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Found 27 results

  1. I was fighting a surprise solo in my Hercules. I noticed a pirate called Ed Rose from Black clan joined the battle on my team. I then noticed his clan mate joining my battle on opposing team. I believe ED Rose joined my team to exploit my battle and raise my 'teams' BR so that his friend in a bigger ship that would otherwise not have been able to join on the enemy side could join to easily kill me. As I was already under BR of the fight. Attached screenshot below of the two players in battle just after they joined.
  2. I added more choices because some seem to be taking this poll as an opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with combat medals in particular. I'm with you. I don't like combat medals. In fact, I think we have too many currencies in game. But I created the poll assuming the devs were going to keep a combat medal system. So.... I don't like it when players farm their alts either. However, to me, those players are more or less wasting their time. I don't view them as farmers, but as targets. Go ahead, obtain ships, mods, and rank. You're still not going to be much of a challenge if you took that short cut. It's sort of the same way I view if we were allowed to bring rank across from the PVE server. Who cares? In the past there has been too much worry and restrictions placed because of what a few idiots are doing to the detriment of the rest of the population that just wants to play the game. @admin Please reconsider:
  3. So leave it up to VCO to find another exploit of how to deny a fight. the screen shot wont do much to explain so I will have to explain what happen. willis was tagged and had no chance of escape. so wraith fired two broadsides into the inger and then the inger surrendered. wraith then sank the ship and took the upgrade and repairs. also no one on our side got any credit for the kill. so it totally denied any reward for a 30min chase. So the question is @Ink @admin is this the proper use of gameplay mechanics that you have created OR is it just another exploit found and used by VCO?
  4. Hello everyone, (sorry for google traduction) french post here: I'm wondering about the speed of patches, patches and more. I will not talk about the economic patch and simplification of the craft that is already almost 3 months late. Neither problems of balance in the game especially with the shark and the Hercules (boats that I appreciate a lot), but destroy everything in their path. I'm going to talk about the exploit of the moment which is the bottomless pit in Open Sea. How can a feature like this still be active without real feedback from developers? So, yes, we can put 24 Indiaman in a lynx trader and do 100M or more on a day. But at what cost ? -Do players experience (who works the day or who do not know the technique) who want to buy resources and when they arrive at the port they are empty because the glitchers have already been there? -Have 500M on his account and buy everything, leave nothing to others? -Take the urge to play the player who want to play normally and who are disillusioned to see that kikous breaks the system? -Less selling of ship or upgrade because people are rich and suddenly no need to sell? -Roll easily 24 indiaman live and white from New Orleans to Fort Royal and be quiet in resources? -Less trader in circulation, less gank, well ok I will not complain, but the problem is there anyway. -And I forget about it .... The list of consequences of this fault is huge in the economy and balance of the game (in my opinion). So yes I tested it's cool to do 1 trip to 10M or so. But personally no pleasure nor to play in these conditions nor to see xM on my account knowing that they have not been correctly earned. You will tell me nothing compels me to do it? So personally I did it for testing and to simplify what I do in 4 trips in 1, it has not changed the resources I buy (when I can buy). And still I took time before testing because sorry I do not spend my time exploiting the weaknesses of the game. So how to adjust and correct the system? In wipe: -The gold naturally, -The pvp mark also (avoid investment), -The upgrade (avoid investment), -All the materials white, live, teak, ... (avoid investment and less trader outstanding) In fact, a total wipe risk will prove essential if the devs want to rebalance the game and correct this error. So good a bug that lasts a day and exploit it ok. But 15 days or 1 month seriously !!! M **** e what! Either we correct or disable the function. In short, this is my opinion, which certainly will not be the taste of the player operators all day this BUG, but I'm not sure that the DEV realize the harm that it can do little.
  5. Bonjour à tous, J'interroge un peu sur la vitesse de sortie des patchs, des correctifs et autres. Je ne parlerais pas du patch économique et de simplification du craft qui a déjà presque 3 mois de retard. Ni même des problèmes d'équilibre dans le jeu notamment avec le requin et l'hercule (bateaux que j'apprécie beaucoup), mais qui détruisent tout sur leur passage. Je vais parler de l'exploit du moment qui est celui du puit sans fond en Open Sea. Comment une fonction comme celle-ci peut rester encore active sans véritable réaction des développeurs ? Alors oui génial on est capable de mettre 24 indiaman dans un trader lynx et faire 100M ou plus sur une journée. Mais à quel prix ? -Casser l'expérience des joueurs (qui travaille la journée ou qui ne connaissent pas la technique) qui veulent acheter des ressources et quand ils arrivent au port ils sont vides car les glitcheurs sont déjà passé par là ? -Avoir 500M sur son compte et tout acheter, ne rien laisser aux autres ? -Casser l'envie de jouer au joueur qui ont envie de jouer normalement et qui sont désabusé de voir que des kikous casse le système ? -Moins de vente de ship ou d'upgrade car les gens sont riches et du coup aucun besoin de vendre ? -Ramener facilement 24 indiaman de live et white depuis la Nouvelle-Orléans vers Fort-Royal et être tranquille en ressources ? -Moins de trader en circulation, moins de gank, bon ok je ne vais pas m'en plaindre, mais le problème est là quand même. -Et j'en oublie d'autre.... La liste des conséquences de cette faille est énorme dans l'économie et l'équilibre du jeux (à mon sens). Alors oui j'ai testé c'est cool de faire 1 voyage à 10M ou plus. Mais personnellement aucun plaisir ni à jouer dans ces conditions ni de voir xM sur mon compte sachant qu'ils n'ont pas été correctement gagnés. Vous me direz rien ne m'oblige à le faire ? Alors personnellement je l'ai fait pour test et pour simplifier ce que je fais en 4 voyages en 1 seul, ça n'a pas changé les ressources que j'achète (quand je peux en acheter). Et encore j'ai mis du temps avant de tests car désolé je ne passe pas mon temps à exploiter les faiblesses du jeu. Alors comment régler et corriger le système ? En WIPANT: -Le gold naturellement, -Les pvp mark aussi (éviter investissement), -Les upgrade (éviter investissement), -Tous les matériaux white, live, teak, ... (éviter investissement et moins de trader en circulation) En fait un wipe total risque va s'avérer indispensable si les devs veulent rééquilibrer le jeu et corriger cette erreur. Alors bon un bug qui dure une journée et l'exploiter ça va. Mais 15 jours ou 1 mois sérieusement !!! M****e quoi !!!! Soit on corrige soit on désactive la fonction. Bref voilà mon avis, qui ne sera certainement pas du gout des joueurs exploitants toute la journée ce BUG, mais je ne suis pas certain que les DEV se rendent compte du mal que ça peu faire.
  6. There is currently an exploit with hostility missions bear with me while I explain. A fleet of 10 ships usually first rates jumps into a mission. and then a smaller ship/fleet of trash ships pulls another hostility mission directly on top of the first mission. This will then hide the first battle with the 10 first rates. forcing the defenders to attack the smaller fleet which will troll/tag at max range will ball shot while the 10 first rates continue doing hostility. the only way to have access to the 10 first rates is to jump in the smaller mission and then leave the battle at which point the first mission with 10 first rates will become available to join. Defending against enemy hostility is already hard enough and requires flawless logistics and scouting and spys in order to catch it before the port battle is set. This exploit which has been used against WO/BLANC by British, USA and most recently Russia is Total BS and a way of trying to set the port battle without having to actually fight pvp. Such exploiting is to be expected from Christendom as he will do anything to avoid a fight. However, I didn't really expect Captian reverse's crew to do something like that but now we know. This bug has a simple fix. make it so that both hostility missions can be seen and give the defenders the choice of which one to join. Or implement a mechanic that wont allow 2 hostility missions in the exact same place. This is a major exploit and should be addressed as soon as possible. I do believe that should only require some changing of numbers so that you wont have to divert any main attention away from Port UI.
  7. The two images attached are my ship after being boarded and the second image the person doing the boarding, what troubles me about this incident is I was in a basic cutter so no issue with being attacked as its only a basic the issue is that during the boarding of which I had marines boarding parties etc but he out numbered me is that all he did was brace for two rounds of which I killed 5 then 8 to his brace 1 and 1 then all of a sudden the boarding was lost in favour of him even though it showed no attack my moral was above 60 my preparation was at 80 yet the boarding ended I lost and he immediately exited in a split second and I was only able to quickly get a screen shot of his name and a msg I sent of wtf was that in awe of how blatant it was that this was not normal and he must have hacked or something.
  8. I have seen a couple of times people using the log off when being chased or searched as an easy get away: they vanish from open seas and can log in anytime later for continuing. I regard that as an exploit of a game mechanic which should be made impossible to some extent, or be punished. You can get disconnected because of a terrible lag or when your internet connection fails, or a computer related problem (lately I sometimes get a frozen picture when in OW and only restart helps), so the game needs to be able to differ between technical issue and player decision to exploit the exit possibility when things are getting hairy for him. Make it so that logging off is impossible (without sanctions) as long as an enemy ship is in visual distance (both see each other) or in a radius of 10k to enemy player positions on the map. Logging off in ports would not be touched by this. Without implying a technical prevention there is still the possibility to sanction a logg off which is done as exploit and matter of escape. Like a fee payable in PvP marks and, if these are not existing, Combat Marks from account of the exploiter. When someone is not willing to fight and wants to stop being chased, he may still simply surrender to interceptors and the battle is not necessary. His ships is confiscated by the chasing party. Pro: No more exploit of logging off, targets remain legitimate targets, actions have more consistent consequences without the backdoor of vanishing from the map when it is convenient. There is no more magic reappearance later when the search has ended and the raider can just continue from where he left. Con: Difficulty (?) for the program to decide when the log off was due to technical problem and stays unsanctioned, or was done voluntarily, as an exploit.
  9. Some really skilled player here that I have never seen on the PvP leaderboard before? He actually sank yet another pirate near Little Inagua 10 minutes later... EDIT: Delete please.
  10. Joined a battle at Shroud Cay, the player 'Lardwick' boarded a Swedish Cerberus 'swartzenberger'. Combat News: 11:20 - 20th November 2017 The Cerb was afk and had no cannons. Lardwick sailed over and boarded it. He got angry when I joined the battle. That's about suspicious and 'caught red-handed' as you can get for pvp mark farming. I imagine you will be able to see if there is a trading/combat history between the 2 players, even if there isn't I still say he's a cheat, any other explanation is too far fetched imo I have recorded and saved battle, if you need it so see it let me know (and instructions on how to post it). IMO something needs to be done about pvp farming, its obviously rampant and makes you question everything you see in combat news which is a shame. Cheers
  11. Hello, we had some players from GER clan (sverige) close to maracaibo and dragged them into severall battles. all that time the player Sebastian Meyer (prussia) stood there and didnt get attacked. i didnt get any reply, he was not moving for about 2,5 hours.
  12. Lionshaft, Fearson from [NPG] and Francau and St0nkingByte [CKA] enagaged in multiple fake battles, tagging each other in a way to disperse the join tags and prevent Pirate chasers that were closing in from being able to tag them and keep them in battle. This happened multiple times. No sail shots were exchanged between the US and GB players - every battle was entirely fake. Video courtesy of Wraith: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YcjmOYKYzA Screenshots from the different battles: Another battle with the same method: In this screenshot Lionshaft is attempting to provoke Green on Green by exploiting tag system: Next screenshot - Global Chat with Lionshaft trying to claim Green on Green and admitting guilt: Notice the line: 22:04 Tenet: Lionshaft is exploiting green on green and will get banned 22:05 Tenet: Screenshot all Green on Green fake battles 22:05 Lionshaft: you mean how pirates are allowed to attack each other to get away? This is admission of guilt. 1. This is proof that Lionshaft and the above mentioned NPG and CKA members engaged in fake battles, claiming they are the same as Pirate vs. Pirate, to "attack each other to get away". 2. They pretending to not know that Pirate vs. Pirate creates a single-join-circle with no teams, everyone red and joining within firing range - this is done to create a false-equivalence and moral superiority to justify exploiting 3. Lionshaft, NPG and CKA members oriented their ships in such a way that join circles were too far to catch anyone by joining either side. This further proves that they exploited the tagging mechanic specifically to prevent actual combat from occurring, and further proves intent. 4. Server logs should prove that each battle contained no shots fired between NPG (US) and CKA (GB), despite them being in range at start of fighting - confirming it was done to exploit mechanics to prevent combat. Past tribunal decisions showed that using different nations to engage in Fake Battles to prevent OW Combat is a bannable offence. I hope to see consistency in the application of that precedent - with punishments to discourage further use of this exploit in OW. Lionshaft in particular admitted to those battles being fake and should be punished.
  13. Super-Speed is supposed to be against escaping from a PvP battle and getting a chance against revenge fleets. It should not be a sure-fire way to get a defensive tag off NPC ships which is how it is used right now. NPC battles should also be joinable positionally - to avoid Defensive tags on NPC's altogether. * Edit: *This means that if you tag an NPC fleet from max range to prevent me from catching you, I should be able to spawn within shooting distance anyway. This jumping from one NPC fleet to another to escape is an exploit.
  14. @admin I'd like to see some limitations put onto Free Towns. For several days now, the Dutch nation has been plagued by certain Pirate players, that enjoy hunting in the area between Coquibacoa and Fort Zoutman. The hunting part, i have no issues with. The part i have issues with, is that when we chase them, they just run back to the Free Town, and then pop back in and out for a few minutes until it's safe to start hunting again. For the Dutch players, this just becomes an unending game of whack-a-mole, and there's nothing we can do to stop that. I'd suggest some kind of timer on leaving and re-entering the free port Another option is a port battle-like mechanic that allows a nation to blockade the free port for x hours. This would allow only ships of the blockading nation to enter and leave the free port for the duration of the blockade.
  15. The information delaing with the player will not be anymore steam linked. In this way we can think we will be able to craft on pvp eu and on pvp global. What wll prevent people to exchange hours of craft from global to europe and reverse? Is it a way to let the craft hours linked to steam and not the xp?
  16. I was part of a group who were at Kingston, awaiting for more backup when the Danish and French showed up. Apparently the Danish/French tagged an AI fleet outside the capital protection zone and dragged us in, who were inside the capital protection zone. I had signalling perk enabled on me. Despite being inside the capital zone and having signalling perk, the battle started without any ability for fellow captains to join us against the Danish/French. I expect this to be an exploit/bug and hope to find a solution to this problem. Some of us escaped, but some were stuck in the battle and lost and nobody could join the battle.
  17. The screenshots should prove it all, i will also attach bullet logs, and the DxDiag file. The player in question is HerringLatte, a swede on PVP2NA. Is this an exploit or did the devs hand out other Wappens that they did not announce? dxdiag.txt bulletLogs.txt
  18. Since the last pastch the differents nation are suffering of 2 behaviors First one is stacking of port battle. A nation is attack on multiple area on the same time to not allow the nation ot defend Second problem are the nightflip. The last patch introduce no solution for that when it was one of the most hating things for most of us. I would like to suggest the Pobt ssolution. I know the rvr may seems to be copy to potbs but if they used it it was because it was probably the best to do so First: The PB are on fix hours every 30 minutes. If a stack is token, the next pb is on hour after. It prevent stacking of pb on the same nation Second: PB are shedulded for 12 hour. You can flip a port outside of thie window but the pb is on 46h if in the window, if not, it's take the "better slot" the one in middle of the window. Or you can't make unrest while outside window
  19. (edit) Bugger me, I finicked up the title of the topic. Watch out for the negative rule formulation. If I use a zero cost ship (/Basic Cutter) to tag someone, my risk is so low that it can be construed as abuse. Hence I should not be able to tag with a Basic Cutter (or any other future potential zero cost ship). This excludes ships granted through redeemables. Ergo the rule should be: TL;DR A zero cost ship (/Basic Cutter) must not be able to tag. Note that to counter Basic Cutters all you have to do is blow some grape, but where is the fun in that. I'm trying to close the gaps around tagging, hence this question. Related discussions are: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14784-defensive-tagging/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15679-br-difference-threshold-should-not-include-ow-ai-fleets/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/16336-reduce-tag-timer/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/16352-naval-action-needs-a-vengeance-system/ I'll keep the top-level post up to date if you want any references to be added.
  20. Hi. I've just been ganked by 4 Pirate Constitutions. (i was sailing a St. Pavel) They appeared out of thin air. I believe they have someone join our nation as a spy, and call out large ships that come their way. They attack a small ship or trader, and after they sink it, they stay in the battle to remain invisible for the open world. When they get word of their spy that a large ship is coming their way, they leave the battle and pop up out of thin air(invisible), giving them unfair advantages because i can't see them coming and anticipate to escape. And because of the retarded 2 minute timer, nobody can come to help me. Annoyed greetings, Yngvarr
  21. Pirates can use a 'exploit' giving his ships to a friend then they start a battle, where the donor will capture his ship again, when he get his ship back just select the outpost where they want this ship to be. Might be possible to deny somehow this options? Checking if the ship that you captured was yours 15min ago? Also they can share ships with their clan for example you make a bellona, u let ur pirate friends capture you 2 times, nice now u dont have 1 bellona with 3 lives, you have 3 bellonas with 1 lives for all your crew! #Smart Pirate
  22. The British Captain Seaman Staynes has for several weeks has been involved in hindering fleets engaged around port battles by ALT tagging enemy single ships to pull our fleets into combat, and joining port battles and not fighting. Today this ALT allowed the French fleet to get a flag to Manzanilla by tagging in several of our pursuit ships and then our main battle fleet outside of Manzanilla allowing the French to plant the flag. This is clearly GAME BREAKING and needs to be fixed! ALTS should not be able to influence port battles or hinder fleet moments. I'm not accusing the French of using this mechanic to plant a flag, but clearly someone is trying to work against the British. Seaman Staynes at the Battle of Port Morant. Joining and not saying a word. Seaman Staynes Tags British ships outside of Manzanilla Seaman Staynes tags more British ships into combat on the way to Manzanilla
  23. Many people in the English Nation are getting dragged into battles by 'friendly' Basic Cutters attacking enemy PVP player fleets that vastly outnumber the Brit players that get dragged in. It is thought that the Danes and Pirates are using ALTs in British Basic Cutters to hang around areas where they can attack Danes or Pirate fleets, dragging in unsuspecting Brit players in the area into a battle where they are heavily outnumbered and CAN NOT CALL REINFORCMENTS. The usual deal is that it's a Basic Cutter, Midshipman, No Clan etc. This is happening very often and is becoming a pain in the back side. Rarely happens against AI fleets. Enough Said.
  24. Alrighty, I think that a lot of people are going to be waiting/dreading for this Tribunal post to be put up here. I don't feel like I am personally the best when it comes to forums, but it seems that this is the only avenue that allows for justice to be served in a case like this. I am fine with there being spats in chat and even attacks on the open sea as I think most of us are, but I do not believe that this kind of abuse should be allowed in game, and the people responsible should be punished. The people who griefed our entire clan out of attacking ports that we had planned the entire week waiting for and blocked our ability to play the game, are willingly destroying our gameplay on purpose out of spite. I hope that all of you will agree this should not be allowed, but the only question that should be asked is, what will the punishment be? So I am the leader of the clan FTS inside of Naval Action, we play on the Pirate faction as most of you know. Today we decided to get on early with as many members we could muster during the European Timezone, people dedicated time and effort getting this to happen. So we all logged in early and when the time window for the first port that we planned to attack opened, we sailed out and successfully captured Samana with minimal resistance. This did not go over well with a few of the Pirate Clans who do not agree with what we were doing, that was fine they prefer a certain playstyle and that is ok. They didn't just leave it there though, they had two of their officers purposefully pull flags to to prevent FTS from attacking the remaining ports. As you can see in that screenshot these two officers pulled flags at the same time for ports that were next to the ones we had just recently taken. So now you ask, did they plan on attacking those ports? Probably not, but give them the benefit of the doubt. Until they openly admit it inside of pirate chat. Now, not that Kuthara is the leader of the clan that these two players come from and they are both officers inside of the clan. Now, I'm not one to normally post on the Tribunal trying to get other people punished, but these 2 or 3 players essentially robbed my friends and I of our time and effort, by abusing game mechanics and then gloating about it. To top it all off, we were not able to pull the flag for those ports after they expired, eliminating any possibility of our plans of taking them. Will all the evidence that is here, it is obvious the intention of these individuals and the abuse of current game mechanics that caused a huge discussion on a previous Tribunal post. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/11759-abuse-of-flag-mechanics-2-decision-needed/ These players are obviously guilty of griefing even if not necessarily exploiting. They had the clear intent for this outcome and were probably aware of the Tribunal post discussion about this same topic, but they decided to pull the trigger on their plan regardless. So the question remains, do we want these types of players knowingly abusing game mechanics and griefing other players who are testing the game? Or will we make an example of these two and prevent players from using this style of gameplay in the future, because they know that they will not get away with it. If you made it through this entire post, thank you for reading down this far and I would appreciate any discussion in this thread.
  25. Found 100 crafting notes for sale pop up in a port...are these dupes?
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