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  1. Based on community feedback, this idea is no longer being considered. Please continue to provide constructive feedback on ideas that are being presented to assist Game-Labs with thinking through new ideas for the game. Thank you. - H. Darby Hello Captains. Some of you might remember "such is a lord" topic To make conquest bear more importance on release the number of buildings slots in port will be limited. This means that the city governor will be able to only allocate 25 land plots for construction of mines, manufactures and shipyards. This means only 25 Captains can
  2. I use this spreadsheet to organize my trading. Transportation whether Harbor Freight Fast (Delivery) or Harbor Freight Slow (Ship) depends on weight. This helps to combine and round up shipments. I have seven home ports labeled (A-G) from which I choose my Missions which I check daily. I put in the numbers, find total weights using two columns on left labeled “T wt” and ” #” that automatically calculate weight. I then look for compatible transportation and ports, put in orders and start making rounds with my ships while other orders are in transit. I made it to fit a single paper sheet.
  3. The bug is: Large Medkits are being sold from the NPC vendor at 5,000 gold, approximately. This is a bug since: 1. Crew hires from the dock are at 500 gold each. 2. Large medkits heal 150 crew. 3. Large medkits at 5,000 gold heal crew at 5,000 / 150 = 33 gold each. And also because, from player production: 1. Large medkits require 120 food, 30 tobacco and 30 rum. 2. Food is 210 for 6, or 35 gold each. 4200 = 35x120 2. Tobacco is 500 for 4 tobacco, 125 each. 3750 = 125x30 3. Rum is 416 gold for 8 sugar, plus 2 barrels to make 36 rum. Due to a number of derivatives, N
  4. This topic serves as an inventory of all good proposal that might lead into an economics patch. Should we come to a concise proposal, we'll put it forward to admin for implementation after the politics patch. To keep things organized and not end up with a topic full of disjointed posts, I would like to ask everybody to create topics within either the "Suggestions" section or the "Economy, Trading and Crafting" discussions section and post your link here. I'll ensure that this top post will be kept up to date with links to each individual proposal/discussion that the community
  5. I just put up a sell contract for Tobacco at $749/p in a consuming port that was not overstocked. While I could still sell directly for $750, the sell contract did not get full-filled. This looks like a bug to me.
  6. Liebe Gemeinde, ich hatte gerade mit dem ehrenwerten Wilson eine Debatte über die Frage, warum ich in letzter Zeit immer wieder davon schreibe, dass die Wirtschaft in Naval Action gerade den Bach runter geht. Hier noch einmal für die Öffentlichkeit eine Zusammenstellung der Faktoren, die aus meiner Sicht in Kombination dazu führen. Ich hoffe dass die Developer das System bald wieder reparieren und gerade nur nochmal massiv testen, bevor bald ein Wipe kommt oder so.... Also erstmal zur leichten Kost gucken wir uns an. Eine schöne Erläuterung der klassischen Problematik der Geldentwe
  7. Very simple suggestion: I think we should be allowed more contracts above the current limit of 5. I think the player economy would be more vibrant if we don't stifle the commerce between players by having a cap on trading contracts. I also think the game needs more gold sinks so... I think each contract should have a progressively higher "contract fee". Players can have lots of contracts but, eventually, they will become too expensive to maintain as the cost for contracts goes up. Inflation is very important to address. I know this game is alpha but this is the best time to handle econo
  8. I do not know if this is already suggested, I could not find any posts. Good day to you captains, I think we should have two national channels, one economy channel (trading etc.) and one for warfare (pb, spotting etc.) The server really needs this to stop the everyday drama that is the national chat, pvp and pve whining about not helping eachother and everything just turns into a salty flaming fest. With two seperate channels there will no longer be players screaming like they're on a market selling their goods through warfare commands and such. - Hornigold
  9. The following is a bit of an extension and revision of the list of suggestions i provided earlier entitled "The Roadmap". I will link those posts at the bottom of this one for any interested. The following would fall mostly in section 9, resource distribution. The goal is to give the players a reason to want to capture ports, sail around the map, and do more then just sit in their own corners grinding fleets. Map download linked here. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9mOinkVxfkQZ1B1Q1dVUWlSZEE It is rather large so i suggest starting the download while you continue reading and
  10. I think we should use low level notes at all levels of crafting. At high levels of crafting, all notes should be used. low level ships require low grade mid level ships require mid grade and low grade high level ships require high grade mid grade and low grade for example, upgrade could use 1 high note, 2 mid notes, and 3 low notes. a santisima could use 4 high notes, 3 mid notes, and 2 low notes. I think it would be a great way to give new players a meaningful way to earn money and contribute to the economy in a meaningful way. This could help a lot of people get
  11. To whom it may concern, following the recent changes brought by Patch 9.7, the board of directors of Hugo Republic Shipyards has univocally decided to change the company policy on pricing as follows. All ship crafters working for the glory of the United Provinces are hereby invited to participate in and make use of the business model. Licensed ship crafters and component manufacturers will be listed here, if their ingame application is approved by the Willemstad Crafters Guild. The new attractive pricing model is intended to provide an additional incentive for citizens to contribute to the
  12. I noticed a brief mention of whaling in another thread somewhere, and searched the forum but didn't find anything. Do you think whaling would be a good option to have for economy players? This last fall I found an old gem of a book entitled "The Story of Yankee Whaling" at a yard sale. Apparently it was popular during the NA time and potentially very profitable but high risk. It gives examples of whaling ships, and details the equipment a whaling vessel required including the row boats for chasing, harpoons, spear-like cutting implements for cutting them up, huge vats for boiling the oil (
  13. Hey all, Hear me out. I strongly believe that if XP was secondary to personal wealth as the main factor to overcome in this game, it would have a wildly positive impact on gameplay and improve/solve so many aspects which are currently an issue. A few examples if wealth was the limiting factor to better ships and equipment: 1. Boarding and capture would be much more appealing than simply damaging/sinking other ships. This is much more akin to actual practices in this time period, and is much more exciting in general than the same old "all fights end in total destruction" practice
  14. The last couple of patches introduced serveral production increases for a couple of materials. Balancing a dynamic economy is always a lot of work, especially if the players shall have impact in definining the prices. Instead of having to adjust the amount of production of several goods in the world manually every time people cry about a resource shortage, I would suggest, to implement a self regulating system to do so. If there is a shortage of a certain resource (either global or local), the economy would adjust on a smaller timescale by changing the prices (this is already implement
  15. Age of Sail Assessment The primary reason I look forward to this game is realism. I run a gaming clan, and we're also looking forward to the realism. One of the things we discussed was that it'd be great to see a player with a first rate and have to flee. Or to lose everything because you didn't check your instruments and sailed into a storm. If you look at the most popular open-world multiplayer realism games in the PC gaming market, they are all incredibly challenging and require significant amounts of time and effort to progress in. Case studies Case one: DayZ. I spent six hours with
  16. Greetings, After reading a bunch of threads about the economy and the place of factions in it (especially pirates), in threads like these: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7958-important-statement-for-new-players-choosing-pirates/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/8168-pirates-should-only-gain-xp-from-pvp-kills/ I think I have a solution that would be satisfying to the players and differentiate the factions quite a bit. I believe this system would even be somewhat historically accurate. Summary: In general all faction types have different ways of gaining cur
  17. Followers of my forum canon are well aware that I've been beating the drum for some type of strategic rationale for port capture. Currently, we have a RvR game of mere denial of localized resources, in which too few people are reliant enough on any one given port to essentially care if it is taken. The stakes are simply not high enough, as is. I realize that the developers may have another layer in mind, to be introduced later. Blackjack Morgan has outlined a fantastic idea in which regional capitals become hubs for SOL building, and economic/capture ramifications radiate outwards from the
  18. With the initial limited release of the open world, I began considering how the large scale map would affect things like navigation, realm vs. Realm, hauling, and so on. Furthermore, I wondered how many niche groups would find their way into NA and be satisfied. Surely there would be those who come to the game looking for a well-developed combat system, however there may be other interested in the Age of Sail economy and trade that is planned to be present. The ability to specialize one's skills and abilities can create a dynamic community, where each player can perform a specific job, pr
  19. So, as it's only been briefly mentioned I wanted to bring up the idea of detailed Islands. There has been a lot of discussion about port business, trading and the economy, but I'm looking at this in a much more strategic light. The idea is to make 4 different types of islands, with 4 types of sizes, every one of different shapes & strategic value. Below are the types, the attachment gives a very basic example of the sizes I had in mind, and the names to give them. A grand Island you will notice has an extra small isle attached to it, which can be used by the fleet controlling it.
  20. Ports. All of my comments below are relate to coastal locations. I see no point in pondering if inland zones have any value to the game at this time, aside from supplying suitable resources to its nearest coastal locations. Raw materials, crew recruitment potential etc. Major Naval countries of the world have a historically good starting infrastructure already in place. Assuming we have historical placement of the Nations perhaps pre determined towns/harbours reflect a point in history for creating start locations for each nation involved. (Any country that the game has starting Flags
  21. I've been reading these forums like crazy the last days since I found out about the game. As former/current player of PotBS and EvE Online, I have some questions/suggestions about the connection of the economy with the PvP/PvE in the sandbox. First of all, I haven't found yet any big update about the design of the sandbox, maybe it is still early (or me being blind), therefore I have some questions that I really hope the developers will answer sooner or later 1) What will the main concept of the sandbox be? EvE Online - Player alliance/coalition territorial and market d
  22. Hi guys, Just want to say I love the look of this game and cannot wait for the beta or early access part. Anyways I haven't seen much chat about mercanaries or guns for hire. I would personally love to see this implemented in the game as I would like to run trade routes and have little to no protection on board for full cargo capacity. So do you think it would be possible to hire NPC's or other players. It would add the side of things were you need to trust the people around you. For instant much like a mutiny the person you hired to protect you can turn, if they think you aren't payin
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