds. A spanish cutter spotted us as we were approaching Corrientes and as we were nearing the port a large enemy squadron undocked to meet us. The enemy contingent consisted of several 1st rates, 4th rates and a contingent of frigates.. The situation was grim at best but we decided to go for battle rather than let their frigates catch the slowest of our ships. A fighting retreat back to Tumbado were in the cards and unfortunately the enemy managed to divide our forces into several smaller engagements. I was commanding the "Vor Frue" a 88 gun SoL and managed to keep a fighting force around me consisting of the 2nd rate "Højheden" commanded by my brother, two 4th rates and a frigate. In the following engagement we were up against three 2nd rate SoL, four or five 4th rates and a few 5th rates. We managed to sink one of their older 4th rates and a fifth rate before nightfall gave us the blessing of safety and a clear retreat back to Tumbado. The Danish-Norwegian raid was entirely unsuccessfull.. We lost a 2nd rate, a 4th rate and a 5th rate and only managed to give the spanish minor losses in return and were entirely unable to threathen the port of Corrientes. Captain Lars "Bearwall" Kjaer, port of Tumbado
  6. This is something that has been suggested before, but I''ll be making yet another suggestion. In the RvR we often see very few to no PBs between the 3 largest nations. This can ofcourse be because of happenstance or simply because the largest nations gets rewarded with VM so they can easily replace 1st rates whilst smaller nations has a harder time, this is no doubt one part of the explanation.. I'd wager however it's in part due to politics as well. I'd like to suggest an incentive for the smaller nations to rattle the cage of the larger - grant smaller nations VM for successfull PBs against the larger, 3 for taking a port from nr 1, 2 from nr. 2 and 1 from nr. 3.. (or whatever) Secondly I'd like to suggest diminishing returns for attacking in OW PvP.. Basically the amount of achievable PvP marks should be reduced by the BR advantage on either side. If the winner has 2 times the BR he gets half the PvP marks (or none at all), if the winner has half the BR than the loser he gets 2 times the PvP marks..
  7. Captains log, 10th of january 1765 The royal british navy has been seen operating near the danish-norwegian settlement of San Andres. The british merchant shipping has for some time accused the ports governor of harboring and aiding pyrates. The danish-norwegian navy conducted a full investigation into these wild accusations and found no evidence and the charges were ofcourse summarily dismissed. This prompted an angry response from the governor of Old Providence and the expected penal expedition was spotted on the 9th gathering in the port of Old Providence. Our ressources are already stretched thin covering ports and escorting merchant shipping from the danish westindies and virgin islands to the ports of central America. It was therefore decided that a small squadron consisting of one 2nd rate, the "Havfruen" along with a contingent of 4th rates would seek out the british retributive fleet and attempt to intercept it. To many this was considered a suicide mission but preferable than watching the port, with its packhouses, residencies and docks burn to the ground. The fleet were entirely voluntary, disregarding the press-ganged sailers from different merchant vessels. The british fleet were first sighted a little after the third bell and the drums quickly beat for battle order. The signals went up that we would attempt a running engagement, keeping the bulk of the enemy fleet engaged but at a safe distance. Chance would have it though that the british fleet quickly broke into two columns - one going for the port consisting of their heavier ships, the lookout claimed to have seen three 1st rates, but it may have been the excitement and the rum speaking. The second column, consisting of a 2nd rate, a few fourth rates and some fifth rates, engaged our small squadron on the leeway and we quickly found ourselves enmeshed in a deathly battle against an opponent that made up in manouverability what they lacked in broadside weight. The battle raged for the good part of a bell, and in the end the danish-norwegian squadron came out victorious! I personally lead the charge against a Wasa-class 4th rate and captured her as a prize and a second 4th rate, the "Agamemnon" went to davy jones after a hard battle with some very impressive manouvering on part of the enemy captain. After clearing the ship and making preliminary repairs to the hull and riggings we attempted to leave the area and seek shelter in a cove a bit further down the island. Alas! to the dismay of the crews and captains of the squadron the british fleet that had engaged the defensive fleet in the port of San Andres were leaving the port at the very time we were trying to pass the island. The enemy squadron were engaged as per the danish-norwegian navys rules of engagement that dictates that in the presence of superior forces care should be taken to attempt boarding and capturing of enemy first rate vessels. The following battle were hard, long and ardous. The british still had two 1st rates that tore through the hulls of our smaller vessels, the sea was thick with blood and debris.. We battled down an enemy 2nd rate, but at a loss of two 4th rates and the tide of the battle were against us.. Luck would however have it! We managed to board one of the first rates whilst battling down the enemy 4th rates, and as they were sinking the last enemy 1st rate were attempting to flee. We quickly gave pursuit and attempted another boarding alas, the captain of the L'Ocean class first rate quickly overcame the boarders and even managed to sink the 2nd rate ship of the line that were attempting to takeover the british first rate. We gave pursuit for a full hour after that and only as the lights on the horizon were dimming did we manage to close the gap sufficiently to engage her in another hard battle. This time we took no chances and consecutive boarding actions were ordered to wither down the enemy crew. As the last rays of daylight were leaving the hemisfere we hobbled into the port of San Andres. Battered, bruised and with heavy casualties but immensely successfull in the actions of the day. The tally became four 4th rates won, two 1st rates captured and an unknown (as of yet) number of enemy 4th and 5th rates that went to davy jones. Orders came in as we were docking in the port. Congratulations from the Danish-Norwegian governor and orders to repair and refit and be ready for actions on the 12th of January 1765. / Lars "Bearwall" Kjaer, off the coast of San Andres aboard her majestys ship "Ribeheksen", 64 guns and 550 crew compliment.
  8. Since 3 weeks, 4 rogue US players attack french port in the Bahamas. They use deep-sea vessels to mount hostility on Bahamas ports. They take ships of the line to do hostility missions against the 10 mercury. So missions are very easy to play with one boat. This implies that each week, French players are blocked their evening because they must defend these ports rather than going to take pleasure elsewhere. Gentlemen the developers, hostile missions for the shallow ports should be only playable in 7th and 6th rank, as are the port battles. Please remedy this problem promptly please.
  9. Just took a short look at the map. Looks like a lot of Nations are fighting more nations at the same time. Sweden fights Russia, GB and France Russia fights Sweeden, GB, smal actions against other Nations. France fights Sweeden Spain fights GB, Poland Pirates and are hostile to Denmark. Poland fights GB and Spain Deutch fight Denmark(BF) Prussia fight a bit of all to get a new home Pirates not sure, But maybe a bit Spain Denmark fights the Deutsch(BF) and some small actions around the map by rest clans. I could have gotten some of the actions wrong. But it seams like alliance and join to define a commen enemy for a nation, is gone in the Wind. Has it always been like this ore is that something that got in with clans.
  10. After leaving a battle there should be a restriction that prevents you from entering a port battle for 5 minutes, as is the case now when you log out at open sea but for less time. There are certain players who in order to avoid screeners get a friend from another nation (or an alt) and then tag them and sit in the battle. They then jump straight out into the port battle, avoiding screeners etc...
  11. Lars Kjaer


    As the title states.. Are we satisfied with the demasting meta? I'm finding the ease with which we are demasted/demasts to be ludicrous. Historically demasting was rare and not something the naval commanders actively pursued due to the difficulty in actually hitting the masts. In NA however you can hit with about 50% of the balls. What infuriate me is that we've already had this discussion - a great, great number of times. And yet the devs @admin keep turning back to what I consider an unrealistic combat mechanic and something we have already tested.
  12. Announcement straight from Paris! Our Emperor, Napoleon, scowls as he notices on the most recent map sent to him shows many of our ports lost to outside invaders. After much time was spent calming him down and attempting to reason with him that we cannot take all the Caribbean back, the Emperor has decreed that the Island of Dominica must be under French Influence. As for reinforcement, the war at the homefront is making it difficult to get through the blockades but bits and pieces of much needed resources have been able to get by. Be it, Pirates, British, US, or any other nation, the French shall take and defend the ports on Dominica; Grande Anse, Roseau, and Rosaly. As we sail back to the Caribbean with our plans of the offensive I still hear Napoleon grumbling about his loss of gold, wine, and women of Haiti. I shake my head and hope sleep will make him forget at least for the short term. I do hope we can make it through this blockade. Even as I write this down the enemy is continuing their pursuit. By god I hope the wind favors us. Elan! Vive La France!
  13. In order to have a successful and widely accepted rebalancing of Stats+BR (as well as saving devs time) I open this thread where we can provide feedback about this matter. Some BR proposals: Tournament: http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/23201-tournament-groups-composition-definite-rules/?do=findComment&comment=477983 My own proposal (based on tournament): http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/23109-poll-port-battle-limitations-formerly-known-as-port-battle-diversity/?do=findComment&comment=480679 Rediii: http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/23398-port-battle-feedback-battles-with-br-limits/?do=findComment&comment=484565 Some questions about general balance of ships: Is the renomee still a valid choice as a hunter when you can sail the endymion? why the santisima is not as popular in PBs as victory/ocean? does she need a small buff? Belle Poule vs frigate? should the surprise have any ship that can reach her (1vs1) when she is running away? how should the 4th rates be balanced? should the wasa be listed as a light third rate instead of a fourth rate? why would you choose a trinc/essex over a pirate frigate? which is the place for the indefatigable? Discuss.
  14. What we got now - We can add a clan in our friend list. We don't know if this clan add us in return on his own frienlist. The ones i put on friendlist can enter the portbattle the clan lead in defense or offense Why it's a problem - We don't see if the clan we add add us on friendlist leading to strange situation where you are ready to help a clan that forget to add you. - We are unable to add clan from different nations in the friendlist. Sometimes, as the map is huge, all the clan from a nation are not playing on the same area. A geographic alliances would be far more interesting than a nation alliances. Why adding different nation's clan in friendlist - It will allow all the nations to field PB with 25 player if necessary - It will be alliance lead between people who like eachothers. It may change with the population of the clan chaning leading more flexibility that the alliances we got before - It can be just for a few times to help this or this nation to capture this or this port. It will create anew kind of gameplay that we can named "Mercenary". 1) Port battle The map is huge, player are not so many. Most are cluster on different port. If your nation is tiny, everyone is on the same place. More your territory is big, more you get a risk to cluster the nation and not be able to field PB with 25 players. allowing the clans on border on the frontier to make friends with others nation on border of their frontier will help the population to reach the golden number of 25 to be able to play the game entirely. 2) Flexibility The alliances we got with the vote were really heavy and almost impossible to change once forged. Into this clan friendlist, you just have to add a different clan in the list or to remove him. It may be great for owner on the clan and diplomat to recieven an email to warn them but it's really easy to do and undo giving flexibility into the pact. Your clan is on the center on his own alliance. If you are in clan A and you put clan B in frien list, you are not allie with clan C. You have to add clan C in friend list and clan C has to accept. It will not be a domino alliances like before freezing everything. My alliance is MY alliances, not the ones my allies or my nations but the one my clan personnaly want to build. It will not be 1 2 or 3 alliances but as many allainces as there is clan. 3)Mercenary With mercenary, any clan can play RvR whichone is their number. Atm, if you are in a wrong nation, your clan of 5 veteran is useless. llow them to be hired for their services and they will have fun every day PvPing and rvring with thoses who pay them. Paying them will belance the things allowings the ones who need them more to hire them to capture ports or territory How it works, the nation, the pirate? A) Port Battle 1) Problem that may occure Clan A from nation 1 is friend with clan B from nation 2. B attack port a from nation 1 owned by C Clan. If clan A join, what is happening? Clan A from nation 1 is attacking clan C from nation 1? 2) Solutions The nation is upper the clan on port battle. It's the main difference with pirates. A clan whatever his alliance has to be unable to join a PB against his own nation. In the other hand, the clan has tu be unable to defend his allies against an attack from his own nation. In not any case, a player from Nation A can attack port of Nation A. If not any case a player of nation A is able to defend a port from nation B attack by nation A. Pirates are not limited in this gameplay. Pirates can help nationals forces to attack pirates ports or they can defend against pirates. B ) Open sea To make it simple, the easier thing would be to reserve battle group to people of your clan friend list whatever are their nation. The player keep their own flag but as mark as : "in command from Nation A". A player like that can be attack by nation A (to not let alt group alt and make them invincible) but all the frist battle group may be oppose to second battle group meaning in Open sea, Clan alliance is upper nation C) Changing nation, pirates gameplay and forged paper The pirates as said as to get this opportunity to seel themself to join PB whoever is in whoever is group in front of them, national or pirates. It's the perfect nation to join for small group of hardcoreplayer wanted to pvp every day or for group of player that are tired of their nation. As said in PB your nation is stronger than your alliances so you can't play against your nation in RvR. Pirates can. When aplayer want to change nation, he switch to pirates. On the pirate admiralty, Forged paper can be bought (1000CM each?). It's a playerlink article that can't be sold or moved. It will allow player to change nation if they want it by switching to pirates first and then second nation. it's far more RP than what we got now with player switching from nation to nation. They will have to prepare it before or to play as pirates for a times allowing them to meet new people and maybe finnaly change their mind or their gameplay. Everyone will be able to play pirates and to leave pirates nation with this forged paper byable in pirate admiralty. No clan will be able to switch withouth thiking about it. Player will have to decide for themself about the opportunity or not to switch and they will have to farm a bit for that. Example: You are french, you sunk a french ship making you a pirate. You then have to show your future nation you are ready to become a loyal national so you sunk ships (and french onesà to collect CM allowing you to buy a "letre de marques" making you a true national. This system of forged paper is more RP, will lead maybe less player to change nation when a nation is falling, will make everyone able to switch if they want it and give pirate something special, the ability to be the key for the balance. You may buy them for your nation for a certain time if you pay them in CM to cover the cost of CM and they may return back to piracy after their mission. Their choice, your wallet.
  15. Having nation ports made available for all is problematic for the entire nation. Yet in the current iteration there's nothing to be done with it. I agree that clanwars would essentially be invalidating the nations and basically throw any pretense of a historical pretext out of the window. I do however believe that nations should be allowed to punish corrupt governors that take bribes from all sorts of shady ppl and makes their ports available for all..
  16. I have seen a lot of statements coming past in which we put PvP over PvE to show hostility. Even going so far as to remove PvE completely. Yet we when facing PvP to show hostility, we do not engage aka act out our hostility. That in itself is not a real problem, we can just count command of the sea to show hostility. you can't do that - due to no-shows or lower online in that nation And no shows or lower online are a reality and they lead to my earlier statement "no fun" on which we can all agree I think. So here we stand. At an impasse and out of ideas. So how would we want to show our hostility? (Yeah, yeah, I know the obvious "fun" way, but it must involve ships and cannons. )
  17. After some time testing in the testbed server I want to share some thoughts about marks and permits. I really think that it is good to have limits to some ships, and that will promote variety on port battles, however I believe the permits requirements are a bit over the top. Lets begin talking about if its logical to price with 15 pvp marks ships like the constitution, the endymion and the indefatigable. I mean, the endymion is not of the same class of a constitution and between the indefatigable and the constitution, the logical choice is the constitution (more crew, firepower, turn rate, speed, better sailing capabilities). So I would balance that a bit, like: 12 pvp marks constitution, 10 pvp marks indefatigable, 6 pvp marks endymion. No converter between pve-pvp-conquests marks: -A good way to remove those players who are more into economics and crafting in the PVP server. We need them, more than ever, in the new player driven economy. -The best way to destroy hope of recovery after a the loss of one PB fleet. Let me set an scenario to ilustrate my point: 0. War between two small nations like sweden vs denmark, each one only have the RvR playerbase for one PB fleet. 1. Each one have been capable to raise a PB of 12 agamenons and 13 constitutions. 2. In one PB, the swedish lost around a 45% of their fleet (redii and sveno were on vacation). A decisive victory for the danish. The danish get conquers marks, the swedish nothing. 3. Next PB, the swedish are in great disadvantage in firepower because they couldnt replace their losses. Another victory for the danish, they get conquests marks. The swedish, nothing again. 4. Next PB, no attendance by the swedish. 5. Peace deals have to be made. End of the war, end of the fun. Admin would say that there are shallow water ports to get easy conquests marks..., and then, I´ll say, there is no shalllow water ports on the Antilles, neither near them. Now, your thoughts.
  18. Introduction and facts The new system of conquest is coming. With that, the middle of the map is supposed to be RvR ON while around the map the RvR is supposed to be OFF. Capital from the center on the map are supposed to be put away like the brit who may spawn on Bridgetown. On PvP Europe, we can see on "Conquest competition" that 3 nation are fighting in RvR and 5 surviving. Swedish, Danish and british are alive. Dutch, pirate, french, US and spanish have not conquest port from years. On PvP US, we can see on "Conquest competition" that 3 nation are fighting in RvR, 4 surviving and one have been erase from the map. Pirate, GB and DK are playing in rvr and the others one are dead. Number of player provides by admin about his charts show a big difference with what people feel and see ingame and on TS. There is a difference between people in RvR and people in global. Clan war may help to have a better view on who is in rvr or not but with clan war limited to nation only it not going to solve the problem What is happening When a nation is in a bad move, some people on this nation : => Stop to play because they feel useless as they are missing the rvr aspect on the game => Use forget papers making the difference between nation biggers. We can see that with french and spanish clans moving to DK to make more RvR on europe server. It reinforce the stronger and it make more weak the weaker. The weakest nation are then in a snowball. Less player mean less to join and finish their levelling mean les resosurces means more to forget papers means to be weak etc etc. Solutions Delete forget papers. Forget papers is an egoist tool that allow people to change nation but that break the balance for all a nation. If people want to be able to change, they have to make it with the hard way by creating a new character. We are not supposed to fight someone that was our friend yesterday and that may be back our frient tomorrow (most of people have 2 forget paper in redemable). I prefer to see a people leave the game and not play it anymore that seeing a nation perish because the departure on the player improving the difference between the nation he leaves and the one he joins. That make all the nation irrevelant to play anymore. Forget papers improve Unbalance in player population Modify Forget papers : After every map victory, forget papers is possible for 48 hours but only to join on the 3 worst nation. It will change the flew of people moving to win in a flew of people moving to help and find new challenges Decrease number of nations. We can see that on both server there is basicly 3 nations that are active in RvR and all the other one which provide ports to the ones activ in rvr. There is few hope for the bashed nation to be able to counterattack thoses who stole their ports due of people leaving the games and players switching nation to winning side. We have actually 7 nations +pirates. 3 nations are really activ atm per side in RvR. I suggest to use the remaning time on Alpha to test a new setup on nations. It will allow devs to change the time on the game wich is setup on a time where sweden and DK were present in caraibe when in thje immigation on most players they were not in the area on this time. I understand the necessity to have "neutral nation" that will be joined by thoses wich are neither french, british or spanish but it seems to early and not really helping the game. It's the case now and it has been the case before even with 1000 player online. We never seen 8 nation rvring on the same time. Adding portugese for exampe may solve the things. I think that at least 2 nations have to disapear to make the game better for everyone. Introduce Alliance in Clan war or beeing able to add not nation to clan to a clan war : Clan war is a setup that make people interest in rvr to focus on it while the rest of the population on the nation make pvp around or pve. It's going one more time to improve population unbalance with the winner more winning and the loose more loosing. If alliance is possible between clan war or if we are able to add not national clan in clan war, it will make the clans fixed in a small nation able to make rvr again and to enjoy the game withouht been limited by the rest of the population on the nation. It will then make the not in the wish to leave or to change nation to make rvr as they will be able to make rvr into their war corporation Capital, spanwn and nation As said, i'm really thinking there is too much nation to balance the game in term of population. There is more difference in 20v50 than in 80 and 110. Anyway the capitals. Actually, we seen many capital into the antilles and some other placed on the rest of the map creating a big unbalance in the game as the antilles nation are block in rvr almost from start in a direction. With a new system of rvr it may be painless with noone been able to make rvr around capital but as seen from the last wipe a huge zerg around the capital on the weakest nation may burn them from start. I suggest 2 things Balance the map even if it's not historical accurate. if you want to be accurate, change the time on the game and replace Sweed or Dk by portugese or just delete this nation to make a 6 nation game even if 5 may be enough Noone understand at start why these or thse nation is supposed to be hard or easy if you are not explaning why. The number of region as start is not a good point as even with a big territory (spain), if you are weak you can't defend it. Spain is for these rease one on the harder nation but there capital, with no capital on west make it easy. Noone can contst you exico golf if you are enough to defend. Same for brits are there capital in the center. They are hours away from anywhere in any direction. Capitals have to be more balance, you put all of them together to improve pvp on a port of the map that is not RvR (meaning the guy who want to be more quiest will have to move away at start) or you spread them in all the direction you can with equql distance between them to balance the things. Ty for reading, i tried to make it clear and easy to read
  19. By whatever means I have to my availability I would vanquish my foes of the map.
  20. Intro Problem with RvR in NA is that there is no reason for nations to fight each other. There is abundance of resources in every port of every region. Compare that with EVE where resources are much more limited and region specific. And that scarcity of resources is driving force behind strife in EVE universe. Force us to fight for survival! And before someone say "what about small nation?", I say adapt or die. Its the natures way. It was big mistake to make game with 8 different teams in first place. There should be 3 nation max + pirates that are actual pirates. In order to fix NA I propose another wipe with some mechanics change. 1. Map and General Setting of Game Make only spain, gb and france available to chose from start. Make AI more rare and mostly single ship but make them actively pursuit enemy player, and if possible make them not suicidal. Make cuba spain territory, jamaica english and haiti french. Those areas should have normal to high AI presence and should not be conquerable. They should contain very small amount of resources that you can't actively mine but are enough to build some starter ships. Treat every other area as unexplored and subject to conquest. Unexplored areas should contain no prebuild ports and none to low AI presence. Some of unexplored regions can have native villages on coast that you can trade with and they should trade some of rare goods, but in very limited amount. Most of resources should be located in unexplored regions and be mostly region specific. Example: Panama coast should hive biggest concentration of gold in game. While there can be some other regions outside panama coast that contain gold, but they have it in very small amounts. And make resources limited for mining. Something like whole panama region can only mine 100 units of gold per day total. There can only be 5 max gold mines in that region split among all players. In order to mine gold you must bid first for gold mine permit. Permit last 7 days for example. Same with every other resource in every other region. 2. Conquest In order to build in unexplored regions you must first conquer them, duh. To conquer region one must first build port in that region if port is not present. Ports can be build only is specific location. Basically use current port locations. To build port one must bring lots of resources to that region. Something like war preparation but more varied. That process should take 48 hours to do. That operation should be separated in 2 steps. Stockpiling of mats and building. Enemy nation can raid building spot in order to slow down construction of port. If enemy conducts raid during stockpiling then they can take portion of mats with them, that owner must bring again. If enemy raid is conducted during building then building time is prolonged but owner don't need to replace mats. After two raid successes during port construction enemy can trigger port battle for that region. If port is already finished then enemy must conduct 5 successful raids in 7 days period in order to trigger port battle for that region. Enemy can chose to raze enemy port after second successful raid in last 48hours. Razed port must be repaired before it can be used again. Repairing is same as building but is conducted faster with smaller mats requirements. If port is not repaired after 72 hours it becomes free port and anyone can start repairing it after they bring mats required. First nation that repairs port after it becomes free port gets ownership of that port. Owner is elected among captains that contributed in port construction and port defense. For every beneficial action every captain will receive certain amount of votes. Voting is conducted every 7 days. Owner can hire AI patrols and AI port defenders and can construct forts (2 max) in order to boost defenses of port and region. Owner becomes official member of nation council. Council is responsible for nation defense and offence. 10% of every transaction made in nation ports goes to nation budget. Council can use that gold to hire privateers and to help port owners to build defenses. In addition another 5% tax is collected in every port and split between captains depending upon their shares of votes in those ports. 3. Raids and Port Battles First raids. They should be like smaller port battles, 30vs30 with element of surprise. They can be conducted anytime. They are always open. If defender doesn't have full 30 ships to defend then AI ship will enter after 5 minutes on defender side until there is 30 defenders. These are same AI ships that port owner hired before. All AI ships and player SOLs parked in raided port are destroyed if raid is successful. If someone can come up with better raid mechanics please write in comments. Please keep in mind that raids should be surprise attacks and organized attacker should have advantage. Now about port battles. Same as now with few differences. No limit on ship rates that can enter. It's 50vs50 with no AI interference. In order to avoid only 1st rates in port battles economy must change as well as way of acquiring of SOLs. And that brings us to... 4. Economy and Crafting I believe that with resource scarcity economy will be much more healthy then now. There should be no free ships or free gold given at start of game. Instead admiralty will loan ships to be used for mission if captain does't have its own. There should be big change in missions. Instead of current mission structure there should be emphasis on open world interaction. Combat mission should be patrols of selected area that are completed once you sank/capture enemy AI or player ships in chosen area of operation, similar to silent hinter games. Trade missions will be done for trade companies that can loan ship to player that doesn't have its own trade ship. You will have to transport cargo from port A to port B in order to complete trade mission. Exp and captain ranks should be divided between combat and trade. Every ship should have rank requirement. If you lose ship you lose exp also. Its possible to be demoted. Exp required for sailing 5th and 4th rates is only rewarded for OW pvp on pvp server. Exp to progress to 3rd rate and up is only rewarded by participation in port battles. Again losing ships loses you rank. You can't sail ship even undercrewed if you don't have rank for it. Combine that with progressively larger requirements to build bigger ships and we will have more diverse port battles. Crafting can stay mostly the same with addition that all mods are craftable so that RNG is eliminated. 5. Pirates They should be denationalized and allowed to sail max 5th rates. They shouldn't own any port but at same time are allowed to raid any port. They get lots of gold and exp after successful raid. Pirates should be allowed to enter any port and trade there but with increased taxes. They could enter port only if there is no national player in tagging range. That way they are prevented from exploiting. They can get recruited to fight for nation if there is contract offered. Requirements for sailing 5th rates much larger then for national captains. That way only best pirates can sail in 5th rates. Pirates can't craft but they can convert any captured ship that they can sail into pirate version of that ship. That conversion is paid with gold and its expensive. Pirate versions of ships should carry more cargo then regular versions and be better armed but with worse armor stats. They should be same speed as regular version to avoid any balance issue. Pirates use pirate crew instead of regular crew. Pirate crew is better then regular crew but worse then marines. Pirates cant use marines knowledge book. When fighting same ships but with marines odds should be equal. Example: pirate frig vs regular frig with marines should be equal at boarding. When boarding trader ships pirates should get huge morale boost. Traders shouldn't be able to use combat related mods and knowledge books. 6. ROE for PvP Servers Get rid of all unfair advantages that defender has in battle like laser accurate stern guns. Make area control default. Lower join timer to 2 mins instead of 3. Lower attack timer to 10s instead of 15s. Conclusion I want NA to be better game with more varied content and with something for everyone. If you have something to add please post in comments and please help devs make better game. There is too much grind now for casual players and hardcore players are turned off by bs rvr mechanics. Lets make NA great again and vote for me P.S. I want pirate frigate outlaw skin
  21. Since the other topics just devolve into name-calling and shit-slinging and since my posts get buried by virtue of needing mod approval I wanted to start my own topic with my own ideas for a truly global server. Instead of other peoples approach to either tell people to get over night-flipping or to artificially increase the difficulty of night flipping I propose that: Different areas of the map are locked(for port battles) to different timezones, the majority can be european because that's the major player base but some areas of the map would have timers set to american times and some would be set to oceanic times. This means no port captured by dayflippers could then be nightflipped (and no nightflipped port could be taken by dayflippers). Essentially they exist on the same server without completely interacting. People can then contest port battles in their own timezone or they also get the option to contest other battles if they get up early, stay up late or happen to have free time over multiple timezones. With this everyone would have access to as much content as possible and it is becoming increasingly apparent that without content the playerbase will die off. There are far more ports on the map than are currently contestable in port battles, therefore there would be easily enough ports to go around if you sectioned some of them off.
  22. Bach

    Enhanced RvR

    Currently the only method of RvR is the port battle. Ths slows the game down once player reach top end gear as there is no need for strict RvR players to do anything but PB play. So in the course of few days of gaming they may only log in 1-2hours to flip a port and 1.5 hours to PB it. End game becomes less and less about being at sea as there is only one method to RvR. If fact this effect is worse when one nation becomes dominant in PBs. Suggestion: add another way to RvR. (Defensive RvR) Ports that have been captured can "Revolt" and return to the original owner if that nation continuously sinks enemy NPC shipping/players off the coast. If the hostility on the port rises 20% per day in three sequential days (something like that) the port with revert to original map owner without a port battle. This will keep dominant factions from just sitting on captured ports and only logging in for the defensive PBs they are likely to win. This will encourage them to maintain an OW presence on captured territory or at least counter the hostility increases. Putting more ships on the sea and giving small groups the ability to get ports back through OW RvR.
  23. Old thinking: Lack of teleports means more ships on the OW and it helps encourage border skirmishes. Kill your neighbors! Prior to patch 10, there was so little reason for anyone to ever be on the OW that this was a necessity just to create any sort of reliable traffic. The problem: 8 teams. Unbalanced map. Your neighbor might be 1/5th your size. The nearest real fight might be a 2 hour sail away from your home port and setting up a new base of operations out there is just as difficult and unlikely as sailing for 2 hours every day to do econ work. (Alts become mandatory and what do you do with your guild warehouse?) New thinking: Okay, okay, we should probably be allowed to teleport under certain conditions. I'm not sure what the "certain conditions" should be, but if you don't want to crush your smaller neighbors and can't easily open a new front against the zergs on the other side of the map, how do you play the game? Operating entirely out of a free port that's a 2+ hour sail from home is obviously very limiting. Some ability to teleport would allow new fronts to be opened much easier.
  24. My suggestion for the raids are rather simple to begin with. Instead of having AI's (they're dumb as lampposts anyway) we could reintroduce the flagsystem for raids and basically make a timer - pull a flag and the flag can only be placed 2 hours later and the winning side in the ensuing PB gets victory marks for the win (or something else - I don't really care). One reason why I wish the flagsystem reintroduced is basically to get more contested PBs, preferably for all sorts of players - not just the usual suspects, that way all can have access to the PB experience and if we limit the flags to 3 for the nation pr. day everyone can get a chance to pull it.
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