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Found 28 results

  1. "We still make them feel and we still make them flee, And drub them ashore as we drub them at sea, Then cheer up me lads with one heart let us sing, Our soldiers and sailors, our statesmen and king." ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔ Hearts of Oak is a clan named after the upbeat Royal Navy march, we capitalise cooperative play among our ranks, helping each other and working together to achieve the best game expirience for every single member. We have no outlined focus in terms of crafting, PvE or PvP - we appreciate and support all of it. Most of our members origin from the same named clan on a different game featuring action on the seas, first being only two of us who rejoined Naval Action, the enthusiasm for the game spread quickly and we got ten people buying the game by entertaining them in long and hilarious evenings. We are trying to build up our PvP expirience now and to form a joined Portbattle team with other clans, though neither participation is mandatory. Our agenda is to help newcomers, welcome veterans, learn as much as possible and make the british nation a place again where not only a few know and do everything. ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔ ⚓ What we offer to you ... ⚓ · A cooperative environment, support for everyone · A friendly international community · Discord & Teamspeak and external sources for organisation · Relaxed atmosphere · PvE, PvP and hopefully soon PB possibilities ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔ ⚔ What you should offer to us ... ⚔ · The motivation to play the game · The interest to help others · The possiblity to join Discord or Teamspeak (no microphone requirement) ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔ You can contact us by either posting a comment here, poking one of us at Teamspeak or contacting one of the following members ingame: Stewart Lawrie SinofPride Random Unnecessary Violence
  2. Hello NA Community We are West India Trading Company a new Creat Clan in the Nation of the Great Britain. We are searching for Players they wanna do PvP/PvE/Crafting/Trading in a Family Clan. We are based in Trinidad and when we grow up i think we make another Base in KPR. What we are looking for Ts3 + Headset 18+ Ambition Rank and Ship doesnt matter What we offer: Ts3 Server Familiar Clan Active Leaders Helpin each Other If ur Interested contact Laempi, Yinyangpanda or Lord Iron Ingame, or leave me a Message in Forum or Poste. Have a nice evening.
  3. Hi All Since Naval Action community is very committed to game and forum i thought its nice idea to make list of fan websites we have active currently. All Clans, Guilds, Societies, Companies or Bands of Pirates please share your website links in this topic. List could be great help to new players but not only. Enlisted your website here may help as well to recruit new members in future since they can find specific clans websites easy instead dig forums for it. If there are so called "nation websites" post them as well. Format could be simple: Clan name Server Nation Website link Teamspeak, Mumble or Discord I start with our website for example: Name: Polska Flota Kaperska [PFK] Server: PvP EU Nation: Sweden Website: http://www.polskaflotakaperska.pl/ TS: deadecho.pl:9988 Name: Royal Danish-Norwegian Navy [RDNN] Server: PvP EU/Global Nation: Danmark-Norge Website: http://danmarknorge.org/ TS: na.danmarknorge.org Name: Kings German Navy [KINGS] Server: PvP EU Nation: Great Britain Website: ? TS: voice378.ismett.de Name: Plus Vltra [VLTRA] Server: PvP EU Nation: Spain Website: http://navalaction.es/ TS: navalactionspa.teamspeak.de Name: Flying Powder Monkeys [FPM] PvE Name: The Union Jack [TUJ] PvP Server: PvE/PvP Nation: Great Britain Website: TBA Discord: <Flying Powder Monkeys - General chat> Name: Holy Roman Empire [HRE] Server: PvP EU Nation: Sweden Website: http://imperialfleet.forumprofi.de/ TS: sverige.ninja Name: Reichsflotte Server: PvP Global Nation: Verenigde Provincien Website: ? Discord: <Reichsflotte> Name: AHOY [AHOY] Server: PvP Global Nation: Great Britain Website: https://ahoy.enjin.com/ TS: Name: Salty Dogs [DOGZ] Server: PvP Global Nation: Great Britain Website: ? TS: and(or) Name: Les Enfants du Roy [EDR] Server: PvP EU Nation: France Website: http://navalaction-france.com/ TS: ts3.navalaction-france.com Name: Voodoo Shipping Company [VCO] Server: PvP Global Nation: USA Website: http://www.voodooshipping.net/ TS: tatteredflags.teamspeak3.com Name: The Decatur Armada [TDA] Server: PvP Global Nation: USA Website: http://decaturarmada.enjin.com/ TS: DecaturArmada.enjinvoice.com Name: Stars and Skulls [SORRY] Server: PvP EU NAtion: Pirates Website N/A TS: Hope we get here as many as we have websites related to Naval Action. P.S. To moderators: If possible pin it please and update from time to time. Thank you. Bart Smith
  4. I'd like to see a list of active clans on the PvP2 server. The intent is to show activity on the PvP2 server in hopes of preventing the "possible" server merge. This is also an attempt to provide new players direct links to clan recruitment pages. Hopefully, this forum will create server and nation specific boards in the near future. Until then, I thought I'd make this nation categorized list. Props to www.navalactioncraft.com for their map work and getting all the ports updated. (Last updated: 1/1/17) Please respond in the following format and I will keep this updated on this OP (the other posts haven't been updated since Jan): Nation: [Clan Tag] - Clan Name: Clan website or game-labs recruitment thread: Active Member Count: (If you don't have a recruitment thread or clan signature banner, msg me and I can make one...for a price ) Denmark [CN] - Celestial Navy - 20 Dutch [AD] - ? - ? [AVAST] - Boer You to Death - 11 [DEIF] - Dutch East Indies Fleet - ? [DFHS] - Dutch Forlorn Hope Squadron - ? [DUTCH] - Dutch - ? [DWIC] - Dutch West Indies Company - ? [EEN] - ? - ? [GI] - ? - ? [HDZ] - ? - ? [iPS] - ? - ? [OJ] - Oranje Flotilla - ? [SEGA] - ? - ? [TOVNM] - Total Oblivion - The Flying Dutchmen - 4 [VPAS] - ? - ? France [ACS] - ? - ? [DSSC] - Drunk Sailors Social Club - 21 [FTC] - French Trade Conglomerate - 3 [KRABS] - Le Marine de Bikini Bas - 8 Defunct [LBORK] - LeBork - 13 Changed to Sweden [bORK] [LEDR] - ? - ? [LFF] - ? - ? [LN]- ? - ? [LOS] - ? - ? Defunct / moved to [DSSC] Great Britain [11ACR] - ? - ? [AFG] - The Academy for Fine Gentlemen - 12 [AGW] - Alt Games Warbirds - 11 [AIE] - ? - ? [AUS] - ? - ? [BCS] - ? - ? [BLUE] - ? - ? [BRRTS] - Barrett's Privateers - ? [CKA] - Canada Kicks Ass - 34? [EIC] - ? - ? [EITC] - ? - ? [FUN] - ? - ? [HA] - ? - ? [IPC] - Indies Privateer Consortium - ? [JANFU] - JANFU Tactical - ? Defunct? [JS] - ? - ? [KF] - Kraken Fleet - 10 Defunct [MT6] - ? - ? Defunct? [MYTY] - Mighty Men of Valour - ? [NSWCF] - ? - ? [RCF] - ? - ? [RED] - ? - ? [SI] - ? - ? [SMS] - Reichflotte - ? [SOB] - Sons of Britain - 80 Moved to PvP1 as [KIN] King's Imperial Navy [SOH] - ? - ? Defunct? [SPN] - Soggy Potato Navy - 12 [STERN] - ? - ? [TOM] - Tides of March - 4 [TWP] - ? - ? [UK] - ? - ? [VOLT] - ? - ? [WBK] - Waffle Brigade - ? Moved to PvP1? [WHB] - West Indies Hano Badgers - 3 [WIP] - ? - ? Pirate [1B] - One Blood - 10 [BD] - Black Death - 3 Changed to [DP] [BEARD] - ? - ? [BLACK] - Black Flag - 48 [BLKS] - Black Sails - ? [BLOOD] - Blood of BLACK - ? [BMDF] - Bahama Mama Defense Force - 8 [BOOTY] - ? - ? [BOTC] - ? - ? [CBP] - ? - ? [CDOGS] - ? - ? [COM] - ? - ? [CURSE] - ? - ? [DC] - Disorderly Conduct - ? [DOW] - ? - ? [DP] - Dread Pirates - ? [DREAD] - ? - 1 [FLIBS] - ? - ? [GUN] - ? - ? [HYDRA] - ? - ? [JUL] - Just Us League - ? [NASTY] - No Allegiance Save To Yourself - 10 [NO] - No Quarter - ? [PINKY] - ? - ? [SKULL] - ? - ? [SOB] - ? - ? [SSU] - Salty Sailor Union - 3 [THUG] - ? - ? [UNKN] - Unknown - 11 [ZILCH] - ? - ? Spain [ARF] - ? - ? [LDM] - ? - ? [NAVY] - ? - ? [USE] - United Shipwrights Espana - ? Sweden [BORK] - 3th Swedish Flotilla - 13 [ISN] - ? - ? [SSF] - ? - ? [TSM] - The Swedish Meatballs - 2 United States [AN] - American Navy - ? Changed to Pirates [SKULL] [ASP] - Atlantic Society of Pioneers - 8 [BCS] - ? - ? [BMDF] - Bahama Mama Defense Force - 8 Changed to Pirate [DMDF] [BORG] - ? - ? [BRRB]- Broken Rebels - 7 [CBR] - Chum Bucket Raiders - 11 [CDOGS] - ? - ? [CSS] - Crusty Squidly Squad - ? [DD] - Detroit Demolition - 8 [FEAR] - Face Everything And Rise - 15 [FFN] - ? - ? [FLB] - Furry Lovable Bunnies - 6 [GT] - ? - ? [JR] - Jolly Rodgers - 2 [JUL] - Just Us League - ? Changed to Pirates [JUL] [MHS] - ? - ? [MOGN] - Massive Online Gaming Nation - 10 [MTC] - ? - ? [NPG] - No Pants Guys - 80 [NSJR] - ? - ? [PA] - ? - ? [PXP] - ? - ? [OPR8] - ? - ? [SCS] - Secondhand Cannonball Salesmen - ? [SKY] - Clear Skies - ? [SOG] - ? - ? [TOTC] - Total Oblivion Trading Company - 8 [TZ] - ? - ? [UNKN] - Unknown - 40 Changed to Pirates [UNKN] [USCCG] - United States Continental Coast Guard - 24 [USN] - United States Navy - ? [USS] - United States Ships - 4 [UW] - Unknown Warriors - ? [VCO] - Voodoo Shipping Company - ? [WATCH] - The Bay's Watch - 9 Majority changed to Pirates [WBK] - ? - ?
  5. Salve capitani! Comunico che la gilda degli HNH Italian Clan è pienamente operante nel server 1 PVP EU! La gilda , di fazione pirata,è in cerca di pirati,corsari e contrabbandieri Italiani per allargare le proprie fila e imporre il proprio dominio nel mar dei caraibi! Chi fosse interessato a unirsi a noi è pregato di visitare e iscriversi al forum. (IL CLAN RECLUTA SOLO MAGGIORENNI !) Date un occhiata al nostro regolamento e al nostro modo di vedere le cose:http://hnhitaclan.forumfree.it/?t=68633969 Per alleanze,Patti di non aggressione,commercio e comunicazioni varie,con altre gilde,potete contattarmi o scrivere in questo post! Potete trovarci su: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Hnhitalianclan/?fref=ts ForumFree http://hnhitaclan.forumfree.it/ Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiCQbmqsO9BDiacD0t39SRQ WebSite http://hnhitalianclan.it/index.html Inoltre vi consiglio di visitare il gruppo facebook di Naval Action italia : https://www.facebook.com/groups/581669125323552/ Vi aspetto! arghhh!! Hi captains! Inform you that the guild of HNH Italian Clan has been fully operational in the Server 1 PVP EU! The guild, pirate faction, is looking for pirates, pirates and smugglers Italian to enlarge their ranks and impose their dominance in the Caribbean Sea! Anyone interested in joining us please visit and join our forum. (THE CLAN RECRUIT ONLY PEOPLE AGED!) For alliances, pacts of non-aggression, commerce and various communications, with other guilds,you can contact me or write in this post! You can find us on: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Hnhitalianclan/?fref=ts ForumFree http://hnhitaclan.forumfree.it/ Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiCQbmqsO9BDiacD0t39SRQ WebSite http://hnhitalianclan.it/index.html I wait for you! arghhh !! [HNH]Montezuma Official member of HNH italian Clan
  6. Regiment of the Grenadier Guards [RGG] Intro: Hey folks Dale here, [RGG] has been going for a good while now (since 2005) and we are a group built on friendship and the love of good PvP, we have been in a variety of games such as Project Reality, Arma (1 through to 3) and other gems of the past such as COD 4. We have also been a massive advocate for simulation games, and due to our nature we just couldn't say no to Naval Action. Our Ethos: We are looking for a relatively small group of people to come join us, we aren't trying to build a massive group chock with 250 people, to us you aren't a number but someone who will form a close nit group who will help each other to grind missions, craft ships and roam together for PvP. Generally speaking we will be on every night as a group, and you will see us playing as a group. Some Links: So if you are interested you can either respond to this thread, or you can check out our group by coming to teamspeak and catching us there, or by checking out my stream on Twitch which will give you a pretty good idea of what we're like. TS IP: Password: pk4life Stream Link: twitch.tv/rggdale What Rank: We aren't too worried about what rank you are to join the group, we are happy to help you grind the levels up, however bear in mind that we are mostly Master and Commander and Lieutenant Commander ranks which means we will likely be doing harder missions etc. This doesn't mean you can't join us as a lower level, it just means you will have a different role when going into PvP if you are in lets say a Basic Cutter. Overall: So we are looking forwards to seeing you folks, if you are interested in joining something you will have to think about is our time zone as the majority of us are from the EU (mainly UK). Dale
  7. KNIGHTS HOSPITALLER Mission To spank the ever-loving crap out of Spain for no particular reason but that they are near by our home port of Ile-a-Vache off the coast of Haiti. To enjoy the company of a tight group of friends while sailing the high seas. To be a threatening force against those that would appose us. GOD WILLS IT!!! About Us We are a gaming community, playing several games with a focus on a few at a time. As of right now and for the foreseeable future this game is our focus. Community members range in the hundreds while this game clan currently has about 20+ members. We've a dedicated Teamspeak 3 and a steam group used for organizing events. The maturity lvl ranges from family friendly to mature chat rooms. The make up of the community is primarily age 20's to 40's ranging from students, families, civilian and military. What We Offer Fun light-hearted community Teamspeak for you and your friends (even if they're not in the clan) Bring your kids to play (family friendly chat rooms) Casual to hardcore players (Never feel like gaming is a job) Personality trumps skill (no min rank to join) Recruitment STATUS = OPEN - Requirements - 18+ Friendly Attitude Teamspeak 3 (Join us in chat when its convenient for you, talk to us, don't talk to us, join our chat room or a chat room of your own, it's up to you.) ___________ Teamspeak // hospitaller431.ts.nfoservers.com - Jump into the 'Naval Action' chat room and ask to join.
  8. Сообщество Корсары приветствует игроков Naval Action! Мы русскоязычное сообщество единомышленников, которое борется за первенство в online-играх c 2011 года. В первую очередь Корсары - это сплоченная команда игроков, которым доставляет удовольствие играть в компании друг друга. Мы самодостаточны и самостоятельны, учимся друг у друга, умеем слышать и понимать мысли согильдийцев и облегчать жизнь друг друга. Сообщество начало свою жизнь в AION, затем Archeage (сервер: Кипроза) и Black Desert Online (играли всего 2 месяца, не понравилась ни игра, ни локализатор). В наших рядах Вы найдете игроков в такие проекты как World of Tanks, Dota2, War Thunder, Prime world, APB: Reloaded, Diablo, League of Legend и многие другие. Несмотря на то, что мы PvP-ориентированная гильдия, без PvE всё равно не обойтись, поэтому, как и везде, мы будем пробовать весь контент, который нам предоставит разработчик. Вступая к нам Вы обеспечиваете себя поддержкой взрослого коллектива, прозрачной внутренней политикой гильдии, серьезным руководящим составом и возможностью стать частью одной команды. И это касается не только проекта Naval Action. Corsairs Community - это правильный выбор для времяпрепровождения в любимой игре! Сервер: PvP One (EU) Наш сайт: http://corsairs-community.ru Наша группа ВКонтакте: http://vk.com/corsairs_official Наш Skype: corsairs.community Наша голосовая связь: RaidCall id - 4615462. Руководящий состав для связи в игре: Nordeanum - Лидер сообщества Travatar - Офицер гильдии Lawrence - Офицер гильдии Благодарим за проявленный интерес и внимание к нам! До встречи на полях сражений!
  9. WolfPack was a clan I created back in my days of playing on a custom naval themed minecraft server, and now it will return in a more appropriate setting in Naval action, I'm an experienced gamer having played games since I could hold the attention span to do so, I've lead hundreds of people into intense battles in about 3 different clans I founded. I hope to make Naval Action my next great adventure and WolfPack will be the start of that adventure.. Our Mission. My intention is to recruit a strong and skilled group of players primarily consisting of players in a North American Timezone, this group will consist of traders, shipwrights and captains not afraid of intense organized battles with very high stakes, even though I'm a highly experienced leader mistakes can and will happen, we can't win every single battle, but I'm looking for players who can brush themselves off and not get mad, but get even..Don't let the above fool you, you don't need to be Jack aubery to join, you just need to give your best effort and follow orders. Once enough members are recruited we will operate heavily in the Bahamas fighting pirates, going where other clans refuse to go. Joining requirements To join you must have a working TS3 client and use it for any organized clan activities, and also for briefings when requested. Other than that to join you simply shoot me a PM or leave a reply to this post, your performance in real combat will be judged and any room for improvement cam be worked with, so don't feel like you can't join since you're first lieutenant and have only done PvE, all are welcome. So if you would like to know more or join please send me a PM on forums, in game or any other way you want. TS3: sky.noise.host:9989
  10. The [Navy] Nederlandse Marine is looking for you! We are currently looking for new members to join us on US-server 2 for the dutch nation. Tweede-lieutenant upwards rate's accepted. Please post in dutch chat if you are interested and we ill respond as there is always one of us online. Our main gold is to get our nation to be one of the most powerful nation's in the land. P.s Free rum and grog for everyone who sinks a constitution with a cutter
  11. Good day sailors, The Royal German Legion [RGL] is a German squadron loyally serving our King. We are currently recruiting players. Our main language is German. Applications under royal-german-legion.de and TS3: Please hail our clan members to request the TS3 Password. God save the King. *More information will follow
  12. Honneur, patrie, valeur, discipline Capitaines! Welcome to Sea Lords Virtual Fleets and thank you for your interest in joining our illustrious group. We are a small, but rapidly growing band of like minded individuals of varying experience and expertise, who like to indulge in a little light role playing in a friendly, disciplined and co-operative environment and blowing the enemy to smithereens! A lack of experience is no barrier to joining as we are happy to assist you to become one of the finest Captains on the Great and Narrow seas. If you wish to apply to join, please follow this link http://forum.sealordsvf.org/index.php?/topic/6904-sea-lords-marine-francaise-recruitment-instructions/ and post within the forum. Please ensure you have answered all questions, so that our yeomen in the fleet can process the application. Also, we use English as our working language. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about SLVF, or SLMFr, and I will do my best to answer them quickly. Once again thank you for your interest in Sea Lords Virtual Fleets and we look forward to meeting you on the High Seas! Yours Aye Sea Lords VF Recruitment Team
  13. We are a new guild in the spanish faction in PvP # 2 . At the moment we are just looking to get more players. We are quite active and we have a TS. (TeamSpeak is mandatory, even if you dont have a mic) Join us and have fun with a big fleet backing you up You can contact our officers in ingame Spain Chat: kornflakes, roberto de castilla, cofresi, el victor, checo, contrastorm, captain exclude, admiral jamoca, captain longdong
  14. Ahoy shipmates! I'm looking for a UK Clan or Guild to join on PVP 3, I've had the most lubberly luck finding any so I was wondering if anyone knew of a Squadron protecting the Kings West Indies from the insidious French and cockroach pirates? If no fleet shall bear my flag I shall propose raising a squadron of mine own to crush the enemies of King George and bring his errant subjects to the gibbet. - MIDN 51st Highland HMS Brownboaby
  15. Good afternoon. Recruit players in the Royal Guard of Sweden [uKR] - Högvakten Playing for the Swedes. Community for players with CIS Since I myself with the Ukraine at the moment there are two relevant time zone Kiev \ Riga \ Tallinn \ Vilnius The Community was created to unite the players from one time zone and beyond. Of course, I wanted to unite the players and the Ukraine too. We came here to play, and that's going to do it. And not to pursue political issues and beliefs. Who is interested in the topic write. Thank you for attention.
  16. Ahoi Kapitän Im Namen der Krone ist die Royal German Legion auf der Suche nach Kapitänen die willig sind für England und seine Majestät neue Ländereien in den fernen gebieten der Karibik zu erobern. Es winken Reichtum und Macht all denen die sich unserem Kampf anschließen. Ausgerüstet mit Kaperbriefen sind wir befugt das britische Recht mit Legitimation des Königs in der gesamten Karibik durchzusetzen und Schiffe als priesen einzubehalten. England vertraut darauf das DU durch dein Geschick und Fähigkeiten das Commonwealth schützt. Die Royal German Legion ist eine gut strukturierte Flotte mit Kommandoebenen welche es uns ermöglichen jeden Feind effektiv und mit voller härte zu Treffen und zu vernichten. Die Legion nutzt hierbei Taktiken der Royal Navy gemischt mit deutscher Hartnäckigkeit um den Feind an jeder Front zu besiegen. Neben dem militärischen Arm stützt sich die Royal German Legion auf ihr umfangreiches sowie effektives Werftbauprogramm was es uns möglich macht die Flotte stets mit neuen Schiffen für den Kampf auszustatten. Hierzu stehen uns die besten Schiffsbauer der Karibik zur Verfügung die alle uns bekannten Schiffe in den Werften von Port Royal auf Kiel legen können. Die Legion ist auf der Suche nach jungen Kapitänen wie auch alten Seebären. In unserem Umfangreichen Aus- und Weiterbildungsprogramm werdet ihr mit unseren Taktiken sowie allgemeinen seemännischen Fertigkeiten vertraut gemacht und für den Kampf gegen unsere Feinde gestärkt. Solltest auch du deine Pflicht erfüllen wollen dann zögere nicht und Bewirb dich noch heute! Bewirb dich unter www.royal-german-legion.de Für England! Für die Legion! Aktuelle Zeitung: Zeitungsarchiv: 01/04/16 04/03/16
  17. Claim for a guild being built. [All info, including the guild's name is temporary until the founding group agrees on all details] The Brethren of the Cayes These pirates who settled in PedroCay would be vigilant Guardians of the People's Rights and Liberties; they would stand as Barriers against the Rich and Powerful of their day. By waging war on behalf of the Oppressed against the Oppressors, they would see that Justice was equally distributed. Main Port of Call: Pedro Cay Area of Operations: from Jamaica down to the Spanish Main Current crew: Deathmore, Falcor23, James Franco, Louis Landrieux, Mal Playstyle: Freethinking, leaderless multi-national..PvP Server shard: PvP Server2
  18. Hey My name is agosparti, I am one of the Community Leaders for the Phalanx Gaming Community,we are reaching out to the Naval Action Community for more members & help us grow as a gaming community in Naval Action & help me form the clan in-game this week,My goal is to get regular organised streamed Community Events & become a powerful clan in-game with a strong recruitment base. The clan UK origin PVE Server so if anybody is interested on joining us please let me know by msg & also follow these links please Website: http://phalanxgaming.org/ Teamspeak: ts3.phalanxgaming.org Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/P-GC Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/phalanxgamingofficial/profile
  19. Swarte Heap PIRATE CLAN NOW RECRUITING Some History- Pier targeted ships that travelled the Zuiderzee and was very active in 1517, when he used his "signal ships" to attack ships in the region of the West Frisian coast, to which he also transported Geldrian forces, setting them ashore at Medemblik. Pier bore a personal enmity to Medemblik and its inhabitants as, in earlier years, soldiers from Medemblik had cooperated with the Holland army commanded by Duke Charles, the future Emperor. In March 1498, Medemblik was where representatives of the Schieringers met the Saxon ruler duke Albrecht to request Saxon protection from the Vetkopers — a request that resulted in the Saxon occupation of Friesland, Netherlands On 24 June 1517, Grutte Pier and his Arumer Zwarte Hoop, consisting of some 4,000 soldiers from Frisia and Guelders, sailed to West Frisia, passing Enkhuizen, landing near Wervershoof and advancing to Medemblik. They swiftly captured Medemblik, killing many inhabitants and taking many others prisoner. Some were released on payment of a high ransom. Some of the town's inhabitants fled and found safety at Kasteel Radboud. The castle's governor, Joost van Buren, succeeded in keeping the aggressors outside the castle walls. Unable to take the castle, the Arumer Zwarte Hoop plundered the town and set it on fire. With most houses made of wood, the town, including the church, monastery and town hall, was razed. After this partial victory, Pier and his army stormed both Nieuwburg and Middleburg Castle near Alkmaar, plundered and set them on fire, leaving only ruins. We are not like most clans ye will find sailing the murky waters. We have few rules and do not aim to restrict your game play. We are pirates after all! New Captains most welcome! Contact- Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/Egmond/ Or join on teamspeak: kami.kazhkaz.net password: scorpion
  20. Team Recruitment! Message from: Owner and Founder Ninjas Dynasty Welcome, (WPG) Wasted Prodigy Gamer's, Are now trying to recruit new players to this new game. We would love for players such as youself to grow within our team and have fun doing so. (WPG) Has been around for 11 years now since Xbox 360. We started on Call of Duty 4:MW on Gamebattles.com and sponsored by gamrs.net and scuffgaming. 2yrs ago i left xbox and joined the PC world. Since then i have learned alot on PC. Trying to gorw and expand our team on other systems and games. But we cant do that with out your help. You are what make's a great team. I believe if we can work together, Bringing ideas in good or bad. We can grow as a family. I am looking for players that will be active and loyal to Your new (HOME) meaning this team. As you will become part of the family. We would like to welcome you with our arms wide open. I hope to see you guys on our team. See you soon. What we ask for before joining. 1. Must be ages 17+ 2. have teamspeak and mic 3. respect leaders 4. Most of all have fun. We are now Pirates!! New Update's I have made alot of changes and new update's and there are more to come soon. Please take a moment and read over what all i have done to improve this team. Updated website: WastedProdigyGamers.com This update include's (New look and feel, Member sing in, Team profiles, Clan platform, Team Vs Team, Clan Profiles, Forums, Blogs, and more) Updated Teamspeak: New Ranks systems, New banners, New permissions. (Note: There are alot more updates however i dont want to bore you with more details on this forum and i dont think be good to post other games on this forum such as servers and or recruitment updates for other games. Also please keep in mind. I am the only one who does updates and building of websites and other servers. so the website is being build still.)
  21. Imperial fleet of Holy Roman Empire of German nation Flotte des Heiligen Römischen Reiches Deutscher Nation Stockholm am 23. Januar 1790, schwedischer Königspalast: „Sir, wir haben eine wichtige Nachricht aus Österreich!“ Der Kanzler übergab einen mehrfach versiegelten Brief an seine Majestät Gustav III, König von Schweden. Die Siegel mit geübtem Blick auf Unversehrtheit prüfend, öffnete er schnell das Pergament. „Sie ist von Joseph II daselbst, Kanzler!“. Er entfaltete den Brief und las: „An Seine Majestät, Gustav III, König von Schweden, liebster Vetter! Ich darf dir heute mitteilen, dass alle Reichsfürsten des Heiligen Römischen Reiches Deutscher Nation Unserem und deinem Ansinnen nachgekommen sind, dich, lieber Vetter, in deiner Karibikmission zu unterstützen. Im Gegenzug begrüßen Ich und die Reichsfürsten Meines Reiches die Entlassung Kurlands aus deinem Reich und die Einführung des kurländischen Herzogs Kettler und seiner Familie als Reichsfürsten Unseres Reiches. In schweren Zeiten, in denen du nur diese eine Insel besitzt, die Russen gemeinsame Sache mit den Dänen machen, Holland und England schon zu viel besitzen, Spanien noch immer seinen Anteil verteidigt und Frankreich und die neuen amerikanischen Provinzen sich erdreisten, Besitzansprüche zu stellen, rücken unsere Länder zusammen. Meine Reichsfürsten haben beschlossen, Dich mit einer imperialen Kaiserlichen Flotte zu unterstützen. Erwarte diese gegen Jahresende in deiner Insel-Stadt Gustavia. Als Zeichen der Verbindung unserer aller Länder wird Prinzessin Luisa von Kettler den Grafen von Stenborg heiraten und deine geliebte Schwester, Kronprinzessin Agnes die Frau Unseres Reichsfürsten von Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst werden. Wir werden gemeinsam deine Ansprüche, liebster Vetter, unterstützen und Unseren gerechten Anspruch auf Trinidad und Tobago für Unsere deutschen und den kurländischen Reichsfürsten geltend machen…“ Den Brief zu Ende lesend, blickt der König seinen Kanzler an: „Bereite Er alles für den Empfang unserer deutschen Verbündeten in Gustavia vor. Es soll ihnen an nichts fehlen! Sie werden unsere Wirtschaft ankurbeln und das Gros unserer schwedischen Marine stellen!“ Sich vor dem König verneigend, zieht sich der Kanzler mit einem gewöhnlichen „So sei es, Sir!“ zurück, um des Königs Befehle auszuführen. 10 Monate später ertönen 13 Salutschüsse der Festung Gustavia über Hafen und Kaimauern in Richtung des Meeres, auf dem ein Gewimmel von allerlei Fracht- und Kriegsschiffen zu erkennen ist. Alle tragen die schwedische Reichsflagge, doch in den Topmasten erkennt sogar der gewöhnlichste Hafenarbeiter Gustavias die fremdländischen, teils auch unbekannten Hoheitsabzeichen… hamburgische, österreichische, brandenburgische Wimpel sind genau so zu erkennen, wie auch exotisch anmutende pfälzische, bergische, thüringische, bambergische, sächsische … Die Deutschen sind in der Karibik angekommen. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Stockholm. January the 23rd 1790. The Royal Swedish Palace: "Sir, we have an important letter from Austria!" The chancellor gave a multiple sealed letter to his Majesty Gustav III, King of Sweden. Testing the seal's integrity with long practiced eyes, he quickly opens the letter. "Its from Joseph II, Chancellor!". He unfolded the letter and read: "To His Majesty, Gustav III, King of Sweden, dearest cousin! I am pleased to inform you today, that all sovereigns of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation agreed on our complied request which was to support you, my dear cousin, with your mission in the Caribbean. In return I and my fellow sovereigns will appreciate the release of Kurland from your government and introduce the duke of Kurland Kettler and his family as the new ruler of our proud nation. In hard times, where you only have this one island Gustavia, the Russians make common cause with the Danes, Holland and England have already too much colonies, Spain still defends his share and France and the new American provinces presume to make property claims, our countries will fight together. My princes have decided to support you with an Imperial fleet. Expect this next time in your island-city Gustavia. As a sign for our connection with all our countries Princess Luisa of Kettler will marry the Earl of STENBORG and your beloved sister, Crown Princess Agnes, will be the wife of our princes of Hohenlohe. We will work together your claims, dearest cousin support, and make our fair claim to Trinidad and Tobago for our German and Courland princes asserted ... " Finished the letter read, the king looks at his chancellor: "He prepares everything for the reception of our German allies in Gustavia. It should want for nothing! They will boost our economy and they will be the heart of our Swedish Navy!" Bowing before the king, the chancellor draws with a usual, "So it will be, sir!" Back to perform the king's commands. 10 months later, 13 gun salute sounded the fortress Gustavia on port and quay walls in the direction of the sea, on which a crowd can be seen all kinds of cargo and warships. All these ships carry the Swedish kingdom flag, but in the ship's masts the most ordinary dockers detect the foreign, partly unknown insignia ... Hamburg, Austria, Brandenburg and other exotic flags like Palatinate, Berg, Thuringia, Bamberg, Saxonia, Bremen ... The Germans have arrived in the Caribbean. --------------------------------------------------------------- Der Hintergrund: Die Deutschen haben mit großer Mehrheit (13 Spieler) für die Nation Schweden gestimmt. Erstmals befindet sich eine größere Anzahl deutscher Spieler in einer einzigen Nation! Wir hoffen, dass noch weitere Deutsche folgen. Wir laden auch Spieler aus anderen Ländern ein und helfen in unserem Teamspeak-Channel sehr gerne ! Auch Deutsche, die für andere Nationen spielen, dürfen Hilfe von uns erwarten. The background: During a recent vote within the german subforum, a vast majority voted for Sweden as flag registration state. As this is the first time for german players to unite under a single nation we encourage all active german players (and others as well) to join us in our efforts to show foreign nations, what swedish iron & german mates can do for you . All players can expect a helpful hand at our national & international TS channels, swedish communities will be offfered sepearate subchannels on demand. Jakob Kettler, Admiralty clerk of HRE
  22. WolfAceKing(SeaWolf) SeaFury and Darksoulsreaper is starting a new guild named Confederacy. Confederacy is a usa and pirate guild. Our main focus is PvP and Global Conquest(capturing ports/port battles). We want this guild to be small (about 50 members max) but elite that will fight to the death if need be. We offer custom banners depending on your rank in the guild. As well as tips for fighting,ranking up and etc... For more info/questions or you would like to join please visit our steam page here. PS Don't mind wolf and fury fighting in chat they like to yell at each other at times.
  23. Scroll down for English translation ... Die Neue Deutsche Hanse Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NewHansa Über uns Fast 100 Jahre nachdem der letzte Hansetag abgehalten wurde, gibt es eine neue Initiative, die von deutschen Kaufleuten ins Leben gerufen wurde, um neuen Reichtum und Wohlstand zu schaffen. Angelockt von den Schätzen der neuen Welt und inspiriert durch den Reichtum der spanischen und niederländischen Händler, taten sich die einflussreichsten Kaufleute der norddeutschen Kurfürstentümer und Herzogtümer zusammen, um die „Neue Deutsche Hanse“ zu gründen. Ausgestattet mit dem Monopol zum Handel in der neuen Welt, der jeweiligen Landesherrn und mit der Unterstützung der großen deutschen Handelsstädten und fähiger Kapitäne, soll die Neue Hanse den Reichtum und die Schätze Amerikas in die Heimat befördern. Beispielhaft hierfür sind die britischen und niederländischen Handelskompanien. Die Hanse wird geführt durch den Vorstand, der auf den alle paar Jahre stattfindenden Hansetagen von Vertretern der Städte gewählt wird. Der Vorstand ist für die Einhaltung und Überwachung des Kodex, für die Anwerbung von Kapitänen, für den Einsatz der bewaffneten Schiffe, sowie für die Gewinnbeteiligung und Verlustzuweisung beteiligter Kaufleute zuständig. Mit einem einheitlichen Leitkodex soll Rechtssicherheit geschaffen und Konkurrenz innerhalb der Hanse vermieden werden. Zwar dürfen die Kapitäne und Kaufleute in eigener Zuständigkeit handeln, jedoch sind sie dazu aufgerufen sich an Vorschriften und Embargos des Vorstands zu halten. Fahrgemeinschaften werden gebildet um die gefährliche Reise über den Atlantik und auf den wichtigsten karibischen Routen sicherer zu gestalten. Kriegsschiffe und bewaffnete Schiffe werden von den Fürsten und Städten bereitgestellt um sich gegen Piraterie und jeden anderen wehren zu können der versucht Schiffe der Hanse zu entern oder Kontore und verbündete Handelshäfen zu überfallen und zu plündern. Es ist nicht das Ziel eigene Kolonien in der neuen Welt zu gründen (zumindest noch nicht) sondern gute Handelsbeziehungen vor Ort herzustellen und diese zu sichern. Eine Beteiligung an örtlichen Konflikten ist nicht erwünscht, kann aber vonnöten sein, sollten sich Auseinandersetzungen zum Nachteil für die Hanse entwickeln. "Großer Reichtum lockt Neider an, das war den Kaufleuten der Neuen Deutschen Hanse von Anfang an klar und so lief nie ein Konvoi ohne wenigstens ein bewaffnetes Begleitschiff aus. Zunächst brachten die Händler den Unterhalt dieser Schiffe noch vollständig aus eigener Tasche auf, dann erkannten die freien Reichsstädte Hamburg und Bremen die Wichtigkeit der neuen Handelsgesellschaft. Die beiden Hafenstädte bezalten bald einen großen Teil der hanseatischen Kriegschiffe aus ihren Stadtkassen. Lübeck, das Zentrum der ehemaligen Hanse der letzten Jahrhunderte konnte auf Grund der relativen Abgelegenheit in der Ostsee, zunächst weniger Profit aus den Geschäften mit der Neuen Welt ziehen. Inzwischen begreifen aber auch die Landesherren norddeutscher Kurfürsten zu Hannover und Brandenburg (Preußen) wie ertragreich die Geschäfte der Hanse in der Neuen Welt sind und stellen eigene Flotten zum Schutze der Handelsschiffe ab. Die drei bedeutesten Flotten der Hanse agieren heute von Bremen, Hamburg und Emden aus. Während die Flotte zu Bremen zu großem Teil vom Kurfürstentum Hannover getragen wird, finanziert sich die Hamburger Flotte aus Geldern der Herzogtümer Holstein und Mecklenburg, sowie einiger Mitteldeutscher Reiche wie dem Kurfürstentum Sachsen. Die Emdener Flotte besteht seit dem Kauf Ostfrieslands durch Brandenburg (Preußen) und ist fast Deckungsgleich mit der Kurbrandenburgischen Marine. Jede Flotte trägt neben dem Hanseatenwimpel (weiß-rot), die Flagge der jeweiligen Hafenstadt im Mast. " New Hanseatic League Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NewHansa About us Almost 100 years after the last Hansetag (engl: Hansa Convention) was held, German merchants started a new initiative to grow their prosperity. Attracted by the treasures of the New World that already granted great richness to Spanish and Dutch merchants, a number of influential traders from the principalities and duchies of northern Germany, merged to found the "New Hanseatic League". The aim is to secure a share of the American gold and treasuries for themselves and of course the German sovereigns, who granted the Hansa with the exclusive right to trade in their names. This kind of monopoly in the new world is not unlike the british or dutch trading companies. The Hansa is lead by a board of directors, elected by the cities every few years at the Hansetag. The board watches over the company's code and laws and is responsible for the employment of new Captains, the mission planning of the Hansa's warships and the employee profit sharing and loss allocation. The company's laws and policies are to guarantee legal security and avoid business competition between Hansa's traders. Traders may act at their own jurisdiction, but should follow the boards commandments, rules and embargoes. Convoys are established not only on the transatlantic crossing, but also to secure main trading routes within the dangerous caribbean waters. Armed ships are provided by the German sovereigns and cities to protect against piracy and anyone trying to board Hansa ships or raid trading stations and allied ports. The foundation of own colonies is not in the Hansa's interest (yet). All efforts are to establish and keep good trade relations in the Caribbean and between the New World and the German coastal cities. Participation in local or global conflicts is not desirable, yet may be necessary in case it develops to the Hansa's disadvantage. Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NewHansa
  24. Hoping that this is not inappropriate, I wish to solicit offers for an Invitation to Join a Guild or Clan now that OW is approaching. I am posting here thinking that active clan members will check this topic, thus weeding out clans with less active members. I sail in real life, and have been checked out on 48' vessels (Morgan was the last). I speak all things nautical, you won't hear me say "Dubs on the right!". I ground out a Santi fairly quickly, and have been playing for just a short time. I turn the yard arms properly while sailing SOL's. I am half way reading through Patrick O'Brien's series of novels, own M & C, and watched all the HHornblower series twice (LOL). I've had a great time playing with the mates that are on EST afternoons. I am NA based EST zone. I'd love to associate with anything Irish, which could be US or Brits, (or even Spain as Galicia is one of the 7 Celtic nations). Thanks Gents- Seamus Corrigan
  25. Ich wollt mal fragen, ob es auch ein(e) deutsche(s) NA Community/Forum gibt.
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