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Found 145 results

  1. EU server PVP. Date: 26/01/2019 Account: ENDURANCE Today I spent around 3 hours doing the final (2x cerberus one) exam between 21:00 to 00:00. I passed it once and it didn't count for some kind of bug, no rewards and not shown as completed in the Tutorial interface. Thought "eh, a bug what you gonna do" and did it again. After another hour, same result, finished the exam, no rewards not shown as completed. Please, I don't want to do the exam again, its already hard and annoying enough to do it to have to repeat it without knowing if the game is gonna bug and not aknowledge it as compelted. Thanks.
  2. There was a tagging incident 20 minutes ago in OW. A req + niag tried to tag a herc. 240 BR trying to tag 170 BR and they got a "BR too high" error message. If this isn't a bug then what are we missing or what could have caused it?
  3. Hey! I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but I just sank a St Pavel in a basic cutter and I'm sorry to say but that was easy! I entered the battle to surrender and return to port quickly, but then I though what the hell why not die like a true sailor. So I sailed toward the mighty Pavel! It gives we a warning broadside, and I'm in shock. I quickly turn at around 100 meter distance to it and fire back, but all balls bounce of.. I'm thinking just getting some damage here should give me some decent xp, right!? So greed forces me to sail up to and test a broadside at 1 meter away and yes they all penetrate from that distance. So then my plan is to stay there gun blazing until I die, but then the AI stopped trying to shot me. So I just stay there and shot my broadside, then again, ..... and again until it sinks.. I sailed very slow and very close at the middle-to rear en of the Pavels broadside, just hoping this would trick it to stay downwind of me and this worked. 2 times I sailed to slow for a split second, so the mighty Pavel tried to pull me - but auto skipper saved me both times. And at the end i stayed a bit further away from the Pavel as you can see in the picture. I'm sure it could have shot me if it had just neutralized it's sails and depowered, but it did not. To sum it up: This was easy, all I needed was 29 minutes staying right next to it and not dropping bellow 3.8kn. It was a basic cutter with default cannons.. I have never tried this before so I'm not sure if it is old news or a new bug. I did not bug report it with F11 because I forgot and then I'm kinda doubting this is a new unknown bug..
  4. z4ys


    I know there is some talk about Rover bias but how can we have 20 people online when we are just 11.
  5. So i sank a spanish traders brig and he had 5 historical artifacts,i took them back to Nassau to sell and when i sold them i dint receive any reals,i tried restarting my game but i still had the same amount of reals here is a screenshot of the history:
  6. During the last portbattle my ship got damaged by enemies. After I boarded one of them I switched ships and gave sink command to my old ship. Then I could loot doubloons. Around 38:00
  7. To whom it may concern, I think i found a glitch with the warehouse stacking ability. I had a sealed bottle in the warehouse and after sailing back from KPR, I had a second in my hold. When i went to stack them in the warehouse, it instead deleted them. I did an F11 report and was able to get them back in my hold, properly stacked. Just wanted to let you know of the potential glitch, if you've already fixed it for the testbed with the new UI, cool. Have fun sailing captains! o7
  8. Tonight, when we were sailing to Trinidad for the Port Battle, we noticed there seems to be bug within the Bucentaure Open World sailing profile. Close to the wind, the speed will drop to 2-3 knots, but directly into the wind the speed increased to 5-6 knots. We only noticed this because suddenly the L'Oceans in our fleet were going faster, despite being on the same course. All ships in the fleet were made from the same wood combinations, so speed differences from woods should not be an issue here. @admin @Ink
  9. Here I am ramming a diana and droping sails. Sails are at 0%. Speed in the time of the crash is around 11kn. I slow down to 4kn. Just to the moment I get free and speed up to 10-11kn again. What is giving me the 6-7kn?
  10. I was fighting a LGV refit and was counting the chain broadsides. He could fire more than 4. So I run a test... And as everyone can see the chain count is 76 But guns that can load chain are 22 in total 22 guns * 2 reloads = 44 chain That is a difference of 32 chain.... 16*2= 32 Therefore the swivel guns give chain to total chain count as well. Bug or feature? Xebec might be affected as well.
  11. dafftan

    Ship Bug !

    Hi, I had a problem whit a ship. I dont know why, but i cant sail whit this indiaman. I have no problems whit others ships, its just this indiaman. As you can see in the pictures bellow, i cant see the especifications of the ship, and i cant sail whit it too, i click to sail and just nothing happens. I tradded the ship to other player, for prove if he can sail with it. But he cant too. I sailed a lot of times with this ship without a problem. But just one day this happens. If help i think that happened one time i left the game with the ship in fleet. And when i started the game again, that happened. Well, I whaiting for a resolution. Thanks you. PD: Mi nickname in the game is Seth Sofaraway.
  12. With the hotfix to affect the speed of overloaded ships the expanded cargo hold does not seem to be allowed for in the calculations. When I load my ship with the expanded hold and depart the port my ship has zero speed and will not move if it has more than the original cargo capacity before hold expansion.
  13. Ingame report number: NAB-81188 Location: Hostility Mission My ship: Basic cutter Description: I joined an ongoing hostility mission that was over in the sec i joined but it still spawned a privateer. So i decided to fight that privateer. As soon I had the side Armor down I couldnt do any structure dmg to the ship. An other player had no issue and was doing structure dmg to the Ai privateer.
  14. There is currently an exploit with hostility missions bear with me while I explain. A fleet of 10 ships usually first rates jumps into a mission. and then a smaller ship/fleet of trash ships pulls another hostility mission directly on top of the first mission. This will then hide the first battle with the 10 first rates. forcing the defenders to attack the smaller fleet which will troll/tag at max range will ball shot while the 10 first rates continue doing hostility. the only way to have access to the 10 first rates is to jump in the smaller mission and then leave the battle at which point the first mission with 10 first rates will become available to join. Defending against enemy hostility is already hard enough and requires flawless logistics and scouting and spys in order to catch it before the port battle is set. This exploit which has been used against WO/BLANC by British, USA and most recently Russia is Total BS and a way of trying to set the port battle without having to actually fight pvp. Such exploiting is to be expected from Christendom as he will do anything to avoid a fight. However, I didn't really expect Captian reverse's crew to do something like that but now we know. This bug has a simple fix. make it so that both hostility missions can be seen and give the defenders the choice of which one to join. Or implement a mechanic that wont allow 2 hostility missions in the exact same place. This is a major exploit and should be addressed as soon as possible. I do believe that should only require some changing of numbers so that you wont have to divert any main attention away from Port UI.
  15. After Each loading screen I have to go to options and apply to graphics again, because the shadow options seems to reset. After loading screen and before applying to graphics again: After applying to graphics again: My shadow options setup:
  16. (First, I english bad. Sorry. I just 18c ship lover) Guys, See my 'Combat Mission'. When I ride 1rate ship (Sansitima) and I receive '1rate Combat Orders. But, See my uploaded Image files. Ha.........I'm really so angry and dumbfounded. My Sansitima (1rate ship), I can't join that mission(Near Pedro Cay. Fuxxing Shallow). right? Devs!, I just want play 1rate ship. But, see that stupid mission location. I'm really so angry and dumbfounded. Devs, plz this stupid bug, 'FIX' plz ha........................................................................... (mission cancel possible only 3 today??! ha......... so fuxxing angry)
  17. I was enter a port and when I left te port the camera appears below water. I know that it`s normal sometimes, but not this time. I waited a few minuts and nothing happens. So I quitted the game. Now when I start the game I can login without problems, but when i'm on the selection player screem, I push the "Start" button but nothing happens. I can`t start to play. However, I can enter to the PvE server normally, the problem is with my PvP server's character. I wait a response, thanks you very much. PD: My email is "hidden". And my user nickname on PvP server is SethSofaraway.
  18. I've done this post many, many times. Bots still have much wider firing angles than players.
  19. To whom it may concern, Yesterday may 20th 2018, during a pvp combat, after some sinks, escaped and so, another Spanish faction player (sailing mortar) and my self (sailing prince) remain in combat vs a Prussian faction player sailing another prince. We manage to put down both sides and hit some hulls, but the structure bar remained full all the time, making that Prussian player indestructible. Because of I believe its a bug, I've omitted names, and I don't think I have to post this in tribunal forum, but it would be nice if someone can take care of this issue. Many thanks
  20. SERVER: PvP1/PvP Caribbean TIME: April 24, 02:30 Server Time (April 23, 10:30 PM Eastern) PLAYER NAME: William Death [note: two spaces between the words] I was sailing my new Rattlesnake against an AI Trader's Snow. After messing around with it for a bit, chaining and seeing how much damage I could take, I went in for a boarding action. I touched the stern of the TSnow and pushed it upwind to board. When I pulled the AI for boarding, my Rattlesnake capsized. I won the boarding and was put aboard the TSnow. I sent an F11 after the boarding was over and took a few screenshots. This seems a lot like the Ingermanland and Wasa capsize bugs others have reported. The Rattlesnake I lost was a blue Mahogany/Teak (which I mistakenly referred to in the F11 Teak/White Oak) with 4 permanent slots. I had equipped: Navy Hull, Bovenwinds, and Light Ship Hammocks. I'd appreciate another identical ship (or you could...ya know...upgrade it to a gold/orange Mahogany/Teak/Very Fast version ), thanks. Be careful handling the Rattlesnake around other ships! also #TSnowOP Hope this is in the right forum section...
  21. Hullabaloo

    tutorial bug

    Just had a go at the tutorial. Got stuck on the 'grape' section. Told me to load grape, but wouldn't load it
  22. Major problem I had a game crash and when I pulled game back up I was in combat with no repairs on my ship. This has been a known issue for almost a year now and yet nothing is ever fixed. I would like a refund on my ship I lost it was a prince de Neufchâtel, I sent in an F11 report around 18:40-18:50 server time.
  23. Well I went to a treasure fleet wreck and for the first time ever SUCCESS! I found a dead mans chest wooo!!! I sailed nervously back to land in my trader brig (Dead mans chest = 1500 weight / Trader Brig capacity 1750) I docked at the first port I came too (it was a Bahamas Fleet a few days ago) which was a Swedish port, little harbour I believe. The Treasure chests also seem to have timers active on them... only 2 hours. I wanted to log off, but I figured I could open the chest, learn any cool skill books enclosed, squirrel away any nice upgrades and put any other treasure back in the trader brig and sail off when i got back online. SO ... I opened the treasure chest annnnnd! I got a upgrade (hurray!) AND a 3rd Rate NOTE! Nice I thought, as I was thinking of getting a SOL. Then I saw the SOL NOTE was bigger cargo weight than the CHEST! it was just under 3k weight! WTF??? So I was stuck in a SHALLOW port, with a NOTE bigger than my ship could hold, with no way of making the ship and selling it (or the NOTE) . So basically after all the time and excitement of my first treasure hunt all I got was an upgrade and a lot of disappointment! I had to scrap the note so i could leave port...... 8(
  24. Hi Logged out in Openworld and used 'wait' function. Logged out safely. Logged back in about an hour later (5.30pm 9th April 2018) and found myself in port and have lost ship I was in (Endymion) Clan mates have checked Combat News and there were no kills of Pirate players in that area over that time. I understand it is a known bug Cheers
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