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Found 70 results

  1. So I went out for a quick mission in my Santisma today unknowing it would be my last. I was doing my normal 1st rate mission Santi vs Santi. Everything was going as planned and he boarded me. After three rounds winning against him, something went horribly wrong. My timer said there were 10 seconds left, then it immediately went to 2 seconds left. Thus, I could not properly coordinate my attack rounds and lost 150 of my crew. Then the next round came and it was even worse. If I remember correctly, it went from 10 seconds to 3 then back to 5. I was doing all I could to select the appropriate defense moves, but I could not work against the clock this time. While I could just very well be bad at boarding action, I know not to counter-attack into an attack, but nothing like this has happened to me before. I have no idea whether this will happen again or how to correct it, as the issue makes sailing too dangerous to try. Needless to say, this is a large loss to my fleet and I and others experiencing the issue find it hard to sail out of port again in fear of this issue happening again. Thank you for any ideas and help!
  2. Hi captains, recently i was in a battle, where i was unable to run away/leave battle and i had no chance to fight the superior enemy forces. In this situation i would have loved to be able to surrender to the enemy. But as long as the only benefit from surrendering is to skip an otherwise impossible battle i see no resean to ever use this option. When you look films about pirates and naval battles, surrendering is often the last option to save your own life. If a pirate attacks a trader that has no chance to win the fight, i can imagen that usually the trader would surrender. He might lose most or all of his cargo, but he would be alive and still have his ship with enough rations to make it to another port before starving to death. If we look at big battles between two enemy forces, i could imagine that a surrendering party could get to some agreement with the winner. Maybe the winner would take a hostage to ensure that the agreement would be complite with. I suggest that we can surrender without immediatly losing everything. Instead the surrending party can't fight anymore (to prevent fake surrendering) unless the enemy continius fighting. Then the winner can board the ship, where an interface allows the partys to chat and come to an agreement. The best outcome for the loser would be that he could leave the battlefield unharmed (but unable to fight and can't rejoin the battle), where the worst outcome would be, that the loser has to sail to the next habour with rescue boats (crew still alive). Some rules would be following: 1. If the winner breaks the agreement (fighting the loser), the loser can immediatly fight back. Between the point of surrender till fight has to be aborded can be a time from 5 to 10 seconds. 2. The enemy don't has to accept surrendering and can continue fight (see point 1). 3. The enemy has a timer 30 seconds to decide if he accepts the surrendering. If he negates it or the timer runs out the surrending party can continue fighting. 4. To encourage gentelman behavior the winner get's a bonus money and xp if he doesn't harm the losers ship etc. - regular fight with sinking the enemy = 100% money and 100% xp - surrender/enemy crew unharmed (ship get's sinked or taken) = 125% money and 125% xp - surrender/enemy keeps ship = 150% money and 150% xp
  3. Are you satisfied with current visualization of crew on the deck? Compare our stupid canonniers and sailors of "total war" / "age of pirates 2". Growth in scale, increase the number of sailors, different movements and actions including boarding fights. (don't know actual status of new boarding) Game performance will not change: "disable" option, another quality...
  4. Well, the insta boarding is just annoying. If playing vs two opponents, you might have a change of fending one off, if boarded. But then the other one board insta after disengage, I get angry. Should be a 1-2 minute timer after boarding where all cannot board, else ppl can just wait in line as of current mech.
  5. To start with, I practised boarding a lot before wipe. Now something is not working right. We all know that marines+ training+melee buffs + attack/counter attack while enemy use grenades will mean your insta win. As you will slay 1/7 up to 1/4 of enemy's crew. He will get shock and lose next 2 rounds. Hooray vicory and stuff. Tested this on brig vs brig. Working perfectly. But when I came to 5th rates everything changed. Like something went really wrong. Look at the screenshots. Attack versus nades = my heavy losses. Same for Attack versus brace. I tried to use nades vs his attack. Extra heavy losses+ shock + defeat in next round. Tested it on different 5th rates. Let him pulled me and pulled him myself. Impossible. Yet Heavy losses. All the time. Like something really changed. I dont know what is wrong. It`s like my marines are not fighting at all. It seems to be a problem. Ofc charge without any infantry will mean losses. WHat do u think? I am out of ideas.
  6. Hello guys, Sorry for the "zombie" title, but recently, I observe a strange thing from my point of view, in the game. During a boarding, against a player, he was able to "repair", to treat some of his crew, probably with the consumable rum. Happenend two time, in two differents fight. How the guy is able to do that? Thanks for your time
  7. Quick question, Was boarding an LGV and I noticed my deck guns remained greyed out the entire action of boarding. Does anyone know why? I haven't included details to see what the mechanic is? We did a good few rounds more than the 3x it says to reload. With the boarding action my gun crew was under crewed and switch off (greyed) out
  8. I will get right to the issue; I was capturing a T-Brig with a Bellona on the PvE server and successfully won the boarding, I emptied out the T-Brig hold and clicked on the sink captured ship box (made sure not to change ships as always) to my surprise, not the ship, as soon as I sunk the T-Brig I was immediately sent to the T-Brig and the Bellona sunk. NO I didn't change ships so let's not go to pilot error. After that the screen blinked and I ended up in a Free Town with nothing but my two fleet ships and some cargo in them. F11'd completed. Another clan member noticed an odd occurance with him post boarding as well. The crew exchange read, 9999999 and then went back to normal.
  9. A common issue in the game is that a small ship could stand a chance against a big one (take pickle vs Vic for example) simple by out manuvering. I like this mechanic bout I think it would be more realistic if the 100's of sailors on the vic could grab a musket, go the edge of their ship and let loose killing small numbers of crew on the enemy ship. *Boarding prep sends some crew to prep for boarding, they will also take potshots with musket fire at the enemy killing crew based on the number in prep and the distance (maybe marines and musket and pistol modifiers as well) -This could allow large many decked ships a minor defense -This will allow more options in battle and make boarding prep more relevant throught the engaement instead of boarding as the conclusion This is realistic (Nelson was killed this way) and just fun!
  10. I've given this more than a little thought. My thoughts are predicated on two assumptions; that crew kills are determined by shot striking hit boxes designated for crew, and that crew hit boxes are flagged on or off depending on how men are distributed to tasks. If these assumptions are wrong this should still be adaptable. First, we need to add a few crew hit boxes into the rigging at fighting tops and various other bits of rigging, which are enabled when men are either sailing or set to boarding, to mark the location of either crew aloft in the rigging or marines in said fighting tops. Treacherous French sharpshooters will enjoy these cowardly postings, I am sure. Second, points around the ship need to be designated as musketry origins. Spots on the forecastle, quarterdeck, weather deck, possibly gun ports below, and our now-crewed fighting tops aloft. These musketry origins will have an orientation and a maximum angle from center. A musket on the gunwale may be oriented 90 degrees off the beam with a 90 degree maximum angle, creating a half-sphere of possible shots to starboard (90 degrees left plus 90 degrees right equal 180), but excluding firing to anything left of it. Meanwhile a musket in the fighting top may have a 0 orientation and a 180 degree maximum angle, allowing our sharpshooter to fire anywhere he pleases. Not all possible positions for a musket-firing crewman need be simulated, just a dozen or so for small ships, and perhaps as many as fifty or a hundred for a 1st rate. Next, we need to enable or disable the musket points based on if Boarding Prep is flagged as enabled or disabled. If a captain enables Boarding Prep, his crew rushes to their musket points and starts firing. Of course, marines are always in Boarding Prep, but unless boarding prep is enabled, they hold their fire. There is thus a new level of play in that you can tell your enemy has gone into boarding prep, and your enemy may attempt to surprise you by staying out of musket range until he's fully prepared to board. Speaking of which, we will only need to fire when in range. Until an enemy ship has closed to within X meters, the musket simulation idles. Fifty or a hundred meters from an enemy ship, the simulation moves to the next step. Within range and with crew active in boarding prep, the crew opens fire. We need to have points operating randomly to reduce the computational overhead of plotting every musket's reload and possible shots simultaneously. We also need to have musket points firing only when they have a possible target. To accomplish this, musket points are numbered for their ship, selected as a random number, and perform a distance check from their point to a crew hitbox on an enemy ship. Only distance on the X-Y plane is calculated for simplicity and to prevent the fighting tops from being too high aloft to fire. If a musket point is in range of enemy crew hitboxes, it proceeds to the next step. Otherwise the program returns to the random number generator to select another musket point. This process continues until a musket point responds as being within range of enemy crew hitboxes. In range of enemy crew hitboxes, the musket point performs a raycast to determine if the closest hitbox is inside of its field of fire (the orientation and maximum angle from earlier). This raycast ignores the various objects, including friendly ships or obstructions. It simply checks if the musket can point at the target. For fighting tops, this will be almost always true. For more restricted musket points along the sides of the ship, they may determine they are close enough to a ship, but that ship is on the wrong side of their field of fire. If the raycast determines the ​closest ​hitbox is out of its field, it then checks the farthest hitbox (within the range check of X meters). This second raycast will be useful if one enemy ship is closer than an enemy ship on the opposite side, allowing muskets on that opposite side to fire at the more distant enemy, rather than all musketry checks passing or failing on the closest enemy, or firing at the bow of a ship when the closer stern isn't in the field of fire, as might happen when your T is crossed. Should both raycast checks fail, the shot from that musket point is canceled, and moved back to the RNG to pick a new musket point. When a raycast is successful, the shot is fired. This is an individual musket ball able to kill one crewman, originating from musket point, and directed along the raycast to the center of the target crew hitbox. The individual musket ball is simply a raycast with added deviation to account for inaccuracy. Given a shot with say five degrees of inaccuracy, we have a chance of hitting gunwales, masts, crew hitboxes we didn't intend to fire on, or even friendly crew hitboxes. Plotting the actual shot will also give the proper advantage to a taller ship or a shot from the fighting tops, as shot falling down on the enemy deck has a much higher chance of hitting a crew hitbox than attempting to shoot through gun ports. All of these calculations occur server-side. Client side, clients are merely informed that they have lost a crewman and which musket point on the enemy ship should render a puff of smoke and a retort. The result is a robust simulation of musketry occurring where it belongs, the battle server, while server-to-client traffic is only marginally raised. There is no need to inform clients of any details of the shot, unless effects beyond gunsmoke are requested. Hearing musket balls patter against my hull may be nice, and watching little black dots fly is entertaining with grapeshot, but given the volume of fire I expect it would be expensive. Speaking of volume of fire; the rate of fire will be determined as a function of how many muskets your ship has, if you have enough boarding mode crew to fire all of those muskets, and what percentage of your crew is marines. Lets presume you have 100 crew, no marines, and 20 muskets. You open fire with boarding prep active. As crew move into boarding prep, the number of muskets in use increases until 20 crew are in boarding prep, when all muskets are now being used. Each musket fired by a crewman has a base firing rate of once every thirty seconds. Twenty muskets, firing once every thirty seconds, comes to 40 shots a minute, or one shot every 1. 5 seconds. The musket simulation attempts to fire a musket point every 1.5 seconds in this situation, graphically there is a puff of smoke every 1.5 seconds, and depending on the luck of the shot raycast, the enemy crew starts whittling down. Now lets say you have gold marines, and 50% of your crew is marines (IIRC). A marine can reload and fire a musket much faster than an untrained crewman, and gold marines almost certainly reload faster than grey marines. Accordingly the fire rate is increased by the marine crew percentage, 50% for gold, less for less expensive marines, but peaking at one shot every fifteen seconds per musket. This creates a blistering 80 shots a minute from the 20 muskets. But wait! The number of muskets has increased as well! We have to add the additional however many muskets to the rate of fire calculation. The fire bonus from your marine percentage will continue down to the last man as well; the simulation need not track how many marines are manning muskets to how many crew are manning muskets. It is presumed either the marines will be prioritized with the musket distribution, or the crew will have received some drill themselves if the captain had planned to perform boarding enough to invest in marines. However heavy casualties will still reduce the rate of fire as the total number of active muskets falls, or if muskets are lost under the bloodied bodies. So what is the result of all this? Going gunwale to gunwale and exchanging musket fire will now be a useful way to gauge the enemy's ability to repel your boarding, and make point-blank fighting much bloodier. No longer can you exchange broadsides into each other's hulls and coolly calculate who will win by who's losing armor faster. You will now be exposed to his fighting tops and muskets on the gun deck, and will suffer casualties among your weather deck gun crews and sailors. It is now very, very clear when someone has a gold marine boarding setup, if they leave their crew in active boarding prep mode. It may be desirable to not tip your hand by keeping boarding prep disabled while approaching and keep your marines from firing. A ship that hasn't fired its muskets either has no-one on hand to fire muskets because the captain intends to focus on gunnery, or has a marine build he intends to conceal. Once you begin firing muskets, you tip your hand as to your marine and musket levels and your enemy can react. There's a possibility for trickery in this mechanic. It is also possible for a ship disabling a gun side to use all their needless extra crew in Boarding Prep with Extra Muskets and Pistols, giving the appearance of having marines but still maintaining full manpower for gunnery and sailing otherwise. It is also possible to defend your Gros Ventre or other trade ship with your crew in boarding prep and firing muskets, and one of these ships with full musketry builds will be dangerous to pull alongside in a lower-hulled vessel. Barricades can also have a new bonus; a flat 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 percent chance to cancel a raycast musket ball hitting a crewman, as your crew enjoys extra small-arms cover. With the right build, muskets could be an effective defense for an otherwise unarmed trade ship! The actual boarding minigame will lose some of its importance. A close quarters fight may be determined entirely by hauling alongside and unloading muskets into the enemy. The captain who finds himself running alongside a boarding-modded enemy will no longer simply keep his speed up and negate his adversary. He will also find that if he cannot break away, then he needs to force a boarding and hope for better swordsmanship than musketry. Or pray to the gods of grapeshot. All of this was posted elsewhere in the wrong forum under a related discussion, so do pardon the double post. I don't want to take over someone else's thread.
  11. About 10 times now I can not Board/Cap a ship. I Prep, Sails, Armor, Grape and then attain speed. I have even come to a complete Stop and still I cant get the "G" command to board. My last battle I was in an Indefatigable trying to cap a Traders Big. Any help please...I'm getting really sick of this. Also it happens to me in PVE and in PVP.
  12. When you close on two enemy ships, you try to board your target, but you board the ship on the other side.... huh... shouldn't boarding be something you can actually target the enemy? It's not like the crew is just randomly waving grappling hooks around. Shouldn't we be able to target a specific ship and not hope the RNG gods favor us? Why after boarding a ship and capturing it, are there times the X to assign crew does not appear? Multiple times I've boarded ships - the two ships are side-by-side, you've successfully captured them, but the darned X does not appear - or it takes an inordinate amount of time to appear. This doesn't make any sense - after all, you've already managed to put crew on the ship to capture it. Anyone else get infuriated with this? I can understand the initial boarding being a little more random waiting for the G to present or to be triggered - but the X should be much more predictable. I've also been alongside multiple captured ships - but similar to the G where I cannot target the correct ship, the same happens with the X - there have been times I cannot put crew on the closest ship, but one on the other side of it... very strange.
  13. After the patch I sailed with my boarding Pavel against a Victory. Vic had more men but I had more Marines. 1. Round: AI selected Fire Grenades, I braced and pressed 2 seconds before end Attack. Result: I killed 70 men, AI killed 240 men. I was so in shock, lost the fight and I forgot to make a screenshot. You will say now - no screenshot never happend blablabla. I had these problem with lower ships too, 5&6th rates. Now today same problem again see screenshot. My teammate had more crew, more marines more muskets and this happens. For me boarding is actual broken, for the screenshot Dirk boarded over his left side, he had all advantages and had exceptional muskets equiped and does less damage? If you look more up in the battle report it gets more funnier, he attacks against brace and loses more man than the AI, at this point his morale was better than of the AI. All in all my expierence and also the expierence of other players is - boarding is actual broken! If you shoot and grape down the enemy ships to zero crew is easier, safer and not so unlogical as the actual state of boarding. Please dont say I should follow the boarding guides, the actual state of boarding these guides are more dangerous than helpfull. A statement form the developer or the admin would be really nice.
  14. Currently being boarding specced is way less useful except for boarding towers and soloing weaker ships. There has been too many nerfs to boarding in recent patches due to people crying about getting one shotted in equal ships. When a ship is boarding specced it is at a severe disadvantage against a combat specced ship. The boarding setup puts you at a disadvantage on reloading and structure due to needing to go with boarding and speed. You try to spend your time pitting the enemy or forcing them into the wind all the while getting railed on by them. Then you finally get them to a boarding speed and they have determined defender. Or you board them and they disengage with minor losses then they go back to pounding on you. Or their buddies have all the time in the world to pull up and grape the crap out of you or push you off of them. Ever since determined defender came out it seems the devs do not want boarding set ups to be viable. The implementation of crew loss between made it even more difficult. Press gang seemed like it would help, but then they change it so you can't have a morale victory and you have to take out all the crew. I felt before you'd have to be a pretty good playing to attempt to go boarding fit against anyone decent and would end up losing a good deal of the time still. Now even when you are a highly skilled boarder some of the most unskilled players can still beat you. I just don't want to see a good setup go down the drain. There is more boarding mods than any other type of mod. Maybe change determined defender so the first boarding attempt fails and starts the timer. Maybe bring the morale loss a bit back to where it used to be. Hopefully something that doesn't make boarding setups go the way of the dodo.
  15. I was out on my Indiaman + 2 AI (Trinc, BellePoule) as I left St. Nic and could not resist waking up the "sleeping" Brit snow player on his Snow right before St. Nic. Unfortunately, AI was in the circle, the Snow escaped. Following happened: parties: AI: Ingermanland, Navy Brig Wilson09: Indiaman (full hold), Trinc, BellePoule One bad turn, the AI Ingermanland boards my Indiaman, I cannot get away, second pull, I am done. I stay, I want to see whats happening: - AI switches ships and keeps going on my Indiaman - I give orders to my Trinc and BellePoule (not easy, but works with retreat, free order and destroy command) - finally the TRINC pulls the Indiaman - nailbiting encounter with Trinc vs. Indy My Trinc wins...yes, I get my ship back! No? I end up in La Tortue, 1 dura lost (down from 2 to 1), no cargo. How? Why? I don´t want compensation or such things. I would like to know: Is this a bug bad game design? intended game design? or do I not get the storyline right? I summarize: I get boarded, I lost the ship, my fleet boards it back, I dont get the ship back? But these are my men, my crew. They have been bleeding for me!? NO? Being puzzled, I reported a BUG. Can anyone solve this "riddle" ?
  16. hi.. When i was in fleet order 200 XP level with my team on PVP1, I was boarded by an IA Santisima in 5 KN speed! After that, another mate was aborded too, in 7 KN speed ! I've lost my victory with an "grenade attack" on one shot. Goodbye my Gold ship, and my 6 Gold Upgrades. Boarding it's a good part of the game, but not like this.. I am just disgusted for this boarding because high speed of boarding.. 5 KN and more (don't remember the exact figure..) i've done a F11 when it's arrived. After that, my friends didn't manage to board while they were only at 1.5 KN.. This battle was really cheated... (really sorry for my english.. )
  17. I just had quite a surprise. While i was playing with some friends i got boarded by an enemy AI Santissima. Leaving out the fact that it was an AI of my own team (Santi) that pushed that Santissima into my Vicotry before I could evade: I was almost in a T-position infront of the enemy Santi (with an angle of about 30-45°) and above 3.7 Kn speed when the message appeared that she was pulling me in. I was still above 3.5 Kn when less than a second later she acutally started boarding me. From previous experience I got the impression that you have to get a ship below 3.5 Kn speed to board it. That aside: My crew count was at about 790 and the enemy Santissima had almost exatly 100 crew more than me left. Up until now nothing out of the ordinary (even the stupid AI ramming you, pushing enemies into you and shooting at you..... I'm used to that by now). But here is where the outragesous startet: First off, she captured my ship (which I'm still mad about, because I worked hard for that Victory) but what really pisses me off is HOW she captured me! A ship with only about 100 crew more than myself captured me in 4 turns. That's right! 4 turns, no more! The enemy AI killed 480 of my own crew in those 4 turns and the really funny thing about all this? Besides the first round, the only thing I could do in the boarding was brace! 1 round where I could choose defend and the rest I could do nothing else than brace and after 3 more rounds the AI had already captured me. Now explain to me how the **** this is possible! How in the name of the mother of all un-balanced-ness can an enemy ship with only 100 crew more than yourself capture you in 4 turns (remember, we're speaking of 1st rates here..... so looots of crew to kill!) without you being able to do ANYTHING except in the first round?! I can understand this happening when you board a ship with being prepared for boarding and having a crew count (vs the enemy ship) of something like 4:1. But with a crew of almost 1:1 and the fact that that enemy Santi was just figithing with an AI ship from our fleet when she rammed and boarded me, it shouldn't even have BEEN in boarding preparation! Unless AI can switch to max boarding preparations in an instant (which if it IS the case, SHOULDN'T be possible also)! And the fact that the AI pulled me in and almost instantly started the boarding although I wasn't even parallel to the ship and still above 3.5 Kn? This is inconceivable and something is definitely wrong here! Something like this mustn't be possible to happen, however accurate & perfect the enemy AI is! And I don't even want to get started on how outright STUPID and brain-dead the team AI behaves. Whatever is wrong here, It needs to be fixed / balanced ASAP!
  18. Do you think that boarding is op or not? Do you think that boarding upgrades are op or not? ... Edit.. Fasti provided couple extra screenshots. I would say that, something is not right here.
  19. Although I had Boarding enabled, the Tower did prepare up at all. So I had to fight Swigglebottoms with preparation 25, which was a bit of a bummer.
  20. So...i engage this pirate Trincomalee...i'm in a trinc too. Combat goes awesomely, he's clearly going to sink and i'm almost at full armor... 'till he hooks me into boarding and i discover that practically half of his crew are marines; one single attack, 189 kills, my morale goes to 0 and the ships is lost. I feel there's something very wrong with this. Maybe it's my fault, should've stayed away... but still...half crew are marines. Once such a ship hooks you you're doomed, no way to escape that, even if your ships is brand new with a broadside ready to fire. I wish there were some mechanics against this thing. Marines should be visible, shouldn't count towards the crew of the ship and should die when hit by enemy fire; and more, they should slow down ship operation, as having people standing around while you reload your cannons, run to patch up leaks does slow you down. Please rebalance marines, allow ship crew to counter pulling (maybe enabling boarding should give you the option to cut ropes even with very little preparation), please to something.
  21. So, I recently outfitted my snow for boarding (marines, grog rations, sword fighting handbooks, boarding parties, and extra hammocks) and have been hitting AI traders to relax. Before the outfitting, during boarding, it seemed the attack option would gray out when the timer was down to 7 seconds. Now, after the gear, it seems that I can hit attack at the last second. What has caused this difference? Apologies as I do not know much about boarding or gear.
  22. Alot of the community is paranoid about boarding and I completely understand the feeling. Question is you are battling and unless you hear a whistle from nearby somewhere u cannot tell if the enemy ship nearby is going to board. Any way that the devs are going to add some kind of visual que to let the players know who is prepping to board? If historically boarding was done below deck I can understand but..
  23. i remember playing this game when pvp didnt mean rock paper scissors. you know WHEN THE GAME WAS ABOUT NAVAL ACTION, nowadays ppl have gravitated to the easiest way to win.. with 4 mods (and thanks to you taking out ramming leaks) this game goes from a game of skill to a simple push button combat reminiscent of the days of playing lemonade on a commie 64. WHY? this game was filled with promise, and good combat. it wasn't easy, and it wasn't meant to be. so why are you ****ing this game up now? It would be nice if boarding combat was something like a 5% chance to achieve, because think about all of you who crave your reality in the game, you try hooking in a ship and boarding it while still moving? realistic that it should happen every time right? and make it so that it took time to retry like 1 min per try make it a 15% chance if the target is stationary make it 50% if both ships are stationary. simply put the boarding mini game is becoming the game, is that what you, the devs, want? all i know is that if somebody was trying to board my ship, i wouldnt just lower my sails and say "ok, lets rock paper scissors for it"
  24. At this point Marines are confined solely to boarding actions and with the latest patch they have been restrained a little with their abilities to insta-prep. One of the historical uses of Marines was as sharpshooters on the decks and masts of their ships and they would do this whenever the ships entered close combat (see: Nelson being killed by a sharpshooter etc). PROPOSAL Equipping the Marines upgrades enables a passive "crew killing" ability when under 100m range.The mechanics of which would be a "X% chance of a crew kill" dice roll wherein the quality of Marines increases the frequency of the roll (i.e. 1 roll per minute for Common, 2 for Fine, 3 for Mastercraft, 4 for Exceptional) to reflect training improving reload rate. Targeted enemy crew can be randomized between weather deck gun crews (if targeted ship has them) or sail-handling crew numbers. While this is a bonus to combat pre-boarding, the downside will be the visual cue of constant musket shots (puffs of much smaller smoke) when under 150m. This has the potential of obscuring vision of the Marine carrying vessel when trying to make cannon shots, while also signifying to the defender the presence of Marines. Marines in the background sniping at sail handlers in the Battle of Copenhagen 1801 Nelson, mortally wounded falls to the deck of the Victory while in the background Marines line the gunwales trading volleys while sharpshooters pick out specific crew.
  25. Cost me 2 duras and 450k for the Tiburon flag, made a few mistakes in the 2nd battle and got capped, but it was loads of fun. I make Ingermanlands myself, and I used the money I got from sinking Swedes a few hours earlier.
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