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Found 11 results

  1. I had two fleet battles yesterday to test out the new patch. What comes in my mind is that with the recent leakage system ships can stay afloat for the whole period of a repair circle without any structure or broadside left as long as they drop down their sails down to 0% (so only 50% of waterintake). I doubt that change was intended by @admin . To sink those ships you have to stay at them and kill all crew but that is hardly possible in fleet battles. This reminds me of a strategy players used two years ago when we had mega-pump-mods that were able to keep you afloat for over 20 min in ships like essex and trincomalee without any broadside (back then we had no inner structure). It was solved by nerfing all pumps to values we have right now. So my question would be: Could we please go back to the leaksystem we had before?
  2. As the titled suggests the new repair system is abit unbalanced. I haven't played the game for over a year and a half so i'm unaware of what its been like in previous iterations but as the following video will show the new system is pretty unbalanced. In this fight we killed over 800 crew on this Bellona and yet he managed to keep bringing back hundreds of what i assume are walking drunken blood bags with limbs nailed on. Just watch the video I'm not sure what to suggest as a fix, but the idea of carrying a entire new ship on board to repair with and presumably what are small foam blocks that expand into sailors when rums added to them is laughable. Still regardless i'm seriously enjoying being back in the thick of it. Keep up the great work Devs! PS we got the bugger second time round. PPS skip through the midst of it and you'll see what i mean. No time to edit it down with my current workload.
  3. Hello. Last night I was in Battle With a few pirates. I feelt I had the upperhand. Then a sail repair bug kicked in. yes I had over 100 Rigrepairs on my ship. I hit repair sail, and the sail made its flipp whatever that is. The cooldown was activated and crew went of to the repair. The usuall time they stay in repair also was ok. But my sail HP % never changed from 56%. I have seen this before 1 or 2 times, thinking I did somethin wrong. What would that be? I lost the Battle to two fairly inexperiensed players, but unable to turn and move much in a Bucanture wich already dont are so good at it, I got sternwrecked and borded...
  4. Hi captains, i just read the thread about multi durable ships. That brought me to the idea, that we could get the ability to recover ships that sunk or are still sinking. It is always frustrating if you lose a ship that costs a lot. It was frusttrating for me, regardless that i had only tier 6/7 ships so far. I loved my heavy rattlesnake... :-( If we slow down the sinking (what is realistic) we could recover a sinking ship, if we fix it to another ship or two. We could than tow it somewhere or fix some leaks and remove water. At shallow water we could even recover a completly sunken ship dependend on the depth it lays. Both variants should be very time consuming and have some risks like keel over the own ship and drouning crew.
  5. Hi captains, me again with another suggestion. Currently the hull repairs are much more expensive than the really cheap (to cheap) repairs at the habours. For me the hull repairs are something you would need to make temporary combat damage repair (CDR). To balance the running costs of ships more to a steady cost instead to, if i have to use hull repairs i lose money, i would make both repair methods completly different. 1. Hull repairs get way cheaper. They no longer repair the ship with the same performance. Every damage you repair only gains 30% of its original strength back. You can repair leaks, masts, etc. If you for example repair your demasted ship, the mast only has 30% strength and can't use full sails on good wind conditions anymore, because of the stress. So you can make a ship sea worthy but not combat ready anymore. Therefore repairing to full hp during battle is no more. 2. Habour repairs are now essential. Therefore they become much more expensive. If your ship repaired with hull repairs, they won't be counted for the harbour repair (these patchworks have to get removed anyway). I would calculate cost as follows: cost for a new stripped ship = 100% -> for every 1% damage you need to get repaired you pay 1.1% (yes repairing is more expansive than new). This would still be viable except your ship is completly garbage (5% hull left...) 3. Repair your ship yourself at a shipyard. Dependend on what is damaged an how much the needed ressources and manhours are calculated. 4. Let an ally repair it for you. Same conditions as 3. except he wants to make profit.
  6. I must admit I've tested it with a St. Pavel. Did a battle with it, actually two because in the first battle I managed not to get damaged at all. Ended up with 11062 worth of damage, so I sailed back in the port. It was going to charge a whopping $9200 for repairs! Luckily there is also lots of cheap Repair Kit Small for just $750/p. So I popped 2 of those, bringing the repair cost to $2304. So that saved a good $5396. It works even better against the Ranked Repair Kits, which were on sale for just $14322. I popped another Repair Kit Small for good measure, but that only brought the cost down to $1953. Going through the numbers it showed that as long as I have 3 or more sides damaged it is cheaper to use normal Repair Kits as opposed to Port repair. There is probably also some sweet spot against Ranged Repair Kits which I haven't figured out yet. Thus the description of Repair Kits is actually wrong: A Repair Kit Small repairs up to 500 per side and up to 500 sails. At the end it is cheaper to repair at sea, instead of in port. Ah, but hold on! This doesn't work out for smaller ships. Both Ranked Repair Kits and Port repair is priced differently and your sweet spot lies somewhere else. Might even be in Port. I can only conclude this is totally against the intent of making SOLs more expensive to sail as opposed to small ships. Hence, I call bug! Moving on, it is nearly impossible to undercut the AI producing Repair Kit Small. Crafting it from directly bought resources from AI costs $780. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15480-the-definitive-pricing-guide/ To craft it up from produced resources under $750 you need to use a labor cost of $26/h. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VIzDMmnXiq59XBjVmlIvntCm2RTcoypymowm4Qh7S4A/edit#gid=1677047542 Hence I don't see anybody selling Repair Kits yet. Proposed change is to reduce the AI production of Repair Kit Small. - In Regional Ports and Free Ports to 10% of current value. - In other ports (except Capital) to 1% of current value. (Maybe nerf even more.) That way PvP in low pop areas and around Capitals remains cheap, but once shit hits the fan hard price should go up. Crafters would start to need crafting up Repair Kits and/or traders should start sailing Kits in from Capital.
  7. With the latest batch of officer perks coming about, all of us were very curious about what they were and how they worked. The perks that I'm sure caught most of our eyes were the Labour-hour related ones, so we didn't have to wait 48 hours for our LH pool to fill up. However, there was another perk that people started to use more and more. And that was the "Storage Master" perk. In a nutshell, this perk costs 7 points to get, and gives you +1 repair kit in battle at the cost of 5% of your speed. One might think this is pretty balanced, considering the speed reduction and point cost. However, I think this perk is far from that. Storage master allows for 2 repairs. What this means, is that you can get a ship down to no armour, have it run away and repair, cripple its armour AGAIN, and the ship will STILL be able to float and run away. This is, in my opinion, broken. It makes PVP even less skill based and more based on just outgunning your enemy. No matter how well you outplay your enemy, if they have Storage master there is little chance of you winning in an even fight. One argument I hear for the existence of Storage Master is that you can't get the other combat perks. This is a faulty argument for a few reasons, but the main reason being that no other perk can even compare to Storage Master. You can get the perk while ALSO getting double shot, double charge, and one of the ship building perks. Who cares if you have "Prepared" or not? If you are going to keep this perk in the game, then either make it worth 10 points or give it a MASSIVE reload speed reduction, like 10 - 20%. This is really one of the few ways to balance it out without removing it from the game altogether. I have no problems with having the repair upgrades in the game like steel toolbox, carpenter teams, or survival handbooks. I think that having an enemy with great repair capabilities adds to the challenge and thrill of battles. It forces you to work around it and find solutions. However, now that they can repair twice, this removes the fun and makes it overpowered. a ship with no armour could simply repair back to half health twice. Does that seem fair to someone who doesn't have it? No. I'll tell you from experience that it is not. How do we fix it? As I said earlier, I think the only way to keep it balanced is it give it a devastating draw-back. If you can repair back to full health from no armour at all, there should be a serious penalty. For instance, perhaps add on a +15% to 20% reload time penalty? It would make sense as the crew is frantically repairing, there are less people manning the guns, or there are less trained gunners on board. I hope someone considers my suggestion. I hope we can find a solution to Storage Master before the next patch.
  8. We all know that pirates hold ports but many a pirate ship (and some other nations, far from a safe port) would have their ship essentially beached on a shore where at low tide the ship's lower hull would be accessible for repair, naturally some shores were best suited to this and other shores were useless and you'd end up completely stuck, run aground if you tried to careen. So what I propose is that if you are far from a friendly port and need your ship fixed and just so happen to come across an island you can careen your ship and order your crew to gather the required materials needed for repair. Essentially making it a free repair. Naturally this could be exploited so only the smaller classes of ships (probably up to a frigate) could be careened and as well as that it will take time (depending on repairs needed) you would also have the option to send a scouting party out on the Island in case there are any natives who might see you as lunch if you set half your crew on repairs and attack your ship. Scouting should take approximately fifteen minutes and your scouting party can either return completely healthy, with casualties (from hostile animals or native inhabitants) or not return at all, a sure sign that they've died and you should probably make sail with haste. You could choose to repair your ship if your scouting party knows where the native encampment is, however there would still be a chance of them attacking, which would be a lot like boarding mechanics, as for hostile animals; having your scouting party collect the necessary materials nearest the shore under guard with fires lit to scare off the animals, though if your scouting party missed cannibal natives the smoke could draw them towards you. So a quick recap Careening is where you purposely beach the ship at low tide to exact repairs when there is no port or the nearest is far, far away. You would be able to careen on many of the islands with shores but no ports dotted around the map It would be a free (but time consuming, based on the damage and size of ship being careened) way to repair a ship at sea It is not without risk, the island may be inhabited with cannibals or dangerous animals, you would have the option to send out a scouting party, or just exact quick repairs and hope you don't come under attack losing many crew (and potentially having your ship set alight if you lose) in the process Repairs shouldn't be as good as a drydock. 85% hull maximum should be repaired and this would be with a skilled carpenter onboard.
  9. Maybe I am missing something here, but I cannot seem to close the repair menu (5) after opening it? Logically I keep trying to press 5 to close the menu after I have opened it, but cannot seem to do so. Instead I sometimes find myself accidentally repairing things when I am trying to switch to my gun ammo menu: 5 (open) -> 5 (close) -> 1 (gun) seems to be expressed as 5(open) -> 1 (repair) It could be user error. If not, I would suggest that 5 close the remain menu if it is active :-) Great patch yesterday btw. I am once again thrilled to be capturing prizes!
  10. Personally I feel that the current system of your ship automatically sinking during a battle is not very historical. If you could no longer fight your ship and keep her afloat, you would lower your colours and all crew members would turn to save the ship and their lives. (Striking) If you were able to save your ship, you then had options depending on the local activity. Taken by a prize crew and captured, await end of the battle for friendly assistance, limp off of the battlefield and make course for a friendly port, Raise your ensign and renew hostilities etc. All of these occurred historically, what didn't occurr was that all vanquished ships sink, in fact very few did within the timescale of a battle. Exchange of captured crewmen follwing battle arranged by admiralty authorities etc. There have been other posts on the subject, there have I believe been some poll's in the past and without belittling any previous posts, I think we have a much larger forum population now and many many more players who could provide input. Multiple choice, you may tick as many options as you feel could be viable
  11. My proposal is that the current options be modified to the following. (I should point out this is only to modify the current simple method we are using during testing, not as a final proposal for game release) All repairs take longer to complete. (Double the time) Repairs not used when the ship is in Survival mode produce only 50% effect Unrated: Yachts, Lynx's, Cutters, Privateers, Brigs, Navy Brig, Snow get 1 repair patch Frigates get 2 repair patches All Sols get 3 repair patches. Optional 1st Rates get 4 My concern is that ships are fully repairing from a shattered hull back to full health, or completely dismasted to all masts repaired, when really only emergency measures should be possible mid battle. What are your thoughts guys
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