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  1. Hello captains, for a while now, I have been annoyed by the fact that I have to use the "feature" of capturing a trader and sending my warship "to outpost" if I want to move a warship from one of my outposts to another. You could argue that this is not intended use of the "send to outpost" feature and that moving assets around the map SHOULD be a chore. I, personally, disagree because moving assets is just a time sink with very little positive effect on the gameplay experience. I do not enjoy sailing around warships for hours just to store them in another outpost. Since everybody seems
  2. Battle ready all the time? I rerally like this game, and the feel of sailing the carribean... however, there is one thing that it lacks.... the differenciation in ships appearance between open world and battle. In the open world have the impression, as if I always sail cleared for action. Gunbs ports are always open, cannons are run out, not boats are visible.... on the other hand huge bright firery lanterns are burning in the middle of an ship to ship engangement.!!?? I really would love to see and think the games reasim would benefit from a few small adjustements on the appearanc
  3. Hello everyone this is my first post on the forum but I felt I would share some of my ideas to help improve the game. Some of these things might have already been suggested. I feel that the open world AI should be involved in more interactions. Right now the AI does not seem to do anything other then roam from point A to point B and back again. The AI should actively try to get into battles with one another and with players. It seems rediculous that Ai fleets from different factions will just sail on by each other without a care. The changes to the AI I would suggest are: -AI pirates s
  4. Title pretty much sums it up, I think it's probably an easy addition that has been overlooked.
  5. Teleporting is going to kill this game. It is far too easy to exploit and makes PvP illogically centered around random free ports. It should be removed and replaced by a system that makes more sense. I propose we use the in place AI pathing from port to port to allow players to travel via AI control while online or offline. This turns your vessel into a NPC which leap frogs from one port to the next to your selected destination and takes real time. It makes sense because a captain of a ship (the player) could not be awake 24/7 and had to allow his crew to perform basic ship functions i
  6. I would like to suggest a selectable practice mission, or different selectable practice missions like Admiralty missions. The reason for this is; - whe can practice what a new bought/crafted/modified ship can do (speed, rate of turn etc. etc.) - see wat diffrent calibres medium/long/carronades gun's can do and how they perform on different gun decks. - practice Naval tactics with a group of player's (Line of battle) - we can practice without taking damage from enemy fire - new players I would suggest that with different practice missions, how many practice targets would appear in the practi
  7. Hello Everyone, Now that I have achieved the highest rank (1100 crew) on a pvp server, I thought I would voice my review, opinions, likes and dislikes of this game- what better place to review it then after you've seen pretty much all that it has to offer? I'll try to be short and concise and to the point and base it on known and current game mechanics Grind Time: I actually like this one, it took roughly 700 hours to achieve rear admiral, but it could of easily been 550-600 that's a pretty good number for time invested to reach the "top level" for $ invested in the game, worked out
  8. Even though I can somewhat see the charm of trying to find out your position on the open sea and such, there's really in my opinion a need for at least some crude navigation aid. If you are about to meet up with someone, or if you're out in on the open sea in search of a mission while there's a fog, having somewhat a clue of where you are wouldn't only be helpful, it would also be logical since I assume that on these vessels we sail, one of the crewmembers will be a navigator. Of course, it's important for the captain to know navigation as well, but the expert should be the navigator, or he co
  9. At the moment , travel time is dead time. I propose that you should gain experience for travelling across the map. However, you should not get experience for sailing through the same areas over and over. If the map were discreetly divided into grid squares, then you could gain experience for travelling through a new grid square but not for one you've already visited (this could be reset perhaps once a week). This means that if you're just running missions in an area (e.g. Jamaica) you're not gaining much travel xp. I think we need to reward players for striking out and exploring new seas. It
  10. So recently (the past week or so) client crashes have become more and more frequent, but the crashes I am experiencing aren't just crashes to desktop, they crash my entire OS, and I am forced to reboot my computer. They seem to occur most frequently on the open world, but have also occurred in battle. The game drops to 0 FPS and my monitor turns off. I will still hear sound for a while, and then the sound freezes, looping continuously. Alienware X51 GTX 555 Intel I7 quad core 32gb ram
  11. I've been watching my wind gauge when OW sailing for a while now and as far as I can tell the wind only EVER backs (moves anti-clockwise)!!!! It backs at a constant rate I'd like to see the wind in OW veer sometimes and not to change direction at such a predictable rate.
  12. I have a suggestion for the movement of the ships while near a town port on the open world. Instead of having ships moving super fast, perhaps when you enter the radius of a port, the speed of the ship is reduced to 1/2, 1/3, 1/4? This would eliminate the zooming ships in and out of a port. Where the change happens in the game mechanics could probably be at the same radius where you see a town's name. Just an idea.
  13. Think of what is possible ... if you support allowing some players the option of viewing the game from the deck of the ship to use a less limited view please reply with your support. Sailing in the open world can be amazingly beautiful. Recently the camera movement has been severely limited. It’s not clear if this by design or the key binding has been changed or if the camera movement function will be restored in the future. Movement now is limited and jerky. The result is when moving about the deck the camera seems to be bouncing around. Previously the movement was very fluid. The
  14. Не могу войти в открытый мир. Игра зависает на моменте "Entering open world". В порту же, мог совершать любые действия.
  15. I would like to start by saying that i enjoy this game very much. The battles are near perfect after a lot of testing and i am happy with where the game is now. This does not mean however that i would not like to see some things changed. For one i feel that with the time acceleration on ships in OW it does not feel like sailing at all. IK people want this speed to cut down travel times, however i feel that it takes away from the feeling of sailing and the enjoyment of exploring in open world. Maybe we could just have a speed up day/night cycle and make the oceans between continents smalle
  16. I have been using a free vector map and Adobe Illustrator to make a map that can be scaled to whatever size we want. However, I would hate to spend all this time compiling the work from other maps with my own only to find that the next game implemented a map. Do y'all think it is still worth working on? Do we know if a map will be part of the next update?
  17. Here's an idea to resolve all the debate about open world. Have two "game modes," but on two separate servers. -Server one will be "arcade" open world. -Server two will be "hardcore" open world. Server one- The "arcade mode" will feature durabilities, fast-paced gameplay, and tons of PvP. Economy will be greatly downplayed to allow players to have many fun battles in one gaming session. More casual players won't have to worry about longer sailing times and less battles. Fleet Battles can be arranged and announced ahead of time for maximum attendance. Server two- The "hardcore mode" will pla
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