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Found 123 results

  1. Hello captains, for a while now, I have been annoyed by the fact that I have to use the "feature" of capturing a trader and sending my warship "to outpost" if I want to move a warship from one of my outposts to another. You could argue that this is not intended use of the "send to outpost" feature and that moving assets around the map SHOULD be a chore. I, personally, disagree because moving assets is just a time sink with very little positive effect on the gameplay experience. I do not enjoy sailing around warships for hours just to store them in another outpost. Since everybody seems to be using the AI trader capture method more or less frequently, lets talk about a more "legal" way to move your ships from one outpost to another. My suggestion would be to 1. allow deliveries of ships between any of your outposts. 2. exclude the cargo hold from the delivery (ship+equipment only, for obvious reasons) 3. make it somewhat costly (between 30.000-50.000 per ship, maybe?) 4. make it time consuming (I could even live with 4+ hours for the ship to reach the destination to avoid mass movement of fleets) Obviously, these would be my preferences but you can freely chose from many other options in the poll. Let the voting begin! Cheers, Hugo
  2. Royal Britannic Vanguard The Royal Britannic Vanguard [bRITS] on PVP1 is recruiting both new and experienced captains! BRITS is a very active clan in both the EU and U.S time zones with a strong crafting and pvp focus. We have over 60 members - many being the most active experienced and knowledgeable crafters and sailors in the game. We have more Rear Admirals than any clan with Santismas and Victories. New Members and Experienced Captains are equally welcome! Come join us on teamspeak at Register on our forums http://forum.sealordsvf.org/ Post an application in the Britannic Royal Vanguard Recruitment Section
  3. I've been playing the game,hmmm about 3 months. I just reached rear Admiral yesterday. I'm a level 47 crafter. 1st- I really like the game for concept, graphics, immersion, and battle mechanics. I really would like to see the game be a success. I've only played a few PvP style games. By this point, in those other games I would have had hundreds of battles, possibly a thousand plus, with other players. In this game, si far, maybe 3, and didn't find them to be much to talk about. 1, pirate attacked my trader, but didn't notice the freindly to me ships coming up on him. I'm an ex US Navy sailor, can't say I've ever been called si many names by someone before. I still can't make up my mind if he was a kid with an exceptional vocabulary, or a very childish adult. My other 2 PvP battles consisted of pirate v me, then 6 or 7 pirates joined in after the battle started. 0 times for a 1v1 battle. This isn't a PVP game, it's a team v team game, and the pirates have it down to a science on the USA server. Port battles, I've taken part in about a dozen, never been sunk in a port battle so far, but I've sank a few enemy ships. I miss out on most port battles. I can't see when my ports are vulnerable to attack. Most battles happen when I'm already doing something else. Or, I sit around waiting for an hour for a battle that doesn't happen. Also, the 2 day wait period means no one can retake a port after its lost, while the enemy gets to attack deeper and deeper into freindly territory. I stopped playing servers where I couldn't fight back. This 2 day wait period is definitely trying my patience. I find I have to trade to have supplies so I can have money. I need money ta have resources for crafting in addition to what I capture, and I end up missing opportunities to do combat as a result. Blueprints, either I've been very lucky, or bps drop a LOT more frequently than the forums suggest, only need 4 more bps and I'll have all of them. Bottles- terrible idea. By random chance someone can have an advantage over someone that's worked to develop crafting skills and money etc. Should be a reward for special missions that a person can choose to do...my opinion... Wreck locations,im writing this while sailing to a wreck, still outbound...but I need labor contracts, so watching my ship sail, writing this, and missing out on another port battle or two Alternate accounts, too many people have them. Even worse, alternate accounts created for more than one nation. It's cheating, period. People spying, finding out where strengths and weaknesses are, making it impossible to plan or develop strategies. Neutral/ free ports- No WARSHIPS should be allowed in freeports, these were ports the nations declared off limits to fighting. Instead of being that, they've become shipyards and bases of operation, again, you can't do proper strategy do to the disruptions on what should be safe areas to the rear, there is no "rear" area as a result. It takes about a day to craft the parts, and another day for hours to make the notes and another day to to have the hours to craft the ship. So I have 3 days investment/wait to build a medium to large ship, but I can lose it in minutes in battle, especially if I run up on someone with exceptional upgrades which makes engaging in PvP too risky too really enjoy, especially since I sent to always be swarmed by enemy ships when I'm gettingvout of battle. Also frustrating to see a freindly player swarmed shortly after leaving port, but, the timer keeps me from going to assist, and the battle timer rubs out before I'm able to join in.Still sailing, port battle still hasn't started. Suggestions, no battle timer, only ships that are drawn in can engage in the fight. Bring back the invisibility post battle, make it last a minute. Port battles shouldn't flip the port, it should take a random number of battles until the host nation decides it's not worth the cost of keeping the port. 2 day cool down should go against the capturing nation, no launching invasion fleets until the port can be organized, but it can be retaken immediately. Si, I'm out of thoughts....still entire to the shipwreck, guess I'll watch some TV.... I do like this game, but...this is boring, but I need the labor contracts and upgrades....but, I only have so many hours I can spend, is this worth the hours and hours, to not be able to retake ports? Can't see when my ports are vulnerable? When any PvP battle will leaf to a massive counter attac? I'm beginning to think the answer is...no. STILL. Not Even Close to my shipwreck!!!!!! Ok, PvE, might be worth going to, maybe if AI ships would actually initiate attacks..maybe if I could attack ai ports ( they could be defended, could be like an epic event maybe?)? By the time I get to this shipwreck. It's going to be time for me to logout for the night. Looks like I guessed right though, the attack on the next port never occurred. Ok, I don't think this game is going to work out...I'll play on, maybe things will change, but even though the game is developing still. Seems like it's getting less fun with time... Too bad,could be an excellent game, just doesn't seem to be going quite right yet. Still 3.5 degrees away from the shipwreck, totally waisted my night on this, probably get a upgrade I have multiples of too Boring. No
  4. I suggest that Labor Contracts become craftable. This would be a simple way for non-crafters to sell their labor hours rather than making crafting notes or having to be talked through the crafting process by a crafter to make an exchange. For experience this can be frustrating for both parties, especially if there are language difficulties. Thanks for listening Cheers Snakemac
  5. While on another stiffness streak again (7 ships until now...), i thought about improving the current system with as little effort as possible. Its just sad to see all the stiffness rotting in the shops sometimes at prices, not even covering the notes. Ill keep it as short as possible: Current situation speed and stiffness imbalanced (essential trim vs situational trim) no disadvantage for speed in terms of stats useless wood/trim combinations like teak/stiffness (liveoak/speed faster and stronger) rigging quality useless (leightweight ropes and blocks does the same) build strenght/planking used for every combat ship one optimal, RNG based build for every ship (no diversity, no decisionmaking) non optimal build = rotting liveoak not balanced (value of stats too high) Possible solution changing rigging quality with speed -> speed as a main trim adjusting liveoak to -5% speed Results RNG between yard turn speed and lesser heel (seems balanced) same principle for the main trim as for fir, liveoak, extra planking and speedtrim: ​​either slow and tanky, or fast and weak players have to decide between survivability and speed for combat ships players have to decide between crewspace and speed for boarding ships lesser useless wood/trim combinations. For example liveoak/speed would provide +3cm armour, teak/strenght +1.4% speed instead (liveoak balanced) no useless trims anymore difference between same ships trimmed for different purposes and playstyles becomes much clearer no speed on tanky PB ships anymore greater variety of ship builds different demand for different trims less frustrated crafters Of course as an alternative you could just exchange stiffness with something better like reload time, or manouverability, but this wont result in more decisions to make. Fir without speed would always be bad. As long as such important boni are based on RNG, there will always be ships you have to throw away. Thanks for reading!
  6. So I had an incident when crafting. I got some recipes as a reward (Constitution, Ingermanland, and Essex) but did not have enough room in my warehouse so I lost 2 of the three. So this got me thinking- what if the recipes that can't fit in your warehouse become redeemables? Or all recipes are redeemables?
  7. Liebe Gemeinde, ich hatte gerade mit dem ehrenwerten Wilson eine Debatte über die Frage, warum ich in letzter Zeit immer wieder davon schreibe, dass die Wirtschaft in Naval Action gerade den Bach runter geht. Hier noch einmal für die Öffentlichkeit eine Zusammenstellung der Faktoren, die aus meiner Sicht in Kombination dazu führen. Ich hoffe dass die Developer das System bald wieder reparieren und gerade nur nochmal massiv testen, bevor bald ein Wipe kommt oder so.... Also erstmal zur leichten Kost gucken wir uns an. Eine schöne Erläuterung der klassischen Problematik der Geldentwertung in MMOs. Wir haben mehrere Effekte die zusammenspielen und in Kombination das Wirtschaftssystem in Naval Action momentan gegen die Wand fahren: 1. Durch die Reduzierung von XP Kosten sind plötzlich große Zahlen Spieler in einen höheren Rang gewechselt --> starke Steigerung der Nachfrage nach Schiffen (ich will meine Pavel! Jetzt! Sofort!) 2. Durch die Abschaffung der Kapermechanik für 3rd Rates ist die Nachfrage nach Port Battle Schiffen ebenfalls gestiegen und wird weiter steigen wenn Kriege starke Verluste bringen. --> Nachfragesteigerung 3. Durch die Normalisierung der NPC Port Preise für Rohstoffe können Spieler jetzt unbegrenzte Mengen an Roshtoffen für garantierte Preise an Verbraucherhäfen verkaufen. Damit entziehen einige wenige aber sehr aktive "Trader" dem System Rohstoffe für den Schiffbau weil der Verkauf an NPC Ports diese ja vernichtet. --> Preissteigerung von Rohstoffen auf mindestens den in Verbraucherhäfen angebotenen garantierten Fixpreis (z.B. 1.500 Gold pro Compass Wood oder 223 für Eisen) 4. Gleichzeitig Betreiben viele Spieler auch noch Produktionsgebäude, um aus knappen Labour Hours wertloses (komme ich gleich drauf) Gold zu erwirtschaften --> Verknappung der Resource Labour Hours 5. Bislang war die einzige Möglichkeit, labour hours zu "erwirtschaften" das Zerlegen von gekaperten Schiffen (in Schiffskomponenten, in denen ja labour hours drinstecken). Das gibt es jetzt nur noch für AI Trader, aber keiner kann mehr 3rd Rates in Missionen kapern um da large carriages rauszubekommen. --> weitere Verknappung der Resources Labour hours. Das wirkt sich alles schonmal negativ auf die Preise aus (was ich so von den Piraten höre, waren bei dort die Preise für Schiffe aber schon vorher abartig, vielleicht bekommen die den Effekt deshalb nicht ganz so stark mit wie wir bei den Holländern mit bislang moderaten Schiffpreisen?) Die Punkte oben sind also ist also die klassischen Faktoren einer Mangelwirtschaft. Und jetzt kommt auch noch Inflation dazu: 1. Missionen und Port Battles werfen kranke Mengen an Gold ab. Die Schweden sind aus Port Battles im Krieg mit uns Holländern regelmäßig mit ca. 300k-500k Gold pro Spieler rausgekommen. 2. Kaperst Du eine Victory in einer Mission bekommst Du 200k-300k ZUSÄTZLICH zu Deinen ohnehin schon zu großen Einnahmen aus den Missionen 3. Mit den fixen und garantierten Preisen von verbrauchenden Häfen können Spieler über Produktionsgebäude 1000 Gold pro Compass Wood erwirtschaften. Ich hab keine Ahnung, wieviele Einheiten 5x Lvl Compass Gebäude pro Tag maximal generieren können, aber wir haben mit 1000 theoretisch erwirtschaftbarem Gold pro labour hour schonmal einen neuen kranken Wert einer Labour Hour erreicht, weil alle anderen wirtschaftlichen labour hour Aktivitäten ja weniger Profit bringen als 5x Compass Wood Gebäude zu betreiben. Wer kann mir sagen, was 5x Compass Wood Buildings lvl 3 pro Tag produzieren und wieviele Labour hours man zum "ernten" dieser Menge benötigt? Dank schonmal im Voraus für die Info. 4. Durch die XP-Senkung für Spielerränge können mehr Spieler jetzt höherrangige Schiffe segeln und höhere Missionen im PvE machen --> NOCH mehr Einnahmen aus Kills und Assists von Victories und Santissimas in fleet orders auf dem Server. Der starren und durch labour hours begrenzten Schiffbauökonomie werden also neben der gesteigerten Nachfrage auch noch unbegrenzte Geldmengen zugeführt. Wenn ein Spieler 500k Gold pro Stunde erwirtschaften kann, wie hoch soll ich denn den Preis für eine Victoriy oder Santissima ansetzen, in der ja 7 Manntage Labour Hours drinstecken + bis zu 35 Medium Crafting Notes von exceptional upgrades? 10 Millionen? 20 Millionen? Ich habe in feinster DDR Manier schon mit dem Hoarding von Rohstoffen begonnen - ich kaufe in NPC Häfen mit dem nunmehr wertlosen Gold ALLE Rohstoffe auf, an die ich meine Hände legen kann. 10.000 Iron in meinem Warehouse sind 1.5 Millionen Gold - also drei Fleet Missions für einen PvE Spieler. Das ist nicht verhältnismäßig, wenn man bedenkt wieviel Zeit man aufwendet um die 10.000 Eisen ranzukarren ... Ich hoffe, meine Ausführungen sind verständlich - Gegenargumente? Feedback? Vielleicht kann auch jemand mal erklären, warum die Devs die dynamischen Preise in NPC Häfen abgestellt haben? Es war die Reden von "exploits abschaffen" aber aus meiner Sicht hat das Abschalten der dynamischen Preise der Gesamtwirtschaft eigentlich nur geschadet? Was habe ich übersehen? Gruß, Hugo van Grojt Eigner der Schiffswerft "Hugo Republic Shipyards", Willemstad
  8. Yes, I filed a F11 form. This post is to ensure other folks are aware of the problem. If you do not have enough resources in a production building to fulfill the blueprint, you do not get a crafting slider. Neither do you any form of message, so it is a bit of a confusing situation. This is now apparent as the basic crafting transaction is no longer on 1 resource, but multiple. Just wait it out until the storage is up to the minimal blueprint value and it'll come back.
  9. Very simple suggestion: I think we should be allowed more contracts above the current limit of 5. I think the player economy would be more vibrant if we don't stifle the commerce between players by having a cap on trading contracts. I also think the game needs more gold sinks so... I think each contract should have a progressively higher "contract fee". Players can have lots of contracts but, eventually, they will become too expensive to maintain as the cost for contracts goes up. Inflation is very important to address. I know this game is alpha but this is the best time to handle economic changes and get inflation under control. Inflation is a major factor in new player retention.
  10. Hey all, quick suggestion - We should be able to craft directly from our clan warehouse (in whatever port it's actually based in). The clunky manual splitting and moving of mats and sub-mats for even the simplest crafts can be a bit tedious and now that we have a shared storage, we should be able to use resources directly from it. Hark! I hear you say, but people will just waste our precious resources! Not really, anyone has access anyway and could withdraw, so this would also be a good time to implement restrictions (who may deposit/withdraw/craft from inventory).
  11. Hi, I've just reached crafting level 45, which is the minumum level for a Santisima, as informed in the crafting screen. However, my labour hours seem to max out at 1900, while i need 1943 to craft a Santisima. Seems kinda weird that i have the level requirements for the building of a ship, but that the labour hours at that level would be insufficient. Any reasoning behind this? Greetings Yngvarr
  12. This is a suggestion for max level crafters to add more depth to the game, and to give max level crafters blueprints to seek. I think once a player reaches level 50, crafting a ship will give you the small chance of obtaining a unique ship crafting blueprint. You can only have 1 unique ship of each type you can craft and you can unlearn the blueprint to try and get the blueprint for another unique ship. This would add a lot of depth to crafting ships in the game, as well as adding very rare and sought out ships. The ships should be uniquely different in that they have a strength and a weakness compared to that of the baseline ship. My idea is to have the basic class of ships as they are now, for this example I will use the Constitution, Bellona, Pavel, and Victory have the following unique ship crafting patterns available to obtain: Crafting an exceptional Constitution at level 50 gives you a 0.5% chance of unlocking the following ships (can only have 1 of the following blueprints): USS Chesapeake (Faster with less guns, 38 guns) USS Congress (Faster with less guns, 38 guns) USS President (Slightly less Hull Strength but faster) USS United States (Slightly slower but more hull thickness) USS Constellation (Fastest of the original 6 Frigates but less hull thickness and less hull strength, 38 guns) Crafting an exceptional Bellona at level 50 gives you a 0.5% chance of unlocking the following ships (can only have 1 of the following blueprints): HMS Dragon (Slightly Slower, more hull strength) HMS Superb (Slightly Faster, less hull thickness) HMS Kent (Slower, but Slightly more hull thickness) HMS Defense (Fastest but less hull thickness and less hull strength) Crafting an exceptional St Pavel at level 50 gives you a 0.5% chance of unlocking the following ships (can only have 1 of the following blueprints): Sviatoi Nikolai Sviatoi Kliment Papa Rimskii Kir Ioann Sviatoslav Crafting an exceptional HMS Victory at level 50 gives you a 0.5% chance of unlocking the following ships: HMS Royal George (slightly faster with slightly less hull thickness) Also, if you add the USS independence to the game, crafting an exceptional one at level 50 gives you a 0.5% chance to unlock: USS Washington USS Franklin USS Columbus If you add the USS Chippewa, crafting an exceptional one at level 50 gives you a 0.5% chance to unlock the USS Pennsylvania.
  13. Hello everyone, So looking into getting my hands on a Bellona. Unfortunately im am a long way off being able to craft one my self, level 29 crafting. So would like to make a proposition to any and all DUTCH Shipwright's capable of crafting her. My proposition is simple, in exchange for crafting one for me I would produce all the required materials and the gold coins for the crafting notes. I only have a level 2 shipyard so am unable to craft the HG notes. Looking at NA Craft I can see a Ballona takes 1465 Labour Hours to craft + 310 for each HG note, that I am unable to make, giving a total Labour Cost of 2705. So I am offering 3000 labour hours and all crafting material and gold coins in exchange. I am going to be available over the coming few weeks as I have a bit more time, So we can arrange times for when you need my services for labour hours ect. If anyone would be willing to help I would be very grateful and would appreciate a comment below or PM so that we can sort the details. Kind regards, Samuel van Heerden
  14. British West Indies Trading Company We are looking for new and experienced players to join our growing clan. We have a full team of dedicated crafters who will build the ships you need. We are a friendly laid back clan. We do both PVP and PVE. If you are interested go to http://www.westindiescompany.org/application-forms.php?appid=3 and sign up to the form then fill in the clan application form. Or Mail Roger Churchill in game.
  15. Hello, so recently started playing a little as I have finished my exams ect now, woo! So when I logged on the first time the other day, Since maybe February, I was delighted to see that my rank had increased! and I could potentially sail a larger ship. I was so excited it was amazing! Then I hit up the marketplace to see what the Dutch Shipwright's had been up too, and of course hoping to find a shiny new toy to play with...... I was massively disappointed to find that there were only a sprinkling a 4th rates and above, and those that are available are being sold for crazy money! I mean, near 2million for a fine 4th rate! really!?!? When the exceptional trinco's are being sold for max, 5-600k. So yea I don't know, I have been away for a good few months so I guess things have changed! Just find it odd that the step up in price gap is so large! Anyone want to fill me in as to why this may be the case please feel free! I know there are clans, guilds ect and that they will produce ships for their own as a priority ect and port battles and all that goodness but the open market is just crazy. Still yet to sail the Bellona, the only ship that I really want, and I guess as close as I thought I was im actually rather far away! Sorry if this comes across like a rant, its not my intent to cause a stir! im just a little... gutted I guess that I have to wait on for a rate. but hey ho, sails up and on we go
  16. Hi, My clan members were talking on team speak and we stumbled across the conversation of the black pearl and the Queen Anne's Revenge, anyway we discovered that the black pearl was originally a indiaman that had more gun ports, we though about in and the topic of razeeing ships came up, now what I am thinking is that you can have a third rate and you decide that it is not the ship for you, so you get a lvl 40 crafter to razee it for you, it would have to take massive amounts of labour hours and gold but it would decrease the amount of crew needed and keep the overall structure and strength of the ship, but with the disadvantage of less guns and the sailing characteristics of a 3rd rate. Thanks
  17. Dear Devs, I like and love the game in its status. Because of its working progress, I want to give you my feedback. I play Pirate. In every game, where a Pirate system is able to be played, i love to do so. And yes, I joined Pirates in NA aswell. But I didnt know, that they are a Nation - which is a totaly wrong understanding of what pirate was in the 16th to 18th century. If someone had told me before, that I can choose the "Nation" Pirate, I were joined france frist, scam all the Clans and players, kill some friendly mates and become pirate then. Because this is, what pirates did in those centuires. They never fight to own a harbour. They fight harbours to own more stuff. So here are my points: 1) Pirates shouldnt be able to own Ports. They only should be able to "raid" them for getting stuff out of it. Only 1-3 Hideouts which are only shown on Pirates map, should be owned by pirates. Not more not less. Because being a pirate is kind of a political statement. ATM Pirates are "friendly" to each other because they have to. This is FAAAAAAr away of beeing authentic. So here is the Idea: No Port Capture or battle for owned ports. 2) Be a Pirate : When I capture a ship from e.g. the Great Britains, I will steal the Flag and sail under my new fake flag. As long as i dont attack anyone - to get somethings like a criminal timer and be detected as "fake" Great Britain - i should be able to use every port / facility / chat or more from the Nation, i fake to sail for. Only when i get criminal flagged and or get killed, the flag should be gone. 3) Pirates should not be able to craft ships. They can dock at every harbour (fake flag at Point 2 explains why) and they can buy ships there or get into "deals" with clans of any nations to get ships. Also they should focus in raiding fleeds and capture ships. But Pirates should be able to upgrade or optimize their ships. e.g. enhance Speed and crew, better boarding abilities for fast travel Boardings at 6kn or something similar. Pirate ships should be a very scary thing in open world fights. And i dont mean, that they should be tanky or overpowered. They only need to have things, which nation ships dont have. 4) Turning into "Pirate" should be a penalty for players. So they should be thrown out of their "safed" life in a 150 member clan into a deep community of ugly, angry and beard people who kill each other for no reason, when the rum rations ran out. Learn how to sail, steal, fake flag, keeping morales up and get away with slaves / captured ships should be horrible hard for a normal player. But this should be all, what pirates should be able to do. Sitting in MT to craft things is dumb. No Pirate of our history books ever sit in a port and craft a plank for a ship. They all raid a port and take those ready build ships and the wife of the guy who crafted it. 5) Give pirates some capturing advantage but for. eg. let them be attacked from npc's aswell, when they get a criminal timer. Those timer should be there for 1-2 hours. 6) A Pirate need to learn everything new. Sailing Routes, noone know and all stuff like that. So take away the teleport to capitol function for Pirates. IMPORTANT: Pirates shouldnt be a Nation as they are atm. They should not have any friends in their own "Pirate faction" expect their Clan or ally mates. They should be able to fake flag. They should not be those pve focused Trader / Crafter / Labor hour seller as atm. Take all of the pirates harbours. Give them Hideouts. I saw so many pirates sailing around, who are no pirates and acting like Nation People... Organize political Port capturing Situations shouldnt be able... The Pirates atm are by far not authentic. Everyone who dont see this, should go back in the history lesson (no offense) Added Ideas by other players: From Hethwill: A successful raid by pirates should blast a city morale ( citizens are simply left to their own designs with the feeling their overlords cannot save them ) and turn it unaligned for a full maintenance cycle [ 1 full day after maintenance the port gets blocked to all actions, no entering the port ], and then returns to nation control as normal.
  18. I think we should use low level notes at all levels of crafting. At high levels of crafting, all notes should be used. low level ships require low grade mid level ships require mid grade and low grade high level ships require high grade mid grade and low grade for example, upgrade could use 1 high note, 2 mid notes, and 3 low notes. a santisima could use 4 high notes, 3 mid notes, and 2 low notes. I think it would be a great way to give new players a meaningful way to earn money and contribute to the economy in a meaningful way. This could help a lot of people get over the initial economic hump, help them break into crafting, and encourage player retention.
  19. I was working today with a friend of mine on a few missions and we started theory-crafting a few ways you could add more missions. These are the ideas we came up with. Trade Missions The way trade missions work is fairly simple. You pick up a mission from a free city. When you collect the mission you get an item added into your inventory called Cargo. Cargo is around 200 to 300 pounds in weight so you have to have a trader ship to deliver it. Cargo is then taken to a different port. This is where the idea splits in the way it works. Option 1: You have obtained the Cargo and put it into your trader. The map will put a icon on the map denoting where the cargo is being sent. The lower level missions will only have you go a few ports away while the higher you rank up the further the mission takes you. It always goes to a free town so your mission can't be interrupted by someone capping the port. When you get to the location you are given an option under the mission tab to turn in the Cargo whereupon you receive your Gold and XP. XP gain from doing trading missions is increased over normal missions. Doing a Second Lt. Mission in combat nets you 1000 gold and 50xp. Doing the same mission for Transport nets you 4000 gold and 100 XP. The reason behind this is you are not getting the XP from combat you do in these missions. Option 2: You have obtained the Cargo and put it into your trader. No mark is given as the delivery location you are to take the goods to is ANY free town you can get to. If you take the Cargo to one that's really close and only takes you 30 minutes to get to you will receive around 4000 xp and 100 xp. If you decide to Run the gauntlet so to speak and make a trade run to enemy infested waters after a 4 hour long ride you will receive 30,000 gold and 1,000 XP. One thing to add to these missions is that at the end of said mission you have a low chance to receive Resources that you can take back to port with you for a bit of extra income. These resources range anywhere from 25 Hemp (basic upgrade drop in combat missions) all the way up to if you get really lucky say around 1000 Compass wood or gold (Exceptional Upgrade drop) Crafting Missions Crafting missions are missions given to you based on your Crafting level. The lower level missions will have you crafting parts while the higher level missions might have you craft low tier ships ( Lynx, Cutter, Privateer, ETC...) These Missions will transform any Extra Crafting hours you have into XP and Gold for you time spent. When you receive a Crafting mission you will get a few items. You will get City Owned goods that can not be used to make anything else other than the crafting mission items, they can also not leave port or be traded away. You will also receive a Entry in your crafting menu where you can craft City owned items. Again can't be sold, traded, used , or leave port. You then use the items you receive to craft the items the port requests of you and turn them back in. Doing this will result in a fair sum of gold for the item you made for them. roughly around 500 gold and 25xp you also get the xp in your crafting level that you got from crafting the items. Gold gains and XP gains from this will always be fairly low even if you craft them a full Ship such as a snow or something similar you will only receive around 20k gold and 500xp. But here is a bit of a boost you can use your own crafting notes you made yourselves if the mission requires a ship or upgrade to make the item of a better quality to get increased rewards. Example is this You crafted a City owned basic Snow Reward: 20k gold 500xp You crafted a City owned Common Snow Reward: 40k gold 600xp You crafted a City owned Fine Snow Reward: 60k gold 800 xp You crafted a City owned Mastercraft Snow Reward 90k gold 1k xp. You crafted a City owned Exceptional Snow Reward 150k gold 1.5k xp Yes at the end you did make ALOT of money and xp off the Exceptional item but to do that you had to spend 1000 crafting hours bonus to make the 4 crafting notes needed and around 80k of your own gold.(Price to sell them to people) There is no extra reward given for doing crafting missions other than the xp for crafting, xp for your Rank, and Gold gained. Edited for Spelling mistakes
  20. Why can i only craft 32 iron ingots at a time? its just annoying and since you need hundreds of them for one ship it takes forever too. Just let me craft for example 240 ingots at once. Would save me alot of time. Why not remove all crafting limits and let me craft as much of a material i want at once. Don't see any reasons for these limits to exists. Sry about bad english and the clickbaity title.
  21. 4th rate ships should use a combined midgrade/high grade upgrade system to make them more economical for the players that will be using them. My idea is to change their upgrade costs to such. Basic 0 Common 1 Mid grade note Fine 1 Mid 1 High Mastercraft 2 Mid 1 High Exceptional 2 Mid 2 High thoughts? suggestions to make this better or relate to other classes of ships?
  22. The game's economy needs to allow for more transactions between strangers (via the market). Currently, this isn't allowed to happen with the restrictive 5 contract limit. I am not certain why there is such a clamp-down on contracts. It isn't a true economy when participants are allotted a limited number of transactions. In the short-term, I would suggest opening the gate on sale contracts. Supplying the economy would be helped by allowing this. When I am not worried about prioritizing contracts per the profit margin, I can spread out my profit motive over a wider set of products. Meaning I (and others) won't only be placing high profit items up for sale contracts and there will be a lot more items up for sale.
  23. Hello all, To get a shipyard at level 3 it represents a total investment of more than 1 million gold, yet all this money gives us nothing more in return than a "license" to build higher class ships, no other advantages is given from investing such load of money in a lvl 3 shipyard. My suggestion is to make the shipyard level 3 adding an additional dock slot in the outpost, simple as this, it makes sense to get an additional dry dock slot with such building and it will surely make the shipyard value more worth the investment than now, we will be able to get one more ship stored in the outpost which is valuable for many craft guys always needing to get one free slot to release a ship. If needed put a limitation on this to get only one additional slot per outpost, so we won't be able to make 5 shipyards level 3 in a single town and get 5 more additional docking slots, but getting one more slot for such investment will be more than welcome right now. Thanks.
  24. To whom it may concern, following the recent changes brought by Patch 9.7, the board of directors of Hugo Republic Shipyards has univocally decided to change the company policy on pricing as follows. All ship crafters working for the glory of the United Provinces are hereby invited to participate in and make use of the business model. Licensed ship crafters and component manufacturers will be listed here, if their ingame application is approved by the Willemstad Crafters Guild. The new attractive pricing model is intended to provide an additional incentive for citizens to contribute to the national ship building effort. 1. Terms of Procurement Hugo Republic Shipyards (HRS) hereby offers to purchase any resources (if needed) for the same buying price that is currently offered by the NPC at all consumption ports in the United Provinces. Hugo Republic Shipyards (HRS) hereby offers to pay the salary of 50 Gold per labour hour to any dock worker or manufacturing shop. Hugo Republic Shipyards (HRS) stipulates the following fixed prices for the procurement and sale of low, mid and high grade crafting notes : 20.000 Gold for each low grade note 40.000 Gold for each mid grade note 80.000 Gold for each high grade note The resulting prices at which Hugo Republic Shipyards will buy and sell any ship components can be found in this nifty COMPONENT TRADING CALCULATOR (offline copies possible) 2. Terms of Sale Based on the guaranteed prices for ship components, HRS and licensed shipwrights approved by the Willemstad Crafters Guild will guarantee the selling prices for ships as can be found in the DUTCH SHIP PRICING SPREADSHEET The new ship prices will take effect on the day of our Lord, April the 20th, 1716. The profit margin for any HRS ship sales shall be 50 Gold for every labour hour invested in the crafting of a vessel, but shall be roughly equivalent to 10 percent of the crafted ship's total value. The remaining 90 percent of the ship cost account for salaries graciously paid to those supportive component manufacturers that make our enterprise successful. As such, every Dutch citizen is encouraged to manufacture ship components and sell those to the licensed crafters at the guaranteed prices. 3. Ship Orders Any interested Party is invited to apply for a crafting slot for any shiptype at the Willemstad Docks using this APPLICATION FORM (courtesy of Konali). 4. Licensed Ship Crafters and Component Manufacturers (in alphabetical order by last name) coolkiller, Lord Commodore, Arctic Nova, Odin87NL, Lytse Pier, Surathani, Jester Tull, Max van der Velde, Hugo van Grojt These terms and conditions shall be subject to change if the economic situation in the Greater Caribbean or the United Provinces should change. The corresponding documents shall be updated accordingly. Sincerely Yours, Hugo van Grojt Proprietor of Hugo Republic Shipyards
  25. Alright, I've done a quick search so sorry if I have missed a similar or exact suggestion. Having dipped my toes into PVP, Crafting and trading, I've been thinking about what could improve the current system in this play run economy. Ultimately with how harbors and player buildings work at the moment, most people are using daily teleports to move a fair amount of resources to their crafting hubs with relative amounts of safety. Most suggestions have at removing the ability to teleport with items in hulls and some extremes have pointed at removing the teleport feature completely, but lets face it, it's removal would be a big pain in the ass. With a player run economy the second issue with not being able to teleport goods safely, would be that smaller pop nations could ultimately be starved completely out of certain resources if they were heavily blockaded and harassed, right up to the point where they would no longer be able to properly fight back (More of an extreme event). Okay enough be blabbering on about next to nothing, lets get to what I have in mind. Other than different ports producing resources, make a good amount of ports (Non home ports) have some sort of built in specialty as well. Obviously this is just bare bones but lets take for example a Port which has a sawmill or something along those lines, make it so that any wood working done while inside this town will only cost half the labor hours (Or a small % Decrease if you will). You might have a Port which has an industrial furnace, the bonus which it provides might be that you might be able to make 2 bars of metal per coal or something along those lines. Okay, so now why would all this benefit the game? Well for traders/crafters. This would provide the possibility of saving some labor hours or using less mats while crafting, however at the cost of needing to transport the right materials to the town, during which you open yourself up to being attacked. This adds an element of risk and reward. And for Pirates (Both faction and enemy faction)? Well opportunity is opened up for rewarding raiding, finding players with actually full cargo holds will be a little less hit and miss. As a whole it would also make attacking certain opposing nation ports a little more tactical without completely removing a nations ability to produce goods. I suppose in all it would make things a little more dynamic. Anyway this is simply the skeleton of the idea I'm thinking of, once again apologies if this has already been suggested. Fell free to expand, flame or compliment below.
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