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  1. La Comète French fifth Rate 1752 30 guns Designed by Joseph-Louis Ollivier Plans: Ship model and drawings from: http://modelisme.arsenal.free.fr/jacquesmailliere/La%20Comete/index.html Dimensions(Pied du Roi): Lenght: 118' 0'' Breadth: 31' 8'' Depth in hold: 16' 0'' Armament: Gundeck: 26 x 8 French pdr Quarterdeck: 4 x 4 French pdr Crew: 209, 200 crew and 9 officers Sources: Jean Boudriot The History of the French Frigate 1650-1850 http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=7574 Ornament plans avail
  2. Model: http://www.patrimoine-histoire.fr/Patrimoine/Rochefort/Rochefort-Musee-de-la-Marine.htm Dimensions length 160 pied de roi breadth 40' 6'' depth in hold 21' 6'' Armament 30 24-pounder 26 36-pound carronades 2 12-pounders Ships in class La Vestale, La Vénus, L'Atalante
  3. 'La Resistance' Her sister ship was named 'Vengeance' and both were build in 1794. Resistance was captured in 1797. She was armed with 30x24-pdrs on the main deck and the foremost port. The forecastle was armed with 6x12-pdrs, with 14x12-pdrs on quarterdeck. Total 30x24lb 14x12lb 6x12lb Plans
  4. *Note - all links provided are found online, so use it at your own risk. Hello Shipwrights. links might lead to some interesting information about French ships, but not guaranteed. So, open them at your own risk. http://www.rwmilitarybooks.com/shop_image/product/4f468474d3e1db80c6f24c7efd5855a5.jpg Feel free to go through these links and and learn history. Spend some time on plans and provide info about interesting ships that you like. Let's have some fun and happy reading. Dropbox link:
  5. 'Independence' USS Independence was a wooden-hulled, three-masted ship, originally a ship of the line and the first to be commissioned by the United States Navy. Originally a 90-gun ship, in 1836 she was cut down by one deck and re-rated as a 54-gun frigate. Launched on 22 June 1814 in the Boston Navy Yard, she immediately took on guns and was stationed with frigate USS Constitution to protect the approaches to Boston Harbor. Independence remained in ordinary at Boston until 1836 when she was razeed (cut down to one covered fighting deck with poop and forecastle). She was rated
  6. 'Dryade' Dryade was an 38-gun Hébé-class frigate of the French Navy. In December 1787, Vénus formed a frigate division under Guy Pierre de Kersaint, along with Méduse, and sailed to Cochinchina to ferry Pigneau de Behaine, Ambassador of France. In 1794, Dryade was at Brest under Ensign Meynene. The next year, under Lieutenant Lafargue, she cruised off Bretagne. From 1796, she was used as a hulk in Brest harbour, and was eventually scrapped in 1801. A model of Dryade is on display at the Abbey of Saint-Remi. Complement: 350 Armament: 26 x long 18-pounder 10
  7. Alcmene (1774), an attractive French frigate with luxury accommodations. Admiralty plans for the ship "as taken" in 1779. source: http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/83182.html Dimensions: 131' x 35' 2" x 11' 6" Burthen: 731 9/94 BM Armament: QD/FC - 6x French 4pdr / 6x English 6pdr Upper Deck - 26x French 8pdr / 26x English 9pdr
  8. Does anybody know the real ship the Frigate/Pirate Frigate is based on? The name "Cherubim" on the counter is in cyrillic, but there was no Russian Frigate by that name - at least not according to the book "Russian Warships in the Age of Sail". I find that a little curious. By the general outfit, she looks British, although the steering wheel is behind the mizzen mast. Are her plans available anywhere?
  9. Currently, the entire collection of in-game fifth-rates are true sailing frigates - long, low ships with most of their armament concentrated in a single gun deck. The Renomee seen in game is one of the earliest examples of this type of ship; for the first half of the 1670-1830 time frame the typical fifth-rate or equivalent ship was a compact two-decker, shorter and more upright than later frigates. These ships tended to have 22 guns or fewer on each gun deck and minimal armament on the upper works of the ship, and were given a range of contemporary labels as broad as just 'ship' to the more d
  10. hi this is my model of HMS HERMIONE, Andromeda class 32 gun frigate of 1782. Its still under construction at the moment but I just thought I would post some pics of how she looks so far.... and im open to suggestions and any help anyone can offer! My reason for choosing the Hermione is because of her history, bloodiest mutiny on any british warship..... ragnar hairy trousers
  11. 'Arethusa' Ship that survived 3 wars and captured multiple ships before she was proudly retired in 1815. Enjoy this interesting history stop. Try and Forge your legend only in Naval Action. HMS Arethusa (1781): American Revolutionary War In February 1782, Arethusa captured the French ship Tartare, of fourteen 6-pounder guns. Tartarte was the former British privateer Tartar, which the French ships Aimable and Diligente had captured in September 1780. The Royal Navy took Tartare into service as True Briton. On 20 August 1782, Arethusa recaptured the former B
  12. 'Boadicea' 1797 Very active ship with rich history. Boadicea was one of a batch of large frigates ordered in 1795, all of which were the largest of their type, and the majority of which were to the draught of captured French ships, the Navy then being under the sway of Middleton and the French school of thought, a school supposing that the design of warships in France was of a higher quality. She was built to the design of Imperieuse, a 40-gun ship completed in 1787 and captured in October 1793. Changes were made to the shape of the topsides, and the scantlings and fasten
  13. 'Raleigh' USS Raleigh was one of thirteen ships that the Continental Congress authorized for the United States Navy in 1775. Following her capture in 1778, she served in the Royal Navy as HMS Raleigh. Feel free to post more plans or details. Ship Plan http://www.dlumberyard.com/Plans/raleigh.pdf ---
  14. 'President' USS President was a wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate of the United States Navy, nominally rated at 44 guns. George Washington named her to reflect a principle of the United States Constitution. She was launched in April 1800 from a shipyard in New York City. President was one of the original six frigates whose construction the Naval Act of 1794 had authorized, and she was the last to be completed. Characteristics Class and type: 50-gun 60-gun (1817) Tons burthen: 1533 7⁄94 (bm) Length: 173 ft 3 in (52.8 m) (overall); 146 ft 4 3⁄4 in (44.
  15. We all know that sometimes ships of the line were cut-down one deck and became razées, powerfull frigates. The most notable example of this kind of ships within the timeframe of NA most probably is the Indefatigable. What´s probably less known is that a couple of frigates also had their quarterdeck and forecastle deck removed and were reclassed as sloops of war / corvettes. A couple of examples of this pretty interesting ship type: USS John Adams Launched 1799 (armament 24 12-pounders + 2 12-pounder bow chasers, 6 24-pound carronades), cut down to a sloop in 1807-09 with
  16. HMS Prince Regent (1814), 56 guns. HMS Prince Regent was the largest British ship to see action on the Great Lakes in the War of 1812. Built at Kingston, Ontario in response to the advent of American super-frigates and the arms race to maximize firepower relative to size in ships built to operate on the Lakes, the Prince Regent packed a big punch into a unique hull. She was variously referred to as a frigate and a two-decker SoL. http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/66642.html#k3RsgjfGHcTwtqGG.97 Length of Gundeck - 155' 10" Breadth - 43' 1" Depth in Hol
  17. Since we already have seen the L'Hébé-class a couple of days ago, here´s the next step in Sané´s 18-pounder frigate evolution: NMM: http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections.html#!csearch;authority=vessel-358102;browseBy=vessel;vesselFacetLetter=V%252523wVh72x6jDhUXPGUu.97%2523dfzUMCoiguPuSzrY.97 Not the same class or by the same designer, but La Virginie would have looked pretty similiar to Rolland´s La Flore: Dimensions (pied de roi) length 143' breadth 36' 8'' depth in hold
  18. 'L'Hébé' Hébé was an 38-gun of the French Navy, lead ship of the Hébé-class frigate. Career Soon after her commissioning under Captain de Vigny, Hébé was tasked to escort a convoy from Saint Malo to Brest and protect shipping from the depredations of the British Royal Navy in the context of the Anglo-French War. On 3 September 1782, she was chased by the frigate HMS Rainbow, whose 32-pounder chase guns shot away her wheel, allowing the British to catch on and leading to the Action of 4 September 1782. In the ensuing battle, Rainbow devastated Hébé at close range with her newly-introduc
  19. I initially wanted to make a post about La Cérès (1823) by H. Garnier St. Maurice, but couldn´t find plans for her, so here´s the pretty similiar L'Artémise. http://mnm.webmuseo.com/ws/musee-national-marine/app/collection/record/9045 Dimensions Length: 52.80 m Breadth: 13,40 m Depth in Hold: 7.05 m Armament 28 24-pounders 2 18-pounder (chase guns, forecastle) 22 24-pound carronades Launched 1828, 1837 - 1840 circumnavigation of the globe Ships in class: L'Andromède, La Glorie, La Néreide, La Cléopâtre, La Danäé, La
  20. 'Raae' by danish constructor Judichaer. Raae was launched 1709 and in service until 1751
  21. Junon The Junon was a 32-gun (12 lb) Charmante class frigate of the French Navy She took part in the Battle of Ushant under Admiral d'Orvilliers. She captured HMS Fox on 11 September 1778. On 17 August 1779, under captain Charles de Bernard de Marigny and along with Gentille, she captured HMS Ardent. On 13 September, under lieutenant Kergariou Locmaria, she captured HMS Rover. Wrecked by the Great Hurricane of 1780 off Saint Vincent on 11 October 1780 Plans Art
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