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Found 142 results

  1. bimbi

    Shipwreck lost

    So, I sail 1.5 hours all the way to a shipwreck loot everything and then tow to port immediately after looting get a message of can’t loot while teleporting and lose everything I got out of the sealed bottle. Terrible and very frustrating bug.
  2. It's the first time something like this happens to me, I need your help already
  3. Hello, gentlemen, I have a problem! I have disappeared my port of champotón, contoy. Also a trincomale with guns and a surprise with cannons. An iron mine. I'm in Havana with a cutter. I need your help. a greeting.
  4. I've had some issues/bugs with looting ships in battle instances. First off I discovered that the weight of oak logs in the hold is different from what the splitting tool calculates. So when I tried to split a stack of ~149 weight to fit in the 150 weight hold of my basic cutter I ended up with 163 weight even though the splitting tool said the weight was 148. This confused me a lot, but I tried to still work it out by splitting off a few more logs from my stacks. Then I discovered the next bug. It was impossible to split off individual oak logs. If I chose a stack of everything but 1 log, the minimum stack I could get out of it seemed to be 2 logs. Scratch this part. I just watched my own video and realized my mistake. At this point I said f it and put everything in my hold, pressed exit and then left the battle. To my slight surprise this caused no issues. I was able to leave with my hold 120% full, enter OW and sail into my capital port to leave the prized loot. Later I looted another AI trader and got some really heavy goods. I was able to stack about 300 weight worth of loot, between 2 or 3 different types of resources, into my hold and sail back to my warehouse with all of it. My basic cutter must have been stacked full of goods both under deck and on deck. How it didn't sink under the immense weight I do not know. All is well that ends well. Still, I'm asking if this is intentional or not. Are we supposed to be able to loot Indiamans with a basic cutter and sail all the goods back to port? I have a short video of my observations:
  5. While grinding a mission I was boarded by an AI and it was stuck on 1 morale for a very long time without any possibility for me to kill it. I had to kill all of its crew, even though by the end I had 10 times its crew and still plenty of morale.
  6. Anolytic

    51 ships in PB

    In the port battle for Nassau, a bug allowed 26 ships to enter on the attacking side, making it 26v25. To even the battle we decided on 1 player that would leave the PB as soon as the counter was done:
  7. The recent changes to the fortification modifiers have made the Mary's heights portion of this battle absolutely unplayable as the Union. Cover/Fortifications modifier is way to high. Just watched a one star unit, of 1500 confederates, hold off almost 25000 Union troops, plus 4 brigades of artillery. While I agree that the battle needed to be made harder, the changes that were made have broken it. Please consider rebalancing and adjusting whatever was changed, to make it realistic, and consistant with the rest of the game.
  8. Just played through to the new fredericksburg map, and noticed a pretty glaring bug. 3 corps are required for starting this battle, with 2 possible corps as reinforcements. My corps were laid out as 1st(left) maryes heights, 2nd(center) and 3rd right, the battle played out in phases and my 1st and 3rd corps showed up as expected but my second corps never appeared, worse, when the center section opened the AI can attack there, but i had no soldiers stationed to defend because 19 brigades were missing. I shifted a few reserves and saved the battle. the union was pretty fought out by that point. but an entire missing corps makes me sad. I also filed this through the in game bug reporter
  9. There is a bug where, when I start a PvE event I get stuck on the loading screen and I have to close the game down and restart the game. Also, what is strange about this is I can hear my ship in the loaded battle. I can put my sails up and shoot and hear the enemy shoot while all I see is a loading screen. Also, this seems to happen ~1 out of every 10 or so PvE events, but its really annoying because I have to surrender then start the mission over.
  10. The Port Battle at Santo Domingo today ended before the attacker had any conceivable chance to enter. With the new mechanics giving the attacker less control over the Port battle this is a serious bug and needs to be addressed. I will add screenshots and a video from within the PB to this topic once I have been able to upload them. Video of the bug: As you can see in the video, the battle was over the moment the cannot escape timer ran to zero. At 1:27
  11. Batman

    Trim Bug?

    Captured an Endymion today. It came up with 2x Speed Trim. Shouldn' the second trim be something like regional speed bonus?
  12. Batman

    Blocks sell price

    In Kingston/Port royal blocks can be bought from NPC by the price of 33. You can then sell them to NPC for the price of 109. This can be repeated until the stock runs out. After a few minutes, blocks will start to respawn and the same procedure can be done again. Don't know how it's like in other ports. I have also F11'ed this (Ingame Nick; Batman, PvP1)
  13. Same procedure as on the Bucentaure. Physical main gun Deck (24pd guns) is below the visual gun deck ... 18pd and 9p gun deck are fine. Please fix this.
  14. If you buy a second basic cutter for 0 gold you cannot select it to sell it so it always remains in your ship list. Additonally you cannot select it to move crew to it either. Maybe I'm misunderstanding how things are supposed to work but when I'm on the Ships screen I can see 2 Basic Cutters in my list. I click on the left one and it shows up on the right with my crew. I click on the right one and nothing happens - the stats for my crewed ship still appear on the right. I tried reducing the crew on my first cutter to 1 then selecting the second cutter and clicking Manage Crew but it still just shows my first cutter.
  15. F11 report submitted 15:13 UTC Today's server reset marked the end of a round of voting. From what I can see according to the Politics tab, none of the voting from last round went through. The History dropdown only shows from this round that two Votes failed to go through. It does not show the votes that went through. Danmark-Norge had an alliance with France that expired this round, so both factions voted to renew that alliance. Our alliance is now expired according to the politics tab, but not renewed. It does not either say in History that it did not go through. However, Danmark-Norge players still have access to French Nation chat. When I check the Conquest tab I also still cannot see timers for French ports or buy flags against France. Afaik (though I haven't had time to sail out and check) we still cannot attack French vessels at sea. From this I conclude that the alliance vote did go through, but the Politics screen is bugged so it is invisible there. The system works correctly, but the Alliance screen is bugged. This has one graver consequence however. All random players of Danmark-Norge look at the politics tab and see that we have no alliance with France. In fact according to it we are enemies. They want to be allied with France, hence they vote for a new alliance with France. If the system worked properly they should not be able to vote to renew an alliance that was renewed just last round of voting (at least that is how it worked last time). The problem is that Danmark-Norge has an expiring alliance with Sweden running out next turn. Our vote for alliance with France will be nullified by the system anyway, and it would be in Danmark-Norge's interest and within the majority's intention to renew the alliance with Sweden this turn (assuming - based on earlier votes - that if France wasn't possible to vote for, as it shouldn't be, most players' next choice would be Sweden). ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bug report for devs: Action: Danmark-Norge (mutually) voted for France as Ally last round. Voted for GB as War last round. What happened: France is showing as enemy in Politics screen, and voting for France as ally again is possible. Also, war with Great Britain is listed as expiring in 0 days. What should have happened: France should be listed as Ally (expiring in 9 days). France should not be possible to vote as Ally again this round. France should not be listed as Enemy. Great Britain should not be possible to vote as War target this round. Great Britain - War should not be listed as expiring in 0 days. History dropdown should be updated. ------------------------------------------------------------ Apart from fixing the bug, what is needed?: Reset all votes submitted so far this round, so that players can deliver their votes again with the right information and the proper limitations.
  16. Hey, Im not sure why i cant vote in the politics tab. Thats how it looks in my screen: http://prntscr.com/cgq1t4 Is that a bug or am i just stupid? thx for helping
  17. I couldnt see anything in the shop, I did reinstall the game, checked game cache but I still cant see anything here are the pictures:
  18. As you can see in this screenshot, there is the player Earl of Halifax having a ROYAL clantag. But he is not on the clanlist ingame. Our member John Cavanaugh filed a F11 report about this. Is this a bug or what is going on here?
  19. Hi. I've been having a issue that I cant enter any ports. I sail under a Danish Norwegian flag and I have tried to enter La Mona, Christiansted, Amalienborg, and Vieques. whenever I press the enter port button. it just highlights and then nothing happens. I can enter a port if I surrender in battle. however if I leave, I cant enter again. I do not have smuggler's flag enabled. I've tried restarting. I've verifed the game cache integrity (its at a 100%) I've also capped a trader snow and took command of it just to check if going in and out of combat, or swaping ships would help. so currently I'm stuck outside Amalienborg in a broken trader with cargo. Cheers Fry.
  20. Timeline I was in Keywest I went out with a Victory I didn't move. I clicked Teleport to capital. Countdown started. I tagged a ship for combat while waiting. The tagged ship enter to port. I try to enter to port. I doesn't work. While waiting for countdown of teleport I am pulled into a battle (I am not tagged. Other player was tagged) I have a battle and I survive. I go out of battle right in front of Keywest. I try to enter to port (I was surrounded by USA ships). It doesn't work, I try to teleport. Before I can teleport I am tagged and I enter in battle. I get sunk. I spawn in Key west I buy a basic cutter, go out of port and try to reenter. It still doesn't work. I teleport to La Habana. Now I can enter in La Habana. This bug was a pain. I lost a Victory for it. Edit: Spelling
  21. Oblom


    From the album: Bug

  22. I have been sailing the Bucentaure for a few days now and I'm having a pretty serious issue with it. My crew loss per mission is unbelievably high compared to my clan mates in ships of the same size. 200 + crew lost in each battle and not just from stern shots. Each broadside I take I see my crew drop by 5-10. What this makes for is an almost unplayable match and today i lost my Buce for the last time due to one point blank broadside from a Bellona which wiped out 330 crew. I know you history buffs will say "That's what happened at Trafalgar" and it is... The ship was rendered useless in one broad side. Yet i can put a full broadside into the back of a third rate or Bellona and only kill 30-40 crew. I'm now stuck with no big ship, no upgrades, and no money due to the fact i spent it on ships for my clan mates yesterday other than 1 last Buce which is (In my opinion) My least favorite ship in the game and practically useless for anyone who wants to do PVE fleet missions to level. I get the ship being a bit squishy, But the crew loss is too extreme when it takes more then the 160k-200k gold I'm getting from missions to recrew and repair the ship. Also for those of you getting ready to type away at how bad i am at the game and how you never lose anything save it. I'm excellent in anything other than this ship.
  23. Leadership 1381/1100. Nuff said. I haven't got a clue how I got myself into this though. I have a suspicion though. Usually it happens when I do something stupid somewhere...
  24. I am enclosing several screenshots of a recent bug where shipwrecks appear completely off the map. After opening sealed bottles. This is happening now 6 times in a row with 6 bottles picked up off the coast of Tordo and all shipwrecks appearing West of Alvarado completely off the map and unavailable. It would be appreciated if you could replace these bottles ones producing shipwrecks that are actually on the map at the same time, fixed the bug that caused it in the first place. Thank you. Yours truly JIm
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