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  1. Introduction and facts The new system of conquest is coming. With that, the middle of the map is supposed to be RvR ON while around the map the RvR is supposed to be OFF. Capital from the center on the map are supposed to be put away like the brit who may spawn on Bridgetown. On PvP Europe, we can see on "Conquest competition" that 3 nation are fighting in RvR and 5 surviving. Swedish, Danish and british are alive. Dutch, pirate, french, US and spanish have not conquest port from years. On PvP US, we can see on "Conquest competition" that 3 nation are fighting in RvR, 4 surviv
  2. Intro Problem with RvR in NA is that there is no reason for nations to fight each other. There is abundance of resources in every port of every region. Compare that with EVE where resources are much more limited and region specific. And that scarcity of resources is driving force behind strife in EVE universe. Force us to fight for survival! And before someone say "what about small nation?", I say adapt or die. Its the natures way. It was big mistake to make game with 8 different teams in first place. There should be 3 nation max + pirates that are actual pirates. In order to f
  3. Since the other topics just devolve into name-calling and shit-slinging and since my posts get buried by virtue of needing mod approval I wanted to start my own topic with my own ideas for a truly global server. Instead of other peoples approach to either tell people to get over night-flipping or to artificially increase the difficulty of night flipping I propose that: Different areas of the map are locked(for port battles) to different timezones, the majority can be european because that's the major player base but some areas of the map would have timers set to american times and so
  4. Currently the only method of RvR is the port battle. Ths slows the game down once player reach top end gear as there is no need for strict RvR players to do anything but PB play. So in the course of few days of gaming they may only log in 1-2hours to flip a port and 1.5 hours to PB it. End game becomes less and less about being at sea as there is only one method to RvR. If fact this effect is worse when one nation becomes dominant in PBs. Suggestion: add another way to RvR. (Defensive RvR) Ports that have been captured can "Revolt" and return to the original owner if that nation conti
  5. My suggestion for the raids are rather simple to begin with. Instead of having AI's (they're dumb as lampposts anyway) we could reintroduce the flagsystem for raids and basically make a timer - pull a flag and the flag can only be placed 2 hours later and the winning side in the ensuing PB gets victory marks for the win (or something else - I don't really care). One reason why I wish the flagsystem reintroduced is basically to get more contested PBs, preferably for all sorts of players - not just the usual suspects, that way all can have access to the PB experience and if we limit the fla
  6. Look at the requirements to make a niagara. You don't need that ship at all to survive this game. What you need to survive and have a fair chance in NA, however, should be accessible to everyone (winners, losers, big or small nations). Not accessible to everyone should be 'bells and whistles' ships, modules, and maybe even an additional type of ammo or cannon that you can only obtain through the accumulation of victory marks et cetera (just get creative) but still isn't necessarily better than the stuff that everyone in NA can obtain. Such rewards could even have crass drawbacks that mak
  7. Guest

    Captains Log

  8. The victory battle point was not awarded to the British yesterday for the Cartegena defense. Also the -2 was not taken away from the dutch for losing the Port Battle.
  9. I know it's late in the game development wise but perhaps this suggestion would be of some use. The PvP events weren't really that wonderful in my opinion. However, those mechanics could be applied to general RvR with a slight twist. Instead of one instanced battle to determine a region through a PB, how about making each region a point scoring zone for several days. The highest point scorer wins. Points would be scored by obviously sinking other players. However the trick is motivate people to be in this zone. How passive points are scored. Once a player enters the contested re
  10. Political situation PVP 2 US (Inter Clan) Information is from players (Inter clan), updated weekly and daily if needed. This is the same sort of format as the EU political Situation thread. The Diplomacy part presents the attitude of the nation's major clans towards other nations. Verenigde Provinciën: Espana: Neutral France: War Great Britain: Alliance Verenigde-Provincien: Danmark-Norge: War Sverige: War United States: Alliance Major clans: DWIC1-6 - Dutch West Indische Compagnie NPV- Nederlandse Protectoraat Vloot SMS - Reichsflotte Danmark-Norge
  11. The basic cutter is a hard mechanic to get right. We want new players to use them to learn the game but we don't want veteran players using them to game the game. Recently it was discovered the basic cutter can tag an npc fleet with any other allied fleet inside the same circle. BR's add up. This generates an npc vs. npc battle with a basic cutter sailing around in it. When the npcs kill the other npcs it drops the hostility on the any nearby port in partial contention. Now consider the effort. x4 players in basic cutters never have to worry about repairs. They each fan out and gra
  12. Currently Conquest Marks are a hotly debated topic. If we go and change it to a system where it awards CM to all the players in that nation based on the number of regions controlled and the importance of those regions. For example each player in a nation will get 1 CM for ever 3 regions they control, Capitals will give 2pts instead of automatically. So no nation can ever drop below 2CM per day. Some regions will award 2pts based on value, like New Orleans would be one, Nassau another. Lastly Trade Manifests should make a return but as Trader Marks, they are awarded to players who
  13. [VLTRA] Non Terrae Plus Ultra Spanish RvR clan [PVP1-EU] [VLTRA] is a new spanish clan created from the union of some of the most important spanish societies: EI, CELTI, COSA, ARES and BSG. [VLTRA] has born as a result of the wishes of the spanish RvR players, who always wanted a stronger organization to be more efficient in all the sections of this game. Our clan is the biggest RvR and PVP spanish clan and we will be focused on defending Spain from our enemies and helping our allies. Although, we will always be able to help our pubbies in PVE missions. Our craft
  14. Following up on Patch 10.1 and the significance change of regions: For the RvR and PvE folks driving up the heat. To even the odds, here is what they are actually worth according to the API: Morgans Bluff | ConquestMarksPension: 2 | Location: Bahamas | PortBattleType : Shallow Sant Iago | ConquestMarksPension: 3 | Location: East Cuba | PortBattleType : Lineship Port-au-Prince | ConquestMarksPension: 3 | Location: Hispaniola | PortBattleType : 4th Rate Santo Domingo | ConquestMarksPension: 3 | Location: Hispaniola | PortBattleType : Lineship San Juan | ConquestMarksPen
  15. If anyone hasn't seen @admin's post this morning, here it is. Seems like a pretty good idea, but perhaps needs more fleshing out. Had an idea about how to build upon it. Offer captains who have an outpost in the area a pension as well. Call it a coast guard protection fleet money. This would give captains a reason to be in the new areas and make it so it's in their interest to keep it. This would also help smooth over hurt feelings about not getting into the PBs by giving folks unable to make it a stake in the operation as well. Another bonus is it would force people to pu
  16. So just to start out this would be an idea for a unified server. My idea is that when a region is taken it gives a buffer period of 5 days and sets a region to an exact time that it was taken or defended. After the buffer period at every server reset it would add 15 mins before and after the exact set time to run up hostility in a region. Example: GB starts out and runs up hostility in Les Cayes and a port battle gets scheduled at 19:30 UTC. The Port Battle takes place and the British win in exactly an hour at 20:30 UTC. So the British would have a 5 day buffer period on Les Cayes and no
  17. I am sorry, but this is going to be a rather long post. However, I feel that for you to understand my suggestions I need to lay out those problems which I perceive and am trying to address, and I need to explain what assumptions I am making in addressing them. Let’s start at the beginning: There once was a little boy…Ok, maybe not that far back…Try again. Anyhow... RvR is my primary playstyle. I am a (de-facto) clan leader, diplomat, and occasional port-battle commander. So it is only natural that the conquest mechanics are among my chief concerns about this game,
  18. I think the current Region conquest needs to changed and testing Raids is urgently needed NOW to keep numbers up before the wipe. So, keeping the idea of Raids as laid out by admin, and hostility generation to create a PB, but with the follow changes: 1, Regions have kind of ruined the variation of PB locations (in combination with Resource locations). I think it should be possible to generate hostility in a Region, and then hostility generators vote which non capital port in the region to attack. If you control 50% of ports in a region (as number of ports in regions vary), then Regi
  19. The currant rvr system is not taking advantage of the only game balancing feature we currently have... Pirates Throughout the development process we have seen nations and allies reach a size that controlled most of the map. Alot of us have seen two or three stalemates in our time here. Why doesn't naval action better utilise the pirates? I'm not talking about game breaking buffs or silly perks. I'm talking about using pirates to alter the way rvr and national monopolys of the map work. Allow revolts to be driven by raids on ports. Once we get raids, enable a two choice sys
  20. I may be a little behind the curve on this due to the time from the announcement of implementing raids and now, but I figured I'd share my two cents on the matter. Hopefully the community and developers like this concept enough to support and adopt it as future gameplay. Conquest: Taking Control of Counties. Conquest should happen by port battles as it does now, though how we get to port battles will be a little different - through raiding non-capital towns. A captain would be able to purchase a Raid token from the Admiralty (or Brethren Council). Once acquired, the captain would sai
  21. This is a thought that has been kicking around for a long time in our clan, None of us really like the way fire ships are implemented right now so i would like to suggest removing the ability to disable survival wail a ship is on fire. It is ridiculous that a ships with 600 people on it can be ordered to not fight a fire and blow up with the loss of all hands. I enjoy a good explosion as much as most but this mechanic leads to bad behavior among players, much like when we had large amounts of ramming damage. What I would not mind is an actual class of ship for fire ships that can be set on
  22. How about a war supply good that could stop the generation of resources from a port for an allotted amount of time. or perhaps stop ship building in a port for an amount of time. make it so that it takes like 15 Indiaan full of this supply and make it a sever message whenever this mission is being taken. also make it so that there is a time frame from the time that the mission is take to a time that the mission must be completed. make this a nation wide effort to coordinate in both offense and defense. You could also limit the amount of ports/ regions that could be effected to prevent blackout
  23. Hi I have an idea how to tie in raids and hostility and Port-battles Lets say we bring in the old fags and timers system in but not connect it with the port-battle itself but raids. You pull the flag and go raiding a port other then the regional capitol. With timers there wont be night flipping on raids and flags will make screening and gathering fleets a thing. To give raids and meaning for RVR play a successful raid triggers 100% hostility ?!?! or maybe 90 % hostility What does everybody think about this idea and would it be that hard to implement ??
  24. I try to make it short and simple: I suggest the following: If a port is captured all production buildings are being destroyed / eliminated or are deactivated for the time of capture. (I´d suggest deactivated). Activating the smuggler flag automatically deactivates the “fleet” option, that is to say, no smuggler should be protected by an AI fleet. Nations (at least the pirate players) should have the option “change player´s capital to XY”. This may cost money and may include auto-transfer of goods and ships. I assume, all suggestions can be implemented very soon and with no great ressour
  25. On behalf of the nation of Danmark-Norge, the Royal Danish-Norwegian Navy [RDNN] announces the launch of its national Teamspeak server. Any and all captains sailing under the white cross is welcome to join the server and get access. All Danish clans are invited to join, regardless of their stance towards the National Danish-Norwegian Council and any participation in the meta-game. The National Teamspeak is an offer to all Dane sailors, whether they are members of a clan or not. Independent players, privateers (kapere), have their own rooms and their access will enable them to participate in
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