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  1. From the album: Medium Ships

    The Essex in OW
  2. 38-gun Leda-class frigate of the Royal Navy. Class & type: Leda-class frigate Tons burthen: 1,065 62⁄94 (bm) Length: 150 ft 2 in (45.77 m) (gundeck) 125 ft 6 1⁄2 in (38.265 m) (keel) Beam: 39 ft 11 3⁄8 in (12.176 m) Depth of hold: 12 ft 11 in (3.94 m) Sail plan: Full-rigged ship Complement: 330 Armament: Upper deck: 28 x 18-pounder guns QD: 8 x 9-pounder guns + 14 x 32-pounder carronades Fc: 2 x 9-pounder guns + 2 x 32-pounder carronades http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Shannon_%281806%29
  3. Plans (from the Danish National Archives/ Orlogsbasen) Sheer Head and Stern Sailplan Inboard Profile Cross section Dimensions Length 128' (danish) Breadth 33' 10'' Depth in Hold 13' Draught Foreward 13' 3'' Draught Aft 14' 6'' Height of middle gunport above the wate
  4. Plans: Sheer and Body Plan for Kiel Stern and Head Sailplan (1801) Cross Section Dimensions: Length: 127' (danish) / 130' 10'' (imperial) Breadth: 36' (danish) / 37' 1'' (imperial) Depth in Hold: 17' 2'' (danish) / 17' 8'' (imperial) Draught Foreward 14' 2'' (imperial) Draught Aft
  5. I found the drawing of a allegedly dutch frigate, with the year 1803 mentioned, and supposudly carried 46 guns. The writing is in dutch, so therefore i assume she is of dutch origin. Since the name is hard to read, i am at a dead-end. Anyone who has a clue which ship we are looking at here, any help is much appreciated! Also, the drawings seem to be part of a larger set of drawings, which would be my final goal for this ship
  6. I started this for POTBS a long time ago and got to this point before user content came to an end. Plan She was a demi-batterie of 38 guns. French demi-batterie ships were designed specifically for commerce raiding and were larger than their British counterparts. Info from the treedecks.org website Nominal Guns 38 W033 Nationality France W033 Operator Marine Nationale W033 Keel Laid Down 1707/01 W033 Acquired 1707/04/18 W033 Shipyard Lorient W033 Designed by Laurent Helie W033 Category Fifth Rate W033 National Rate Quatrième Rang W033 Ship Type Demi-Batteri
  7. The Aurora was a 32 gun frigate built in Vlissingen by P. Schuijt Jr, which was sold in 1818. Not much is known about this ship except that it was eventually renamed Vriesland. Dimensions 145 X 40 ft (unspecified type; probably Rijnland feet, but could also be Amsterdam feet) Plans Source: Rotterdam Maritime Museum Edit: Fixed source's link
  8. I really like to see the HMS Minerva in this game. That was always the ship that I liked. It would be great to see him in this game. Wiki: HMS Minerva HMS Minerva was a 38-gun fifth-rate Royal Navy frigate. The first of four Minerva-class frigates, she was launched on 3 June 1780, and commissioned soon thereafter. In 1798 she was renamed Pallas and employed as a troopship. She was broken up in 1803. Details Model Ship Plan Head plan of the 'Minerva' Deck, quarter & forecastle of 'Minerva'
  9. Something to keep me occupied until we get an official statement regarding user created content: And to keep you occupied as well, we´ll play a little 'guess the ship´s name` As there´s not much to see at the moment, a small hint: she carried 12-pounders during her rather long carreer.
  10. Hercules Possible Names = *Pommern/Ilderim 1719 Danish. The Hercules was modeled after the Danish Pommern/Ilderim. It is one of the most powerful frigates and was even back then unusually heavy armed. It’s got a nice long hull and elegant lines making it a real beauty.
  11. Saint Nicholas / Святой Николай was a russian heavy frigate built in Nikolaev and launched in 1790. She participated in Russo-Turkish War (1787–92) and the War of the Second Coalition (against french forces in the Mediterranean, 1798-1800) General characteristics Class: 44-gun frigate Length of Gundeck: 45.72 metres Length of Keel: 13 metres Breadth: 4.572 metres Displacement: 1,840 tons Armament (1790): 50 guns Upper Gun Deck: 22 Russian 24-Pounder Upper Gun Deck: 4 Russian 1-Pood Edinorog Quarterdeck/Forecastle: 20 Russian 18-Pounder Quarterdeck/Forecastle: 4 Russian 8-P
  12. OK so I am going to attempt to start modeling this ship, I won't lie I don't know much about naval history or much about the ship itself, I have some HD plans and Ragnar hairy trousers to help me with his knowledge of ships of this time and will try my best to make a model to this games high standards. I was wondering if anyone had or knows of reference pictures of this ship, there is a model that has had loads of pictures uploaded to Google, but it seems to be the 1790 model and not the one I have plans for, again I am a naval history noob, if there is any websites that have pictures of load
  13. 'Orel' Ships of founded in November 1667 in the village of Dedinovo on the Oka, near Kolomna, to protect merchant shipping from Persia in the Caspian Sea. Construction finished in 1669. This is the first Russian warship. Is a type of double-decker three-masted ship Maritime length of 25 meters, a width of 6.5 and a draft of 1.5 meters, armed with 22 guns and hand grenades. In the summer of 1669 "Eagle" with a small flotilla passed first in Nizhny Novgorod, and thence down the Volga to Astrakhan. In 1670, he was captured by the rebellious peasants, led by Stepan Razin. After the uprising
  14. 'Petr and Pavel' 24-gun frigate rank "Peter and Paul" - was built in Holland at the Amsterdam shipyard of the East India Company under the direction of the ship's master class Harry Fields. Peter I participated in the construction of the frigate "Peter and Paul" from his bookmarks and almost to the end of the work. Body wooden frigate, odnodechny (one lower deck), with closed bow and aft ends, and the middle part of the upper deck was open. The double bottom is extended to its full length from stem to stern frame. Bowsprit with a jib-boom carried by the Dutch system, with upward jib-bo
  15. 'Birger Jarl' Source: https://www.abc.se/~pa/uwa/birg_jarl.htm It could be noted at first that there was no entry in the journal in 1813 for a vessel known as the Billard. However, the entries for May and the early summer contain a great deal of information on a sunken frigate known as the Birger Jarl. Furthermore, this naval frigate had sunk in the Bay of Fakse close to Danish waters, which suggested further research to determine whether the names had been confused. It could be seen that so many of the circumstances concerning the frigate Birger Jarl corresponded to the data on
  16. Freia's sistership "Havfruen" Drawings: http://www.orlogsbasen.dk/visskib.asp?skib=Freia&la=1 (The ship designed by A. Schifter) Information: http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=16742 More Information(In Danish): http://www.navalhistory.dk/danish/skibene/f/freja(1824).htm
  17. HMS Melampus was a Royal Navy fifth-rate frigate that served during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. She captured numerous prizes before the British sold her to the Dutch navy in 1815. With the Dutch she participated in a major action at Algiers, and then in a number of colonial punitive expeditions in the Dutch East Indies. The HMS Melampus is part of the Leda-class frigates, were a successful class of 47 BritishRoyal Navy 38-gun sailing frigates. All Ships of the class. Class and type: 36-gun fifth-rate frigate Tons burthen: 94724/94 (bm) L
  18. Dutch 30 gun Frigate, 1746 Need sail plan suggestions.
  19. Names unknown. This ship could be a great reward or premium ship. HMS Lizard 1679 Other tiny ships
  20. Taken from this source: http://www.sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?2132-Stretching-Sculpts-SGN103-1773-Amazon-12-pounder-32-s&s=f4808e20dc04947a29174d42cd13b0f9 As always, starting with the drawings of the parent sculpt. (In this case, specifically 1779 Cleopatra.) Slade's Southampton family: Top = 1757 Southampton 32, middle = 1758 Niger 32, bottom = 1757 Venus 36 Southampton drawing at http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collect...cts/82860.html when available Venus drawing at http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collect...cts/82414.html when available Bately's Richmond/Thames des
  21. A razee will always have a disadvantage compared to the Constitution, because it will have a hull designed for SOL, and you know that the SOLs are heavier than frigates, and then will have a bigger hull and squat, and then a razee will inevitably be less maneuverable than a Constitution. USS Constitution http://www.stephens-kenau.com/userfiles/product/Constitution/Constitution_Stern_View.jpg HMS Indefatigable razee http://www.pellew.com/Exmouth/Exmouth%20007/images/23b.jpg I put Indefatigable as photos just to let you see the type of the hull of a razee is more stocky.
  22. I have a slight connection with this ship.When i was in the Royal Navy based at RNH Haslar(i was the modern equivilant of a Loblolly Boy)she was anchored just off Gosport and was used as a Training Ship for Boys.She is now renamed as HMS Trincomalee and is at Hartlepool Historic Dockyard. Class & type: Leda-class frigate Tons burthen: 1065.63 bm Length: 150 ft 4.5 in (45.834 m) (gundeck) 125 ft 7.25 in (38.2842 m) (keel) Beam: 39 ft 11.25 in (12.1730 m) Depth of hold: 12 ft 9 in (3.89 m) Sail plan: Full-rigged ship
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