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Found 31 results

  1. The lethality of each ship can vary greatly dependent on Rate, Type, Quality, Number of upgrades, Quality of upgrades and Rank of commander (Crew on board) Observation. A basic fir 74Bellona with 1 common upgrade slot and Flag Captain with 69% crew is NOT the same BR as an Exceptional Live oak 74Bellona with 5 upgrade slots all exceptional and a Commodore with full crew. Will the end game allow for such variations in deciding the BR of each ship or will all ships continue with the set single BR rating.
  2. I think that we should have a "long term repair" option that does not have a limit, but is very slow. The inspiration for this was a very frustrating Trafalgar battle in the surprise, I got heavily damaged, my sails pretty torn up and slowly taking on water. I managed to break from the action to recover, but realized I was out of repair kits. I had to spend the rest of the battle half full (and slowly filling) with water and on low sails, unable to catch up to the action and do anything. It just felt silly that I was out of the battle, not being fired at, but still could not repair my hull by probably 10% that was necessary to stop the little bit of flooding, or that my sails were now totally irreparable and even the entire crew working together could not fix them at all. I would like there to be a way to repair once out of the action and not being fired upon that does not have limited uses, but is much slower than a standard repair. It would slowly repair whatever you told it to (sails, hull (hull could be broken down into exactly what quadrant you want to repair.)Rudder, pump,) Slowly repairing them over a few minutes. The idea is to let players who have escaped the battle but are damaged and cannot catch up/move repair enough to be able to get back to the battle and be of some use there. Some limitations I think would be useful are: (1. It may only be used at least 45 seconds after last being shot or taking any damage. (2. It cannot be used in close proximity with enemies. and (3. It cannot repair absolutely massive damage, (masts destroyed etc) (4. And it will only bring the health of hull armor up to 50% of the original, undamaged, maximum. (It will be able to repair as much as it needs until reaching 50% of the original strength) This last limitation is because I don't want to encourage people to immediately drop out of battle and repair once they take the slightest bit of damage. When it comes to sails I don't think it matters as much, let it repair to 100% I think it would probably be good to also include some kind of penalty while using it, for instance much slower reloads and sail management. (again this is for repairing while not in combat, not for extending the life of your ship while fighting.) Thoughts?
  3. I'm trying to play as CSA against a Balanced, unboosted Union AI and I have yet to find any good way to kill union artillery. Charging doesn't really work, since a couple canister shots will break a brigade. Rifle fire doesn't seem to do much, either, and focusing multiple artillery batteries on a single union battery takes a really long time. I've found that I can do reasonably well by not directly targeting union artillery and that the AI will feel compelled to withdraw if it's threatened by several nearby brigades, but this is definitely a sub-optimal solution. Any tips? PS I've read that rifle fire may do more against artillery in an upcoming patch. But I'm also not clear about whether this patch has been released yet.
  4. Im tentative on starting this particular thread...but here goes. I will begin with the question - how will the game conduct wars between various countries in this game? There have been various points raised by individuals that one could 'vote' about which country to war against but there will always be dissent with this option and i have the opinion that there will be chaos if we go down this route. Alternatively it could be decided by the country / factions leadership to fight against a particular side - but this also has issues - (who decides who is in charge?) I have a possible solution. - Rolling switches over time (suggestions for better name here) ill elaborate. Each nation will have a turn at war with another for a certain period of time (ill throw out a month as a suggestion but it could be any period of time) and then there will be a small window for negotiations (with lower XP for attacking during those times, and more for avoiding combat with that nation) and then the switch to two other nations being at war, or one of the combatants fighting another nation. possibly there can be more than 2 nations at war at once but ill need help from someone to come up with a viable matrix. this type of switch-over will be very beneficial. - it will allow players to explore the whole map over time without always getting attacked - it will encourage more vigorous trading between all nations - prevents boredom over time with nations like the brits and france always being forced to war. - get to attack everywhere if you play long enough. (add more here) This brings up the other half of the title Balance. As we all know by now there will be certain nations that will have larger player bases - England, France and the US. Correspondingly, over time these nations will inevitably squash the other nations back into their home ports over time until everyone will try to play for the victorious nation - we all know its true. so how can we help the underdogs out? I propose the freelancer - Privateer - as a nation choice. If you go down this route you will get a selection of nations who are offering letters of marque - and these will probably be the smaller nations. Every now and then your letter of marque will come up for renewal, and if the nation you are fighting for is getting too powerful you may not be able to renew with it. Possibly you could rig the system so the more experienced at privateering you are, the smaller the options become until you can only choose the smallest contractor. This will make the small nation rife with experienced players - allowing it the chance to become a powerhouse, and possibly giving all the nations a cyclical change from weak to powerful depending on how many choose to take the path of privateer - and creating a more dynamic game. it could also be possible that entire clans could work into this - as a clan contract out to nations that require assistance - moving with the balance changes, and ensuring that larger nations always have a significant opponent where required. i can hear the cries of the naysayers already for this one, but unless we do something there will be an inevitable end with one nation dominating all the others. - please suggest alternatives if you dont like this possible solution. let the debate begin Dazed
  5. The Rebels are still hugely overpowered in the game. I've had whole divisions overrun on high ground with cover and artillery support. Its almost as if all the Rebels have to do to win is charge. The only thing that seems to stop them is canister. I think giving the Rebels a charging bonus is drastically unfair. It makes defending as the Union impossible.
  6. SO yesterday I finished another two campaigns against the Rebels, one on "Offensive" the other on "Cunning." Both resulted in decisive victories with casualties of 3:1 in my favour. I decided to play a new campaign today and suddenly the Rebels were unstoppable. I watched as Archer and Davis took 40% casualties and literally did not waver. Meanwhile, my supposedly Veteran Brigade under Cutler broke under a few volleys from what should have been an exhausted Davis. It took at least two brigades of equal strength to defeat one of their's, and that was only if mine was in cover. I finally lost my patience when I watched the Iron Brigade, on high ground, flanking Archer, with heavy cover, pour enfilade fire into Archer. Archer took 30% casualties and only then began to waver. Then, for no reason, the Iron Brigade broke, despite taking almost no fire or casualties. At another point, the Rebels somehow captured Seminary Ridge while all of their forces were on McPherson's Ridge and my men were deployed on Seminary Ridge. I have since then tried some scenarios as tests. I found that other scenarios played as I would expect them to for the most part. This issue seems to be most prevalent on the first day. Has anyone else noticed anything?
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