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Found 49 results

  1. We all know that sometimes ships of the line were cut-down one deck and became razées, powerfull frigates. The most notable example of this kind of ships within the timeframe of NA most probably is the Indefatigable. What´s probably less known is that a couple of frigates also had their quarterdeck and forecastle deck removed and were reclassed as sloops of war / corvettes. A couple of examples of this pretty interesting ship type: USS John Adams Launched 1799 (armament 24 12-pounders + 2 12-pounder bow chasers, 6 24-pound carronades), cut down to a sloop in 1807-09 with 24 42-pound carronades and 2 12-pounder bow chasers. I found plans for the John Adams as frigate (by our fellow captain Talos, by the way), but regretably none for the sloop. La Circée (Armide-class) Launched 1811, converted to a corvette sans gaillards in 1832. Armament: 24 long 18-pounders and 4 short 30-pounders. Plans for La Circée as a sloop from the Atlas du Génie Maritime: As the captain of La Circée after her conversion observed in his logbook, the vastly improved speed and maneuverabilty of his frégate rasée 'could do much harm to the enemy', but he raised concerns about the lack of sufficient space for the crew. The 18-pounder frigates L'Aréthuse and La Cybèle (both Pallas-class) were also razeed in the early 1830s, the 40-gun frigates of the 1824 program, L'Arthémise and La Galathée, were converted while still in the docks, carrying 24 short 30-pounders and 6 18-pound carronades after launch. Samarang (Atholl-class) Designed as small 28-gun 'jack-ass' frigates, some ships of this class were cut down to sloops. Class design: http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/83004.html Model of the Samarang after her conversion: http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/66666.html Armament as sloop: 18 32-pound carronades, 2 long 9-pounders
  2. Lexington, Specifications: Length between perpendiculars: 127’ Beam (molded): 33’6” Depth in hold: 15’3” Tonnage: 691 tons Complement: 190 US-Corvet "Lexington", 26 guns 18-pdr. A big thank you to Talos who recognized the ship in an instant and provided some very interesting information. For a more elaborate history, scroll down a few comments! The more detailed plans, courtesy of Talos, are found is his comment as well.
  3. Wasp was a ship-rigged sloop-of-war constructed in 1813 at Newburyport, Massachusetts, by Cross & Merrill. She was commissioned early in 1814, Master Commandant Johnston Blakeley in command. She remained at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, until late spring awaiting sailing orders and, upon receipt of them, put to sea on 1 May 1814 for a war cruise to the western approaches to the English Channel. Here is a list of the ships captured by Wasp during her first raiding voyage in the English Channel. June 2, 1814, Wasp captured her first vessel, the 207-ton barque Neptune. June 13, 1814, she took William, a 91-ton brig. June 18, 1814, Wasp encountered the 131-ton armed brig Pallas without resistance. June 23, 1814, 171-ton galiot Henrietta, June 26, 1814, Wasp captured the 325-ton ship Orange Boven. June 28, 1814, Wasp engaged the 18-gun Cruizer class brig-sloop HMS Reindeer. July 4, 1814, 112-ton brig Regulator July 6, 1814, 151-ton schooner Jenny Second raiding voyage August 30, 1814, she captured the brig Lettice August 31, 1814, she captured Bon Accord. September 1, 1814, she captured the brig Mary and the 18-gun, 391-ton brig HMS Avon. September 12, 1814, she encountered Three Brothers, a brig, September 14, 1814, she sank the brig Bacchus. September 21, 1814, captured the eight-gun brig, Atlanta Fate Wasp was last seen by a Swedish merchantman bound from Rio de Janeiro to Falmouth, England, about three weeks after the Atalanta capture and was said to be headed for the Caribbean. Wasp probably foundered in a storm. Specifications Tonnage: 509 Length: 117 ft 0 in (35.66 m) Beam: 31 ft 6 in (9.60 m) Draft: 14 ft 6 in (4.42 m) Complement: 173 officers and enlisted men Armament: 2 x long 12-pounder guns + 20 x 32-pounder carronades USS Wasp had a short but illustrious carer during the war of 1812, capturing 15 enemy ships. She would also be the basis for future American flush-decked sloop of war designs. She would be a nice ship to sail in Naval Action.
  4. 'Raae' by danish constructor Judichaer. Raae was launched 1709 and in service until 1751
  5. Ok guys, so my favorite ship type is the Sloop of War. I would like people to post plans for Sloop of War ships dating from 1680-1830 here. Sloop of War ships are typically smaller than Corvettes, have a single gundeck usually carrying up to 18 guns, and up to three masts. (the rating system coveres all unrated vessels with 20 guns and above), even gun-brigs and cutters are included in the class. In your post I would like the Name of the ship, followed by nation, guns, and lastly year. Here is an example... Rattlesnake, USA, 18 guns, 1813 Ok guys, post away!
  6. The USS Constellation was a Sloop of War built in 1854... Before I go any further, yes I am aware that this ship was built later than the timeframe of Naval Action (The Brig Mercury 1820 is the latest built ship in the game) So to have Constellation in the game her armament could be reduced or have some other changes made. Moving on. Constellation was constructed in 1854 in Norfolk VA. She was constructed using materials from the salvaged frigate of the same name. Constellation is the last sail-only warship designed and built by the Navy. Despite being a single-gundeck "sloop," she is actually larger than her frigate namesake, and more powerfully armed with fewer but much more potent shell-firing guns Service 1855–58 performed diplomatic duties as part of the U.S. Mediterranean Squadron. 1859–61 flagship of the African Squadron, taking part in African Slave Trade Patrol operations to disrupt the Atlantic slave trade. December 21, 1859, captured the brig Delicia September 26, 1860, Constellation captured the Cora with 705 slaves, who were set free in Monrovia, Liberia. May 21, 1861, Constellation overpowered the slaver brig Triton Constellation spent much of the war as a deterrent to Confederate cruisers and commerce raiders in the Mediterranean Sea. Specifications Displacement: 1,400 long tons (1,400 t) Length: 181 ft (55 m) (waterline) 199 ft (61 m) (overall) Beam: 41 ft (12 m) (waterline) 43 ft (13 m) extreme Draft: 21 ft (6.4 m) Propulsion: Sail Complement: 20 officers, 220 sailors, 45 marines Armament: 16 × 8 in (200 mm) chambered shell guns 4 × 32-pounder (15 kg) long guns 1 × 20-pounder (9 kg) Parrott rifle 1 × 30-pounder (14 kg) Parrott rifle 3 × 12-pounder (5 kg) bronze boat howitzers So on to balancing I was thinking that her armament could be 22 x 18 pd cannons or 32 pd carronades (gundeck) 2 x 9 pd cannons or 32 pd carronades (bow chasers) I think that with the armament I've suggested could make her a balanced ship in Naval Action, while not totally historically accurate, it could work.
  7. I may have already posted the sheer plan for this one, but it lacked the details for the stern, quarter galleries and the head, so I combined the two sets so you can see how the 'complete' ship looked like. Dimensions (imperial feet) Length: 118' 6'' Breadth: 31' 11'' Draught aft: 14' Draught forward: 12' 11'' Length to Breadth ratio: 3, 71 Armament 20 8-pounders 10 Falquonettes (1-pounders) Crew 173 Other ships in class: Tranqvebar (1762), Alsen (1764), Færøe (1766) Launched in 1774 at Friderichswaern (Norway), broken up 1793.
  8. The idea: We need more small ships to help the new player experience. These ships are a lot smaller than everything else, and so hopefully several could be made without taking up a bunch of time. Feel free to add more ship plans My idea is this. We get more small vessels: luggers, ketches, hoys, etc, 2-6 or so guns. The new player starts out as a Midshipman captaining one of these (maybe the hoy). This is in a tutorial screen where the player is taught the controls and basics of how to sail the ship. After this, the player, who is on coastal patrol, gets attacked by pirates or comes across a smuggler, who is also in one of these small ships, and the player is then taught the basics of combat and boarding. The player wins, gets sent to Port, and the tutorial explains the port screen. The admiralty then gives the new player an 8 gun ketch or lugger. The new player now has a larger and better ship, a step up in the world and a sense of progress. From there the admiralty charges the new player to leave port and hunt down smugglers that are in the area around the starting location in large numbers (1-2 ships per fleet at max). The player hunts these down, gets xp, gold, sends the ships back to port or to the admiralty, and gets money and xp and admiralty points built up. On promotion to Ensign, the admiralty recommends the player broaden their experience. 66ft (Dutch???) Hoy Dutch hoys were 2 masted (as opposed to British hoys which were usually single-masted). The British bought 19 66ft 4 gun (3 carronades + 1 24lber) hoys from the Dutch in the 1790s that were involved in some battles. Hayling (1760) British Single-masted hoy Eclair (1795) British 3 gun Lugger Le Coureur 8 gun Lugger. Cherokee (1774) 6 Gun Ketch Fly (1752) 8 gun ketch. Green ink is modifications that were added to make it ship rigged. Shark (1732) 8 gun ketch
  9. This ship was Dutch in origin and is not to be confused with the HMS Minerva (suggested here). While the technical drawing does not explicitly state that the ship was named Minerva, the model's details are consistent with models of the Minerva. Dimensions 132 X 37 feet (probably Amsterdam feet) 24 guns on the lower deck 12 guns on the top deck Plans Source: Rotterdam Maritime Museum Also, thanks to Wicked Mouse for providing links (to the Friesmuseum) of greater details for the figurehead and stern. His Links Figurehead Stern Edit: Fixed links
  10. Plans (from the Danish National Archives/Orlogsbasen): Sheer and Body Plan Head and Stern Cross Section Sailplan (1772/1780) Dimensions: Length: 115' (danish) Breadth 31' Depth in Hold 15' 3'' Draught Foreward 12' 6'' Draught Aft 13' 6' Height of middle gunport above the water 5' 3'' L/B ratio 3.71 Armament: 20* Danish 8-pounders 10* Danish 1-pounder falconettes Designed by M. Krabbe and launched 1774 at Fridericksvaern (Norway).
  11. Plans (from the Danish National Archives/ Orlogsbasen) Sheer Head and Stern Sailplan Inboard Profile Cross section Dimensions Length 128' (danish) Breadth 33' 10'' Depth in Hold 13' Draught Foreward 13' 3'' Draught Aft 14' 6'' Height of middle gunport above the water 5' 9'' L/B ratio 3,79 Armament 24* danish 12-pounders Designed by M. Krabbe, launched 1758, broken up 1786. Krabbe submitted this plan after returning from the obligatory european study trip (1752 - 1756, visiting british, french, italian and dutch shipyards) and a certain french influence is clearly visible.
  12. 'Tromp' Tromp built in 1779 by the Dutch and captured by the British in 1796.
  13. Diana, 20-gun, Danish sixth-rate Construction Nyholm Dockyard Launched 15.7.1818 Broken up 28.11.1822 Type Corvette Armament MD 20x18-pounders Any additional information is much appreciated! *Current information is from threedecks*
  14. Here is the History of the Spanish corvette called "Descubierta" and her twin "Atrevida" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Descubierta_and_Atrevida The ships was builded with the original armament: • 22 x 8 lbs. • 4 x 6 lbs. But for the expedition, only carried: • 14 x 6 lbs. • 2 x 4 lbs. Figurehead Carlos Parrilla´S drawings: http://carlosparrillapenagos.es/pintura-naval/ Authentic Wood models from the Naval Museum of Madrid: the expedition version 16 guns: The original version 26 guns: Drawings and plans. Drawings for the original version:
  15. The HMS Beagle was a Cherokee-Class 10-gun brig-sloop that served with the Royal Navy. The Beagle was later adapted as a survey barque and conducted three expeditions. Her second expedition made her one of the most famous ships in history as she carried a young Charles Darwin, who later penned the Origin of Species. I think she would make a great ship for use of explorers to survey coastlines, and send expeditions to unknown lands. Class and type: Cherokee class brig-sloop Tons burthen: 235 bm Length: 90.3 ft (27.5 m) Beam: 24.5 ft (7.5 m) Draught: 12.5 ft (3.8 m) Sail Plan: Brig (Barque from 1825) Complement: 120 as a ship-of-war, 65 plus 9 supernumeraries on second voyage Armament: 10 guns, reduced to 6 guns on first survey voyage, 7 guns on second survey voyage HMS Beagle 1:1 Replica hull
  16. So, i found out about this game today and i would really like to see the Swedish Hemmema type Frigates in the game. A hemmema (from Finnish Hämeenmaa, Tavastia) was a type of warship built for the Swedish archipelago fleet in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemmema Even Russia captured 3 of them and used them. One of the small ships of its type Oden.
  17. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turuma "A turuma (from the Finnish word "Turunmaa") was a type of warship built for the Swedish archipelago fleet in the late 18th century. It was specifically developed for warfare in the Archipelago Sea and along the coasts of Svealand and Finland. The turuma was designed by the prolific naval architect Fredrik Henrik af Chapman for use in an area of mostly shallow waters and groups of islands and islets that extend from Stockholm all the way to the Gulf of Finland." "Altogether fourteen turumas were completed, making it the most common of the four archipelago frigate types.[13] At the outbreak of war in 1788, they formed the core of the archipelago flotilla in Finland." "Like the other specialized archipelago vessels, the turuma had only limited advantages. While it had superior firepower, its sailing qualities were only average and they were slow under oars.[21] It had the potential to be an effective weapon against galleys, matching their forward firepower and severely outgunning them with its broadside armament." As a ship designed for shallow waters, it could be used well in parts of the carribbean.
  18. La Belle (1680) Small french ship (barque longue, 6 guns). Part of the disastrous expedition of René-Robert Cavelier de la Salle sent from France in 1684 to explore the mouth of Mississipi. Wrecked during a storm on the Texas banks. (copyright) Tonnage : 40-45 Length : 54 ft 4 in (16,56 m). Beam : 14 ft 9 in (4,50 m) Draft : 8 ft (2,4 m) Shallow draught and high maneuverability allow coastal navigation for explorers and privateers. Small crew. About late XVIIth-century to early XVIIIth-century french freebooters, Jean-Baptist Labat (1663-1738) wrote : To attack merchant ships, "they favoured small ships that were more manoeuvrable — mostly barques ; also corvettes and brigantines — with no more than 6 cannons (even when the ship could carry more) because they were convinced that four muskets could kill more enemies than one cannon". Plans : http://ancre.fr/en/monographies-en/30-monographie-de-la-belle-barque-1680.html (monograph (20 drawings) and website with plans) Download (587.64k) http://www.editions-ancre.com/plans026.htm (excerpt) http://nautarch.tamu.edu/Theses/pdf-files/Grieco-MA2003.pdf (master's thesis with plans on Modeling La Belle, p. 56, 58, 153) http://www.academia.edu/9817712/The_Model_Reconstruction_of_La_Salles_Ship_La_Belle http://nauticalarch.org/documents/quarterly/V30%20No4.pdf (article with plans, p. 5-6, 13) Pictures : http://olivier.gatine.free.fr/modeles.html http://modelisme.arsenal.free.fr/artdumodelisme/La%20Belle/indexgb.html http://nautarch.tamu.edu/model/report1/belleinprogress.htm http://nautarch.tamu.edu/model/report1/amcomplete.htm http://nautarch.tamu.edu/model/report1/rockport.htm http://gerard.delacroix.pagesperso-orange.fr/barque/barq-index.htm Multimedia http://www.musee-marine.fr/programmes_multimedia/construction_navale/ (click on "Construction virtuelle de La Belle) (3d shipmodel tutorial video clip, 10 min., B. Huc) Modeling La Belle, a 17th Century Gun and Carriage http://nautarch.tamu.edu/model/report4/ Archaeology of La Belle Shipwreck http://www.texasbeyondhistory.net/belle/laboratory.html#reconstructing http://www.thc.state.tx.us/preserve/archeology/la-salle-archeology-projects http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/lasalle/ http://nautarch.tamu.edu/CRL/Report7/hull.htm http://nautarch.tamu.edu/pdf-files/West-MA2005.pdf Toni L. Carrell PhD Thesis - University of St Andrews Guéroult du Pas, "Barque longue for exploration, escort and trade during wars", 1710 (gallica.bnf.fr) About La Belle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Belle_(ship) http://www.texashighways.com/history/item/7670-landing-of-la-belle-exhibit-la-salle Theodore Gudin, La Salle's Expedition to Louisiana in 1684 (1844)
  19. Hello here is La Tuite 1787 (source is all-model.com) in the drawings it is a 14 gun corvette but according to wikipedia is was renamed to Recherche and reclassed as a 12 gun frigate. In game it could be a high speed light ship (has three mast sails) with decent maneuverability and perhaps the ability to carry decent armament. I also have started to model this ship for fun (mostly because it is so small and good practice for ship modelling). I think someone with experience could model this ship easily but i guess there is alot to puting a ship into the game other then modelling (like the bow coming off moving parts like sails and rudder etc.). So here is what it might look like
  20. Names unknown. This ship could be a great reward or premium ship. HMS Lizard 1679 Other tiny ships
  21. Sloops of War occupy the strange territory between smaller ships, like Brigs, and larger ships like Corvettes and Frigates. Sloops were used by many nations during the age of sail, including- the United States, France, and Great Britain. A Sloop was often the first posting for a young Commander, or newly minted Post Captain. Since we seem to have a gap in medium to light ships, I though these ships would fill in the gap nicely. Perhaps the 2 most famous sailing Sloops built by the United States were Wasp and Hornet. Hornet was completed first as a Brig, but her sailing qualities left a lot to be desired, so changes were made to the design of her sister ship Wasp. Based on the alterations done on the Wasp, both ships were re-rigged "Ship" style with 3 masts in 1811. Both ships saw action in the War of 1812. USS Wasp captured HMS Frolic, but was then Captured herself by HMS Poictiers (74 Guns) and bought into British service as HMS Loup Cervier (later Peacock) Hornet had much more success during the war, capturing 3 British Warships, and several Merchants. Both ships were later lost in Storms. The Ship available in the Game could be either the Wasp or the Hornet, though for historical reasons it should probably be the Hornet, as she was the most successful. But I do have a personal reason for wanting it to be the Wasp, I had family members on the USS Wasp (CV-6) lost during WW2. Some of these pictures are of Wasp, or Hornet, but both ships were identical in design and rigging. USS Hornet: 440 Tons Length: 106'9" (32.5 Meters) Beam: 31'5" (9.6 Meters) Draft: 14' (4.3 Meters) Armament: eighteen 32 Pound Carronades; two 12 Pound Chasers Note: The rigging in this picture is accurate, but not to scale with the rest of the ship. Also note the Schooner USS Grampus below the Hornet, and the flags hung upside down, as a signal of distress.
  22. HMS Advice Prize HMS Advice Prize (1704) was an 18-gun sixth rate captured from the French in 1704 and sold in 1712.
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