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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! My view on premium ship So lately these Le Requins have been appearing more and more in deep water pbs. They are quite useful for grabbing empty circles, killing mortar brigs and harassing players who guard/hold circles. Right now the Requin is extremely fast, rides low in the water so its hard to hit at a distance, not the easiest ship to demast imo and has very low BR. So bang for the buck it is awsome. You can shot down a Le Requin to under 50% internal structure and even take out one mast, but if your not in an upwind position or in a upwind capable ship, they are very hard to finish off. Those ships often just limp away upwind, repair and then it's the same story all very again. As long as they stay at long distance (3-400+ meters) they are basically unsinkable in my experience. It's much of the same for the Hercules, it is OP compared to the BR it requires to enter. Do you want a large frigate or 2 small fast super Shallow-Frigates? So they are starting to enter deep water pbs also, but at least they sink much easier than the Le Requin. Then consider that if your team are in control of a circle, you don't get points any points when an enemy is present in that circle or "riding the edge". The "Wack a mole" strategy Half a year ago I was part of an attack on a shallow water port, where our opponent used this "Whack a mole" strategy. 60 min into the PB we had destroyd the defenders main fleet, but they still had 3 Prince de Neufchatel and a fast Mercury. And they used those ships to harass our players who where holding circles and we could not gain points fast enough to win whne those shitty ships keept joining the circle at an upwind position. When ever we got them low, they just sailed upwind and repaired. In one circle when 1 ship left, another join at the opposite corner.. So it was basicly a 30 minutes of "whack a mole", and we lost. I fear we now are going to see more of this strategy. In a 2500BR port you can in theory fit 33x Le Requins.. Now you can't fit that but imagine fighting 25 Le Requins with a conventional pb fleet. It's not my idea of fun, and it is defenitly not why I joined grinding the pb! I'm not going to suggest fleet setups here, but it is easy to get room for 5-10 Le Requins and still have some high BR ships for kiting. And you may not kill all that much with such a fleet setup, because your defending you don't need to. All you need to do is run while you do all you can to deny the attackers points. 2-3 Le Requin can easily do drive by shoting at 15,5 kn while they sail in and out of the circles for 1,5 hour, most efficient way to counter Le Requins is by bringing Le Requins.. And to pull the wack a mole stratigy of you don't need mroe than 5-6 Le Requins, 350 - 420BR. So you still have 2080 - 2150BR to make a good running/kiting fleet for defending a port.. Latest pbs with premium ships (finger pointing) 11.06.18 we had 2 pbs. And I'm a gentleman, so I'm not going to name anyone, because I have pictures! So from my extremely partial view: the defenders where basically just avoiding combat with their main fleet, while they had several premium ships to harass the attackers players in the circles and there by denying attacker points in the process. As you all can see we also use the premium ships, but it is necessary now to be compatible in RvR. Little Cayman: 2. PB at Cayman Brac: They brought even more premium ships, but we came better prepared this time! SOLUTION Solution is pretty clear imo, this point blocking with lower BR in the circle must end! Entire reason for 3 circles was to force defender to stay and defend their port. And this was not an issue in the beginning of the 3 circle system.. So we need the older version of the 3 circle system back! The team with highest BR in the circle should capture it and as long as they have the highest BR in the circle or the circle is unchallenged it should generate points. Only way to block point generation from a circle should be by capturing it. This is simple and efficient because it forces teams into decisive battles in and around these circles.. Le Requins in Shallow water pbs As long as the Le Requin can enter shallow water port battles, I will try my best to avoid them.
  2. Hey! I think we should have a standard way we test all newly developed ships. Both the Le Requin and Hercules ships where made redemable for some days, but we only had access to 1 ship of each. I would like to suggest that for at least 3 days or preferably an entire week (Monday to Sunday) the new ship is continuously made available as a redemable ship. This ensures that we actually take the ship in to use with out fear of losing it for ever. Then we get to experiment with different wood types, cannon setup and some will get slots on the ships and start stacking upgrades. This will ensure that we get more and better experience that is needed to give good feedback for balancing. I would also suggest that all new ships that are introduced into the game should be excluded from entering port battles and not solds as DLC's until they are properly balanced. You hate, love or want to add/change something?
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