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Found 145 results

  1. I'm interested in the military organization, so I also looked closely on the order of battle table of this game. 1. A bug on the list When the order of battle scrolls over the GUI window, the last line is always dropped. Because of this bug, when I opened up the Cavalry Corps of the Union forces, the 3rd Cavalry Division (Kilpatrick's) is always dropped - it is not indicated in the window at all. I tried to write down all lines of the table, and I found that there is no way to access to the information of Union 3rd Cavalry Division. 2. Some erroneously duplicate units on the whole order of battle list I found following duplicated units which never appear in the game but indicated in the whole order of battle list. Union - I Army Corps, Doubleday's Division, Stannard's Brigade: Below this unit, there is a Confederate unit named 'Test_Stannard_Traitor_statsname', thus adding non-existent 1950 soldiers to the Union list. Union - Cavalry Corps, Buford's 1st Cavalry Division: ghost units caled 'North_Cavalry_Corps_1stDivision_1stBrigade_Guards_statsname' (1050 soldiers), 'North_Cavalry_Corps_1stDivision_1stBrigade_Skirmishers_statsname' (558 soldiers) are added to the Union list. 3. Some minor mistakes on the unit information Confederate - 1st Army Corps, McClaws' Division, Cabell's Artillery Battalion, Manly's Battery - commander name Confederate - 1st Army Corps, Pickett's Division, Dearing's Artillery Battalion, 'Stribling's -Battery' Confederate - 2nd Army Corps, Early's Division, Jone's Artillery Battalion, Tanner's Battery - the gun count is '0'. Confederate - 2nd Army Corps, 2nd Corps Artillery Reserve, Dance's Artillery Battalion, 'Griffin'Battery' Confederate - Cavalry Division, Hampton's Cavalry Brigade, Hampton's Carolina Detachment - there is a commander portrait but no name of commander. Union - II Army Corps, Caldwell's Division, Brooke's Brigade - hierarchy info reads '2nd Division', while this is a 1nd Division unit. Union - VI Army Corps, Tompkin's Artillery Brigade, McCartney's Battery - commander name has a glitch 4. Suggestion: Why can't I open the order of battle table on the startup screen? I think this order of battle table is one of the major salespoint for this historical simulation game. Currently, each time I want to look up the order of battle table, I randomly start a mission, finish it harshly and check the result screen which contains a button heading to the whole order of battle table. Maybe you can add some more informations, like historical timing of appearing in the battlefield (which would be also useful in actual gameplay).
  2. Hi all When i'm using the chat in open world the camera glitch away(like it's a free camera and i can move it very far) but i cannot direct my ship anymore. Happened to me only in open world and when i hit "enter" 2 times. Happened 2 times yesterday. The only thing i can do (or i can think) is to close the game and re-open it. I'm an idiot and i dont took a screen.
  3. So I've been trying to get into multiplayer, but the problem is 30 seconds into every match the game ends and a victory screen appears. So in other words I cant play the game because I automatically win every time. Anybody have any idea about this bizzare glitch and what to do about it? Is the problem even on my end? Thanks.
  4. Dear devs, (there is no bugreport forum so im posting this here) This issue has been persistant through many versions now, but only now i think i have confirmation on it. When going from positive speed to negative speed, especially affecting speeds from -0,1 till -0,3 applying the "correct" in this case counterrudder actually counters the turn. Keeping the positive rudder keeps the turn. This means to make the turn as fast as possible, you actually dont switch the rudder at 0 speed, but you have to switch it at -0,4 speed. But this only applies when you are coming from positive speed. When you are coming from negative speed, like -1.0 , then at -0,3 and -0,1 speed you need to apply counterrudder to get the proper turn. So in fact you need different rudder settings at -0,x speed for when you are coming from the - or from the +. In low energy battles, this leads to a lot of frustration and confusion. I dont know what the exact reason for this is, could just be that the numbers are shown wrong. Please have someone look into that, since it's really annoying and has been present since sea trials, we just lacked confirmation and testing.
  5. Player Scepo at X:70011.3 Z:12646.0 Player LTCjRet at X:691291.8 Z:-21449.3 I left a battle off of Charlestown and am stuck bobbing like an apple without a ship at coordinates 691291.8 -21449.3 Friends report I'm seen as a Victory with a sails down at that location but I have no way of recovering. Nearest neutral port is Plymouth, Montserrat. Player Scepo at the given location has hit the same bug. Nearest port may be St Ann. We have tried logging out, resetting graphics, multiple messages to admins with no response, etc. Could you please reset us? We sure would appreciate it. Regards, LTCjRet and Scepo
  6. OW review First of all, GREAT JOB SO FAR!!. The last couple of days i have been playing OW and i will now tell you guys about my learning curve and what i have noticed so far. Also if, any of my suggestions/ bugs are reported/known, or meant to be by developers, i am sorry. I started out alone in a basic lynx, and i really liked it. Until i made some friends and formed a small fleet, all i did was failing battles and just laughing at myself for being silly. But i must admit, the learning curve at the start is really steep, but totally worth it. I feel one must invest time and questions in order to progress/learn, and i like that. Then i captured some ships and things went more smooth. And i feel it is exactly what this game needs. Not something that you can have the best of the best immediately. Off course playing it with a group makes things easier, but that is a personal choice, although i advice it. I have seen and participated in some nice big battles. It feels right. Also the time compressed sailing, and the scale of OW as it is now, is SPOT ON to my opinion. It took me a hour an half to get from Oranjestad to Aruba. I feel this is more that acceptable. Off course the first time, i was in my lynx , and you cannot attack the bigger ships. But i can only imagine, that when you make these long trips, it is going to be more fun, as you have actually a chance to destroy the ships that come in your path. Overall i can say i really like OW so far and i cant wait for trading haha. --- I have here put some things i noticed/ i think should be improved or added. If anything is already mentioned, i am sorry. - [bUG/GLITCH*] Pre- Battle action, that can lead to abusive situations: The closer on the battle sign you clock on join nation battle, the closer you will spawn to the action. In other words, you can spawn directly next to an enemy by doing so. I feel this is unfair to those that are already fighting. - [bUG*] Group disbands when creator of group goes offline - [suggestion] Combat information, should either show time started or a small box with information on what the highest class of the ships are, that are in the battle. It is rather annoying to join a battle, and to find out, it is way out of your league, or it is over matched already ( 2 players vs trader snow). I dont say, provide all info but some would be great. - [suggestion] When in a group/ fleet, maybe add a coloured dot on your compass, to see where your fleet is. - [suggestion] Chat needs a time-stamp & player names should made bold/ or a different colour. Konali Out:)
  7. There is a major bug associated with ships leaving port unarmed without any notification. This has been experienced by several people I've been chatting with, and by myself on multiple occasions. This has resulted in me losing two brigs and modules to the point I'm back down to a basic lynx with less than 1000 in gold. On losing an unarmed lynx I reenter port only to be awarded another unarmed lynx with no way of arming her. Once caught in this situation the game cannot be played.
  8. A very strange thing happened to me today. Due to the low number of players, I decided to do some PVE for a change. I was in a Snow (I think, it may have been the NavyBrig), and I got matched up against a NavyBrig and a Brig. The battle began and both ships headed towards me. Equipped with 6pd longs, I tried some ranging shots, but they fell short. As the enemy closed in, they turned and began firing. I was moving forward and their shots fell behind me. I fired a few more shots, which missed, and then I attempted to maneuver. I discovered that my rudder was stuck halfway between center and port, and I had no sail control. I began skewing to the left, not turning. I was gliding through the water on a diagonal path. I tried to use f11, but the battle abruptly ended as a draw. It only lasted a few minutes, and neither side took any damage.
  9. So a few months back there was a topic regarding a specific incident of the game crashing. It happened when you would tab out on the game (usually while waiting for the timer) and then try and load the game back up again. I mentioned the error, but due to it happening so rarely, I had never caught it in a screenshot.... until today! Here's the story: The timer was at roughly 40 seconds. I tabbed out (minimized game) and opened up my Chrome browser to get my music playlist going. I heard the water and the ships creaking, so I clicked the Naval Action icon to maximize it again, however nothing happened. I waited a dozen seconds and tried again. Still nothing. Third try brought up the generic "program has crashed" screen, so I chose to close the game. When I relaunched it, it brought me back into the game, where I could hear the waves and ships creaking, but all I could see was a black screen. That's when the error popped up. It then proceeded to take me back to the lobby. Hopefully something can be done about this annoying and rare error.
  10. I've now run into this several times. On iOS, occassionally single-finger inputs will just suddenly stop responding. Two-finger map interactions still function perfectly, but suddenly I won't be able to issue commands, select units, or even tap on buttons (not even Pause, Map, or Menu). This seems to happen only when I've made it about 3/4 of the way through a map. To get things working again, I have to force close the app and restart. iPad 3 on iOS 8.1.3
  11. Just ~30 minutes ago I was in a battle, everything was doing fine... but sudenly the game frezees and after a couple of seconds with the 0 fps the typical (X program doesn't respond) and the game closes. I started the game again, and tried to relog, but then some error pops out saying "User is already connected" and later on after trying again "Authentication error". After a couple of minutes, I could return to the battle, but then the ballistics of the cannon ball changed drastically and I reported that using the F11 function. Some time later the game freezes again and CTD. This time I could relog without problems into the battle. And during that battle this happened two more times. So this sums up to 4 CTDs in the same battle, also with the ballistic anomaly and it seemed that people in chat couldn't read my messages as they didn't answer what I wrote (apologies for disconnection, asking if anyone has experienced this, etc etc). Has this happened to other people? It seems like a nasty bug of some sort.
  12. I have noticed a persistent problem with the control of gun aim after losing connection and re-entering a battle. This has occurred quite a few times for me, enough so that I can verify it is consistently repeatable. I've been having DSL modem problems that have frequently resulted in loss of connection to the server (a non-NA issue). This has forced me to reinitialize the game to reenter the current battle. After doing so, my batteries all exhibit an aiming problem in that they all have 'super elevation', i.e. the guns are elevated VERY much higher than the aiming reticle would indicate. This results in a shot, with the 'normal' aim point toward or near the waterline of a ship ~30 meters away, that passes one to two mast-heights above the aim point. It only seems to return to the expected behavior after depressing my guns to their lowest limit and firing a shot into the water (firing of an actual shot may or may not be critical to the reset). That seems to reset the parameters associated with the gun elevation to their nominal values and the gunnery function is once again restored.
  13. I was in the middle of a game yesterday and this (editing?) screen popped up. I lost all keyboard control and could not exit from the screen. I closed the program and sent a bug report, but I wanted to post the screen shot in case this has happened to anyone else.
  14. F11 submitted. Float out for consideration if this is a bug or not: Friendly Bellona went into Fortress. I, in a Trincomale, 315 crew, then boarded the Bellona. I had 650 crew after boarding the ship. TECHNICALLY, the remaining crew were French...and they, I suppose were on the ship still. Just checking if this makes sense... bug? Or no? I think I'm OK with it...I had my crew, plus the crew of the guy manning the fortress...the ones he was unable to take into the castle. But what if I had a privateer...something else to test...
  15. Six times straight I've been dropped from battles with a "Battle Over - No Response" message. It always occurs about 2-3 minutes into the battle and dumps me straight into the lobby. So, that makes the "No Response" (loss of connection?) assessment somewhat dubious. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? UPDATE ----------- Neither restarting the NA application or the Steam app corrected the problem. After rebooting it seems to have addressed the issue. However, the fact that it always happened at the same time after the start of the scenario strongly suggests there is a NA software component to the problem.
  16. Keep getting connection error when I try to log in, been trying to log in for 2 days now. Still can't login. My friends can log in at the same time, and we are running the same build/patch. Please help.
  17. First post so be lenient please. EDIT: the problem was my keys were conflicting because I had bound Q and D to the normal turn function and also to the incrementally turn function. The game chose to use the incremental command over the standard one and the "bug" was created. SUGGESTION TO DEVS: in the launcher key settings, clearly state which horizontal + and - is the normal turn and which is the incremental locking turn. Thank you all. I've played a couple of hours since the patch went live and the servers came back up. When i got in to my first game, the bug happened for the first time. Basically it locked my rudder fully to port or starboard every time I tried to turn the ship. No I was not double tapping to lock it manually, I know how to do that and it is not what I was doing. My keyboard is AZERTY so I was pressing either Q or D to turn. When I let go of them, the rudder should come back to neutral on it's own, but it didn't. Additionally, to move the rudder, I have to tap it and that nudges it one way or another a "tick" and locks it in place. So to recentre it, I have to nudge it several times in succession, which means that I always have to pay attention to my rudder. Even worse, half the time it will just go from one full lock to the other. The second time it happened, my cannons also behaved weirdly. They are long 6 pounders, and were loaded with double. I know how they arc and I've played around with caronades as well. Those 6 pounders arced like caronades and the aim was off every single time. To add to that, the shots would disperse even more than usual, criss crossing each other only a few metres away from their firing point. I almost never see rounds cross each other, and certainly not so blatantly at that close range. If anyone could tell me what I'm doing wrong, or if it really is a bug, I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance. P.S: in the second battle, the bug happened much after the battle had started. The game froze and crashed, I re-logged quickly and found my rudder going nuts again so I alt-f4ed and re-logged (again) but the problem hadn't been fixed.
  18. During the third battle as Confederates where they have to assault Culp's hill. I routed many Union brigades and these routing units became stuck. They had the running animation but did not actually run off the map, looks like they tried to go to the southern edge off the map when the actual routing position was in the east. Some of my brigades and cannons continued to shoot on these stuck units so I had to micro manage them to target the proper enemies.
  19. Hello, I've found a really game breaking but that leaves the game unplayable when it occurs. I believe this issue has been reported here as well, but without a reason for it being found. If you issue a unit command, like Fallback or Hold without a unit selected the game will no longer take any input. This leaves you unable to do anything. Can't open a menu, can't select units. You are forced to alt+f4. At game start without a unit selected I pressed H, thinking this was the keyboard shortcut for the new elevation map. This also occurs with F, and I am assuming all the shortcuts for unit commands. CPU: i7 950 GPU: SLI GTX 480 (Just saw a new driver, I will try updating) RAM: 3x2GB Mushkin DDR3 1600 SoundCard: Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro MOBO: P6X58D-E - ASUS Thanks!
  20. First off I wanna say this game is Awesome! I have so much I wish to Ask and Talk about. This game has the makings for greatness! The real deal will be if you go Multi-player and how. For the really large battles I did not find that speed was too fast but that I had too much to do. Be nice if there was a Multi-player so you can have 2v2 or 3v3 games. That is what made Sid Meier's Gettysburg great. Not just playing against others but having a team to work together. Also I discovered with the way artillary is set up they work best spread out not bunched together. For some reason the guns don't seem to fire as frequently when bunched in one spot. Has anyone else noticed this? Perhaps a way to solve the changing of the Brigade formation problem would be to able to Detach Regiments from the brigade. When fully attached they are in double. But detach and you can make them into single. Realism is key I do believe. Create a max or 6 regs for each brigade. Instead of just one big Brigade. Like Davis most his troops did not arrive the first day. But in this game he is at full strength. Also I had one bug where on the Third day I started with only Iverson Brigade. But I could see the smoke from my cannons just could not see the cannons or move them or any more of the Army of Northern Virgina. I quit and restarted and they were there, but just wanted to say that happened to me. Also I have noticed If i kick the AI arse and push them back below Gettysburg too early in the Battle they lack the will to launch a counter attack and by the end of second and beggining of third day I just end up sitting there for next days watching them do nothing. Again this game has a nice breath of fresh air. Been Following you Darth since Medieval Totalwar. Keep up the great work Ill keep giving you my money. .
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