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  1. Armament: 24* 12 pounders + dedicated bowchase port, 6* 12-pounder carronades on the quarterdeck Length: 126' (danish) / 129' 10'' (imperial) Breadth: 34' (danish) / 35' 1'' (imperial) Depth in hold: 14' 3'' (danish) / 14' 9'' (imperial) Height of middle gunport above waterline: 5' 9'' (danish) / 6' (imperial) Edit: Took some measurements off a cross section amidships: Thickness of the
  2. Le Pelican Pélican was a French warship from the late 17th century. Built in Bayonne, France, the original Pélican was launched in 1693. A 500 ton ship equipped with 44 guns and commanded by Captain Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville, she ran aground on the shores of Hudson Bay a few days after an heroic battle, badly damaged by the encounter and a fierce storm. The Pélican‍ '​s life was short but glorious. She set sail from France on 8 April 1697 and ran aground on the shores of Hudson Bay on 8 September of the same year. However, in five short months of service, her place in history was assur
  3. HMS Enterprize (British 6th rate, 28 Guns) Ship designed by Sir John Williams; built Deptford Dockyard; launched 1774; 28 guns 6th Rate; harbour service 1799; broken up 1807 Ship Plans http://woodmodelbuilding.blogspot.com/2012/10/hms-enterprize-pdf-drawings.html
  4. I may have already posted the sheer plan for this one, but it lacked the details for the stern, quarter galleries and the head, so I combined the two sets so you can see how the 'complete' ship looked like. Dimensions (imperial feet) Length: 118' 6'' Breadth: 31' 11'' Draught aft: 14' Draught forward: 12' 11'' Length to Breadth ratio: 3, 71 Armament 20 8-pounders 10 Falquonettes (1-pounders) Crew 173 Other ships in class: Tranqvebar (1762), Alsen (1764), Færøe (1766) Launched in 1774 at Friderichswaern (Norway), broken up
  5. The Hermione (L'Hermione) was a French 12-pounder Concorde class frigate with 32 guns . She carried General Lafayette to the United States in 1780 for support to the Americans in the Revolutionary war. She fought at the Naval Battle of Louisbourg on July 21, 1781 where her and the frigate Astree (Astrée) 38 guns, captured 2 British Warships and and 3 Merchantmen. She grounded and wrecked in 1793. She was rebuilt starting in 1997, and was launched July 6, 2012. She traveled up the US East Coast in 2015. Dimensions (1779) Displacement: 550 tons; 1160 ton burthen Length: 44.2 m (145 ft) Beam
  6. The Russian Frigate Shtandart Штандартъ was launched in 1703 at the Olonetsky shipyard, and was the first Flagship of The Imperial Russian Navy. She had 24 guns (later 28) and was personally captained by Tsar Peter 1 on her maiden voyage from Olonets to St. Petersburg in September 1703. In 1727, She was broken up. On September 4th 1999, an exact replica of Shtandart was launched from Petrovsky Shipyard in St Petersburg. Her Dimensions are Displacement 220 Tons Length 34.5 M (113 ft overall) 25.0 m (82.0 ft) (length deck center) Beam 6.9 m (23 ft) Height 33 m (108 ft) mainmast Dr
  7. I found a forum with details about many ships and some plans. It would be cool if some of those ships could find their way into this game. HMS Neptune 98 gun 2nd rate http://www.kenthistoryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=16545.0 HMS Formidable 98 gun 2nd rate http://www.kenthistoryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=19026.0 HMS Spartan 38 gun frigate http://www.kenthistoryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=18132.0 HMS Royal George 100 gun 1st rate http://www.kenthistoryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=15058.0 HMS Ville de Paris 110 gun 1st rate http://www.kenthistoryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=17732.0
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_French_sail_frigates#Frigates_under_Louis_XVIII_and_later_.281815.E2.80.931860.29 Do these fit the timeframe? Be an amazing for more choices in the Trincomelee-Constitution Frigate weight class. Fifty - Sixty Guns, 30 and 24 lbs armed, with 30 pound carronades up top.
  9. La Flore/Vestale 30-32 guns (?) French (1756) Plans in PDF: http://soubory.radekshipmodels.cz/plany/LaFlore.pdf http://soubory.radekshipmodels.cz/plany/FlyingDutchman.pdf http://soubory.radekshipmodels.cz/plany/JollyRodger.pdf Possibly her plans: Short history of her: Built in 1756 at Le Havre and designed by Jean-Joseph Ginoux.She took part in the Battle of Quiberon Bay and was eventually captured by the British in January 1761 by the HMS Unicorn. She was recommisioned as part of the Royal Navy in July 1761 with the name HMS Flora and was paid off in 17
  10. From the album: GA

  11. Speshnyi/Спешный Russian 44-gun frigate 1801 Specifications Lenght of gundeck: 47.93742m Breadth:12.67968 m Depth in hold: 3.901440m Armament: Lower Gun Deck:28x Russian Short 24-Pounder Quarterdeck/Forecastle:6x Russian 24-Pound Carronade Quarterdeck/Forecastle:16 xRussian 6-Pounder Source:http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=21170 Ships of Speshnyi class: http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_class&id=299 Model of the Patrikii(Spesnhyi class)/Spanish Maria Isabel/Chilean O'Higgins/Argentinian Buenos Aire
  12. 'Hercules' Origin unknown (could be Argentina) Help find more info and enjoy!
  13. Ulysses/Urania 44 or 36 (?) gun frigate Portuguese 1792 Need info on her! EDIT: Deleted two photos that actually were from a more modern design.My apologies.But it still doesnt solve the mystery of her modern looks!
  14. I am one of the few that has received the USS Essex, and I have taken on the duty of testing her and seeing how she fits into the game. Most of her reviews, I hate to say, have been mixed. And it is not just due to her lack of bow chasers either, but that her stats do not feel appropriate for her size and role. From my inspections, the current stats of the Essex seems to be designed as a contender against the Trincomalee. Both have similar speeds (with the Trinc a bit faster), and the exact same turn rate. If the Trinc is crafted with armor with mind should be able to have more hit
  15. Didon was a 60-gun Dryade class first rank frigate of the French Navy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dryade-class_frigate Didon took part in the Invasion of Algiers in 1830, and in the Battle of the Tagus the next year. She later took part in the Crimean War as a troopship. Armament: 60 30-pounders (yep, it's OP)
  16. As some might know this was originally planned as a model build of the Minverva, well things have changed. SteelSandwich helped me find a more documented beauty. The dutch 36 gun frigat Frederika Louise Wilhelmina, 1789. I am really thrilled to start this and will keep you people updated during my project.
  17. Plan as published in the Architectura Navalis Mercatoria by F.H. af Chapman in 1768. The design of the stern and the head seems to have been simplified by Chapman, maybe because the original drawings by the master carver C.-P. Caffiéri already have been lost when af Chapman visited Brest in 1754. The chain plates for the main- and foremast above the gun ports also don´t conform to french practice in the 1740s. Designed by Jaques-Luc Coulomb, launched at Brest in September 1744, captured by the Royal Navy in 1760, but not taken into service. Dimensions (taken off the plan)
  18. Frigate, 5th rate: The name of the frigate is "херувимъ" which you can read as "Cherubim". Cherubim is a supernatural beeing who has wings an animal body but a human face. She is a very powerful creature which is seen as a tutelary goddess. However this is not the whole story. You may have noticed the fallen off letters of the Frigate's stern (^image above)? Well that gives it a whole new meaning. "хер им" translates as "a dick to them" and means something like "they will not reach us". or "you receive nothing". A russian play on words. The ship is modeled after A Chapman design
  19. Designed by A. Groignard (who, amongst many other ships, also was responsible for the design of the East-Indiaman Le Duc de Duras, much better known as the Bonhomme Richard). Launched at Brest in 1767, broken up in 1783. No plans for the head and stern layout survived, but I suppose she had the same 'horse-shoe' transom and lion figure-head as the Belle Poule. Boudriot states that there are french sailing reports for the Renommée, but they, as far as I know, aren´t published yet. If you have any additional information about this ship, please share Dimensions: Length
  20. Part of the 11-ship Niger/Alarm-class, designed by Sir Thomas Slade, Great Britain´s most important naval architect in the Age of Sail (and No.1 in my personal 'all-star' team of shipwrights, with Sané, Blaise Pangallo, Blaise Ollivier and af Chapman ). The Pearl, like most of her sisters, was a higly successful cruiser, with a couple of notable single-ship actions (e.g. Santa Monica, L'Espérance). Arguably Slade´s best frigate design, she was capable of 13 1/2 knots with the wind abaft the beam and 10 to 11 knots close-hauled. Very weatherly, highly manoeuvrable and could carry her sail
  21. Is anyone working on HMS Triton(1796) for inclusion in NA? Quite a novel looking ship, 32 gun, 18lb frigate. Fir built. Would seem to me to be an excellent candidate for inclusion.
  22. From the album: Medium Ships

    The Surprise in OW
  23. From the album: Medium Ships

    The Belle Poule in OW
  24. From the album: Medium Ships

    The Renommee in OW
  25. From the album: Medium Ships

    The Frigate "Cherubim" in OW
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