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Found 147 results

  1. Timeline I was in Keywest I went out with a Victory I didn't move. I clicked Teleport to capital. Countdown started. I tagged a ship for combat while waiting. The tagged ship enter to port. I try to enter to port. I doesn't work. While waiting for countdown of teleport I am pulled into a battle (I am not tagged. Other player was tagged) I have a battle and I survive. I go out of battle right in front of Keywest. I try to enter to port (I was surrounded by USA ships). It doesn't work, I try to teleport. Before I can teleport I am tagged and I enter in battle. I get sunk. I spawn in Key west I buy a basic cutter, go out of port and try to reenter. It still doesn't work. I teleport to La Habana. Now I can enter in La Habana. This bug was a pain. I lost a Victory for it. Edit: Spelling
  2. Oblom


    From the album: Bug

  3. I have been sailing the Bucentaure for a few days now and I'm having a pretty serious issue with it. My crew loss per mission is unbelievably high compared to my clan mates in ships of the same size. 200 + crew lost in each battle and not just from stern shots. Each broadside I take I see my crew drop by 5-10. What this makes for is an almost unplayable match and today i lost my Buce for the last time due to one point blank broadside from a Bellona which wiped out 330 crew. I know you history buffs will say "That's what happened at Trafalgar" and it is... The ship was rendered useless in one broad side. Yet i can put a full broadside into the back of a third rate or Bellona and only kill 30-40 crew. I'm now stuck with no big ship, no upgrades, and no money due to the fact i spent it on ships for my clan mates yesterday other than 1 last Buce which is (In my opinion) My least favorite ship in the game and practically useless for anyone who wants to do PVE fleet missions to level. I get the ship being a bit squishy, But the crew loss is too extreme when it takes more then the 160k-200k gold I'm getting from missions to recrew and repair the ship. Also for those of you getting ready to type away at how bad i am at the game and how you never lose anything save it. I'm excellent in anything other than this ship.
  4. Leadership 1381/1100. Nuff said. I haven't got a clue how I got myself into this though. I have a suspicion though. Usually it happens when I do something stupid somewhere...
  5. I am enclosing several screenshots of a recent bug where shipwrecks appear completely off the map. After opening sealed bottles. This is happening now 6 times in a row with 6 bottles picked up off the coast of Tordo and all shipwrecks appearing West of Alvarado completely off the map and unavailable. It would be appreciated if you could replace these bottles ones producing shipwrecks that are actually on the map at the same time, fixed the bug that caused it in the first place. Thank you. Yours truly JIm
  6. My clanmate told me we were supposed to get a mail on the forum for a steam code? didn't recieve this did any1 else get one or not?
  7. Can somebody explain how this happened... And if it's exploit or bug....
  8. Hello, I didn't know where to post this exactly, and I've already sent a few bug reports. Every time I'm in port I have troubles loading items and ships. If I enter sometimes it will show the ship slots empty, the inventory empty, the store empty, pretty much everything. It's like it can't fetch information from the server or something. Crafting gets very annoying when every time you craft something you need to wait 5 minutes for the inventory to load over and over again because it can't refresh. This has been happening for the last two patches, but it got worst recently, At the start it would only break a couple of times during a sessions which was fine by me, a game in alpha, understandable, but now it's pretty much the only thing happening. I can describe the problem in more detail if needed... Help please. Cheers.
  9. I used to like sailing a ship of the line with carronades and long guns, I disabled carros for long range shots to use the long guns aiming system, but since the last patch if you disable the carronades it keeps the carronades aiming system instead of switching to the long guns, so you have to shoot long guns as if you were firing carronades, you will notice this with the aiming path white lines, when you disabled carros they used to change to the thiner long white aiming lines of the lower deck long guns, but now it sticks to the broader and shorter lines of the carronades even if you disable them
  10. I was very happy to see that finally we could buy more than 200 goods at the same time. I went to my usual provider of Historical Artifact and the price was 150. Nice, I thought, so I bout it all: 1080 x 150 = 162.000 Then I went to a port where Historical Artifact were needed... The price was 225 as usual. A nice profit in sight I thought... 1080 x 225 = 243.000 WRONG. I got only 120.960 Am I missing something? I tried again with American Cotton... same results! Any help?
  11. If you get multiple replies on an email it seems like they overwrite eachother. I sent an email to my clan an asked for opinions. I received a reply and just looked at the mail quickly but left it unread for later. When I came back an hour later the sender of the mail had changed in the list, so I clicked it, thinking it was probably typical UI bugs. Nope, it was a different reply from a different member. The first reply was thus... gone
  12. Текущий патч 9.68. Сегодня не пришло письмо от офицера клана при его массовой рассылке участникам сообщества. И это, к сожалению, уже не в первый раз. Какую информацию необходимо предоставить разработчикам, чтобы устранить этот баг ? Заранее, спасибо.
  13. Just bought the game, and i'm excited to play, but it freezes everytime I join a server, like instantly. I tried starting it normally and also in beta (x86), but the same thing keeps happening. I open the game, choose a server, and right after it says "connecting (and my steam username)" it freezes, I click on the screen, at the clint.exe doesn't answer. Any idea what's wrong?
  14. I have not seen this been posted about before so i am making a new thread! I ranked up to captain yestarday and bought a 5th rate Suprise ship. But i cant use it and i have no idea why. You can select it under the "home" tab, but the stats of it does not show up on the right side of the ship selection bar. You can go in under equipment and put guns and upgrades and everything on the boat. BUT i cant set sail. The green Sail button just wont work. I have sent multiple reports about it. And i have seen a lot of other players talk about it in the chat. Is there any solution to this problem?? As u can see on the pictures i have the Suprise selected but the game shows the stats of my frig instead.
  15. Hello, I was sailing with friends between grand anse / terre de bas . (EUpvp1 french nation) Suddendly, without any notice, i got a battle ending screen poping up. I was on the OW, not in battle, i didnt have any lag i could notice, ships around me were looking as usual. I was not disconnected at any time during this game session. I was on Teamspeak when it happened and i didnt get any disconnect there nor any voice distortion. So after this battle screen popped without any notice, i pressed OK, no other choice. It put me on a port window, for a port called "unknown port", and my ship went down from 4 durability to 3 durability. I'm mainly reporting this bug so you can fix it, but if possible can you give me back this durability? The ship is a constitution exceptionnal, with the exact traits i needed. I worked hard to get the materials and money and it s infuriating to loose a durability like this. It really felt like the game told me "you re having a happy night with your friends, on your new ship, must feel good ... bang eat this !!!" Thanks for the great game, and your support ! Game ID : Zooloo, EU PVP 1
  16. About two days ago I first realized what the "F" key does (after getting my boom stuck to windward on my cutter a few times!). On a Snow I started practicing sailing with manual skipper, and did that two or three times. The next day, and yesterday, I was unable to turn off the "Auto Skipper" by pressing "F". Is there some other setting I'm missing? Or is manual skipper not allowed in certain kinds of combat? Thanks!
  17. Recently when launching into the game I am faced with a major issue. My ship is not visible and the camera is stuck at sea level and cannot be moved. Occasionally I can see the ocean floor when the waves sweep over the camera. Sail controls and camera controls have no effect, so I am completely stuck and can't do anything. I was able to play the game without any issues until this started happening at random. Only thing I can think of is that I recently reformatted my OS onto an SSD, and also installed the game onto the SSD. However, the game worked fine for a couple of days after that reformat, so I assume that is not the issue. Reinstalling the game didn't fix the problem. Reinstalling the game onto a regular hard drive had no effect. Verifying game integrity via Steam showed no problems. Pressing Home button has no effect. Sent report to developers via F11 key. Screenshot attached, showing sea floor as waves sweep over camera. No ship visible. Only GUI displayed is chat window. Chat works fine. For about 10 seconds after closing the F11 report window, the FPS, ping and number of players online is displayed at bottom of screen. Ping displayed is 0, even with firewall off & antivirus disabled. Internet connection is fine. Assuming the zero ping is a false reading. Any help greatly appreciated. Acer Aspire V3-771G Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit Intel Core i5-3210M 2.50GHz Nvidia Geforce GT 630M 8GB RAM
  18. i logged in after few days maybe 4 days and suddenly when i try to type it says 'Access to chat has been limited' have i been muted? i dont think i offended someone ._. or its just a bug?
  19. I have the following issue: I was in a battle against a constitution with clan members, my game freezes, and I can't do anything except restart the PC, thus loosing the ship in the meanwhile. I still heard my clan members on TS3 nearly screaming for me to do something about my sinking ship ("press 8"..."survival mode!!!") but by the time I had restarted my PC and the game my ship was far gone. The game is in Alpha stage, bugs are to be expected, I understand. However considering that I am not at fault for the game freezing, as this never happens to my PC otherwise, I feel the punishment is a bit harsh. In the end my question is the following: Is it possible to restore the durability point to my Renommee? Server: PvP 3 Europe Character: Chiffre Time: ~0:30 GMT+1 Location: East of Coquibacoa
  20. Hey guys, I hate to rat on this guy in this way, but the "mechanic" he highlighted as a good thing very much seems to be an abuse of the trading system and a major impact on long-range trading activity (see thread here). In short, it's currently possible to move large quantities of goods far, otherwise dangerous distances instantly via the easy capture of low level NPC ships - the goods wishing to be transported and sold at a different port are simply loaded aboard a combat vessel and then transferred to said low level, captured NPC ships, in which the captured ship is instantly transported to a previously constructed warehouse on the other side of the map with no risk to those goods whatsoever. I don't think that having captured NPC ships transfer goods to faraway ports is a bad thing, but the fact that they can do so instantly and with no risk to that cargo definitely is. If knowledge of this mechanic becomes widespread, it will seriously impact the long range shipping aspect of this game as people will no longer move their goods in a fashion which puts them at risk of capture. And prowling the sea lanes in hopes of picking off a loaded, unlucky merchant ship is what piracy and privateering in this era was all about!! I strongly believe this mechanic needs to be addressed as soon as possible for both the good the economy and excitement of the game.
  21. Yesterday was logged into the EU mirror server as normal. Was operating on western side of map as normal. Logged off. Logged in again a bit later and am on the eastern edge of the map! F11 for this. Teleported to Port Royal, logged off. Then logged in again for first time today. No longer at Port Royal, now at Guarnica on eastern side of map. F11 again. Same server. Does this mean every time I log out I could reappear anywhere on the map?? Pretty game breaking!!!
  22. This seems like a bug. I got a new Snow. My first square rigged ship, so I wanted to test it out. Took a lower level mission with 2 fleet cutters, and we polished off the mission privateer with almost no damage to anyone. After the battle was over, I sailed around in the battle instance, practicing tacking, turning, using manual sails, checking sail speed, shooting guns, etc. Eventually, the instance closed and I was kicked back out to the Open World. However, I lost a durability on each of my fleet cutters. (In spite of them being virtually untouched in the battle.) This seems like a bug to me.
  23. Currently in a Small battle and was in the middle of maneuvering for a shot on a target about 100 meters+ away. I land my shot blowing up the ship. I begin to turn so I can come back around on another target about 200meters away and mid tern my camera unlocks from my boat and just starts to sail away. I am in the death screen and when I hit tab it states that my boat was captured. I was over 70% health on both right and left with over 100% on front and rear. The nearest enemy was over 100meters away. I was never boarded during the match... How was I captured?? Is this a bug?? Took a picture of the score screen just now for reference. Again no enemy near, never boarded, plenty of health, nearly full crew, and no leaks?
  24. Caveat: I don't see a dedicated bug reporting section of the official forums, so feel free to move this wherever appropriate. There's an issue with the interface where it will sometimes (seemingly) randomly click elements of the interface for you. Ranging from suddenly making the chat size popup box appear near the middle of the screen, to clicking Attack on selected ships (That's a great scare if you have a non-legitimate target selected). I've been trying to tie it down to something specific, but it happens to be regardless if I alt-tab or not (which is typically the reason these things happen, games assume modifier keys are held down). I've even had the chat suddenly minimize to the bottom of the screen while typing a chat message, or randomly switch me back to the battle channel midway.
  25. My favourite tactic against light vessels like cutters is ramming them, and then turning them upside down But is this realistic? Would you really be able to ram ships, then grind your way onto their stern, and then tip them over? And even if it is realistic, is it fair? I have rammed countless people now, and it seems they find it unfair, sinking their ship just by ramming them. Is this supposed to change? maybe damage models for ramming, like breaking through the targets side or something, but not starting a ship-sumo-war. Jasper PS: I tried to place the photo in the post, but i kept getting: "you are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." So I placed it in the attached files. But now it is really small so if you want to see it bigger go to the imgur page: http://imgur.com/MChFXve
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