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Found 80 results

  1. Is there any relation between what AI traders are carrying and the ports they are near? If not, @admin, there should be. AI traders seem to mainly be making short hauls. It would make sense if they were carrying goods consumed or produced at the nearby ports. I apologize if this is already in game and I just haven't noticed it.
  2. I've been following this game off/on on Steam and see it is still in early access and WIP. I have been trying to find out about the PvP and PvE modes as well. I understand this game is supposed to be an MMO with possibly a player vs AI mode. I've played some MMO's such as WoT, WT and AW. I liked all three games, but found myself not liking the "MMO" part of the MMO game! So being an age of sail enthusiast (finished the Hornblower series, now going through the Aubrey-Maturin series), I was very excited to find this game. I was even more excited to learn there was a PvE mode. However, before I spend the asking price (which is way more than I usually spend on PC games since I always get them on sale from Steam), I wanted to get some feedback from players who have been playing PvE. 1- Is the game worth the money if one does not play it MMO style, ie PvP? 2- Are the other aspects of it (other than battles) worth getting it? I mean, can you trade, build a trade empire and defend it with warships you build/buy and crew? Do these aspects of the game keep you interested in continuing to play or are they more of an afterthought to an age of sail combat simulation? 3- I had read somewhere that other players may intrude on your PvE world and disrupt your trade or take your prizes (or potential prizes), is it true? 4- In addition to the price one pays for the game, do you also have to spend extra for perks, premium stuff (pay to win system like other MMO's even though they all deny that is the way it is)? The other thing that worries me about MMO is that it appears the pool of players is quite low at any given time, as opposed to other MMO's (I was online last night playing WT, there were 27K players online!), wait times less than 1-2 minutes to get into battle). Thank you for your input, APC.
  3. This might only work in conjunction with a reputation system, but what if players could craft and trade Letters of Marque. They would temporarily assign the creating nation's flag (with its restrictions on who is an enemy) to the player holding the letter. There are a few options how this might be interesting: 1. Only Nats could make them and only Pirates could get them. 2. Or since alliances are being "turned off" perhaps one Nation could give it to another Nation's player. They would not be free to make and presumably whoever accepts the letter will want some sort of payment as well. A player could only hold one letter at a time I'm sure there are other ways this could play out but it seems like it would have positive impact for low pop nations while avoiding alliance entanglements and provide a mechanism for pirates to do some privateering. Please discuss.
  4. I'm hoping this thread can stay constructive. Please don't bother to use this as a place to whine about how much you hate the idea of a PVE zone in the Gulf coexisting on the same server as PVP. Unless the Devs change their minds, it's going to happen and unless there are things we don't know about its implementation, it is going to cause some pain points. Hopefully we as a community of PVP and PVEers can make some constructive suggestions about how to minimize these pain points. @admin if there is something we just don't understand about implementation, please clarify. BTW, I'm not saying I like all these "solutions" but I'm putting them out there for discussion. Community, please add pain points you see and possible solutions as well, Pain Point: Admin has indicated that players will be able to freely move between PVP and PVE. Also free ports will not exist in PVE zone. Still, assuming all resources can be obtained in the PVE zone, ship construction and resource accumulation can be accomplished in relative safety either by PVP players in the PVE zone or by ALTS specifically created for the purpose. Possible full or partial solutions: 1. Disable the ability to have ALTS or at least make it a huge pain to switch back and forth between characters. While I like this idea, I doubt it would get any traction. 2. Disble the ability to teleport characters and/or tow ships between the two zones. 3. Make some classes of ships or necessary mats not craftable in PVE zone. 4. Sink 'em as they come out. While it may sound like ithe border will be a target rich environment, the (roughly) north-south boundary between zones covers a lot of ocean. Solution: Choke points. For example in order to change your status from PVE to PVP you have to visit a friendly port in the PVP zone in order to "obtain your orders" or whatever we want to call it. Making folks exit the PVE zone through the straight of Florida might be another idea. What other problems do you see and how might they be solved?
  5. The Republikeinse Handelsvloot is a Dutch Merchant Navy which is open to every active Dutch player who likes to play the game as trader. We offer a democratic and organized trade guild with benefits for its member. If you are interested in joining the exciting life as a rich Dutch merchant and support the republic, contact us and join the Republikeinse Handelsvloot! NAME: Republikeinse Handelsvloot TAG: VLOOT TEAMSPEAK: cubegaming.de CONTACT: Wilhelm von Bromme, Van Hoog, Sir Henri HOMEPORT: Willemstad Obligations: To maintain our treasury, pay support to the shipwrights and compensate members for lost goods or ships, we demand a small amount of taxes from the members. The taxes scale with the rank of the player and will be payed weekly. Adelborst: 1000 Tweede Luitenant: 2000 Eerste Luitenant: 4000 Kapitein Luitenant: 8000 Kapitein: 10000 Commandeur-Kapitein: 15000 Vlaggenkapitein: 20000 Commandeur: 25000 Schout-Bij-Nacht: 50000 Benefits Organized Trade and Escort Expeditions Supply and Demand Missions Insurance for Ships and Goods Support for Shipwrights Democratic Structures
  6. Greetings, I am merely wondering why you can first vote for a War with a Nation and then suddenly vote for a Alliance with the same nation. Either you want a War,Peace or a Alliance with a nation and not all 3 at once... That it silly and should not be allowed within the system. Furthermore.... I think its time to change the Politics to stop this 2 block system. Its a stalemate system atm forcing nations to either choose Block 1 or 2 or risk getting bullied by both both blocks and its boring. We need a more dynamic system that allows for changes in stances between nations to allow for more player driven diplomacy. To enable this we need to be able to have a Peace status, Hostile Status and a Neutral/Trade partner status with other nations. War and Alliances should be voted upon. The same for a Peace treaty with a Hostile/War nation. Neutral is any Nation which you have no Treaty with atm. A Peace treaty allows for a reset on hostilties between nations. A Trade agreement may be implemented to allow trade between nations without the use of Smuggling. Stances between Nations! War = Total War, Ships of this nations is tagged as Red on OW and should ofc be targeted to earn points to increase hostility levels and deny the enemy any resources/aid. Peace = Marked as Non Hostile(Blue colour?) on OW and cannot be attacked unless caught smuggling in hostile home waters. Can aid in battles vs Pirates/Privateers. Alliance = Total Friendship, Ships from this nation is marked as Green and can aid in hostile/friendly operations and battles. Cannot be targeted even if caught with smugglers flag in hostile waters. Neutral = Marked as Grey on OW, may be attacked in Hostile home waters and in friendly waters when caught smuggling. Repeted agressions towards a single neutral nation will raise hostility towards that nation and mark you as a privateer for players of that nation thus alerting to them that you are a danger / open target. Perhaps to be able to attack neutral nations you need to obtain a letter of marque from a nation that is hostile towards that nation. Now to restrict the formation of large power blocks we should limit the number of alliances to 1 per nation at any given time(unless we have a developer event that changes it for developer reasons) and peace restricted to 1 nations depending on Voting between nations and very limited extra 1 from a change of status from War/Hostile for a very limited time after hostilities ends and it will change to Neutral. This should lead to some interesting diplomacy talks and perhaps war/peace status to be more fluent then it is now. Ofc checks to stop the 2-3 biggest nation to ally and just stomp out the other nations 1 by 1 need to be implemented. Neutral is the stance towards most other nations, allowing trade access to neutral ports with a taxation unless you have smugglers flag enabled. Pirates should ofc be free to attack anyone they wish and if they obtain a letter of marque they should be able to aid the providing nation vs the nation(s) they have a letter from in OW operations but not in port battles, but be able to do organised raids vs the nation(s) they hold letters for with the aid from the providing nations (Limit the % of participation of non pirate players to stop potential abuse), also pirates with letters of marquee should be able to use certain ports from the nation provides the letters to stage attacks from and resupply. A Pirate with a letter of marquee should be marked as Blue vs players from the nation that provided the letter. Pirates should also be able to do raids vs any nation without any aid from Non pirate players. These are just a starting point to start a discussion on ways we can improve the game and the diplomatic system that is boring atm due to the 2 blocks... With regards Jason Niagara
  7. I heard some helpful instructions and pieces of info over the last weeks but am still trying to sew it together. Delivery orders between free towns. Buying cheap iron and coal and selling Iron Ingots VS buying Ingots and forging Fittings. What to do? Where? Any tips? Ideas?
  8. I sail a British Trader Brig on PvP1 but am not skilled at combat. I am an Ensign with a crew of 15. I like the PvP server, it is exciting. I’ve been active since Feb of last year. Tonight at 17:50 hr (rt Zulu-8) I was idling in front of Port Carlisle on the southern coast of Jamaica. As I often do I was enjoying the view and making ready for a short hop south. My ship was heavy with resources that I had intended to sell at Pedro Cay. I had invested most of my small earning in hope of a reasonable profit. It is risky having so much of my wealth in one trade run. But exciting. Suddenly I found myself in battle with 3 Sverige ships. They opened fire immediately and shouted across "We are not nice." I shouted back that I was unprepared and had everything I owned on board. I ordered my two small escorts to flee and set full canvas to flee myself. It seems futile to try and dock at the port. The Sverige closed with me and used their ships to block my movement, then promptly demasted my brig. My damaged ship I fully expected the worse and was certain that I would soon be destroyed. After all it is a game centered and focused on combat and violence. Who could fault them. The port defenses opened fire on the attackers. Regardless I think they could have easily captured my ship. They did not. As they sailed away one yelled “Beware of those Danes”. My compliments (and thanks) to Kommendor Cals Flemming Larsson, Konteramiral Yar Matey and Konteramiral Carl Baron who showed sportsmanlike deportment. Naval Action is a truly great environment and this example of good conduct enhances the experience.
  9. I generally don't feel its appropriate to give a 'how to' to DEVs as that is their job and responsibility and as a community member we should simply provide ideas and concepts, however an idea with the War Supply issue has me making an exception: Make War Supplies have only a negative effect on hostility numbers. i.e. A defensive measure for the port contest. Historical Basis: Conquest of ports often required a committed long term campaign to reduce defenses/logistical support for the area before swapping hands. Often third parties would seek to intervine in this process by providing war equipment/supplies to the area in an attempt to thwart capture/take over by the aggressor (this is true even in the 21st century) Game implementation option: War supplies are a great material/labor sink, as is encouraging PvP. I believe this does both by not removing the mechanic and encouraging aggressors to maintain offensive pressure around the port for a time prior to capture. How would this look?: Lets say the Pirate faction begins raising hostility around the port of Nassau, a GB port. An American trader in a nearby port may not like the idea of that flipping to Pirate, so via the smuggler function, begins to move War Supplies into Nassau via trade ship. IF the Pirates are indeed serious about taking the port they would need to be keeping an eye out for these trade ships moving contraband into the port, if they fail the hostility takes a reduction from successful delivery of War Supplies. Its is my belief that this would not only eliminate 'bombs' but continue to provide a way for commerce/trade based players to influence port battles, maintain a good material/gold/time sink, and also allow for increased PVP opportunities all at the same time. V/R VictusB
  10. As the devs are relutant to implement exploration role in game, i think a way to mitigate the lack of it and warm the economy plus helping new players to grind their ranks: 1) first of all, i believe that reseting the perks of captain only can be done in a port where the player had outposts; 2) to work (and to prevent players to exploit game mechanics) must be created an explorer perk at high points cost (6 or 5); 3) players that the perk is enable gain x2 XP for travel reward (this can be balanced acordly community feedback); 4) when the perk is enabled, at the shop window, hidden goods related to fauna and flora species, etc, pop up and the player can buy it (as that goods are rare, the costs must be high, but the profits too) to sell only at nation ports or capital regions; 5) these itens dont showed up in trade tool, so the player must go OW and seek them at ports; 6) to loot these special itens, the captain must be equiped with that perk, otherwise the goods (species, fauna, flora) remain with its previous owner. I think it is easy to implement this cuz it will use the same mechanics already set in game.
  11. Dear Devs, i dont know if this suggestions have been admitted before, but let me give you an idea of mine idea/suggestion. Trade/Delivery Tool. Iam playing now since two weeks and last days i started to craft more! The Trade Tool helps alot to find materials i need, but it could have a Expansion to make things easier! Example: I need for my craft silver, i search a Production Harbour, using the trade tool, sailing there a long time, once i am there, i see the materials are sold out. This is a point where i am getting frustrated, sailing there for an hour or more to find out the materials are not available. So what's now, yes i can open a contract and wait for it to fill, and return then again to the outpost after a few days to collect the mats. The idea is here to Expand the Trade tool, which shows the player the stock available in each Outpost, this way i can make the sailing to there worth it, and i am getting the stuff directly! Don't get it wrong i like Sailing but going somewhere for nothing is just a waste of time, which the most of us don't have! Further more the trade tool could also have a delivery option, like we can now delivery from free Towns. Why not make the delivery possible to each OP in the Game. Choosing Materials in the Trade tool of choice with an extra function(button) to choose delivery. So i could buy directly from Trade tool and let the goods deliver to a OP of choice( An OP which are settled by the player ofc.) This saves alot of Sailing/Searching etc. so the player can focus more on crafting/combat etc. and just sail the short routes etc. EDIT After playing some more and some longer distance sailing i would like to share my ideas some deeper into this trade/delivery system. To keep it simple to read and understand my poor english i will use the term "let me" > Let me hire AI NPC Traders from my Headquarters or any owned outpost. > Let me send my AI Trader to any choosen OP(outpost) to buy materials i need(especially usefull on long distances). This AI Trader should be attackable by players(fits pefectly into PvP and PvE since on both servers are real players hunters etc. Once my AI Trader is attacked and defeated i lost, first my money becuase i hired him, second if he is attacked once he bought the materials i lost the goods too. A Great Extra Feature would be after he is defeated a wrack occurs with some left goods for a certain time, every player can find and loot it. Once the timer is depleted and noone found the wrack, it will disappear from the map/open world. This timer should prevent from overloads of wracks in open world! > Let me be able to choose a route with Waypoints, which the AI Trader has to sail. Lets say i have send my Trader to an OP or he is on his way from an OP back to my delivery Harbour, but last 3 attempts i lost many gold and goods cause players always caught him. With this method there will be some tactical route planning gameplay involved, i would be able to plan another route, which is hopefully safier then the first route. Like i mentioned and others did below in the comments i also would like to suggest this. > Let me build my own Trade Ships(well i can already but i could assign them to a hired trader! Think about hiring like we have now the Officier. Once ship is attacked and defeated, one durability is lost, after 5 times i need to craft a new one! After all, this should also prevent those really long Sailing distance like we have now, it's really a pain to sail about 2 hours just to get some of the mats i need and the possibilty to arrive and everything is sold out, like mentioned above! Well thats it for my little suggestion. I hope you can understand my bad english:) Ahoi, Der Fliegende Hollaender!
  12. Hey! At present, we have random AI traders and fleets sailing around, with no real purpose other than floating targets. I'd like to suggest that rather than having random fleets and traders, or perhaps in tandem with those, the fleets sailing around are actually carrying items for the nation- If a player collects from his/her resource buildings in a given location, but is unable/unwilling to sail that cargo to it's destination themselves, they could hire AI traders to make the sail for them; like deliveries to/from free ports currently; in the open world, able to be attacked by players of another nation. This would mean that attacking enemy traders on the open water would serve a real, tangible purpose, as it would be likely that those traders are carrying materials essential to the economy of your enemy. Perhaps if a player pays more for the contracted ship (or based on the value of the cargo?), the number of escort ships increases, meaning that taking a more valuable prize would take more coordination between the individuals making the attack. Thoughts?
  13. Tobacca Pricing as of July 9th 1716: Mid-price $595 (v $638) Bid $580 Ask $610 Now hear this. Now hear this. Tobbies Tobacco Imperium has opened its first trade route stretching from Saint-Malo to Barataria. On behalf of Tobbies, Skully has been appointed barter in Saint-Malo town. Tobbies will put the mid-price of Tobacco in Saint-Malo at $638 and hereby grants Skully to handle any orders within a spread of $10. Note that the authorities of Saint-Malo have an imposed tax of 5% when transacted on the town market. Therefore any town market contract will appear with an ask price of $653 or bid price of $622. For any bartering orders, please leave a message to Skully. Any plantation owner supplying Tobbies can expect to earn $100/p on average. Any captain transporting the Tobacco can expect to earn $200/lbs on average. Tobbies will also expand in other territories, do not be hesitant to apply.
  14. Very simple suggestion: I think we should be allowed more contracts above the current limit of 5. I think the player economy would be more vibrant if we don't stifle the commerce between players by having a cap on trading contracts. I also think the game needs more gold sinks so... I think each contract should have a progressively higher "contract fee". Players can have lots of contracts but, eventually, they will become too expensive to maintain as the cost for contracts goes up. Inflation is very important to address. I know this game is alpha but this is the best time to handle economic changes and get inflation under control. Inflation is a major factor in new player retention.
  15. Hello everyone, So looking into getting my hands on a Bellona. Unfortunately im am a long way off being able to craft one my self, level 29 crafting. So would like to make a proposition to any and all DUTCH Shipwright's capable of crafting her. My proposition is simple, in exchange for crafting one for me I would produce all the required materials and the gold coins for the crafting notes. I only have a level 2 shipyard so am unable to craft the HG notes. Looking at NA Craft I can see a Ballona takes 1465 Labour Hours to craft + 310 for each HG note, that I am unable to make, giving a total Labour Cost of 2705. So I am offering 3000 labour hours and all crafting material and gold coins in exchange. I am going to be available over the coming few weeks as I have a bit more time, So we can arrange times for when you need my services for labour hours ect. If anyone would be willing to help I would be very grateful and would appreciate a comment below or PM so that we can sort the details. Kind regards, Samuel van Heerden
  16. please note i started writing this around 3 in the morning i apologize for any grammar mistake and i rarely go on the forums and if there were any ideas that someone else wrote i apologize in advance. I bought this game on day one of steam release and i have really enjoy the game . I have few suggestion for this game. Hopefully this is a balance approach to many thing . Garrison of ships and troops: the garrison of ships,ammo, soldiers/sailors/marines and guns at ports that Lord Protector can buy. This give merchant captains ( a mission for Merchant captains to do ) to send resources to a given port.With building added to the game and having to pay gold to take out material, that gold than would be use to buy (garrison) / pay merchant captain ( the gold would not go to the lord protecor but to the ports bank if want to call it that ) who help deliver ( or have an AI convey set) The Lord Protector can use his/her money to buy garrison force if he/her chose to. With the garrison it is to help defend with port attacks/ raids if you build to many ships (25 is the cap) and there is a port battle the defenders will only have AI ships but if you build less than 25 (depending on the number of defenders) than you can call reinforcement or have it part of the defending fleet. Also one last point to recruit soldiers/sailors/marines it can only be done at capital/ regional capital which reinforces the idea that nation needs a merchant fleet to send supplies and man power to hold territory. Also to add at the start of the game (day one on steam) nations already had control on some port ( spain had alot) there should be default garrison of ships and troops enough to challenge players. Raids on port: can be called any time to help reduce the influence of another nation and gives you access to that port for one hour. If there is a garrison of ships and troops you must destroy most of the defenders to gain access Influence meter: In short it is what a port thinks of other nations.To lower the meter a nation must conduct raiding operation.Also to take the port the influence meter must be low to start a port battle for pirates it has to be close to zero.Pirates have the daunting task of getting the influence meter very low, reason being pirates never could keep many territories and keep order but at the same time this is a game and nerfing the pirates to a point that makes it un-playable is not fair the mind set of the influence meter is to prevent one nation from steam rolling another nation. You could say an end goal or a reason to have ports is for a nation to have is the most influence in the Caribbean each port world have influence points that could add up not sure how many would be needed to be called winner or how long it would last but it gives purpose to taking ports. Port battle timers : should have a set time/day and can only be attack once per week if a nation attacks a port ,that nation also must defend it (counter attack from the nation that just lost it ) before the new owner can change the timer/ day in there favor (they should have 24 hour to defend with the original timer/ day) . Port battle : I believe forts are in the works but the main point i have with this is marine landing. On top of destroying tower/forts and the defending fleet the attacker must have troop ship to land marines into the fort (if still alive) and town. granted someone may say if you destroy the defending fleet and tower/fort what is the point and having a troop ship my point is you have to destroy the garrison in the town if there is one. Also the color or the marines upgrade that is in the game now would give the quality of training for marines and price for recruitment Sailing races in naval action "Regattas" :in short you start at one point and race to another with the fastest time you can race with other player or try to beat a certain time that someone else has. you cant have any guns on your ships and cannot be attack. this is something to have fun and test build of your ships/ skills. Also just like having a conquest flag/ calling a port battle you can host a regatta and anyone who attends it will have a race flag above there ship anyone from any nation can join. Food and Water: With this point you can safely assume its it meant for sailing long voyages which it is but also for your port as well. to produce food building can only be built at certain ports two big ones are regional capitals and your nation capital and then some in between . (to note food building at regional and nation capital can have all the assorted food types while the other port can only have what that port produces). to note this is towards feeding garrisons in ports Pardons should only be granted by lord protectors and any nation can give them except pirates . The ideas are ways that i think would make this game have that immersive feel to it .its not to give one nation advantage but to challenge every player. . It also give reason to take ports. At the moment ports have no meaning or reason to take, its mostly bragging rights. Also some player strictly focus on crafting and trading which adding the ability to supply ports gives incentives to players who only want to focus on trading aspects of the game.
  17. First I would like to add that this only works once diplomacy is added to the game, as it would probably make a lot of use out of the planned diplomacy once added to the game. So don't take this as something I personally think needs to be added RIGHT NOW kind of deal. Now I will explain the title in short here for those who are TL;DR type people. Though if you are on the forums and are like that while playing a game like this where travel can take hours and you have little to do, then why the heck are you playing this game or on the forums!! Haha! I have only been playing this game for 81 hours over a week from when I start writing this, so yeah I have less power over what should and shouldn't be in this game, but as a lover of this type of game and by that I don't mean ships on the sea in first/3rd person battling, but as a lover of tactics and trade using a faction based system. But I think I have ways of making certain aspects of this game great or maybe even perfect for all types of players. And I will list some of these and go in depth in this thread about some of them, so read on if you want but if you hate walls of text which I tend to make most the time, then skip down to the TL;DR part of each section or just read the conclusion of each! --------- Illegal Trade. Short info: We have all seen the AI ships who sail around with the big red letters in their info saying “Contraband”, we have all at a time probably salivated at the sight of these fellow faction AI who hold goodies. But I want to expand or have the DEVs expand on this concept. How? Adding a blackmarket system and need and demand to the game will help with this. This will work on a AI based soft system of diplomacy which isn't controlled by the player. How this will work is the mayor or leader/populace of the said port will have random spats or taboos on certain IRL days or even weeks which will change or jump at a certain reset day so you don't or can't just farm or prey on one location all the time and camp it. By it I mean a system of contraband items for certain ports. This will work on the reset and soft diplomacy system so that those ports will have a black market for certain goods which are already in the game or not in the game yet so the Devs can by them self expand on the idea. Things like alcohol/wine/spirits, Slaves or even weapons can be these contraband goods. So a port will put a restriction on certain things, like booze because the leader of said port just doesn't want drunk rowdiness to happen or drink related crimes. So they slap the port with this restriction, then a tab will appear for said port and the price of say, rum, will ten fold making a use for it in the world which just isn't there at the moment. Slaves can also be a part of this, having a player based vote system on how and if they want the use of slaves in their factions ports. Weapons are another fun one to work with, this will be more a part of another suggestion I have and will explain more later. What does this add? Well this adds one thing, more reason for PvP and more reason and possible gains for players who want to make money in alternate ways. It will increase PvP because in certain areas around or near the said port will become no go zones for those items you hold in your cargo. So when you enter with these items in the circles around the ports (SHOWN HERE: http://imgur.com/tStIB0A) which have said item under restriction you will be highlighted or seen as someone holding contraband and can be attacked by your own faction and allies which have diplomatically aligned with you. I know this is why the contraband system was added for in the first place and I totally did take this idea from the DEVS them self as I can see they plan to line this contraband system up in a later patch or update. I just want them to know it is a very good idea. Conclusion: Contraband system for ports and players so they can be targeted by allies and have some kind of risk in safer areas and possible more gold earned for that risk in trade. This will help piracy and trade adding more PVP and PVE content to the game and being more realistic/fun. ----------- REBELLION AND UPRISING Short info: A system which works along side the diplomacy. When nations all band together, port citizens and people who live in the towns around the ports may be upset or will become upset about some of these alliances, so what do they do? They rebel against these decision and fight or take over the port. Also if something is contraband and isn't supplied by black market from players they will try overthrow or take over the port. How does this work? Basically the diplomatic system the Devs add will most probably cause some nations to just band together and never break away from each other ever. In the start of these merging of cultures and alliances will cause a lot of citizens to act out and cause problems for their towns as visitors come and enjoy their port, food and their daughters . So what do you think they would do in this situation? Well they act out and try a show of force to challenge the powers in place to get things changed. How it works with the illegal trade is these ports who have high risk of rebellion and incited rage will ask for weapons and explosives. And you, can chose to sell it them and supply them with the means. Or you can help quash the rebellion/uprising by stopping players selling to these ports. Once and if the port/citizens are successful the port will become a neutral type or hostile port where no one is able to sell to the port or the buildings are razed in the port so production for a week or so in real time is no longer producing at the rate they were prior. Also killing other players or boats around these ports will also add a fear based reaction. The more pirates attack or plunder a port(if and when added as a means to not just take over a port), the fear of the citizens will increase. It will also work the other way around, the more missions done for the ports and kills of pirates around these ports will decrease the fear. Also adding a system where the pirates can pay and support rebellion/uprising to make it later easier for pirates to take over the port for them self. This adds more tactics for the pirates to expand their reach over the other factions and makes them a bigger threat in the game other than someone who will kill you on sight. Now you will have to watch out for the port screwing you over due to a crafty pirate who helps them out. Conclusion: This will add more for pirates to do as well as non-pirate factions to watch out for, causing some ideal trade locals to lock down and for more profit and expansion in the long run. Also countering allying with to many factions and causing a power Vacuum. The more players a faction has considered also by allied factions will cause more ports/towns to rebel against it and want their own ways only and giving a closer to home problem to deal with in game other than staying close to front line ports for your PvP action or fun. This will also help PvE players have something else to do later in the game as you can add anti-rebellion based actions similar to the mini-game you have for boarding a ship. Making it so you can add troop ships to the game where you hire buccaneers or military from said faction to 'board' the ports and clear/stop the crazed citizens. Overall I think this would add a hell of a lot to the gameplay and would be very exciting for people who like management based gameplay. ---------------- PIRACY Short info: Piracy needs more things to make it more viable in game. How I plan on changing this in a suggestion is to add certain quality of life things. Also a possible system which helps players do mean things to other players and still not be considered instantly a pirate for those actions until properly caught or they 100% agree to switch sides. How will this work? Simple. We add more aspects of piracy that existed in the first place. I will do this in order instead of in a huge mash of words together. First. Hideouts, I will list things this can do below. 1. Add a cave/hideout system to the game. Basically you make ports of your own but without all the flashy side of real ports. You as a pirate in a clan(must be a clan, or you are just really really rich or in a group), will put your money and resource together and if in a good location you can place a small hideout which you can dock/hide your ship in. 2. These hideouts will hide you so you can make a base of operation close to a faction or deep in the factions territory, think of routes where traders take in their goods, you can have the hideout close by and use it to launch attacks from the inside and make some good cash and cause a ruckus. 3. Hideouts will be hidden to all factions but Pirate. And all will be shown on the map if invited to see them by other pirate clans and you can pay for using them to hide in. You can pay that said clan to be able to hold loot in said camp. 4.You will only be able to hold one ship in this hideout with a max amount for players, so if you have a clan of 20, and the hideout can only hold 10 players worth of ships in it, then you can't place your ship or keep a ship in there until someone takes away one of their ships. So another hideout will be needed to be made as more ships would make the hideout bigger and visible to other nations. Or a system where you can have unlimited ships here but a limit to how much until it becomes visible to all on the map. As more ships and people the more known around it will become to info brokers. 5. AI will be able to make them randomly throughout the week, only player made hideouts that have been upgraded properly will be able to hold loot in them. Also you won't be able to keep your boats here as they will randomly move every week. 6. Information/interrogation. A mini-game system added or just a flat out way of getting information from a pirate player. Once and if you capture a player pirates ship you not only take the ship, you take the pirate and interrogate them for information on the location of their hideout if they have one. This gives factions a reason to takeover the pirate ships no matter what they are sailing to get information on what they are up to in the region. Second is info brokers. Info brokers. This is needed in game. Someone you can go to in port and pay them a certain amount of money to tell you where pirates have been sighted, or where a AI based Hideout is so you can attack said hideout and get their loot and just out right root out the pirates from the area. This will show a general area of where pirates are, in a circle bases highlighted area so you can have a possible warning system as to where not to go. Of course this circle will not move at all so you constantly know where the player pirates are. But it will help some traders out possibly or scare the hell out of them. This is also a good money sink for the game! Info brokers can have multiple functions and things you can pay them to do. Such as giving you info on what is selling/a price list on items in all ports in a certain area. Telling you where pirates are that are player pirates not AI. Telling you what ports plan on rebelling or what their fear level is. Telling you where a pirate hideout is that is AI based and more. There are many things this broker can do for you the possibilities are huge. Third is Bounties, faction relation/fame and infamy. As a pirate you want to be known. Infamy can make a player feel proud that his making an impact on the game as a whole. A list can be added in major ports which can be taken down by players as names to remember. The players deeds can be added on this board as info and money can be put on their head by AI and players. So if you even attack a enemy ship which is AI this will impact and put your name on the board as wanted by that nation. To receive this bounty you must capture the said pirate and in a quick yet functional way they will be jailed in some way and you will be paid for it. A dead or alive system for this could work too. Alive you get more but dead you just get a set amount. This system wont hinder the captured player. Once Captured you will just instantly spawn at a port of your faction but the bounty will be taken and your infamy will reset or lower considerably. You will also gain fame. More ports you capture for your faction, or actions you do for the populace of the Caribbean will increase your popularity meaning you can be a lawful player who gets things done for the good of the sea you travel. This would just be more a Epeen stroke and not really gain you anything other than the bounties you collect but overall this adds a reward type system to players who want to play a certain way. Fourth. Ship capturing. The idea to remove AI ship capturing was smart in my eyes. Sure with the state of crafting at the moment it was kind of the worst time to make that update and remove this cheap source of fodder in game. But it was needed for crafters to actually profit and make more types of ships. But as I said, it was flawed due to the poor crafting system in place (not saying I hate crafting I just think it is too slow for the pace of PvP. And the sake of PvP). I think Pirates should be able to capture AI ships. It makes sense for them to do this so why not. Players doing it who aren't pirate it just makes it to easy but it is a must for pirates as it is a dog eat dog world for them and they can be ripped off easy by their own. Maybe like someone else had suggested, you make it so only Overworld roaming AI ships can be captured, or make them a little weaker then the fully crafted versions. But still let them be captured. They are pirates for christ sake not people who are meant to do good. The change at the moment only makes sense for non-pirate factions as taking a ship for your self is against the laws of some nations at the time. Fifth. Bribes/Ransom. This is pretty self explanatory. Players can pay pirates to not be engaged in battle. This happens before the battle starts in the prep phase. A player can offer a amount, and the pirate can counter offer or set the bribe/ransom price. This will let pirates have a possible gain on cash and get away before enemy ships enter the fray on the traders side or let the Trader get away with all his/her resources. Overall this would add a gamble situation to pirate ganks or even nation ganks, making things more interesting. Another thing to add to this system is a cooldown. Once a bribe/ransom is done, the pirate player becomes invisible for 300 seconds or more, giving time for them to leave. And for 24 hours of real time that pirate can't attack the same person that gave them the bribe, nor can the person who gave up his/her money, attack the pirate in question. Conclusion: Well all these things make sense if you read it. But it opens up pirate play or reasons to be pirates on the PvE and PvP side of play and increases both play styles for normal nations and pirates all at once. Why would we not want that? ----------- I hope you guys enjoy this idea or ideas and add your own thoughts in the comments! Thanks for your time.
  18. I was working today with a friend of mine on a few missions and we started theory-crafting a few ways you could add more missions. These are the ideas we came up with. Trade Missions The way trade missions work is fairly simple. You pick up a mission from a free city. When you collect the mission you get an item added into your inventory called Cargo. Cargo is around 200 to 300 pounds in weight so you have to have a trader ship to deliver it. Cargo is then taken to a different port. This is where the idea splits in the way it works. Option 1: You have obtained the Cargo and put it into your trader. The map will put a icon on the map denoting where the cargo is being sent. The lower level missions will only have you go a few ports away while the higher you rank up the further the mission takes you. It always goes to a free town so your mission can't be interrupted by someone capping the port. When you get to the location you are given an option under the mission tab to turn in the Cargo whereupon you receive your Gold and XP. XP gain from doing trading missions is increased over normal missions. Doing a Second Lt. Mission in combat nets you 1000 gold and 50xp. Doing the same mission for Transport nets you 4000 gold and 100 XP. The reason behind this is you are not getting the XP from combat you do in these missions. Option 2: You have obtained the Cargo and put it into your trader. No mark is given as the delivery location you are to take the goods to is ANY free town you can get to. If you take the Cargo to one that's really close and only takes you 30 minutes to get to you will receive around 4000 xp and 100 xp. If you decide to Run the gauntlet so to speak and make a trade run to enemy infested waters after a 4 hour long ride you will receive 30,000 gold and 1,000 XP. One thing to add to these missions is that at the end of said mission you have a low chance to receive Resources that you can take back to port with you for a bit of extra income. These resources range anywhere from 25 Hemp (basic upgrade drop in combat missions) all the way up to if you get really lucky say around 1000 Compass wood or gold (Exceptional Upgrade drop) Crafting Missions Crafting missions are missions given to you based on your Crafting level. The lower level missions will have you crafting parts while the higher level missions might have you craft low tier ships ( Lynx, Cutter, Privateer, ETC...) These Missions will transform any Extra Crafting hours you have into XP and Gold for you time spent. When you receive a Crafting mission you will get a few items. You will get City Owned goods that can not be used to make anything else other than the crafting mission items, they can also not leave port or be traded away. You will also receive a Entry in your crafting menu where you can craft City owned items. Again can't be sold, traded, used , or leave port. You then use the items you receive to craft the items the port requests of you and turn them back in. Doing this will result in a fair sum of gold for the item you made for them. roughly around 500 gold and 25xp you also get the xp in your crafting level that you got from crafting the items. Gold gains and XP gains from this will always be fairly low even if you craft them a full Ship such as a snow or something similar you will only receive around 20k gold and 500xp. But here is a bit of a boost you can use your own crafting notes you made yourselves if the mission requires a ship or upgrade to make the item of a better quality to get increased rewards. Example is this You crafted a City owned basic Snow Reward: 20k gold 500xp You crafted a City owned Common Snow Reward: 40k gold 600xp You crafted a City owned Fine Snow Reward: 60k gold 800 xp You crafted a City owned Mastercraft Snow Reward 90k gold 1k xp. You crafted a City owned Exceptional Snow Reward 150k gold 1.5k xp Yes at the end you did make ALOT of money and xp off the Exceptional item but to do that you had to spend 1000 crafting hours bonus to make the 4 crafting notes needed and around 80k of your own gold.(Price to sell them to people) There is no extra reward given for doing crafting missions other than the xp for crafting, xp for your Rank, and Gold gained. Edited for Spelling mistakes
  19. Hello, a couple of questions we as a clan were wondering about. First about contraband ships, in what way do they corrupt a nations economy, and if not will the do this in the future ? Contrabands stands for illegal goods, if now you capture a contraband i contains a variable amount of goods with are not illegal, will this change in the future, and if not how do you see these goods as contrabands goods ? Than a question about goods in a harbor, when entering a harbor and you go to the store to buy ore sell resources, you can also see what a port produces and consumes at a daily basis, but not all goods that it consumes or produces can't be bought ore sold there, why is this? Sorry if these questions where already asked end answered to, if so a link would be nice, thanks in advance
  20. I was very happy to see that finally we could buy more than 200 goods at the same time. I went to my usual provider of Historical Artifact and the price was 150. Nice, I thought, so I bout it all: 1080 x 150 = 162.000 Then I went to a port where Historical Artifact were needed... The price was 225 as usual. A nice profit in sight I thought... 1080 x 225 = 243.000 WRONG. I got only 120.960 Am I missing something? I tried again with American Cotton... same results! Any help?
  21. A fair warning that I tried to compile this in a way that it would work across multiple topics, however it makes more sense if it is all together, as such, this is a bit lengthy, but all ties together. So lets get to it: I have to give credit where credit is due: DazednConfused beat me to the punch in some of the main concepts I'll be showcasing here in his Shades of Grey post. At the current moment, port accessibility is limited by faction alone. There are no other means to enter a port unless it is of the same faction or if it is neutral (except for pirates). Neutrals also act as a sort of reverse pirate faction, though with little reason. Here are a few concepts that I think would create a more dynamic atmosphere and allow for more accessibility to ports and possibly even make trade and smuggling more adventurous. First off: Remove ALL Pirate ports- Pirates should not have any need or use for any type of major economic port. In fact, there should be no permanent pirate ports at all, otherwise, nationals will know exactly where to go to camp pirates. Then where will pirates go to repair and sell stolen goods? I suggest these two alternatives to permanent pirate ports: Pirate Camps: Camps set up by any Pirate player with over X amount of crew. these camps are temporary and will only remain for [X amount of time] after a player leaves (if another pirate enters the camp, the timer resets). Camps provide very minimal ship repair capabilities: only small ships (say lynx to brig) can be repaired here. The camp will also provide minimal crew recruitment/replenishment. Camps have no economic power whatsoever: Ships or equipment cannot be purchased but can be sold. No Warehouses can be built. No fleets can be purchased. Pirate Havens: Havens are quasi-ports that are generated automatically based on pirate activity in a given area. Havens are limited in number by area (i.e. Bahamas area can only have X havens at one time, whereas the Antilles can have Y havens), however their location within these areas are dictated by where piracy happens the most in said area. Should there be little pirate activity, then havens may not be generated (i.e. if the Bahamas has little piracy, it may only have 1 or 0 havens even though it can hold 2). Havens provide moderate ship repair capabilities: up to (say) Cerberus/Mercury and can provide the optimal amount of crew recruitment/replenishment. Havens have moderate economic capabilities: small ships and equipment can be bought here, all items can be sold, and havens provide small amounts of common trade goods. Small ships can be purchased for fleets. For both of these encampments, there is no option to defend in the event of a siege: if a National force is strong enough, a Pirate Camp or Haven is automatically dispersed. (Camps require X Battle rating to Disperse, Havens require Y Battle Rating, Y being greater than X) Next, is to allow pirates access to all other ports. In fact everyone should have access to all ports regardless of faction. Dazed touched on the idea of "Loyalty" that dictated the accessibility of foreign ports. I like this idea very much, but lets take it a step further: Port Security- The level of port security dictates the ease or difficulty of a non-faction player (and Pirates) to enter a port. Port Security can be increased in a number of ways, all that draw from the port's wallet/economic success: things such as building a Fort or Prison, stationing a Garrison of troops, ordering sea patrols, etc. will increase Port Security (all of these will also require an initial purchase price and subsequent upkeep price). The Higher the security, the harder it is to sneak into a port. Levels of Port Security: Lawless- This is the closest thing to a permanent Pirate port that you can get. There is almost no security whatsoever, and it is very easy to sneak into a port. Patrolled - There is a low level of security: some small ships patrol the waters, and there are a few troops stationed here, but it is relatively easy to sneak into port. Orderly - Moderate level of security: medium ships patrol the waters, there is a sizable garrison of troops an possibly even a small fort. Sneaking into port will be somewhat of a challenge Organized- High level of security: there are a number of patrols in the water, a large garrison of troops patrolling the docks and streets, a few forts. Sneaking into port will be rather difficult. Secured- Extreme level of security: Large ships patrolling the waters, a huge garrison patrols the streets, and a number of large forts dot the port. Sneaking into port is almost impossible Port security is directly effected by the port's economic success: the more money the port makes/the larger the port, the more resources can be allocated to security. So Havana will probably never be lawless (although excessive neglect could allow this to happen) and an obscure port will probably never reach the Secure level. Capitols are automatically set at the secure level. EDIT: A pirate's notoriety/infamy will also factor into their ability to sneak into a port: The higher the "Heat" Level a pirate has, the difficulty at each level of security multiplies. So a pirate with high levels of heat will still be able to sneak into a Lawless port with relative ease (he will have it harder than those without infamy or heat) but the difficulty in higher Security ports will be compounded into almost impossible chances of sneaking into a port. Security also has a few secondary effects: the higher a ports security, the greater a profit can be made during trade. This makes smuggling an interesting business: a smuggler could play it safe and smuggle into a lawless port, but only make a small profit or risk sneaking into an Orderly port and make a larger profit. Risk-Reward system in place at it's most basic. Second, the higher a port security, the larger/more deadly NPC ships it will generate. A lawless port will not generate Constitutions. Port security and sneaking into a port only pertains to pirates and the players and ports of factions that are at war. Factions that are at peace or neutral will be allowed to enter ports regardless of Security level. (Players that are explicitly aligned with a faction, i.e. members of the Navy, cannot sneak into an enemy port at any point. The Navies are folks of dignity and do not sulk to sneaking around). However, even if they are at peace, trade may be limited based on Trade regulations. Trade Regulations will be any type of limitation a faction puts on another to limit trade opportunities. These are done across all ports of a faction, not a port-by-port basis. For example, Even though Spain may be at peace with England and English sailors/traders can enter Spanish ports, Spain has declared that no outside trade is allowed in Spanish ports (this actually happened), meaning that an English trader could not trade in Spanish ports (if the trader had enough trade skill, he might be able to trade by shadier means) Trade Regulations can be anything from embargoes on certain goods (i.e. no Wood from non-Spanish traders), embargoes on a certain faction (No English goods) or a combination (No English Wood). They can also be across the board trade limitation such as the example above. Regulations could also be taxes/tariffs placed on trade, following the above system: Tax on non-Spanish wood, Tax on all English goods, Tax on only English Wood, etc. Taxes and Tariffs, unlike embargoes, will be handled on a port-by-port basis. Now, embargoes and tariffs are directly affected by Port Security: a lawless port will not be hard pressed to enforce any embargoes or tariffs, whereas in a secure port, embargoes are the end-all-and-be-all, no exceptions! NOTE: smugglers/pirates ignore all embargoes and taxes/tariffs! This means that highest profit is made in a Secure port with the highest level of embargoes or tariffs! Lastly, neutrality should be based on a Factions actual diplomatic standing: there should be no Neutral faction, and a Faction becomes neutral when they are not at war with any other faction (duh). Everyone (technically) has access to all ports, so neutral ports are not needed. The only people that absolutely must identify with a faction are those sailing in the respected Navy or Trade company, everyone else has a varying ability to disguise who they are or not show their faction alliance. (such as not flying a flag or flying a false flag) TL;DR: Pirates get temporary camps and limited havens instead of Permanent Ports Port Security dictates the ease or difficulty of sneaking into an enemy port Embargoes and Tariffs affect trade accessibility and profit of traders Smuggling can be lucrative, but there is a Risk-Reward system. Neutrality is based on Faction Diplomacy Cheers, ~William Drummond, the Drake.
  22. Historicly the production of goods: export as well as import was controlled by the goverment: As an example: Goods that had limitation to export from Sweden was Iron ore (Swedish ore) Copper ore Gold silver all types of oak The production belonged to the goverment or as we say in sweden "Belonged to the Crown". An also the Import was restricted for the same goods. U would need a permit to move these and u would need to pay "Tull" (tax) Sugestion: (Im using the Swedish nation as an example) Some Resources should only be produces in the capital of each country/nation TO move these Resources the player would have to "smuggle" it out to a free Town or get an exportpermission from the goverment (expensive) for any Town, belonging to any nation (specified on the permit). If trying to smuggle the resource out from the harbour (capital), the ship would be marked "Contraband", same as the AI fleet, allowing anyone (in the same nation) to capture/sink it. Now the goods will be destroyed (or put back into the storage of capital) and a reward instead payed to the "capture" with 10% (or more) of value as well as a reward for capture (full reward) or sinking (1/4 reward) Other nations will only see Another ship without the "contraband" Now the Swedish iron ore is exeptional pure and the highest grade. It could be used for to build a cannon or carronade, with reduced weight and a with better range and precision. Another use could be for all iron-material in an "Golden" vessel. (this is just a sample for the use of nation-produced resource) So to build an "golden" ship: Thepine for the masts could be coming from Denmark "Danish Pine" The c otton (Canvas) from USA "American cotton" The Hemp from Spain (cables) "Manila hemp) The Fir (rudder ) from France "French fir) The liticum wood from Dutch "Dutch liticum" The Oak (planking) from Britain "British oak" The Iron from Sweden "Swedish iron ore" The Pirates wouldnt have any specific national production at all. Or a very very small amount of Everything This might create a new kind of player and it might also call for a better defended trading ship.
  23. I've done a good amount of searching but not answered my question yet: Do NPC traders actually affect the economy of the ports they spawn near, and trade between? For example, let's say a port consumes X amount of a good per day. If it was possible to prevent any NPC traders from reaching said port, and no human player characters delivered any of said good, would the port's supply of the consumed good eventually reach zero? Conversely, if the port produces Y amount of a good per day and all NPC traders were prevented from reaching the port to carry off the goods, would they build up over time (assuming no human player interaction)? This is my general understanding of how the system works, but at the same time, I see that nearly as soon as I sink or capture a NPC trader, another one spawns to take its place. This makes me question whether or not I've actually "done" anything of note for the economy. I understand that all of this - the economy, trade, crafting - is in very early alpha and this is not a criticism at all, it's purely a question about how the mechanics are working in-game as of right now.
  24. Unfortunately Early Access is a big kill for traders... ALL former updates and upcoming ones are focused on battles.. Historically.. it was us traders that supplied the tissues for captains and sailers to wipe their bottoms; and it was us who decided the outcome of wars.. Please developers put more trade features.. as a start.. increase capacity of contracts. 5 is even too little for a 5 yr old novice trader.
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