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  1. Nation: Preussen / Prussia Clan/Flotte: KSK_Germany ( Königliche Seestreitkräfte Germany ) Server: PvE ( vorerst da über 3 Jahre Pause vom Spiel ) Hafen: Marigot Clan-Leader: =KSK=Stuffz/Morador Game Offiziere: =KSK=Freefall91, =KSK=Wolle, =KSK=FieldMarshal93, =KSK=Bahnbaer, =KSK=Biohazardgirl Homepage: www.ksk-germany.com , www.ceastus-mortis.de Teamspeak: ts3.ksk-germany.com:10175 Mindestalter: 21+ Jahre VOR DEM BEWERBEN BITTE REGELWERK LESEN!!!Über uns: Wir sind ein Multigaming Clan der in vielen Spielen vertreten ist und war seit Januar 2010. Die
  2. Hello all, We are the Northern Privateers. We are a starting clan on the PVE server. We are the Pirates of the PVE. Our clan is open to every Pirate that wants to join. New players are most welcome to join. We will help you level up and get better ships. We have a clan member that started to craft as well. so in later faces he can build us better ships. Let's rule this world together as united Pirates!! Greatz, Captain Jon Snow
  3. Текущий патч 9.68. Сегодня не пришло письмо от офицера клана при его массовой рассылке участникам сообщества. И это, к сожалению, уже не в первый раз. Какую информацию необходимо предоставить разработчикам, чтобы устранить этот баг ? Заранее, спасибо.
  4. Good day sailors, The Royal German Legion [RGL] is a German squadron loyally serving our King. We are currently recruiting players. Our main language is German. Applications under royal-german-legion.de and TS3: Please hail our clan members to request the TS3 Password. God save the King. *More information will follow
  5. so I had a thought that regional capitals could allow clans/guilds to own them through the conquest system. the regional capitals would allow clans to collect taxes from the towns within that region. as well as allow the clan to build clan owned buildings such as a bank where items and gold can be stored. clan shipyards that allow clans to build ships using said items in thier bank. this may require a clan system revamp to allow a permission and ranking system in game. these regional capitals would then become very valuable to clans to not only acquire but to hold and therefore create a gr
  6. Sons Of Liberty I am now no long playing on pvp2 and i will be joining pvp1 PVP2 is not longer interesting to me in my opinion.
  7. [OJ] Oranje Flotilla is recruiting! What we offer: PVP, Leveling/missions/crafting, Trading, PVP, PVP Focus: Small Gang PVP, Port Battles Our Goals: Have a blast - We aim to create a cohesive group of dumpster babies that are able to come out of any fight on top. Losing ships will happen as we learn, if you are scared to lose some ships - this won't be the place for you. Our Numbers: 25+ Active Members TeamSpeak Required Our Experience: 15+ Port Captures Established Fleet Commander High level crafters Open Sea PVP Contacts: TwoVanBeardz in game or via my for
  8. [CN] is a clan under the flag of Danmark-Norge who has suffered most severe issue of player loss during the past two months. We are probably the last one standing at the gate of Christiansted. Most of our members are Chinese speakers; English is also welcomed in [CN]. Contact: Choie / AnEra / RURickJames
  9. Clear Skies is a USA clan on the PVP2 server looking for members of interested, into all parts of the game. TS is not required to enter the clan but is required to be in port battles. we offer an easy going clan heavy into PVP , co-clan ship building and resource collecting. No rank requirement or ship requirement we are willing to train any new comers into the game. If your are interested please send me a in game mail. Clear Skies Leader, Toad King
  10. Sons of Liberty is hosting a US pvp2 Clan leader meeting. All U.S. Clan leaders are welcome to join in and discuss current events and future events. During this meeting we will discuss SOL's agenda with current events. Things we will talk about. Sate of the Union Alliance and Enemies. Strategies. This is important for all US clan leader and officer to join as it give other clan to put in their 2 cents worth . SOL is not forcing any one to join but would like you all to join so we can work out any issues. Time of Meeting Monday 14th 5pm PST 8pm EST Thi
  11. Good evening. There might be one or two here that recognizes Lys-au-Crane from the french nation, Roberts server in Pirates of the Burning Sea. We are now slowly re-forming in this game, and do so in the swedish nation now, after originally trying France, and we're at the moment on the server EU PVP 1. We have a history of being a small society, mostly with casual players, epic in theorizing and unexpected AFKs, but we do have fun together. We've mostly been made up of slighty older players, so we have no real command structure or leadership as such. The society is administered by some of
  12. Wir sind ein familiärer aber trotzdem ambitionierter „Feierabendclan“ mit flacher Hierarchie. Außer einem Mindestalter von 25 Jahren, dem Umgang mit TeamSpeak 3 inkl. Mikrofon(!) und Grundkenntnissen der deutschen Sprache haben wir keine Voraussetzungen für neue Mitglieder. Es besteht keine Verpflichtung zu jeglichen Onlinezeiten, keine Mindestlevel oder ähnliches. Du bist ambitionierter Spieler? Du bist im fortgeschrittenen Jugendalter (Ü25) oder bereits ein alter Sack? Keine Lust mehr, die Abende (oder Nächte und Tage ) im Spiel alleine zu verbringen? Du suchst eine Truppe, mit der Du langf
  13. We descendants of Courland colonists of Polish origin commissioned new mercenary band, called Courland Mercenary Division. After fall of New Courland colony, our predecessors decided to stay in the Caribbean and pledge allegiance to Dutch Republic. As Dutch mercenaries helped during establishment of New Courland colony in Tobago, we've decided to repay that dept. We're mercenaries that fight in the interest of all Dutch in the Caribbeans, ready to help in any battle that our compatriots will face. Who we are: We're group of friends playing Naval Action for fun. We're polish/english spe
  14. Сообщество Корсары приветствует игроков Naval Action! Мы русскоязычное сообщество единомышленников, которое борется за первенство в online-играх c 2011 года. В первую очередь Корсары - это сплоченная команда игроков, которым доставляет удовольствие играть в компании друг друга. Мы самодостаточны и самостоятельны, учимся друг у друга, умеем слышать и понимать мысли согильдийцев и облегчать жизнь друг друга. Сообщество начало свою жизнь в AION, затем Archeage (сервер: Кипроза) и Black Desert Online (играли всего 2 месяца, не понравилась ни игра, ни локализатор). В наших рядах Вы найдете игроко
  15. Bienvenue en territoire libre Moussaillons ! À tous les bois-sans-soifs , gredins et boucaniers des Caraïbes, si vous cultivez une haine viscérale de tous ces royalistes impétueux voguant sans craintes, en particulier ces rats de cale britanniques. Si vous partagez avec nous un amour inconditionnel pour le rhum et les plaisirs de la chair, alors vous êtes ici chez vous. Recrutement ouvert : Hésitez pas à me pm sur le forum ou in-game ( Teach Edward ). Toute aide est la bienvenue , débutants acceptés.
  16. Призываю русскоязычные кланы открыть свои посольства в прикрепленной теме англоязычного форума Ambassador Office. Форма размещения посольства: Нация Название клана / клан-тег Ник на форуме официального представителя клана (желательно связанный ссылкой с профилем на форуме для переписки в личной почте) Язык для общения послов (желательно владеть в том числе английским)
  17. Призываю русскоязычные кланы открыть свои посольства в прикрепленной теме англоязычного форума Ambassador Office. Форма размещения посольства: Нация Название клана / клан-тег Ник на форуме официального представителя клана (желательно связанный ссылкой с профилем на форуме для переписки в личной почте) Язык для общения послов (желательно владеть в том числе английским)
  18. Awesome fight last night guys. Even though we lost it was a great experience. Next time SOL will not be fighting 2:1. Shout out to all the Brits that showed up. And the St. Pavel was sunk ... cant have that falling into enemy hands.... Keep an eye out for more though and maybe you brits can come fight us so we dont have to spend 2 hours getting a decent pvp fight. Capt. Rice aka Riceeater PS: New News article coming out soon If there is a list of brits clans that were involved shoot them my way!
  19. KU søger skandinaviske spillere, som vil være med på at beskytte vores byer og tage de byer tilbage, som Piraterne har taget fra os. Vi har en ikke angrebspagt med Sverige og de to nationer hjælper hinanden mod fælles fjender. Klanen er socialt fubnderet og vi hjælper og spiller med hinanden på missioner og PvP. Vi bygger også skibe til klanpriser. Vi samler klanen, når nogen angriber eller deltager samlet, når vi angriber sammen med andre klaner. Lyder det godt, så hiv fat i mig ingame på serveren. Staal Carsten Officer
  20. Crimson Flotilla: is a new Pirate Clan recruiting for the US PVP Two server. Background: We are a close group of players who are former POTBS and Eve players. Well experienced in group tactics etc... How many members do we already have? We have an active community of 50+ members and growing by the day. What we offer: Group PVP - Leveling Help/tips - Trade help - Nation vs Nation port capture (UPDATE: We have captured 10+ ports in the eastern region...countless pvp action) - Teamspeak community What are we looking for? We want players willing to learn and work with the group -
  21. KNIGHTS HOSPITALLER Mission To spank the ever-loving crap out of Spain for no particular reason but that they are near by our home port of Ile-a-Vache off the coast of Haiti. To enjoy the company of a tight group of friends while sailing the high seas. To be a threatening force against those that would appose us. GOD WILLS IT!!! About Us We are a gaming community, playing several games with a focus on a few at a time. As of right now and for the foreseeable future this game is our focus. Community members range in the hundreds while this game clan currently has about 20+ member
  22. The Black Vale is a new pirate group (of course) in Naval Action, but has been around on various games and virtual worlds for years in Second Life. We are a dynamic group of sometimes rough and tumble friends that simply love to play games (pirate too) and socialize. In a way, we are very much a family of friends. We are always looking for more friends. If interested in joining the Black Vale on the USA PvE (eventually branching out to the PvP server), contact one of the characters (except for my helmsman Mister Teid, he is a shifty fellow) listed in the story. Oh, we’ll waive the 25K coin
  23. Hello, and welcome to the page of BLKS, we are a Pirate clan in PvP2 US. We are currently Recruiting and all players are welcome from new players and Crafters to exiled players of other nations. To join Message any of the following Officers: David Batista Roberto de Castilla Julio Ortega Alan Garcia Requirements: Members must be active, If inactive for over 2 weeks without notice Members will be kicked Members must use Discord https://discordapp.com/download Join out channel with https://discord.gg/0pyhJOQvfvYnBYX9 (Microphone for communication is encouraged, but Not necessar
  24. Indies Privateer Consortium We are recruiting any British privateers looking to hunt pirates, do port battles, co-op missions, provide escort for traders, crafting, and trade. We have a Teamspeak, and a Steam Group. We always looking for more clans to ally with and provide protection too. Contact me on here, or contact Connor Claymore, Remo, or Anchor in game. FOR ENGLAND FOR KING AND COUNTRY. AND FOR THE SHILLINGS!
  25. The Soul Reaper Italian Clan Multigaming Un Saluto a tutta la community di Naval Action, siamo qui per presentare il nostro Clan Multigaming, ci siamo imbattuti in questo stupendo gioco di battaglie Navali, e pian piano stiamo cercando di creare la nostra flotta di Pirati, siamo in cerca di nuovi giovani Capitani che vogliono unirsi alla nostra causa. Se siete interessati/e ad unirvi alla nostra ciurma, di seguito vi lasciamo il contatto del nostro Ts: - e il nostro blog/forum: www.thesoulreaperclan.com. (se volete contattarci steam:.........) Vi
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